Have Faith in Your Success | Master Your Life in 2020 | DeVory Darkins

This is DeVory Darkins and welcome.
I want to talk about the success test What is the success test? What does it
really mean? I’m talking about your faith;
I’m talking about being able to be consistent and convicted in your beliefs
and your actions on a daily basis even though you can’t physically see the
results yet that’s the success test the most successful individuals in the world
passed this test with flying colors think about it. Muhammad Ali was
saying he was the greatest before he even stepped in the ring, before he even
held a championship belt. He said he was the greatest; that is faith. That is passing
the success test and if you’re a firm believer in Christianity Jesus
definitely passed that success test he took some nails for it. So are you passing the success test?
Based on if you know what you are acting and thinking on a daily basis
that the results will happen or they’ve already happened and you’re operating
that way so if you want to get that big promotion don’t think about why you
can’t because you don’t see any evidence think about what you can and start
visualizing your own evidence in your mind. You got to think and you got to
feel and you got to act and you got to see it in your mind before you can have
these things in your life. Now before you get a little overwhelmed or you start
saying what is this guy smoking. What I’m saying is this it’s focusing your
energy on things you can control is a waste of your time but what you can’t
control is how much you believe in your faith to get things done at the end of
the day. To stay discipline and consistent to believe and expect the
outcomes that you want in your life if you really want that promotion if you
really want to start that business idea you can do it you don’t need any
evidence there are over seven billion people on this earth
there’s nothing new here. We all are doing something that’s already been done previously so don’t ever think about why you can’t be something the question of
the matter is how can you start doing it right now in this moment. I want to
challenge you to start taking the success test in your life a little bit
more seriously. Now, how can you prepare for this test and how does this all
really work? Well it’s happening every single day how you
choose to respond to events in your life how dedicated how obsessed and how much
do you really value success in your life. Remember what you value is
what you get because what you value is what you focus on what you think about
what you feel how you act those contribute to the outcomes that you get
in your life. The success test it’s yours for the taking and you can pass it
anytime that you want to but it’s something that you have to value and
that is your faith. You don’t need any evidence you don’t need a strategy you
don’t need some quick rich scheme. What you need is your strong belief that you
have inside you to make it happen at the end of the day. One way or another you
can either allow your life to be dictated off the things that you believe
will never happen for you or you can allow your life to be fulfilled with
what you can do. The things that you really really want to do and it’s really
that simple so I hope that you start passing the
success test in your life. All right this is DeVory Darkins wishing you massive
success take care

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