Healing in the Enchanted Forest | Binaural | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation leads you into the magical woods that are rich with the goodness
of nature’s wealth. It does wonders for anyone who has the time to wander at leisure in this
woodland, and to avail of its healing powers. All physical problems have their roots in
the subtle body of your being. Meditation, in general, helps you to reach these inner
levels of your being, enabling you to deal directly with the issue concerned. The restorative
properties of nature are limited not just at the physical level, but relate to all levels
of your being – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and help to bring harmony and
balance among them so that you are in perfect alignment with the Universal energy.
The purpose of this meditation is to relax your entire endocrine system, and to restore
peace and well-being within your four lower bodies. When the problems are addressed at
the inner levels, healing takes place, and you experience good health at the physical
level, relieving you of all the pain and suffering. Therefore, do not underestimate the power
of creative visualization, and brush it off as some airy-fairy, silly exercise. In reality,
it is a truly empowering and invigorating activity for all: for the robust as well as
for the sick and ailing. Those suffering from afflictions and disorders will experience
wellness, while those who are always in the best of health will enjoy greater well-being.
The preliminaries for doing this meditation are that you find a place where you will not
be disturbed for a little while. If you like you could also light a candle and burn incense
to set the mood for your meditation, make your space as pleasant as you desire. Well
then, let us get on with the meditation: Healing in the Enchanted Woods.
Sit in a comfortable position, cross-legged on a rug or mat which is laid out on the floor.
However, if you are not at ease on the floor you may sit on a chair with a straight back,
your feet on the floor, your spine erect. However, if you choose to practice at night
just before you go to bed, you can do the meditation lying down on your bed. It is likely
that you will fall asleep half-way through the exercise, which is perfectly alright;
and though you will miss out on the interesting trip that this meditation will take you through,
you will definitely sleep like a baby all through the night. Breathe deeply to calm
the noisy chatter of your mind. Repeat this pattern for a few more moments
… You are now very calm and relaxed.
Close your eyes and visualize being out in the woods. It is a beautiful, sunny day. The
woods are a-buzz with activity as Nature wakes up to welcome a brand, new day. The bright
sunshine lends a golden hue to the forest. Observe the little, wild flowers that grow
in lively shades of pink, yellow, red and lavender edged with a golden glitter, and
are scattered randomly all over the woods. As you near these little blossoms, you notice
little fairies with gauzy wings, flitting like butterflies amidst the flowers. They
are dressed in layers of soft shimmering gossamer and each of them has a golden wand in her
hand. Watch how they touch the buds with their magic wands to bloom them into beautiful flowers.
Some are sitting upon the petals, sipping nectar from the flowers, and some dancing
and singing with pure joy and gladness. They are no bigger than the flowers themselves.
Their high, silvery voices are clearly audible to you, and their songs are accompanied by
the soft, tinkling music produced by the vibrancy of the flowers.
Listen carefully to the faint music of the flowers. Each colour has its own range of
frequency, and together they form beautiful music that can put the most harried mind at
rest. Breathe in deeply. As you inhale, visualize drawing in the vivifying colours of the flowers.
Breathe in the sweet scent emitted by them. The energy of the colours and scent are healthfully
intoxicating to your senses. As you breathe in the vibrant energies, visualize every cell
and molecule of your body is being energized. And as you exhale, visualize the dark energies
of pain and discomfort being flung out. Repeat this pattern of breath-visualization until
you feel good within. When you are done, express your gratitude to the flowers. And they are
bowing their heads graciously in reciprocation.
Look at the trees around you. See how luxuriant they are. All the trees are decked in vibrant
green; their trunks sturdy; some are straight and tall, while others charmingly crooked.
The branches spread out far and wide, high up in the sky, forming a canopy against the
blazing sun, providing cool shade to all the creatures that inhabit the woods. Through
the thick foliage you can see patches of clear, blue sky, and
the sun-beams filtering down, creating criss-cross patterns upon the rich, brown soil. Every
leaf on the boughs is pulsating with life. The trees are like a universal Mother providing
food and shelter to millions of birds and other creatures that have made their homes
in them. The trees are a source of survival to all inhabitants on the planet, and have
an important role to play on Earth. Walk up to one of the trees, and place your hands
on its trunk. Imagine the currents of pure energy of Nature passing from your hands into
your being, healing you of all physical and emotional discomforts. Intend that you are
as strong and healthy as these perennial trees. Then put your arms around the trunk of the
tree and give it a loving hug in appreciation for all the help and service to mankind.
Listen to the call of the birds as you stroll along the sunny path the, tweeting, chirping,
whistling looks like Nature is in celebration of a new and glorious day. And then you hear
a cuckoo call that magical, two-fold sound, which transports your soul to a new level.
The forest seems to fall under the spell of this mysterious, enthralling call. You listen
to the sound in awe and reverence. A deep sense of exhilaration overcomes you. You are
feeling so privileged to be a part of this festivity. Focus on your heart centre. Be
conscious of the gladness in your heart. You are at one-ment with your Creator. You are
very still and peaceful within. You dare not disturb this divine moment with petty thoughts
of the worldly issues. The materialistic world has suddenly lost its significance as you
experience this moment of divinity. Words cannot express the deep joy and serenity that
fill your heart. Just be still and enjoy this magical moment.
A sudden rustle startles you, as a little squirrel with long, bushy tail darts past
your feet along the ground, strewn with dry leaves, and scampers up a tree. In the distance
you catch a glimpse of a spotted deer running past the trees to vanish behind the bushes.
There is an air of quietude around these parts. Feel the Presence of the Mighty Creator all
round you. You are completely at peace with yourself. Here, you are not haunted by the
painful memories of your past. Your heart is brimming over with loving forgiveness for
all who have hurt you mentally and emotionally. Breathe in deeply the sweet, forest air. The
pure energy is like a salve to your wounded soul; it is so healing, so soothing… you
are so deeply relaxed. You are now deep into the woods. The light
here is eternal. Your attention is drawn to one little tree that is iridescent and glimmering,
just like a Christmas tree that is lit up with ornamental bulbs. The difference here
is that the light of this tree comes from within; it is a self-illuminating tree, no
artificial lights are strung around it. It is indeed a special tree; it is an enchanted
fairy-tree. The tree is laden with fruit that resembles plums – red and juicy. Here, the
fairies rest their weary wings, and revive their spirits eating the fruit off the tree.
As you stand entranced, gazing at the tree, it lowers one of its boughs, over-weighted
with the fruit, as a gesture of hospitality. You graciously accept this kind offer, and
pluck the fruit off the bough with deep gratitude. You bite into the pulpy fruit, and the golden
juice runs down your clothes. The succulent fruit is seedless, deliciously sweet and juicy.
The rejuvenating properties of the fruit enliven you. You are vivified and feeling good.
Now stand under the glow of the tree with your back resting against its luminous trunk.
You are enveloped completely in its radiant aura. You are feeling warm and tingly all
over. The magic is working on you. Here, you will affirm
that your body (name the part of the afflicted body or organ) is now healed whole and complete.
Affirm that you are in perfect health in body, mind and soul. Know that every organ of your
body is functioning at its optimum. You are now feeling wonderful and healthy. Remain
in this glow for a few minutes. Then thank the tree, and move on to explore further.
Your heart is filled with joy as you walk along feeling buoyant and free. You are far
removed from your mundane world. Your senses are heightened. You are alert to all the sights
and sounds of Nature around you. There is an air of mysticism that makes the forest
so magical. Inhale deeply the sweet scents of flora and fauna. The woods are alluring
and friendly, urging you to walk on and on without any trace of fatigue or fear. There
is nothing to be afraid of. No wild animals or slimy serpents have their habitat in this
woodland. No danger lurks around in the thick undergrowth. All is very pleasant and peaceful.
You are feeling very safe and protected as if some unseen Force is with you, protecting
and guiding you. Enjoy the soft breeze as it caresses your cheeks and tousles your hair.
Just be with the peace that prevails in the air. Know that you are peaceful ’85 know
that you are Peace! The sunlit trail is leading you deeper into
the woods. By and by you come across a babbling brook surrounded by plants and fronds. Stop
awhile, and see the water rushing and sliding along its rocky path, babbling and gurgling
to itself as it rushes to reach its destination, oblivious to everything around it. You find
a number of nymphs and sprites enjoying themselves in the cool, crystal-clear waters of the brook.
The swishing of the leaves as the cool breeze blows and the babbling of the brook as the
water flows appears as though the elements of Nature are in divine commune with each
other. Every now and then a bird hops down to partake of the cooling drink, and then
flies off with a contended chirp. Step into the clear water and join the sprites
in the fun and frolic. The waters of the brook are magnetized by the healing power. You are
feeling the mild electric current of the water surrounding your body. Do not be afraid. These
are the healing currents that are restoring perfect balance and harmony in the atomic
and sub-atomic particles of your being. Know that you are being healed to radiant health.
Breathe in the energy of the mystical waters as you swim and play about in it. Remain in
the water for some time. Then when you are done, you will step out feeling healthful
and happy. Every facet of your being is now pulsating with the empowering energies of
health and vigour. You are feeling wonderful. Now it is time to say goodbye to these endearing
woods. Bid them all farewell. Nature, woodland creatures and all the fairy-folk. Thank them
all for their help and precious gifts of wellness secrets. With deep gratitude to the Almighty
God and to Mother Nature for the holy Blessings, you silently trace your steps back home. Though
you came empty-handed into the woods, you are taking back with you Nature’s bounteous
gifts of health and abundance energies, and a heart full of gladness, peace and serenity.
Now bring your awareness to your body, and gently open your eyes. Know that you are well
and healthy. Be aware of the peace within you as you go about with your daily routine.
This enchanted woodland is accessible to you at all times. Whenever you feel lonely, tired
or sick, return to these woods and recharge yourself with the empowering energies.


  1. Rasa

    I have been meditating for 40 years  and I must say ,
    You have the deepest understanding of mind that I have ever encountered.

    I have listened to just about every guided meditation you have done at least twice and find myself enchanted each time as if it was the first..

    Your amazing grasp of the language for the imagination is nothing short of the divine.

    Very Enchanting!

    You are Blessed and Very Gifted

  2. I tried listen the whole video three times in bed before sleep, but with this lovely voice saying these so comfortable words, i fall asleep like a baby! I will try again later. Thank you so much for more one gorgeous meditation.

  3. Good one better than Deepak Chopra's odd meditations, and your voice is the best. I lost my saved mediatations and it took me awile to find you with the you tube search, ya may wanna check into that. Take care.

  4. Have been looking for some guided meditation as am a healer have been told i need to sit in a circle,but i have always struggled with meditation not seeing anything my teacher at church said not to worry.Some people don't see anything.But like anything it takes time & patience have tried a lot of guided meditations but yours are the first ones that afterwards i have been able to feel & experience spirit,as am disabled i can't sit in a chair & even with a cushion it's still painful to sit on the floor.I would be so grateful if you could give me some advice about grounding myself laying down but again thank you for helping me to now enjoy that wonderful time you receive from meditation & also now starting to connect with my guides.x💕x

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  9. The whole thing with the faeries waving their wands, and then the musical flowers was really far fetched. Like a trip on LSD?

  10. This was amazing. I didn't fall asleep but felt so deeply relaxed I can't remember all that you said. I have chronic fatigue and thank you for helping me to relax and heal 😊

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    ~Namaste my friend

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