Guided meditation for sleep: A Journey to deep relaxation, mind and body talkdown

This meditation is for anyone wanting to find
peace in this moment, to participate in an experience of freedom to relax, observe, and
possibly escape for a while. in a moment the music will change, whereby
you will be sent on your travels to enjoy the delights of wandering free into a wide
open landscape. you will observe and be present by visualizing
the words and sounds that you hear, allowing your mind and body to be consumed with only
tranquil sensations of bliss. not only will this meditation help you to
sleep more easily, it will also afford you the time to make peace with yourself before
closing your eyes to go to sleep. please make yourself as comfortable as can
be, laying in any position that you personally find easy on your body, and that there are
minimal distractions keeping you from having a beautifully deep and inward
looking journey. nearing the end of this meditation, you may
simply fall asleep if that is your wish. as you go forward into this soft and pleasant
space, close your eyes and allow your imagination to wander. Great things can come from taking a break
from overly thinking before bedtime, instead, I would like you to use your sense of daydreaming,
escaping within your own mind. by finding a place in your mind, and experiencing
it by fully interacting with what you see, will give you an inward sense of peace, which
will relax your mind and body. see an image of yourself inside your own mind,
as a room, dark but warm, small but cosy. you can walk around inside your own head,
noticing only the things, that YOU place there. imagine that it is an empty room, but only
a closed door. take those few steps to the back of your mind,
where the door is situated, once you get there, take in a nice, slow, deep breath of readiness,
as you are about to embark on aone of the most peaceful journeys
you have ever known. relaxing slightly more as you exhale, you
unlock the door, turn the handle and walk through, closing the door behind you.
as you walk through, your imaginary body begins to feel lighter as you float off into the
light of your imagination. the light rays are of a soft colour, purples
and hazy blues, your body floating weightlessly along, into the light you go, into the journey
of tranquility. as you hover into your imagination, away from
the present to a far away place, hear the soft white noise sound of rolling oceans waves.
floating through into the sound, imagine the beach that each wave greets as it tumbles
in, the deeply blue sky and the fine white sands of the shore.
as you picture this image as vividly as possible, feeling the calm atmosphere of this peaceful
landscape, you look below as you float, you are now
riding a strong horse along the waters edge. your legs now dangling in the stirrups that
hang from a deep cushioned saddle, your hands holding the reins loosely, as you trust your
steed. your vantage point is one where you can notice
and consume anything, much higher than if you were walking.
you notice the fields beyond the beach, the hills and mountains, seeing the fern trees
point high into the sky. the mountains that are little distance away
are topped with white snow, smoothing out the rough edges of the rock faces.
every colour imaginable is here for you to absorb, to bring peace.
as you ride along smoothly, the hooves of your stallion make a satisfying thud as each
foot touches the sand, sounding strong, deliberate and steady.
gliding along the shore, the warm breeze, relaxes your face, soothing your muscles,
down to your chest, as the coastal air freshens your lungs.
you are not too far from home, the idea of roaming the land exhillerates your every sense,
exploring and getting lost in nature is where you find your peace.
every sense soothed down to a calmness now, as you wander over the sandy beach.
with such free space here on the shore, you encourage your steed to use its power, from
a walk, to a trot, to a gallup. inside you smile as you race your horse against
the slow breeze that now washes your face with speed.
you look past each wave that reaches out to touch you but your horses feet are too fast,
like a symphony between this magnificent animal and nature itself.
your horse is at one with everything you see, and you are one with all.
galluping down the straight of ocean spray, you jump drift wood, small streams that lead
to the sea, and tufts of grass that are embedded into the soft white sand.
inside you now feel free, strong, confident and most of all, alive.
this small gesture of noticing mother natures characteristsics has brought joy to your soul,
you feel it with everything you are. your horse now slowing from a gallup, to a
trot to a walk, you and your steed feel satisfied. feeling the warm breeze on your face once
again at this slower pace, you look beyond the ocean’s horizon at the setting sun, hovering
above the vast expanse of ocean water. the sky is now turning orange, red and purple,
the reflections of the sky also being seen in the sea, like a mirror image.
either side of the glowing warm setting sun are clouds, filled with the colours of dusk.
taking a moment for yourself, you stop for a moment, admiring the image of such beauty.
dismounting, you step down from your very still horse, onto the sand.
you begin to let go of your day, as you observe each wave spilling out onto the shore, almost
touching your feet. picking up a few smooth and very flat stones,
you pull back your arm, and with a skillful throw, you skim the first stone along the
surface of the water. with the throw of the projectile, you let
go of negative energy. picking another stone from your hand, this
time, you release self doubt, as you skim the second stone across the ocean.
the third and final stone you skim is seen as deflecting anything that causes you to
feel bad inside, you release it, skimming it far away, bouncing towards the horizon.
you stand for a moment to feel content with your choices,absorbing only the good that
you feel right now. climbing back onto the saddle of your horse,
you can see those clouds coming closer out from the sea.
now deciding it is time to get back home, you turn off the beach, onto a path, leading
to a lavishly wooded green area. either side there are bushes and trees of
different shapes and sizes, some old, some new, the colours ranging from a light silver
to the darkest of greens. the scent of the air begins to change, your
nose now greeted with a bouquet of flowery and musky odours.
slowly advancing through, and between the trees, you enter a forest, where there is
more space to move. this area brings a sense of shelter, harmony
and quietness, your mind begins to empty, filling you only with sleep filled thoughts.
the air is changing as you look through the tops of the trees that point high in the sky
above, the clouds are over head. as the last light of the setting sun shines,
everything seems more colourful, richer to the eye. The greens of the trees pop and the
browns of the bark show texture. as you meander through the lightly populated
forest of trees, you feel the first drops of rain on your skin, also hearing them tapping
the leaves of nature. this light rain shower seems like the perfect
way to end your day, every tap sends relaxation from your ears to your every muscle.
contently riding through the forest, you become parallel with a stream that runs down these
hills. its gentle trickle sends yet more soft sensations
of relaxed thinking and feeling. every contended thud of your horses feet is
steady, deliberate and grounded. you now feel this way, feeling grounded in
every way, from your head down to your toes, appreciating the journey of your trek out,
and this present moment. a sensation of satisfaction bestows you, in
the noticing of the small things around, away from anything of a hurried nature.
this time reminds you to be gentle on yourself, to take time to look around, see what is truly
taking place. it can be very easy to get caught up in life,
rarely seeing or experiencing things that you once treasured and brought positive memories.
take a moment to be present in this time you have found for yourself, look inside at all
the positivity that you bring to others, also be aware of
noticing what perhaps brings you peace. it is in these moments that you realise what
you need and maybe, what you do not, as you ride through the forest gather your grounded
feelings of true perception. as you thoughts wander, the sounds of the
gently relaxing stream fade in and out, the brush of the breeze in the leaves disappears
on the odd occassion too. go deeper into your hearts desires of what
you want from life, perhaps daydreaming as it plays out in your mind.
now, as you ride through the last of the forest, you see an opening, where the landscape widens
into fields. as you enter the purple meadow of lavender,
a sleepy and very relaxed feeling consumes you with peace.
smoothly floating, riding your horse as a slow, steady pace, the pleasant and calming
scent of these precious relaxed filled flowers, softens all of your muscles.
the light rain that falls, only strengthens the smell of lavender more, filing you with
a warmth from within. even your horse seems lazily relaxed as it
droops its head in appreciation. riding through the lavender fields, you see
a house, atop of a hill, with a white picket fence that surrounds a large garden, which
has space for your horse to roam free. as you approach the house, your house, the
rain begins to fall slightly faster, now also hearing the faint rumble of thunder rolling
in from the ocean. entering your grounds, you dismount your horse,
walking it slowly upto your porch. your feet heavy from the ride, your shoulders
relaxed and your mind clear, feeling sleepy. as you reach your porch, a large wooden platform
that extends from the house front, you show your horse the water trough.
it licks the water in refreshment, drinking to wash in the goodness of its journey.
elevating up the two steps to the sheltered porch, you turn around to see the clouds moving
in, forming like thick cotton wool in the sky.
as they approach, it becomes slightly darker, especially now as the sun has almost completely
set. on the porch is a swing chair, you decide
to rest your bones for a while, and take a seat.
observing the approaching heavier clouds, the rain becomes heavier and the rumbles of
thunder more frequent. a slight breeze picks up every now and then,
combing through the lavender field you see before you, with every waft comes that ever
relaxing scent once again. your horse, also now tired and fulfilled,
lowers down the ground, very content to take a nap.
as you watch and observe, consume and wander with your mind, you too become sleepy.
the gentle wamr breeze mixed with the smell of lavender sends you eyes heavier.
each tap from the rain drops clears your mind further, helping those already relaxed muscles
to soften even more. laying down, as the swing chair sways from
side to side, you watch the tall grasses before you wave you goodnight for now.
each rumble of thunder is another reminder that on the other side of the storm is clearness.
take this time to sleep a deeply satisfying sleep, to relax in the knowing that you can
be present and to not lose track of what things you would like in your life.
sometimes in the journey of life, the hardest times may seem dark, busy and consuming but
on the other side, once you notice being grounded, you can take control once again.
as your eyelids close down for the night, and you slip into the deepest of pleasant
dreams, your subconscious will from this moment allow you space to be present every day.
swaying from side to side, the sweet scent of lavender, the sound of the rain and the
wamrth of the breeze sends you yet deeper. with the sun now set, the night sky illuminates
on the odd occassion, as the lightning faintly glows in the puffy clouds above.
you are safe, warm and relaxed, allow all that you imagine in this moment to help you drift deeper.
as you close your eyes heavier, everything begins to fade out, even the sound of my voice,
you are left with the clearing white noise of the rain to sooth you into sleep.
relax now, drifting deeper, you just let go.


  1. It’s been a while since I uploaded a new meditation. So here is the first of some very different experiences. I hope you like it and find it relaxing. I will reply in a few hours after some sleep. This one took longer than expected to edit. Much love to you all, Thankyou for all your support, Christian ❤️

  2. Exploring and getting lost in nature is really what i love… this is my favorite yet, but I say that about all of your visual meditations!!!

  3. OMG I climbed into bed just now and saw this on the main feed. Im so excited about it! I love the guided visualization component, and I miss my horses. Im a good ole farm girl and rode a few horses in my day… it’ll help me feel like I’m home and a kid again!! Keep ones like these coming!!!

  4. Awesome and perfect timing Christian! I've always loved horses so this will probably bring back some wonderful memories too, thank you and good night!! 🐴😉💗🌒

  5. Hi my star⭐️ 🙏I hope all is well your way 🤗 I am blessed in many ways and stay positive in all I do and achieved
    hopefully tonight this will put me in the right spot for sleep as I’m sure your dulcet tones will lead me there😴
    I have felt some disturbance and negativity but it’s probably something
    entirely different to what is being done that makes it seem that way 😏
    Meditation has sure helped and luckily Jason has been a good tutor in leading me through that like he did you 👍🤗💖
    It’s a shame that what people do when they don’t even know you but still hurt you somehow 🤨
    Still it is a problem they have and not me so they have to live with that for we are survivors🤗🙏💕
    You know it’s a pleasure talking with you and hope to again soon dear Star 🌟 guy 🙅‍♀️
    Always gratitude to you love hugs and blessings 🙏😇😇🙅‍♀️💖💖💖
    Meditation is greatly appreciated keeps the mind in sinc of our inner peace cheers ☮️🙅‍♀️🙏💖

  6. fanfreakingtastic!!! fell asleep in about 10 min. Do you have children? if so and they are between 2 and 10 then send them to my channel reading with gramma and while they are listening to stories you go and make another super video. it's a win win situation! have a great day and God bless you your talent!

  7. Dear One,
    Oh what a gift this one is!!!
    I miss my horses so, so much!!! This brought me back to those most beautiful rides on my black and white spotted mare, so lovingly gentle and my best friend.
    After a long day riding accross the wooded wild land bare back, i would rest my head down on her strong tall neck nearly falling asleep in her loyal safety.
    She knew the way home, as i nearly slept draped over her huge strong bare back.
    I used a saddle at times, but felt closer to the nature all around me riding without a saddle.
    Many evenings it was a 7 mile ride from a very special bluff top where huge prehistoric looking Minnesota loones would fly below, their wing span the length of my outstretched body laying on the jutting long stone from the bluff top.
    They flew so very close to the bluff top.
    I sat next to an ancient twisted cedar tree rooted deeply into the stone face of this tall bluff reaching out instead of upwardly.
    I sat for hours on this large stone jutting out from the bluff top over the valley and small river below, where we had been earlier, my horse would drink and we sometimes swam together in the small private river.
    My horse grazed on the soft fine grasses growing under the canopy of Norwegian pines just behind me i knew this place and my equine companion would live with me with it's infinate entirety forever, like a living tatoo spanning the depth of my soul, and nobody but i can see it.
    Thank You!!!✨

  8. Ahh thank you!! Horses were my life for about 13 years. Riding was the only thing that could ever help me escape my stress and anxiety when I was younger. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. This is for Paul Adams: I do not make any money for my channel, I have just started and want to get my name out there. you don't have to be mean! I am sorry if I offended anyone. I am new to YouTube and didn't think mentioning my channel was wrong.

  10. Can't wait to listen tonight! I miss my horse so badly. 😢 Loved braiding her mane. 😍 Wrote a script a month ago about her crazy behaviors. Lol

  11. 58 yrs riding horses.. Ive imagined riding my horse, to fall asleep for as long as I can remember.
    I love this Jason, Thank you ❤

  12. I'm reading the comments after trying this. I'm reading others saying this meditation had them riding horses in nature. Thing is the video Is so so good that it put Me straight to sleep and I'm jealous because I never heard a thing about no horse. I'm determined to stick it and not fall asleep until I get to the nature bit this time lol. Thankyou for making and shar this.

  13. Just came across your channel and I'm loving your vids ! Had an amazing lucid dream the other night. Jason Stephenson sent me ! Thanks for the videos ❤️

  14. Wow I had the most amazing night of sleep last night using this video… I could tell my mind was drifting off when it would go off on a tangent to this story, such as when skipping rocks across a pond a little elf skipped one back my way from the other side of the water. I loved this so much. Thank you

  15. Love this one! Listened to it several nights in a row. I like all the different experiences wrapped up into one, keeps my mind from wandering off to nagging thoughts. And for some reason the very first room you have us create- I could hang out there all day; I built a mini library with a door. It was also nice to interact with an animal and feel their energy of strength and calmness. Okay, done rambling, thanks again Christian!! We are all so grateful for you and your sleep inducing powers! 🙂

  16. Great meditation. I only lasted about 25 minutes, then I was off to sleepy time.. i really liked this new one. But can you top all the others?

  17. Christian this is so peacefully perfect. My depression and anxiety are lowered just listening to this. God bless you and thank you for your caring

  18. Last thing I remember from last night was starting to gallop miss out on a lot of the meditation but got a solid 7 hour sleep and feel very refreshed, I'll see if I can listen to more tonight, thank you 🙂

  19. Hey Christian,. My channel is up and running on self-hypnosis. First audio is "Why Am I So Angry? P.T.S.D. 3 Part Cure." Let me know if you like it and any recommendations. Thx, Susan Pelsue for Memory Recon 😁

  20. I didn't even make it to the end of this one 😀🕉👏 then i woke up at 4am put it back on and the same happened….didn't even make it to the end of the meditation. I was gone!! Now that's how you know it's a great meditation!! 👏🕉❣

  21. I really enjoyed this one and l really felt so relaxed and blissful as well l wish it was a little longer though

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