Higher-Self Transformation Meditation that will change your life forever…

It’s about getting to a totally new paradigm,
a totally new level, which is who you naturally are. So you’re gonna be able to let go of your
old self image and you’re going to begin to be that authentic part of who you naturally
are. So personally, I think this is going to be
one of the most powerful meditations I’ve done and I think that if you’ve listened to
it for 21 days, it will transform your life. So let’s go ahead and get into it right now. What I’d like to ask you to do is to take
in a couple of deep breaths in and out with me, and every breath we take, what we’re going
to be doing is we’re going to be relaxing our body and we’re going to be putting our
hands inside of our heart center. Now, as we put our hands over our heart. Even just doing that for a couple of minutes,
we begin to bring the awareness from being inside of our head to inside of our body. And as the awareness goes into our heart,
we start to grow that energy around our heart center. That’s what the heartmath institute is shown. And just by doing this alone, we begin to
start becoming and being who we naturally are. So do this either laying down or meditating
and sitting down, making sure that you aren’t driving when you do this. And, uh, we’ll go ahead and get into it right
now. So what I would like to ask you to do is to
first off, taking a deep breath in, deep breath out with me and feel your body relax more
and more. So it’s going to take a deep breath in every breath you take, know that your body’s
becoming more and more relaxed. Now put your hands over your heart like this. I began to feel the sensation inside of your
heart knowing that as you put the sensation in there right now, you’re increasing that
electromagnetic energy inside of your heart, feeling more of that love that you naturally
are. Now go ahead and take another deep breath
in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, feel the sensation inside
of your heart increase with more love. Feel your body relax. Begin to loosen up. Now. Set the intention right now that this meditation
changes your life. That’s how powerful you are, that you can
set this intention right now, and by the end of this meditation, you will feel like a 100
percent better authentic version of you. So let’s take in one more deep breath in. Deep breath out. Fuel our body. Relax Bri that out. Sink into this level of relaxation right now. Now bring the awareness to your forehead and
fill your forehead. Begin to relax. Feel behind your eyelids. Imagine the muscles behind your eyes relaxing. As you bring this awareness throughout your
body, you can feel your muscles loosening up relaxing. Bring it to your cheeks now. Feel that sensation in your jaw. Feel how loose your jaw feels. Relax your tongue muscle. Bring the awareness now into your throat’s. Feel your throat. Begin to relax now. Bring the awareness into your left arm, your
left hand. Feel it, loosen up and relax. Breathe that sensation to your right arm,
your right hand. Feel it. Relax. I bring the awareness into your chest, underneath
your hands, over your hearts, but the awareness inside of your heart center right now and
imagine that there is a ball of energy inside of your hearts. Any color that you like and imagine that right
now, this ball of energy is spinning in a clockwise position. I’m going to count down from five to one with
every number I count. You’re going to feel your body relax more
and you’re going to feel the increase of love, energy inside of your heart. You’re going to feel that sensation increase. Put your hands over your heart. Now fuel it. Five. Imagine that ball of energy, any color that
you like, spinning faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you feel this
love energy inside of your heart for feeling it now begin to increase. You can feel this love. Begin to this warm feeling. Begin to spread throughout your body for three,
feeling it now become more and more, more and more love to as you feel it now. Imagine it increasing even more and one now. You feel it spread through your entire body,
knowing that you feel more love now than you have in a long time. Know that this sensation is more connected
to who you really are. Now bringing the awareness from your heart
into your solar plexus, right below that of your heart and feel that area of your body. Relax. Bring the awareness now down into your abdomen. Fill your abdomen, loosen up, relax. Bring the awareness into your left leg, your
left foot, Phillip, loose. Relax, becoming heavy. Bring the awareness into your right leg, your
right foot. Feel heavy, your foot in your legs. Feel how relaxed you feel. Now, imagine any old energy, any old emotions
that you don’t prefer to feel. Imagine them flowing out of your body by going
out of your heels. Imagine that energy, that dark energy going
out of your heels. As you put the sensation into your heels,
you can feel that energy begin to decrease out of your body knowing that right now you are letting go of what
no longer serves. I noticed how light you feel now, how much
more relaxed you feel, and now imagine yourself in a very relaxing place. It can be indoors or outdoors. It’s a place you can go anytime you want to
do inner work. It can be a real place or a place in your
mind. Imagine that you were there right now. Look around and notice what you see. What colors do you see? Imagine those colors becoming brighter and
brighter. What kind of sounds do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Notice how relaxed you feel in this place. How you can come here. Anytime you want to quiet your mind to relax. I notice that about 10 or 15 feet away, you
see this doorway, this free standing door in the middle of the place that you’re at. Now, go ahead and walk up to this door and
notice that at the top of the door it says your name, higher self. This is the doorway into your heart and to
the sacred space of your heart and to this connection with your higher self where you
can get any guidance you want, any question you want will be answered, and you will feel
the authentic core vibration of who you are. Now go ahead and put your hand on the Doorknob,
twist the doorknob open up the door, and noticed that you see a stairwell that is going down
at the bottom of the stairs. You can see a very bright high vibrational
light. Now begin to take a step down. Notice with every step you take, you feel
more and more relaxed. You feel this increase of vibration happening
inside your body. You feel this love energy that is increasing
with every step that you take. Take another step. Now. Feel this increase of energy as you get closer
and closer to your higher self, inside of your heart, you feel this energy begin to
dissipate. Things that no longer serve you. Begin to feel yourself. Let go of vibrations that aren’t serving you
anymore. Take another step. Now you are 10 steps away from being at the
bottom of the stairwell and from being in the presence of your high vibrational higher
self. I’m going to count down from 10 to one with
every number I count. You’re going to feel the energy inside of
your body. Increase with love unlike anything you’ve
ever felt before, and you’re going to feel this connection to
who you really are. Now, take it another step. Ten, feeling your body now begin to double
with the sensation of love. Nine. Feeling this energy inside of your heart. Begin to increase. Eight, feeling more love flow through your
body than ever before. Take another step now. Seven, getting closer to the bottom of the
stairs, feeling this light begin to increase inside of your body. Six, five, double the amount of sensation
in your love now. Now you really feel it flowing through you
for three, getting closer to the bottom of the stairs. Now you’re almost there to double the amount
of sensation your body double the amount of sensation in your heart. One, now you are at the foot of the stairs. Take one more step and there you are. It is so bright you can hardly see and you
feel this sensation flow through your body unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Allow the sensation to be there so in this
vibration, if any emotions come up right now, allow them to come up and know that it is
a process of letting go and allowing yourself to be in this high vibrational state. This is who you really are. I notice that as your vision begins to become
clear, as you get used to this bright light and this love sensation, notice that in the
distance you can see your higher, which is you. Your higher self looks like you just brighter,
very strong glimmer in the eyes, the most Compassionate Look of love in the eyes. Take a couple steps towards your higher self
as your higher self. Take steps towards you. Your higher self tells you right now. Welcome home now. Any question that you have for your higher
self, your higher self will answer for you. Ask your higher self any questions you might
have, any guidance you might ask for, and pay attention to what your higher self says. Ask those questions now. Now Bank yourself your higher self for any
information you’ve just been received. Ask your higher self if there’s any advice
at your higher self has for you and pay attention to what comes up now. Bank yourself, your higher self or any information
that you’ve just received. Now what your higher self now tells you is
that you are going to shed the old self image. Your higher self now walks you over to a chair,
a chair with dials on it. This is a chair. You can come anytime you want inside this
sacred space of your which is where you are now, and what you can do is you can let go
of what no longer serves and why you’re in a higher vibrational energy and your higher self offers for you to sit
down and notice that as you sit down, notice how comfortable this chair feels that just
how it looks serious. This chair fields. Now on the left side of this chair, on the
armrest you see that have a dial, and on the right side you see another dial. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going
to let go of the old self image and this right here, this exercise right here will change
your life forever because you will let go of what no longer serves. You will let go of the negativity of the emotions
that no longer serve you, and you’re going to feel them drift off. Notice that on the left, it’s labeled your
old self image, and right now it is on a 10. Well, we’re going to do now is we’re going
to let go of our old self image. Set the intention right now that you let it
go, that it is served you. You’re at peace with it, but it is time to
let it go. I put your hand on the dial. I’m going to count down from 10 to one with
every number I count. You’re going to feel an increase. Have an energy in your body of letting go. You’re gonna. Feel like this old cell phone is drifts away. This false self of limitations drifts away
and it begins to dissipate. It’s going to be hard to remember the limited
self as before. Put your hand on the dial at 10 and move it from 10 to nine. As it moves from nine, you can see this self
image in front of you, the limited self. Look how it starts to fade away. Eight, with every number that I count you
feel this old self image begin to dissipate. The negative memories leaving with it. Seven, looking at that self image is becoming
more and more faint now. Six, five, feeling yourself. Let go. Of what? No longer serves four, three, double the amount
of sensation, your heart feeling like it is dissipating the old self. Image two and now you can barely see your
old self image and one zero. Now notice that the old self image that you
could imagine is dissipated. You have let go of your old self image and
from this point going forward, your life is forever changed. You are letting go of the false self. I feel how relieved it feels to let of those
lower emotions. Now put your hand on the right side of the
dial or the dial is labeled your authentic higher self. Now notice that right now it’s on level one,
but I’m going to do is I’m going to count from one to 10 with every number I count. You’re going to move the dial all the way
up to 10. By the time it reaches 10, you’re going to
feel like you have 100 percent merged with your higher self. You’re going to feel love inside of your body
unlike anything you’ve felt before, and you’re going to know that from this point going forward,
you are trans formed. Put your hand on the dial now and feel it. Every number I count, you’re going to feel
double the amount of sensation in your body. One, move it to to double the amount of sensation. Now you can feel it inside of your body, inside
of your heart. Begin to increase. Three, fueling it become more and more and
more and more love for five fuel in this authenticity flow through your body. Six, feeling the energy increased even more. Now, feeling this connection inside of yourself
unlike anything you’ve felt before. Seven, eight. Feel it now. Double again. Nine, allow this light to flow through your
body. Now. Allow this authenticity to merge with you
and 10, this sensation is completely flowing through your body and
you are more in the love vibration than you have ever felt before. Allow yourself to feel in this energy. Know that this is who you are. From this point going forward, you are forever
changed. He will notice that people respond to you
differently now that you’re more authentic. You feel like the layers have been dropped. He felt like you can just be yourself and
you feel like you’re really living from your heart. Pay attention over the next few days of how
different your life becomes. Allow yourself to sink into your heart more
and every time you put your hands over your heart, you will remember
this sensation that you feel right now. Listen to
this meditation for at least 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it, and for now,
I’m going to leave you in this higher self vibration. Allow yourself to soak it in and just know
that you are forever changed.


  1. Happy New Years to ALL of you! This meditation is one of the most powerful ones I've done and I hope you LOVE it 🙂 Let me know what you think!

  2. Thank you so much, Aaron,….this Meditation was just so EXTREMELY beyond words beautiful. I did start to cry when I went down the steps, but was able to get through it. The Love-Energy I felt at the end was a lot like the Energy I felt when I had an 'out-of-body- experience' several years ago during a very long MRI…(in the doughnut tube for 2.45 hrs). I met my Mom, and she showed me where she now lives. Is it possible that was the same place?

  3. The meditation starts at 6:25 … in case you want to following up the next 21 days, I can’t wait to start this journey! 🧘‍♀️✨

  4. Day 1. I cried like a baby the whole time. But it was a happy cry. I didn’t see my higher self. But it’s only day one. I do believe this will change my life. I’m going through a hard time right now due to chronic back and body pains for the last 2 years that I want to work on. I read that Delores Cannon said that i created this, but that we can also heal ourselves. I’m 1 month away from back surgery but I’m putting all my energy into this. I’m rambling now. Anyway, I appreciate you.
    Thank you Aaron ❤️🌹🌹

  5. Thank you Aaron for your work. If anyone is curious and interested to know exactly WHAT IS possible, or wants to see and hear people talk about what we'd call 'amazing' things, head over to the 8 part interview with Master Healer Dennis Adams that you can find on YouTube. Also check out Surprise Sitole, a pastor in Africa who has raised 8 people from the dead, and also performed/witnessed other miracles that are recorded in the BIble. Bless you all!

  6. I love you Aaron, you are just amazing, and helped me to completely transform and change my life. THANK YOU 💜

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    This is changing my frequency already!

  8. I will be returning here starting tomorrow. The highlights I listened to today resonated with me. Though I did not follow the entire meditation from start to finish, I did see and feel and experience. I opened the door before you said to, and the stairs were going down. I thought why down? Then you said down; and I reminded myself to just stay in the moment and go with it. Down from the head to the heart? Allowing ones imagination the freedom to experience this through meditation is something we all can do. My own imagination is very active and real to me. The chair with dials, the light, the 'me' guiding and helping – all there in my minds eye. Fear tried to sidetrack me several times even on this abbreviated journey. I pushed it aside and continued on. This is free will at work. It indicates an opening of thought; and a releasing of auto-reaction to old programmed messages. I'll be back tomorrow. Thank you, Aaron.

  9. Absolutely amazing meditation! I actually ran down the stairs to meet my higher self . She was golden. When I met her I was filled with soo much emotion! I laughed, I cried, I smiled soo big. When I was turning the dial from 6-0 my high self held my hand. When we switched dials she hugged me acrossed my body. What a beautiful meditation.
    God blessed you with an amazing gift to help, thank you.

  10. During this meditation I found myself loving deeply and grieving and not discarding my created self who loved me well, valiantly with fierce determination to survive. I felt myself rather embracing her with all the new and sweetest  love from my higher authentic self than I have ever felt.  So, now, the self I needed for so many years may now rest and is now safely honored and gently held within my true heart and with ease and outside time and space re-born as Love and I am now no longer divided and discontent but whole.  I anticipate the next 20 days with much joy.  Thank you Aaron.

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  29. Your a good teacher. Thanks bro. I've been fighting this belief for about 15 years. Thinking its stupid, nutzo, mania, almost embarrassed by it. When I accept it I get free from all that negativity. I think its why addiction is so bad, it temporarily lets us feel that vibration but only temporarily and at a terrible cost. Feel badly for people in so much pain, "wanting to go home" and choose to leave this earth on their own will. Fear they have to start all over again but with past life karma, negative waves.

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  48. Very powerful stuff. Absolutely incredible knowledge from (to me) such a
    young guy! This was an emotive experience for me and believe me guys,
    was very real. To meet my higher self was an awesome happening and I
    highly recommend everybody listens to Aaron and his technique! 🙂

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