Guided Meditation for Sleep on Psalms 121- My Help Comes From God (8 Hours)


  1. Going to sleep now .when i wake up ill let u brother's and sis how i sleep 🥰⚘

  2. You are reading from the king James version bible….. right? If not can you I mean I grew up with the KJV bible and it the only bible I ever have and ever will use I'm not nocking other beleafs or anything just what I need

  3. Mindvalley, you just freed me through this video, I was able to make a big decision in my life,thank you

  4. Unable to activate the “Like” indicator. I keep pressing Like, and it stay gray.

    Finally, after five minutes, the Like button works.

  5. This is very nice actually YouTube is the one who puts all the ads on not the channel 🙁 I see a lot of people talking about the ads and asking if it could be rearranged you would have to contact you to also… The person who did the channel there maybe something you can do but I mean you don't have control over where the ads are when they come on but like if you look up for ASMR videos which are very similar but not all Christian beware… They really do not have any ads I don't know how they did it though? Well a few of them do but most of them do not have any interruptions 🙂 I didn't erase it. It has been my experience I would get into listening to this and then it would wake me up and so sometimes I listen to when I'm just napping through the day but at night if I get woke up more then I already do through the night it's not a solvale so the ads are very disruptive to the purpose of video 🙁 yet if we all keep praying all things are possible dot-dot. I know that you can actually purchase YouTube red and it gives you so much more and you can download offline and watch without Wi-Fi or using if your doubt it and it also stops all of the odds you don't have to watch an ad on anything at all 🙂 so one easy way to fix that problem if you really like abide which it sounds like everyone does 🙂 is if you can afford 999 a month you can listen to all the beautiful peaceful things you want to and here with no interruptions at all 🙂 LOL By the way no I do not work for you to just someone who has experienced the same thing and there have been times that I paid for the YouTube Red just because I really needed to be able to sleep that wake LOL

  6. I know you will perfect this but the tune in the background is too looped and monotonous. Please fix!

  7. Another video to help you sleep with commercials right in the middle. The creator of this channel chooses where the ads go. I’m unsubbing.

  8. All is well and calm and then all of a sudden this ad comes on, bummer. Sorry but it kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe you can have an ad at the beginning and the end? Not right in the middle where someone is almost asleep? Thank you

  9. This story was by far the best in my opinion. It really relaxed me and gave me the peaceful sleep I needed. The speakers voice was simply wonderful and soothing. 😊

  10. Ads still awaken me! But thank you for the slower, more calming and very soothing voice. I found it really peaceful and relaxing. This may be my new favorite! 👼
    Dear Lord, can you please get rid of the ads? In Jesus name, Amen. 🤗🙏💕

  11. Don’t know if this 8 hour one has ads but the last one did and it never jolted me out of the bed it was so loud. So – how do you tell if they have ads? Do all of them? Is there a way to do away with the ads beside joining YouTube? Anyway, these are very nice meditations.

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