Healing Spirit: Guided Meditation for Anxiety, to Build Self Confidence and Relaxation

This guided meditation is a way to make you
feel more relaxed and to give you a hand to let all your anxieties flowing away from your
whole body and to help you clear your mind and finally find a peaceful place where you
can feel completely safe and calm. Make yourself confortable. Sit or lie down
if you prefer. Anywhere you can’t be disturbed. Anywhere you can let all your worries and
problems behind with complete ease. Let’s start our meditation. Close your eyes
and take a deep breath in and release. This time you are guided by the music, a gentle
music that fills the room, a calming music ready to help you let you go, no thoughts,
no worries, just stillness and pure silence. Your soul is strong, more than you think.
And it can help your body to feel entirely relaxed.
Focus on your breathing. Once again the oxygene goes inside your nose
slowly. And when you breathe out focus on your pain, whether it’s physical or emotional,
you’re not alone. Nothing can harm you now, in your perfect place where concerns and doubts
don’t find any footholds. Control your breathing as your chest rises.
I want you to imagine a beach. The gold sand, soft under your feet, the gentle summer breeze
that caresses your face. Imagine the warm sun kissing your skin and watch right in front
of you. The infinity of the sea, the waves crashing on the coast and the relaxing sound
of the water filling your mind and relaxing your body, from your head to your neck, your
shoulders, your arms and your hands,
and the relaxation is so pure and intense that goes down to your legs, down till your
feet. Your eyes are closed, your breathing is normal
and your mind starts to be full of light and positivity Sometimes you just need to remind yourself of your own greatness and that you can achieve so
much more. Relax. Prepare yourself to return back to
your normal state, full of positive thinking. More aware of your sorrounding. Ready to live
your life in calm and peace with yourself. Stay still for a little while. And enjoy this
blissful place in which you are fully yourself and breathe once more.
You know when you’ll be ready to face the world with your new positive and confident
smile and relax.


  1. Good Video!

    My communication was pathetic and I could not express myself clearly.
    I went for three reiki sessions and they healed my throat chakra, and like a magic 
    I am so good in communication now.

    Everyday, I keep my throat chakra activated using a mobile app called "Throat Chakra"  by lokesh

    with Love.

  2. Hi everybody! If you want to download the background music of the video, I posted the link in the description. It's the first track of this relaxing album of zen music https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/zen-massage-musique-vol.2/id852752279

  3. I was so relaxed couldn't feel anything apart from my chest because my phone was there.
    I feel so calm and my breathing is now slow and relax.
    Thank you 🙂

  4. I'm not trying to be negative here, but this mediation just didn't work for me. I feel like the minor tonality of the accompanying music, goes against the words of the guided meditation. I felt uneasy all the time, especially with that low bass frequency. I know a lot of people really like it, so maybe it's a personal thing?

  5. This is mostly just music and not very guided. Not quite what I was looking for, but that's okay. I'll keep looking.

  6. Thank you for this wonderfully relaxing meditation.  I have been quite anxious for the past several weeks and looking for things to help relax and calm me.  This was lovely.  Thank you

  7. Hey everyone! Thank you for listening to this video, we hope you liked it! ❤
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  8. good sound, great music and calm voice. I love that it is 15min, because you can do this in your car or a private room at the workplace at a moment's notice if you are having a bad day! Thanks for sharing this. Blessings.

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