Hill Number One: A Story of Faith and Inspiration (1951)

[Music] [Applause] for 200 [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one target yes sir yes I have it right sir Thanks what’s it look like sorry just a temporary layoff nope you better place up baby of their infantry moving up they say well you really peppered that hill good shooting man I’ll save your medal sighs where’s the coffee – it’s coming up I’ll Jack him up on it again match fail again on three any sign of that coffee you promised okay thanks sorry I mention it he’s had to start it up a few minutes ago everything moves as slow as our coffee we’d still be back in the state there may be still in Honolulu one hour to bring coffee 500 yards don’t thank Bates cool down so you don’t burn the coffee when it gets here besides what’s time you go on someplace baby here’s got time on the brain ever since that last 12-hour path to new york he makes a date to meet a gal near the big flock in Grand Central Station seven o’clock he’s there prompt all polished up like an apple eight o’clock no date nine o’clock no date ten o’clock eleven o’clock twelve o’clock no date thank you but bitch is all waiting up like an apple core but he’s still standing there and hoping and awaiting funny huh well you’re laughing is pretty hollow you’re as sick as I am about all this business all you don’t shout so loud hey professor what time is it bitch you might have another date five o’clock what day of the week anybody know it’s Saturday isn’t it that’s the professor you know no it’s Sunday Easter Sunday morning Easter is early this year trust the professor asking the time you tell you how to make a watch ask him that day you’ll throw in a sermon ah who cares whether it’s Easter Sunday blue money or dollar day out here one day as good as the next meaning they’re all bad hey here comes the coffee I guess I’m hearing a Jeep hey it’s the Padre well what do you know about that hello father came by the CP and they had this coffee waiting what’s coming up this way so I brought it along well it’s about time good thing you came along papi wait here was about to flip again sir he’s been holding a stopwatch on that coffee for over an hour wait it’s hot don’t taste no better in the last batch bill what did you say was eaten batesy and the same thing that’s eaten me is eating all the rest of them only they think I don’t know it look I’m a spout and I let it come out so the poison don’t get my innards really Sarge here you don’t say nothing I know how it feels and wheeler look at him when two weeks go by and there’s no mail from home at cashman every second a third day he’s in the dumps but good what do you think of eating your baits that’s also useless I’m sick of it I want to get out and live like a decent human being again without my clothes getting stinking and wet I’m gonna smell some real air instead of gunpowder or see a village or a hill it hasn’t been torn up by our howitzers all you fellows feel the same way Bates says you do how about you Oh Cashman well sometimes I wish I could gripe like he does maybe I’d be better for it too I guess I feel at most when I lay down and try to close my eyes and have a minute to think when that guns booming I’m too busy to think there supposed to be a meaning to all this Padre there’s meaning to everything sometimes hidden promise them maybe there is a meaning but I don’t see it all night we’ve been bombarding Hill number 46 tomorrow will probably be held 53 days ago was Hill 39 a month ago was Hill 22 why don’t you go back farther than that to Hill number one I don’t remember no number one maybe some other outfit got that that’s not what I mean there was a hill number one and I was taken by one man oh how long long you mean sergeant York Padre he didn’t take al only prisoners wait a minute was that marine on Guadalcanal what’s his name he got killed later I know they call him a one-man army and pinned the Congressional Medal of Honor on him sergeant Johnny Basilone II wasn’t it yeah yeah yeah professor ought to be on a quiz show might win himself an electric washing machine you know it wasn’t Johnny Basilone II god rest him was a friend of his best friend Johnny Bessel only ever had yeah and the hill he took was Calvary you ever looking for the meaning of anything the very meaning of meaning here’s your reference point you’ve got to go back to Calvary cuz if you don’t well you’re right pity fighting like this has no meaning it’s a mess and so was everything else how does that figure here of course you know today’s Easter don’t you we didn’t tell the professor told us the cook didn’t send up any Easter eggs me in the same old hat I look like a bunny you know Easter is a lot more than eggs more than bunnies and 5th Avenue parades it looks like it’s gonna be quiet for a while all you fellas are trying to puzzle things out for yourselves let’s go back to Hill number one let’s pick it up at its darkest hour right after the crucifixion when Joseph of Arimathea is begging Pilate for the body of Jesus now Pontius Pilate as you know with the Roman military governor of Judea here in Jerusalem then this Nazarene is already dead I have had no such report yes worthy procurator he was the first of the three to die did you not feel the earthquake force who could not feel such a severe earthquake it shook my very throne but what did that have to do with his death It was as if his last sigh were taken up by the earth and fell to its very depths superstition coincidence earthquakes are common here I don’t want to discuss such a subject further you come here asking for the body of this soon criminal what do you say it’s like us I am against the high priests will be displeased they fear the disciples is crucified one steal the body giving it to Joseph of Arimathea here is almost inviting a theft isn’t it I don’t see he is not without honor and respect among the Jordanians he is a counselor but he has shown us where his sympathies lie exactly where is the body of this Nazarene to be buried him to be thrown in a common grave with the others hmm why do you involve yourself in this you have wealth position influence while he lived you were not known as his disciple now that he’s dead why not that things take their normal course cuz I am convinced they will not take a normal course never did man speak as this man spoke he promised yes he promised must I remind you again that he is now a corpse and you are here begging for his body the body of a criminal seven into this nonsense why do you now call him criminal when it was you who said you found no cause in him of what do you now accuse him Oh make no mistake it was not I accused him I I was but judge I had no personal feelings against this Jesus he seemed gentle and harmless enough had the misfortune to be the procurator but all that is finished now permit me worthy Pilate I am too old a man who want to gain anything for myself by deceit I do not call myself a great scholar but of one thing I am sure the wine of history is borne out of the ferment in men’s hearts to have seen such ferment you should have been on Golgotha this afternoon or come through the streets as I did this very hour your palace walls closed out much you should have seen is it roof like us other people is much disturbed as he says I’m afraid he’s right but perhaps it will not last latest reports are that the streets are now almost deserted never have I known it’s so quiet isn’t that because of this Pascal season as they call it I wish I could so report I’m told the people are in wonderment and terror their people there’s no pleasing them one moment they are claiming this Nazarene a king the next day yelling praise crucifixion such a noise it’s still ringing in my ears yet so much seems to have happened this day that it’s hard to believe it was only this morning no if I had a stronger garrison I wouldn’t have been to them but then you would probably have had a tax revolt on your hands what if Herod had reported these things to Tiberius Caesar I know I know let’s get to the business at hand like us you still oppose giving the body to this joseph of arimathea I do don’t forget this Nazarene boasted he would rise again on the third day what’s to prevent his followers from stealing the body claiming he did rise I am afraid I will have to deny your request if you throw the body in the common grave aren’t you inviting it’s theft I am willing to put the body of Jesus in the Sepulcher I have prepared for myself it is in my own garden not far from garden it is hewn out of solid rock and has but one entrance it would be impossible for anyone to steal a body from such a vault JFS an honest will not be happy about such an arrangement Chairperson honest but for them this problem would not have arisen they’ve spoiled my day let them worry a bit Joseph of element your persistence is one describe make out an order permitting this man to take down the body of the Nazarene and give it burial as he described hmm I thought this Jesus had friends only among the poor I must proceed more cautiously I’m going to enjoy the faces of the Pharisees when I tell them my decision wonder why no word from Claudia well Cassius will know send out word that I’m a Sikh Cassius as soon as he arrives [Music] I’m glad you waited Nicodemus I have good tidings he consented then good if ever I’ve needed your Abel tongue it was when I saw in his eyes that it was hopeless I wish I might have risked what made him change his mind is unsettled state I think he fears that putting Jesus to death was a mistake you were just in time there was chaos in just moved now we worked it first we’ll get the oils and spices for the anointing then we’ll get ladders and sheets to take the body down we’re the only ones to do it what happened to all those others who followed the crucified one most of them are in hiding all except the one they call John I would have thought he’d be the most timid I admire the way he stood his ground I don’t know what the women would have done without him [Music] I think this is the home of Mara the spice woman I’m sure of it careful what you say our traders gossip as much as spices we’ve come to buy spices and herbs joseph of arimathea this is Nicodemus we don’t mean to frighten you we’re sorry to call on you like this had we known our needs we’d have come to the marketplace this afternoon you don’t have done you no good this afternoon I was up at the hill with all the others the marketplace with desert you did heavens knows I needed money but there was no business where were you with the hill did you see yes we were there is is he dead did you not wait who I wanted to see everything but the soldiers kept shoving us back I knew one of them he let me get close we’ve a night’s work before us do you have spices and embalming unction as they say you have yes all you need is it for Jesus you wish it yes what it have to dine with your earthquake it was then I thought it must be [Music] [Music] she’s been asking for you every two or three minutes where have you been I just come to gargle I must see him at one hole now just be careful what you say to the fuck you eater he’s had a bad day besides his wife hasn’t returned yet have you seen her Claudia where did she go we don’t know sure she wasn’t at the hill no she wasn’t it but I’m a seein now don’t say anything to disturb him he presses you Cassius if you have bad news save it for tomorrow Jefferson others have just left and I warn you Pilate is irritated you’ve never seen him so angry lately here’s what I have to tell him what are you going to tell him come into here for yourself come in Cassius forget the formalities for the moment where have you been why have you kept me waiting for your report your instructions were they procurator or to bring you the full report I’ll put it then worthy procurator yes yes this Jesus we crucified was the Son of God kernel idiot how cacistis mistake with your permission I will continue with my report I want facts that’s lovely opinions I’m a soldier worthy procurator what’s Morris sold your over soldiers I serve you best when I bring you all the facts we’ll proceed I have seen men die before I put them to death myself on the battlefield many times they were enemies but they bore an honest sword and I have carried out the penalty of death here in Jerusalem before but I have never seen a man die as this man why do you talk this way I’ve seen men die with hate in their eyes uncertainty wonderment fear but never before have I seen a man die loving those who put him to death is not just the look that comes into the eyes a dog you’ve beat him in submission now little you seem to understand my words this Jesus was not a weak man gentle yes but not weak yes he was strong I remember when he stood before me I reminded him that I had the power to crucify him or release him he told me that I would have no power at all over him worth not given me from above for a moment from the quiet strength of him I could believe him a king this man died loving us I don’t know exactly how to tell you this many times I had seen this Jesus blessing the throngs whenever he preached to them with his arms upraised on the cross all I could think of as I watched was that he was blessing us still come Cassius you’re dealing in sentiments I want facts how did he die when you will recall that I visited you when Jesus had been on the cross some time told you there would be no need to break his legs well go on when I returned Jesus was almost dead at the instant of his death there was a great earthquake surely you felt it it’s true then the same instant you say the very instant The Archers came up to his legs to make certain he was dead before the Sabbath I had ridden up to the middle cross to show them that Jesus was already dead I you what I drove my Lance this Lance into his side and and what have you not noticed now you look like us don’t just what finish your story look at my eyes yes you used to squint your eyelids trembled nervously what are you trying to tell us yes what is this from childhood I suffered this defect is disfigurement this afternoon it left me this afternoon when this afternoon when as I was drew my lance blood and water from his side flowed over my face and body at that instant my eyes were cured but you said this Jesus was already dead he was but more than my eyes were cured I felt a new excitement in my heart at this instant I knew he was the son of God I came down and knelt among the women and adored him but you’re a Roman what about the household cars only one God and this is he ridiculous must have made yourself ridiculous didn’t the other soldiers laugh I saw laughter on nearly everyone’s face earlier this afternoon but in the darkness of the earthquake no one laughed if I know my soldiers there were some who laughed you must have been ridiculous at the foot of that cross like a silly woman I swear to you that there were curses and shouts sobs and tears and trembling but there was no laughter what will the other soldiers doing at these moments you describe a vineet are the Centurion I put in charge what was he doing he was beside me in the mud on his knees I heard him cry out truly this man was the son of God once I washed my hands of this matter I thought it finished twice the fool because Claudia warned me that I should have nothing to do with this just man I hadn’t done as I did I might have had worse trouble of insurrection perhaps sir have you seen Claudia Cassius no procurator I have not she’s not in a chamber she hasn’t been seen for many hours the servants don’t know where she is if you see her let me know at once at once and one more mission the Pharisees are displeased that I permitted the body to fall into the hands of joseph of arimathea as fantastic as your story is of this afternoon’s events I I can think of no other person I can trust with this new commission you will take charge of the soldiers at the grave flaccus will give you a written order of command yes were they brought to me you ought to be my personal representative I will hold you responsible you will report to me everything that happens and keep your wits about you and don’t come back here with another idle tale of nonsense if the soldiers been assigned yes they have preceded you will relieve delicous in command stay a moment like us yes were they procurator what do you make of the tale Cassius tells fantastic but many fantastic things must have happened to sober the people this way the people the people forget the people they’re like reeds blowing in the wind this way and that – but Cassius is certainly enough accurate miracles from a dead man these things were bear watching yes I fear our troubles are not yet ended I am to be called for every report from my offices you here [Music] come Nicodemus we’ve still work to do you’ve stared at that site long enough as if transfixed yes but it burns itself into my very senses it seems to remind me of Abraham’s altar when he offered up his son Isaac perhaps it is meant to be a sign such as that Nicodemus our task is with the living I fear for Mary his mother the sadness in her eyes tears at my heart she asked me to gather these have we searched out everyone for what purpose I do not know all signs of defeat she seems not to see the utter defeat in all that’s happened now I’ve noticed that sorrow yes I’ve never seen such sorrow but defeat not a sign of the hate and that she was like the son himself he seemed to turn death into victory on a cross he seemed not to teddy himself but us did you hear him say Father forgive them they know not what they do yes my heart was wrenched when I heard him and again a short time ago when she held his body in her lap as if she would never partner it she held his arms outstretched as if she were a living cross herself here she comes [Music] thorns that were lodged in his brow good woman must conformant yourself with these memories these instruments these thorns were not better to forget them all surely they are but signs of Cruelty of hate these thorns were his crown we must keep them because they were him but Mary do you remember when he fed the multitudes by the sea multiplying the loaves and fishes yes I was there and John here was among them yes I was there and later on gathered two fragments left for the 5000 yes there was a great throng and I wanted to take him by force and crown him King but he always knew he was the king of sorrow he preferred this crow and accepted it out but it was given and hates taken in love love will always conquer hatred love is strength hatred is weakness is that not what he always talked yes that is true the soldiers returned that means trouble again great I will see [Music] you may address me as Gallagher’s temporary command toe-touches arrive where your soldiers drive us away I have permission here from the procurator from Pilate we are about our business and we what are you to do we must seal the tomb and kanuk but we have not finished the anointing must must be done at once immediately this minute I will attend to the seal once I have satisfied myself that the body of the Crucified one is within I assure you that it is I shall see for myself how the talmud seen it aren’t you Mary the one they call the Magdalene I am Mary of Magdala yes I am honoured to place you under the protection of the Roman legions I am delicous second corps my men and I need no protection from Romans an uncivil tongue in so fair a woman have you not heard that we have conquered the world would you rebuke the mighty Caesar as your king my king lies there Oh King nothing but a carpenter’s son he’s dead very not your heart and graves fair one he will rise again as he is promised we will camp here and see that he doesn’t romans make sport of the help us back you too Dean dogs before my sword divides each of you like a [Music] but Civello would make Caesar proud of you Galaga [Music] I was only able obvious you were outnumbered by helpless women an old man my apologies for the rudeness of my men they will not trouble you again I assure you Thank You Rangers posted the water is too I must carry out his orders but I assure you no harm will come to the body during the term of my watch your words and manner are those of kindness in the darkness who perhaps do not recognize my face hi Foreman to put up the cross yes he was there I saw him good woman I was the soldier who drove a lance through the side of your son yes yes he was he was already dead but it seemed a heaven-sent impulse to do as I did suddenly I felt the need of preventing further desecration of his body I had to show the archers he was truly dead so his legs would not be broken have no fear God reads hearts you fulfilled a prophecy that a bone of him shall you break but I drove a lance to his heart and through mine you opened his heart and he wonderfully open yours he’s opened my heart as he opened my eyes flatter the watch Albert come warm yourself so I will Cassius is communing with himself I wish you were in a better mood I’d like to ask him some questions what for example about Claudie of course claudia Prok leaves the procurator’s wife for the body before coming on watch I meant Quintus has one of the palace assignments you noticed the way he’s put on weight since he’s had access to the palace kitchens get Quintus what about Claudia well Quincy could says the palace gossip is that Claudia’s missing pilots in a frenzy you know what a temper he had Claudia missing that strange seems that Pilate and Claudia had some disagreement about this Nazarene she told him to have nothing to do with him at the trial he promised her he wouldn’t then broke his pledge she’s gone what makes you think Cassius can tell us he could if anyone could he’s one of pilots in a circle is a date I wonder if that’s what he’s pondering now I don’t think he’s worrying about Claudia looks like he’s involved in deeper mysteries [Music] Joseph of Arimathea but for your kindness I know not where we have found refuge amid such trouble it is wise for you to remain here in my Supper room your appearance on the streets now would only cause commotion and could bring you harm stay here as long as you wish Thank You Joseph we must take counsel together to decide what is the wisest course are we all here hail Thomas Peter I think we’re all here now we are we are gathered here by agreement to keep the eve of the Sabbath but first I want to address you Peter yes Thomas is it wise to meet here in our custom place I think not well not Judas betray us too as he did the master he knew we were to meet the Sabbath Eve have you not heard Thomas no I have not that traitor Judas was twice a traitor first to the master and then to himself he hanged himself I don’t believe it Judas was too crept besides he has our common purse it’s probably some trick thief do not always doubt Thomas I have seen his wretched body and so I believe of several of the earth I have seen it yes Judas is dead Thomas but such perfidy could come from our very ranks shakes me to my heart’s core it shows how weak we all are without the master not one of us is without blame save John here who would have followed the Masters very footsteps and I praise him although he seeks no praise I am not worthy to be your leader and why such a 1-week as I was appointed I have never ceased to wonder perhaps Jesus is teaching us still that we are weak that we may be strong like the seed growing secretly of which the master spoke yesterday’s events I watched from afar having already denied the Lord but John was strong as was Mary his mother and from there my Bower strength that is not my own we must counsel together what to do Peter yes my brother Andrew before we followed the master we were fishermen in three years we have not lost our skill we’re like rusty anchors perhaps too long out of water and too much in the Sun but easily pitted again for service I suggest we leave these precincts and go back to Galilee where we belong good suggestion Andrew well-spoken Andrew now that’s wisdom surely we did not spend three years following the master to return again to our nets was it for this the master sent us out to cure the sick cast out Devils must I remind you John that the master is dead with Roman soldiers pacing at his grave and from what I hear a monstrous Rock sealing it all right the master is dead what are we to do I speak only for myself but I long for a hard pull of oars again in my hand and the sound of wind snapping in the sails I was cut out to be a fisherman for that I have the arms I don’t have the language for anything else I used to admire the way the master held a throng spellbound with his words as if he spoke to every heart there’s not one of us here who could do that Pierce it’s true what a fisherman unlike most of you I was not a fisherman but a publican a tax collector I was Levi then but when our Lord said follow me I was named Matthew in this group I do not hold the purse now by training I might have done so I still have that trainee I still can make an accounting write a bond or strike a balance I ask you now to strike this balance Christ is lost to us but his holy mother is still here among us a veritable apostle and apostle of apostles do we not remember the Masters parable of the talents are we too like the slothful servant oh no well Christ Himself is put away into the earth that a civilian ourselves of his gifts let us make place here among us for marry his Holy Mother Wells – wisdom wisdom indeed after you as wise to have said this however we overlook this goddess favors your tongue with the wisdom man you how blind our hearts are blind our eyes our words our disputing make more sorrowful the very mother of Sorrows let us give her rightful place here among us to counsel us we’re like little children holy mother of the crucified wanting to run not knowing the direction wanting to hide and not knowing covered your words so councilís in these dark hours Jesus taught us to pray telling us our Father knows our needs before we ever ask just true he does indeed so we need only but to ask him let us ask his help will you lead us Holy Mother in some familiar prayer from the temple that we all know that is pray for strength strength for ourselves and to forgive our enemies Jesus taught us a new prayer forgive our enemies why every hand is set against us there we venture into the streets the soldiers of the Pharisees might seize us how can we forgive yesterday’s crime for capitalist and Pilate and chaos my betrayal forget God open the whips the thorns discourages Jesus who bore the man drove Thomas Peter all of you he forgave everyone from his own lips I heard him say Father forgive them they know not what they do he taught us this prayer on the mountainside Father in heaven [Music] [Music] [Music] sent for your Centurion dear from your own lives the details of the search blackest tells me you and your men were not successful in learning of Claudia’s whereabouts true were they procurator but I have patrol still searching even at this late hour good did you search the temple those places there that could be searched without being profaned you and your men did not penetrate the Holy of Holies would anyone tell there was no need even if it were possible the veil was torn from top to bottom by the earthquake the temple was a shambles be sure she is not there have you searched all the public buildings we have the estates of her friends we have she in hiding would even dare to hide the procurator’s wife it seems unbelievable the people are terrified enough are you certain she was not on Golgotha that-that’s spectacle the whole city was there it seems but I did not see Claudia your own conduct Centurion I am told was not above reproach in what regard your worship this Nazarene crying out he was a son of God I did only as the clods and stones do what worthy procurator this very week Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an ass’s colt the people spread their cloaks and branches of Palms before him proclaiming him a king come in the name of the Lord the Pharisees asked him to rebuke his disciples for their praise of him but he told them I heard him myself I tell you that if these keep silence the very stones will cry out come come is this a parable when Jesus died on Gaza the earth quaked and the very stones did cry out my own heart itself a stone before was rent for very need of worshipping him it was then I pride truly this man was the son of God [Music] we did messenger with food do you have a sign in the desert yes those are the words you are from Nazareth I am Stephen disciple of Jesus even if I did not know in advance I would recognize you as Claudia I’ve seen you of course at the gabbatha but even your garments and manner of dress tell me you are not one of us agent you must ring the other garment I then have gentlemen now whatever mission you wish me to perform I am ready is there some message not a present are the soldiers still searching for me yes everywhere I fear they may come here they’ll not think to look for me here in Lazarus however it’s otherwise empty this is a cure hiding place above they’ll not think I’d seek shelter among Christians why did you come here you want to have follower of the Crucified one you did not even know him no but I knew that Jesus was a just man I warned my husband I’d suffered many things in a dream because of him then why did he condemn it he promised he would not he said he could find no crime in him twice he pledged me he would release him but he did not because he was weak and he had the power of might Cesar’s might when Jesus had been whipped and scourge Dan beaten he too was weak but he had the power of truth his own God now has given me the wisdom and courage to see a difference Stephen you know the things that Jesus taught teach me the truth that I may have light but you were a Roman the procurator’s wife born free not a subject like we job Dan’s are the truths even if it’s meme three if it’s not the teaching of Jesus yes you will not return then to Pilate no Stephen some words of the Masters come to my mind with new enlightenment once I heard him say he had not come to send peace upon her but to bring a sword not peace I remember he said for I have come to set a man at variance with his father and a daughter with her mother and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household he who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy I never thought this sword would cleave pilots very household what a waste of manpower one of us legionaries could guard this spot as well as an army all right I thought we’d have a crowd of sightseers certainly was a big round on the hill yesterday today’s the Sabbath tshis how long have you been in Jerusalem not to know things were to stand still on the Sabbath you’re right about the crowd Oh certainly big certainly was the way they were yelling reminded me of the chariot races at the Flaminius at Rome is if one of the chariots had suddenly overturned in the homestretch they do get excited over an execution these people don’t they what do you make the way it ended strange huh I think it’s not the word for it of course I think it was a coincidence that better it’s quake people always think when one event follows another like that that they’re connected yeah not me I am NOT superstitious dashes must be superstitious then talked with him about it during the watch last night claims it was nothing less than an act of God I think the whole thing will be forgotten away to forget the chariot races one day it’s terribly important the next you can’t remember the name of the winning driver or whether it was three or four horses he drove all right I wish Cassius would relent and let us ease up a bit I feel lucky today like to throw you a few games of dice throw dice in the graveyard not me oh I thought you weren’t superstitious here comes a Centurion you leave your post fall out I’d like to talk to you while your men can’t hear us certainly Gallagher’s take over I didn’t want to talk over there but I want to go over plans with you I understand first does your guard need to be reinforced pilots worried what’s your opinion why I see no need of that the watch has been quiet no trouble good you’ll be pleased to hear that every extra soldier is searching for Claudia but he wants everyone at hand lest there be an insurrection any signs of that none that I can see only fair wonderment uncertainty most of the people are locked in their houses some went to the temple but it’s a ruin so I hear Pilate regrets the day he let this happen but somehow I think great good will come of it during the long hours of my watch that has been my very thought well any report for Pilate tell him all’s well thank you thank you our group is ready now to leave for the tomb unbothered oh I must have dozed since Thomas there since the other two went to Emmaus is it daybreak not yet but we are ready speed Oh No does he approve of such an early start I’ll tell him in neither awaken Peter Peter we are leaving now to go to the step luca only you women have you know escort it is better this way I am not afraid no harm will come to us we have a lantern had not wonderful no Peter you are too well-known in the streets that would only create attention you could not risk it Godspeed you then let them go Matthew [Music] what is it Texas it’s not even found in insurrection is risen He is risen jesus is risen more idle nonsense have you lost your wits have you too deserted your post the Nazarene has risen coop is for those who will hear it [Music] what is married what is it what is fighting do away and I know [Music] he is prison John this is the bail that was wrapped around his sacred head yet I do not understand he will enlighten us Peter come we must spread these good tidings quickly rejoice Claudia rejoice He is risen Christ is written Andrew rejoice he has risen as he promised he has risen and I have seen him the news the Crucified one is come join Centurion Christ has risen [Music] holy mother Jesus your son has risen and appeared to me and to me Peter my son he has forgiven me my doubt my weakness my betrayal everything seeing his cross and knowing that he had came back to us and you still not understand the depth of his love but I denied him he chose me leader and three times I denied him when he needed me I ran from him and yet his love pursued you and always will this is why he came back when you understand Golgotha you will understand back for him in the Eucharist but gives much because he loves much that you may love him did he not tell you to forgive your brother 7 times was not enough yes nor 70 times 7 he said I heard him then with my ears I hear him now with my heart yes Pete oh great is my joy out to bees dark hours he has given us a great victory no longer do I despair again I have faith he has restored my hope rather speaking loving charity Peter my son he has given his victory not to us alone but two more men for they are your brothers well fellas that’s the story of Hill number-one wheeler you asked what’s the meaning of all this well if you look on Hill number 46 in the light of Hill number one hardships suffering self-sacrifice is never without meaning how do these things many virtues are born courage heroism love when good men everywhere so fervently want peace war is a crucifixion it shakes the earth darkens a son and makes man searched for faith and meaning and right you’re doing by asking what’s it all about and rights worth defending the first victory you achieve is always one of faith you’ve got to have faith in God I think Mary would tell you that she told the Apostles before the resurrection and I think Mary would tell all of us to pray always it’s quite a story when you come to think about it that’s what I want you to do think about it’s all right here in the Rosary of course beads don’t tell it to me I tell it to the beads that’s what meditation is that’s what prayers yeah Mansfield say we’ve taken that Hill sure it’s Easter morning in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost amen dear mother and father and child may God help me now to bring home to you but the Rosary can do to your family to an a beautiful fill well the last wish of our redeemer the last wish of yura Deemer when he left a supper table to go out into the agony just before he went into the garden to pay the price for the forgiveness of your sins and mine he made a wish and a prayer and that wish and prayer of our Lord with this unity amongst his followers dear mother dear father dear son and daughter in our Lord’s holy name in the name of yura Deemer who paid the price for your Redemption and for the forgiveness of your sin I asked you with all my heart to fulfil and give to him his last wish before he went into the garden for his agony for you unity unity in yourselves unity with him love for yourselves love for him this dear mother and father and child you can do as sure as God is the life it’s night after night for a lifetime you gather to stay the rosary together to let the rosary teach you to let the rosary inspire you to let the Rosary develop you in our Blessed mother’s name the queen of heaven on earth I asked your dear mother and father and child to raise your voices with the millions of others to say the family that prays together stays together you [Music]

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