GUIDED MEDITATION – Deep Relaxation – "The Cleansing Wind"

the cleansing wind this guided meditation can be used to clear away any negativity and any emotional or physical stress her soft chime will signal the end of the meditation make yourself comfortable and close your eyes and if you are ready let's begin take a few deep breaths and relax release all expectations and let go of any thoughts about what you think you should feel during this guided meditation at the moment you'll likely have all kinds of thoughts and chatter running through your mind that's perfectly normal they are just thoughts they naturally come and go in time as you continue to listen to my voice and relax deeper into this meditation you will find those thoughts will slowly fade into the background where you won't notice them so much take another deep breath in through your nose hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out very slowly and fully through your mouth just the act of breathing out more slowly than breathing in can significantly contribute to the relaxation process and is a good tip to use in everyday life whenever you need to relax take a few deep breaths now using the same method of exhaling more slowly than inhaling now just breathe normally you stand on a path that runs up the slope of a green hill one lone tree stand tall and proud on the otherwise bare grassy summit the tree seems to beckon you to join it and you start to walk up the path as you approach the tree you can see and hear the gentle rustle of its leaves in the wind you hoped in front of the tree and gaze across the far distances the hill drops to a rich Valley where a river curves in silvery blue gleams lush filled Suns small words roll to a line of mountains that challenge the air with their snowy peaks little rafts of white clouds drift lazily across the calm sky now simply stand still and think for a couple of minutes about all the things you wish to release into this bright fresh air all the things you wish to be cleansed of named them in your mind say I wish to release then name whatever it is and I wish to be cleansed of and then name that – I wish to release I wish to be cleansed of you can feel the breeze begin to pick up it comes from those high snow-capped mountains you take a deep breath the air smells as if it has never touched another living thing never been tainted by pollution you breathe its purity into your lungs for a while just breathe and release the things you wish to be free of on the exhale breathe in and envisage breathing out those things that you want to let go of to cast away into the cleansing wind now the wind becomes stronger you hear it like the sound of the surf in the tree behind you you stretch out your arms peeling as if this wins not only blues over you but through you you experience a feeling of being cleansed of everything you no longer want being carried away from you and far away the cool wind seems to pass through your clothes your skin through your muscles blood and bones cleansing as it does so sweeping through you light and fresh simply allow yourself to experience this to feel the purity of the wind its power and cleansing be aware of your breathing and on each inhale visualize that clean cool air filling your lungs when you exhale know that you are releasing mental and physical temporary the wind will carry it far away and scatter it into nothingness this is your time to be energized to be cleansed both mentally and physically to be rejuvenated and to feel the new possibilities and desires flow into you driving away all that needs to be cleared repeat to yourself I breathe in else and well-being I breathe out and then say to yourself again those things you wish to be rid of I breathe in else and well-being I breathe out the wind increases Racing from those faraway mountains the Jew stands still feeling its breath flowing around you and through you for this time you are a part of it eventually the wind drops back to a soft breeze having completed your cleansing and healing you feel the light you purified and energized you can now open your eyes at the soft chime and return to your daily routine you may come back to this exercise whenever you wish to on earth and cleanse yourself of everything that no longer serves you or helps you you


  1. I love your videos they are the only thing that helps me get through my panic attacks. Thank you so much you have no idea how grateful I am for you guys. 💙

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