Headspace for Kids | Meditation for Children

Have you ever wondered why we teach our kids about looking after the body, but we don’t really teach them how to look after the mind? Teaching them about meditation at an early age would set them up for life. But we all know that sitting quietly isn’t that easy. It’s not easy for us as grown ups so think how hard it is for kids. They’d much rather be out and about having fun, getting dirty, than sitting still with their eyes closed for 10 minutes. So here at Headspace we’ve created some activities and meditations especially for them with themes like calm, kindness, and even bedtime. We created these sessions for children and parents to enjoy together. Each activity is different depending on how old your child is. There are exercises designed for toddlers, pre-teens, and every age in-between. This really is the best of both worlds — quality time with your child while teaching them a valuable skill for life. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll even get a little extra headspace for yourself.


  1. Love the idea! Looking forward to try them! I wish you would use the videos as part of the exercises, they are really good!

  2. Great, but please also Dutch spoken. For children meditation in their native language is so much more important.

  3. I am an elementary school teacher and love using headspace kids with my 5-7 year olds… the students love it too! They always get excited when the find out we are going to have some headspace time with Andy 🙂 Are you thinking of making any animations to help children understand and practice mindfulness? I find the videos both helpful and enjoyable, but the much of the language and concepts are beyond most of my students.
    With much gratitude for what you do!

  4. Please make things free 🙁 I can’t afford it mostly and I really need help for meditating for sleep since I get just an hour please

  5. first thing I say when watchong this, "omg the animations are cute and of good quality!" then I squeel in happiness before laughong and rewatching the video.

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