Guided Daytime Meditation to Help Clear Your Mind, Refresh and Relax

take a moment to settle into a comfortable position make sure that your body feels at ease so that you can fully relax and enjoy this guided relaxation and meditation let's begin with some slow deep breaths to help settle and to let our body and mind know that we are now ready for some relaxation so at your own pace begin to breathe in a slow deep breath hold and now breathe out again breathe in hold and breathe out and one last time deep breath in hold and exhale out that's it take a moment to soften any tension you may be feeling in your body right now soften your neck and shoulders give your shoulders permission to drop and let go soften the eyes and smooth away any tension that you may be feeling in your forehead and the space between your eyebrows unclench the jaw allow your teeth to separate let your jaw be soft let your arms and hands be loose let them come to rest in an easy comfortable way either at your sides or on your lap whatever feels better now soften your chest and your belly and as you do notice the sensations of your breath as the breath flows in and as the breath flows out let your back be supple surrender the weight of your back into the surface that it's resting on your hips and buttocks relax let your legs be loose let them come to rest surrender the weight of your body as much as you can let the surface that you're sitting or lying on support you completely it's okay to let go now so that you feel comfortable and at ease now place your attention on your breath and follow the in-breath and the out-breath without changing or trying to control it in any way just allow the breath to flow naturally the in-breath and the out-breath let your breath be gentle and soft feel the cool air entering your nostrils and the warm air as it leaves just follow your breath now in your mind's eye see yourself sitting on a mountaintop looking out over a beautiful meadow you can be sitting on the ground on a patch of soft blush glass or a comfortable bench or chair use whatever imagery is best for you see yourself sitting here high up enjoying the lovely blue all around and below you hear the sounds of a stream that's flowing down along the mountainside not too far from where you're sitting it's so beautiful up here on this majestic mountain that's a bright sunny day the temperature is not that chilly it just feels right perfect for sitting here and enjoying the view crisp mountain air is clean and fresh it's invigorating and revitalizing you've come here to spend some time alone to refresh to enjoy some peace and quiet and to help clear your mind look around see the beautiful nature scenery let's spread out before you see the colors the brilliant blue sky above it's so vast it looks as though you could just reach out and touch it see the white fluffy clouds that are slowly flowing across the blue Candice above you they float and they drift and then slowly fade away see the green carpet of grass down below and the plight colorful flowers that are scattered all around the meadow you see yellow buttercups purple crocuses and red poppies better gently swaying in the breeze so beautiful here notice the sounds the gentle breeze and the leaves rustling through the trees birds chirping and you hear the constant gargling from the screen that the water flows over the rocks along the mountainside notice the sweets now look fresher as it walks in there scent of the wild flowers and the fresh smell of grass and trees smell the clean fresh air it's so refreshing as we take a deep breath in crisp fresh air helps clear your mind and as we take another deep breath here you breathe cleanses your entire being energy energizing you and filling you with a sense of well-being as you look out over the metal the peaceful feeling begins to settle within you and you feel so calm so content this calm feeling is so familiar and yet sometimes it seems so distant almost impossible so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life with worries and thoughts distractions with this peaceful feeling is always there you shoot me when you because it's who you really are and taking the time to stop and to pause helps you reconnect once again with that deep inner stillness within being so high up here gives you such clarity you can see things more clearly the situations or concerns that often have you flowing preoccupied splashed anxious don't see me stressful anymore if you're deep connection with all that is around you we can see the bigger picture it's as if you know that everything is going to be okay and that all is well and that whatever situations or challenges that may come along today that somehow you will get through it you always do you have inner strength and courage you're creative and resourceful and somehow it's some way everything will be okay the fresh air clears your mind so nice being here alone to reflect to breathe and to take this time in your day to just be knowing that you're safe and now you always looked after for the next few moments just enjoy this calm and peaceful feeling follow your breath and let your body and mind rest here for a little while and if any thoughts or worries come your way that's okay just let them come and then let them go just like the clouds that drift across the blue sky and then slowly fade away so being here now and we connect with that useful place within whether you're just starting a brand-new day or have already begun your daily routine remember that the scaling of clarity contentment refreshment and peacefulness will remain with you as you carry on with your day and during those moments when this calm feeling begins to fade all you have to do is take a deep breath in and imagine once again sitting on this beautiful mountaintop where this peaceful calm feeling will be there nearly waiting to reconnect with you bring your awareness now back to the room hear the sounds around you feel the places of pressure beneath you begin to wiggle your arms and your legs feel free to stretch and yawn now take a deep breath in and when you're ready open your eyes you feel refreshed peaceful and ready to continue on with your day


  1. I usually don't comment on meditation videos but this was amazing! I had the most amazing visualization it was like I was there I loved it :)! Thank you for this wonderful meditation video I definitely needed it

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have crippling anxiety and depression and this meditation was exactly what I needed in the moment. Actually a little emotional from the experience. Again, thank you.

  3. This video is so perfect for me! I always have trouble finding that calm in the midst of my stressful day (I study physics at Berkeley). Thank you so much for creating this meditation. I'd love to see more daytime meditation videos 🙂

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