Healed Femurs

What is it that turns a society into something that’s
cooperative rather competitive? Is it when you look through
what archeologists discover when you study different
cultures anthropologically, what is it, is it the
invention of cooking tools, is it farming tools, is it a pot? What is the thing that is evidence that they became cooperative
rather than competitive? You know what she said? Her answer said, “When we
discover a healed leg bone.” Hmm. She said, “Yes, because a
healed femur tells us that “here was a person who could
not hunt for themselves, “fend for themselves,
keep themselves alive. “It means that someone had to,
while their leg was healing, “hunt for them, gather
for them, cook for them, “take care of them at their
own personal expense.” And when we see evidence that
that is beginning to happen, there’s hope, there’s
hope for that society. And I thought, “This is the way of Jesus.” May we be the place where they discover a lot of healed femurs. Where we, as a normative part
of what it means to be us says, “I will give of my life for
you while you get better.” And then I’m gonna go through my hard time and you’ll give of your life for me, and your energy for me while I get better. Because we all go through hard times, and we need to be part of a
community of people who say, “I’m here for you, I’m here for you.” And we offer this back
and forth, back and forth for the rest of our life.
That’s what being human is. But we can either do this
alone, or we do it together. God says, “Get it together.” Get it together.

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