Held Law Firm – Faith Held

My name is Faith Held, and I’m the Outreach
Coordinator here at Held Law Firm. There’s two main components to my job. The first is connecting individual clients
to resources if they need help with things like finding housing, or a job, or counseling,
or childcare. The second is that I work with attorneys and
staff to identify the needs of our clients as a class rather than just on an individual
basis. After we identify those needs, I work with
the community to design and implement programs and policies to address them. Some of the work that we do involves projects
like getting books to the kids at Knox County’s juvenile detention center… We are also organizing a series of clinics to provide assistance and advice to people who typically wouldn’t be able to pay a retainer or aren’t sure where to turn for information on those services. I’ve always wanted to work somewhere that
would allow me to make a difference, and give back to my community, and Held Law Firm really
allows me to do that.

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