Guest Pastor Billy Crone: “Israel and the Coming Holocaust”

I would like to introduce pastor Billy
Crone again I’m excited for what he has for us tonight oh my goodness please if
you have an opportunity to gather some of his writings and his videos do so you
would be blessed richly blessed so I’ll stop talking now and let pastor Billy
Crone do his thing awesome thank you brother well
how you guys doing hey Aloha yeah don’t ask me say much more cuz all I
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but how’re you guys doing good to see you guys glad you here
because it’s really weird when you got to preach to an empty auditorium trust
me it’s just kind of very distracting but you get the job done but it’s gonna
get the job done just to give you highlights has already been mentioned we
got some media with this this time last time we were not able to and basically
tonight’s message Lord willing also the two messages on Sunday two totally
different messages for both services are based off of this study that we have
called the final countdown tribulation rising Volume one the Jewish people in
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little teaser some of the technology that the basically who’s the biggest
producer of drones on the planet China who’s the biggest producers of
video surveillance equipment China you know what China’s doing they’re tapping
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that part now we get to the fun part now we get to study a hot topic related all
three messages not only deal with the Jewish people but it happens to deal
with our current administration our president Donald Trump and a lot of
things that he’s doing is not only upsetting the Democrat Party and
upsetting the world but he’s actually doing a lot of great things
biblically and believe it or not things that I believe has everything to do with
Bible prophecy so a lot of neat stuff so you guys ready to go all right let’s
begin in prayer father we love you we thank you so much for tonight we thank
you for our study and what a privilege it is to live in these days the last
days and so help us God is your church to get motivated more than ever to be a
faithful witness for you to tell as many people as we can how to escape your
wrath that is coming to this planet for seven years non-stop and God as always I
didn’t know everybody’s heart here tonight or anybody who might be watching
on life they’re not saved they can fool me but they can’t fool you if they’re
not saying please save them right now please draw them by your Spirit rescue
them God before it’s too late because this is not a game oh God please have
mercy on them just like you did with me 26 years ago so we we ask your blessings
upon our study we ask all these things in your wonderful name and your powerful
name in Jesus name and all God’s people said amen amen hey speaking of the
church I don’t know if you guys have noticed
this or not but sometimes as Christians I hate to say this but did you know that
we could act like a bunch of hypocrites have you notice that I mean it’s
unfortunate you know and you know in fact let me just point one aspect out
sometimes you know we say that we want to see newcomers right hey glad to see a
newcomer glad to have you here whatever and and so we say we’re glad to see them
but then on the next breath we’re doing stuff like this guys doing let’s see if
we can take a look at this hand sanitizer in church anybody notice that
I don’t know in my church they have these two hand sanitizer stations right
by the front door greeters that is not a good message people come in on Sunday
how you doing nice to see y’all it’s good to see you thanks for coming it is
you’re gonna love it here we just love people you can just be yourself you can
just be yourself we don’t care we don’t judge you we just love you sit back and
whatever questions you have you let us know we’ll let you know whatever we can
do for you okay y’all newly married you’ve got four kids for kids that is
amazing God look we love kids here kids are like a little gift from God is what
they are they’re just wonderful little creatures that God gives us yeah where
y’all from Arkansas okay there’s some mints in the basket grab a
handful you circus freaks go ahead oh wow well hey how many guys would say
that we kind of do some hypocritical things don’t waste Christians whether we
realize it or not but hey we’re glad to see you but get out here your circus
freak but anyway it but I’m telling you as crazy as that is as hypocritical as
that is I think I’ve discovered unfortunately in our day something
that’s even more hypocritical than that and it’s not just when churches do stuff
like that okay it’s when churches refuse to teach
on Bible prophecy I mean you talk about it hypocrites
I’m not making this up Bible prophecy is nearly one-third of this book right here
and we’re supposed to study the whole Council of God not part of it but the
other hypocritical thing is we say hey we love you we’re here we’re Christians
we love you in Jesus name and we’re so concerned about you but we will never
tell you about Bible prophecy folks that is horrible and hypocritical and the
reason why is because people never hear about what they need to be warned about
what Jesus warned about 2,000 years ago and that’s called the seven-year
tribulation the seven-year tribulation is not a joke the Bible is very clear
that is an out pouring of God’s wrath on this wicked and rebellious planet for what
seven days seven months no seven years non-stop you don’t want to be there in
fact Jesus said in Matthew 24 speaking on that time frame it’s gonna be time of
greater whore than anything this planet has ever seen and that unless God
shorten the time frame ie kept it to just seven years the entire human race
would be destroyed now how many guys would say that if you love somebody and
especially if you were a Christian you’d tell him right but churches today
Christians say they are being completely silent on the issue okay
that’s not just hypocritical it’s sad okay and the reason why is because as we
know God’s not just to God a wrath he’s a what he’s the God of love as well and
folks why in the world do you think he’s devoted so much time to future events in
the Bible because he loves people he’s not willing to any should perish he’s
giving people an opportunity to respond because there is a way out of the wrath
that is coming it’s through Jesus Christ and we have the privilege to let other
people know okay and and God he doesn’t tell us the exact day nor the hour of
the rapture right and I think I know why I think it’s
common sense right if God told us from a Christian perspective the exact time of
the rapture what would we do we’d goof off to the very last second wouldn’t we do that
you know that’s exactly what we do I’ve been serving Jesus for a long time
last time I prayed was I have no idea but hey rapture’s coming in five minutes
it’s time to get spiritual right so he doesn’t tell them number two why doesn’t
he tell the loss the timing of the rapture
I think it’s obvious too they would wait till the last minute to get saved right
oh you Christians a bunch of wacky I don’t he got out and he Jesus but hey
what’s that he’s coming in five minutes all right I’ll do it now and so he
doesn’t tell us the exact date or hour listen but he does gives us signs when
it’s getting close that’s the point for you and I we’re not afraid of going into
the seven-year tribulation why because the Bible is very clear Romans chapter
five first Thessalonians one first Thessalonians 5 which is chapters before
and after 1st Thessalonians 4 dealing with the rapture God says we are
saved from we are rescued from and we not are not appointed unto his wrath it
is impossible for Christians to be in the seven-year tribulation it is the
seven years of his wrath but he tells us when it’s getting close and that’s what
I want to deal with one of those signs is the Jewish people not just the Jewish
people but did you know that the Bible is very clear that the Jewish people are
going to unfortunately face another Holocaust you know that right I mean and
you’re thinking that’s crazy I mean just it wasn’t that long ago that Hitler did
what he did the final solution and annihilated six million Jewish people I
mean that’s we saw people alive left of that generation how could that ever be
repeated again well folks believe it or not the one that’s coming next time
could be even worse than the first one and it’s going to be done by the
Antichrist now the the premise for that to happen the Bible tells us it’s going
to happen I’ll get to that in a second but in order for that to happen then you
would have to dupe the whole planet again just like what happened during
Hitler’s time into getting extremely anti-semitic and I don’t know about you
but it’s a good sign we see no signs of them they’re everywhere and that’s what
I’m going to show with you tonight now we have a whole message
just dealing with the international anti-semitism that’s happening right now
as we sit here okay let me just give you a couple of highlights people right now
around the world are being paid to hate the Jews do you realize that and they’re
not just being paid to hate the Jews we’re gonna see a video in a little bit
it’s called paid to slay people are becoming millionaires not get here’s
five bucks millionaires to murder Jewish people the more you
murder the more you get it’s called pay to slay that’s happening right now okay
the second thing as you can see there people are glamourizing Hitler
who hated the Jews Mein Kampf is now bass it eclipsed the 70-year point
finally so it’s now a public domain Mein Kampf as we sit here Hitler’s book is now
a best-seller in Europe it’s going across people love this thing it’s
going crazy and not only that I wish I had time but they do now have I’m not making
any of these up we document all this Hitler ice cream
Hitler clothing stores and again the book is going crazy
Hitler’s becoming in vogue again okay in Europe okay and of course people are
being brainwashed to hate the Jews we share video after video our media will
never share it they’re hypocrites I’ll get to that in a second also but the
people are being brainwashed little kids from we high on how to kill how to
murder the Jewish people they’re even instructed and given instructions on the
perfect place to stab a Jewish person I’m sorry to be blunt with you but this
is what’s going on we need to deal with it specifically in the neck they’re even
practicing on their stuffed animals on how to stab it’s sick but on an
international scene anti-semitism is rising and the Jewish people in these
countries are already starting to flee these countries and they’re saying it is
returned just like in World War two now the
message that I want to gibe tonight is the unfortunate news is guess what it’s
not just an international scene folks it’s America our own country is starting
to get extremely anti-semitic again and I’m convinced that there’s only one
thing right now that’s keeping a lid on it and it’s President Trump is keeping a
lid on him have you noticed the other party the Democratic Party they’re not
just anti God anti-christian they’re not just pushing liberalism and socialism
they’re pushing anti-semitism and nobody’s doing nothing about it you
remove Trump from office folks our country will become very anti-semitic
very quickly okay but that’s what I want to deal with tonight the Bible says
unfortunately that is going to happen to our nation because at one point in the
seven-year tribulation it clearly says all nations will hate you now I didn’t
say that Jesus did okay let’s take a look open your Bibles to Matthew 24
Matthew 24 verse 4 through 13 let’s take a look here Matthew of course was
written by Matthew you biblical scholars I’m just stalling time give me some time
to get there Matthew and and so on page 15 91in my Bible if that helps all
right we’re getting there still a little bit more time Matthew 24 let’s take a
look starting with verse 4 Jesus speaking about the 7-year tribulation
okay in the context he’s dealing also with the Jewish people but what’s going
to happen to the Jewish people in the seven-year tribulation let’s listen to
the words of Jesus jJ they asked them what’s the sign of your
coming not the rapture the second coming which happens at the end of the seven
year tribulation and so here’s what Jesus said watch out that no one
deceives you for many will come in my name claiming that I am the Christ and
will deceive many and then you’re going to hear wars and rumors of wars but see
to it that you’re not alarmed such things must happen but the end is still
to come nation will rise against nation Kingdom
against Kingdom there’s going to be famines and earthquakes in various
places all these at the beginning of birth pains then you will be handed over
to be persecuted and put to death and you’ll be hated by who
all nations because of me and at that time many will turn away from the faith
and will betray and hate each other and many false prophets will appear and
deceive many people because of the increase of wickedness the love of most
will grow cold but he who stands firm to the end the end of what the end of the
seven year Tribulation will be what saved why because God is not done with
the Jewish people he has a remnant as we’re gonna see in just a second the
Archangel Michael is going to protect one-third of the Jewish people because
God is not done with him right but after this text Jesus tells him of an event if
you keep reading this text he tells me of an event called the abomination of
desolation Daniel chapter 9 mentions it as well
Jesus here in Matthew 24 paul fills in the blank for you what that event is in
Thessalonians he says that’s when the antichrist goes up into the rebuilt
temple and declares himself to be god that’s the midway point of the
seven-year tribulation and Jesus says when you see that event not us because
we’re not going to be there he’s talking to the Jewish people unfortunately who
did not respond and receive Jesus as their Messiah before the seven-year
tribulation so they’re in there he says when you’re at that halfway point you
see the abomination of desolation your only option is to flee you need to run
you need to get out there and get out of there quick right run to the hills
basically don’t go back to your house don’t get your cloak don’t go to your
business your field nothing just run why because the Bible tells us that
one-third of the Jewish people are going to be annihilated that’s in the book of
Zechariah okay but again God sovereignly protects he sovereignly protects the
Jewish people and they’re going to make it one-third of them are going to make
it to the end of the seven-year tribulation this is what we see in Revelation 12 6
to 8 the woman who’s the woman Israel the woman fled to the desert after the
abomination of desolation halfway point to a place prepared for her by God where
she might be taken care of for how long 1260 days half of the seven-year
tribulation and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against
the dragon Satan and the dragon and the angels the demons fought back
but he was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven right
so clearly Satan’s a big loser God’s the big winner he never loses amen
praise God okay but the angels are going to make specifically the Archangel
Michael is going to make sure that one-third of the Jewish people are safe
during this time frame okay now set all that to get to this so that’s what’s
gonna happen to the Jewish people but Jesus said at one point it isn’t just
that another Holocaust is coming right it isn’t just that you’re going to flee
For Your Lives it isn’t just that one thirds gonna be softly protected he said
at one point all nations are going to hate you they’re going to persecute you
they’re going to want to kill you and again all nations mean all does that
really mean America could we really join the all hate to break it to
you folks it has to come why because God said it is okay and I really believe
that we’re in basically a reprieve okay of what the planet is going to be
dealing with but once again you get the current administration out of office
it’s gonna get ugly very fast okay but I want to deal with tonight some of the
anti-semitism in the United States of America currently going on not coming
currently going on but let’s take a look at some of that first of all in our own
government okay the US State Department says no
Jerusalem Israel on US passports despite the fact that President Trump recognized
Jerusalem as Israel’s capital we’ll get into that in great detail the first
message on Sunday Lord willing and he relocated the u.s. embassy from Tel Aviv
to Jerusalem okay but Americans born in Jerusalem are still unable to list
Jerusalem Israel on US passports and so obviously the Israeli groups ar=re saying
it’s frustrating that the State Department ignores the fact that
Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran that Arabs face Mecca when they
pray Jews face Jerusalem it’s never been the capital of any country except Israel
in fact it’s been Jerusalem Israel for thousands of years basically 3,000 years
okay but according to the US State Department they say no well why well
what was one of the things that Trump got into office for he promised I’m
gonna drain the swamp I’m telling you folks it’s the swamp that he’s dealing
with that and that swamp is not just anti God anti-christian that swamp is
anti-semitic okay and part of it is because of the previous administration
was the most anti God anti-christian anti-semitic administration in the
history United States it runs with the Obama administration but listen to this
apparently it’s that resistance that’s where it’s coming from
and Netanyahu he was the first one to begin to blow the whistle on them watch
this one this is wild Netanyahu fires back at the Obama army plotting his
defeat this was the previous election what did you guys remember this right
watch this Benjamin Netanyahu is demanding an injunction against the
Obama us link group trying to swing the Israeli election
what are we hearing about now I’m telling you it’s all a smokescreen
because Obama deliberately interfered in Israeli elections there is your
interference right there folks there’s your collusion it wasn’t Russia
and Trump it was Obama against Israel okay in fact let’s continue on Netanyahu
admitted and said that it was Obama campaigners were working to defeat him
in the previous election they hired a consulting firm whose senior leadership
is comprised mostly of former top staffers for Obama’s 2012 re-election
campaign they used his own staff against Israel here’s one news report admitting
this but she’ll never find it on the other news broadcast watch this now our
next guest says well the Obama administration interfered in Israel’s
2015 election and by the way they got away with it David Rubin is with us
former mayor of Shiloh in Israel and he’s with the Shiloh Israel Children’s
Fund founder and president for you know a thing or two about interfering with
elections your charge is the Obama team did that with the Israeli election how
did they do it and what did they do well this was common knowledge in Israel
there were billboards all over the country that said anyone but Bibi
meaning the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and it was widespread
and it only came out after the elections that there was an organization of
far-left organization very Pro Palestinian hence anti Israel called
one voice and they were working together with another organization called v15
meaning victory in 2015 and those are and the one voice organization received
$350,000 from the State Department and the two organizations joined together
America’s State Department the United States State Department during the Obama
administration $350,000 yes to an organization to oppose Netanyahu
absolutely and the the election a very intense election and and the
United States government or the Obama administration was on board with these
two organizations that were fighting against Netanyahu I might add one thing
that’s very important there is a very clear link to the Obama administration
because the the head of the V15 organization was none other than Jeremy
Byrd who was a National Field Director for the Obama administration for the
Obama campaign they got away with it if that was it what you’re saying was
interference and a foreign election then the Obama team got away with it why
because the fake news is in their pocket in their camp and they’re not going to
report on it but there’s your collusion folks we’re being lied to
it has nothing to do with Russia that’s a smokescreen get your eyes off of that
but they deliberately went to try to influence Israel this is the anti-israel
leftovers the swamp that Trump is dealing with right now in fact John
McCain when he was still alive who was no fan of Trump he even admitted how bad
it was in the Obama years he said Israel u.s. ties have never been worse than
under Obama while the relationship between the US and Israel has not always
been excellent any observer would argue they’ve never been worse okay in fact no
other president has had such a difficult relationship with the State of Israel
since it became a country again Obama was and became the most anti-israel
president in the history of the United States you realize that but he flooded
the government with a lot of people a lot of leftovers this is still going on
Trump’s got a lid on it but he’s still all the stuff he’s dealing with
folks is left over from Obama now another aspect and we bring this out is
why was he so anti Israel because watch this
Obama’s brother joins Hamas and says Jerusalem is ours we are coming
another thing that the fake news media will not tell you but it’s out there
folks it is a well-known fact now if you do the research Barack Obama’s brother
Malik Obama is in bed with the terrorists right he’s working in a
terrorist state in an official organization created by terrorists okay
and he wants to spread Wahhabist Islam here’s
just one guy speaking out about it why was Obama not just anti-christian and
every time it came time to celebrate Christian holidays and stuff he snubbed
it remember that we’re all the years we dealt with that stuff
and why was he inviting the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House Family
Ties right watch this so a explosive story in worldnetdaily
jerome corsi coming out in saying that Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama is
linked to the Muslim Brotherhood not only linked but he’s actually running
their whole entire like investment portfolio according to the vice
president of the Supreme Court Supreme Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt a guy by
the name of Tahani al-Gebali he says quote to inform the American
people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the
major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood who has sympathies with the
Muslim Brotherhood in office who’s literally meeting with Muslim
Brotherhood operatives at the White House ok starting to make sense now
isn’t it when you do the family history folks man will we ever duped right now
let me add a little bit another element to that right Obama used and abused
basically everything in our government right not against Trump but against even
us as Christians this group that Malik Obama that’s funding the terrorist watch
this it’s a 501c3 foundation run by Malik
Obama it’s called the Barack H Obama foundation it was approved one month
after application by Lois Lerner now I have personally done in a ministry and
as a pastor I’ve gone through the process multiple times of a 501c3
corporation all the paperwork all the legal mumbo jumbo you never even come
close to a month when you submit the paperwork a takes a long time and that’s
when you get it all right it still takes a long time she whipped that thing
through in one month now who’s that lady let’s let’s reflect she’s the same
director of the IRS tax-exempt division under congressional investigation why
because now it’s known she specifically under the Obama administration targeted
Christians and conservatives she’s the one that slammed through this terrorist
501c3 to fund this thing for Barack Obama’s Muslim terrorist brother
okay this is the leftover stuff why is the US government still not wanting to
do the passports why is Trump dealing with so much stuff even though he’s he
is the most pro-israel president and if ever because that swamp is still there
you remove Trump I’m not gonna say that’s saith the Lord you remove Trump
you know what’s gonna swell up to the top very quickly this stench it’s still
there we could become anti Semitic very quickly thanks to eight years being
infected with Obama now if you want more on that study we have a study an eight
hours study Islam religion of war peace we have one whole message on there for
one hour it’s a eight hour study one hour we have a study on just asking the
question is Barack Obama a Muslim fun study all right anyway but this is again
some of this stuff and this also explains why if you do the research okay
why our nation not just in the Obama years how was the Obama years man that
was an incredible economy things were great in our country we had so many
great remember how horrible it was why do you think maybe some of this happen to be a spanking
from God cuz you’re messin with Israel oh I think so and you see that
consistently our track record America has faced a bunch of disasters every
single time we go against Israel let me give you some of that proof right 1979
Carter administration chose not to veto UN resolution 446 which caused Israel to
give up a tremendous amount of territory two days later the worst nuclear power
plant in US history made headlines Three Mile Island you think that was by chance
I don’t think so 1991 President George HW Bush Senior he told Israel that
territorial compromise is essential for peace at the exact same time the perfect
storm was brewing in the North Atlantic it traveled a thousand miles in the
wrong direction sent 35 foot waste slamming directly into where President
Bush’s home and Kennbunkport Maine you know what I call that I call that
Gof’s going nanny nanny booboo in Jesus name right don’t mess with Israel right
let’s keep going 1992 the Madrid Peace Conference was moved to
Washington DC the next day Hurricane Andrew went into Florida caused thirty
billion dollars of damage it was the worst natural disaster in US history at
that time 1994 Clinton years he met with President Assad of Syria to discuss the
possibility of Israel given up the Golan Heights within 24 hours the devastating
Northridge earthquake hit Southern California it was the second worst
natural disaster up to that time in US history
1998 Israel Benjamin Netanyahu he comes over to the White House he received a
cold reception listen to this they totally snubbed him Clinton and
secretary of state at that time Madeleine Albright actually refused to
have lunch with him can you imagine that watch what happened the exact same day
the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out sending Clinton’s presidency into a
tailspin that he would never recover you want to treat Israel like that watch
this pal I’ll bring out one of the things you’re doing behind the scenes
okay 1998 Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright again was working on finalizing a plan that would have had Israel give
up 13% of Judea and Samaria on that precise day here comes hurricane George
slamming into the Gulf 170 miles an hour winds okay 1999 Palestine leader Yasser
Arafat he’s supposed to hold a press conference to declare the creation of a
Palestinian state with Jerusalem as their capital on that precise day the
most powerful tornadoes ever recorded in the United States ripped through
Oklahoma and Kansas and at one point there were 316 miles an hour the exact
same day 2003 remember the roadmap to peace when that came out watch this it
had been developed and has been presented to Israel over the next seven
days when they brought that out the US was hit by a four hundred and twelve
tornadoes it was the largest tornado cluster at that time is crazy 2005
George Bush jr. convinced Israel it was necessary to remove all the Jewish
settlers out of Gaza and turn it over entirely to the Palestinians still
dealing with the results of that and guess what happened Hurricane Katrina
right after that folks come slamming in the costliest disaster in US history at
that time 2011 Barack Obama he actually had the audacity to tell Israel they
must return to the pre-1967 borders can you believe that
and then three days later here comes a half mile wide tornado ripped through
Joplin Missouri do you think all that was my chance you got to put two and two
together it was the costliest single tornado
disaster in US history and to me it’s like somebody’s not read their Bible
go back to Genesis God still honors his promise he made to the Jewish people
with Abraham Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you Israel and I’ll what
I’ll curse those who curse you including the United States of America any country
don’t mess with Israel God’s not done with them alright and this is why the
Jewish people are absolutely in love with our president okay and they’re
saying he’s the best thing that has ever happened especially after the Obama
years well let’s take a look at this here are four reasons why Israelis favor
Trump policy one the Iran deal would have allowed the
Iranian mullah regime a world terror sponsor whose stated goal is to
eradicate Israel to enrich uranium and build a nuclear bomb not good not good
president Trump and his team put an end to this madness that took guts two the UN
has been pushing an anti-Israel agenda through its various arms and we
Israelis have been living with their pernicious lies
for example UNESCO now this is the UN body in charge of World Heritage Sites
but absurdly they claimed that the tomb of Rachel the Temple Mount and the Tomb
the Patriarchs in Hebron are palestinian hairdressers that’s worse than fake news
that’s fake history Unrwa it’s the UN body dedicated to
perpetuating Palestinian refugees not only did they fail to settle the old
refugees they managed to create new ones by including their descendants in the
same category thus making sure that the problem will never be solved guess what
under Trump the u.s. pulled out of UNESCO left the Human Rights Council and
defunded Unrwa 3 so the Palestinian Authority allocates about 400 million
dollars annually to pay terrorists and their families pay for slay the more
Jews you kill the more money you get finally the US administration has
decided to stop handing over US taxpayer money to these thugs and finally
Jerusalem for thousands of years Jews have been praying to return to
yerushalaim Jerusalem and so we did in his historic declaration President Trump
who recognized this ancient fact and by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
helped make it a reality today that’s huge so for these four reasons
and more it’s hard for us here in Israel to see Trump as anti-jewish or
anti-israel and remember that when America blesses Israel it gets blessed
right back hmm maybe it’s a little bit of why
things are going pretty decent for us lately anybody maybe possibly by the way
again he mentions Jerusalem Lord willing again if we’re still alive and still
here because the rapture is imminent right Sunday the first message we’re
gonna be dealing with the issue of Trump moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to
Jerusalem in effect acknowledging Jerusalem is our capital and the
conflict that that has created on a global basis I believe has everything to
do with the conflict talked about in Zechariah that’s the first message the
next one he mentioned Jerusalem the temple the final message is we’re
looking at the aspect that the Jewish people not only as you see love our
president they are convinced that he’s the guy who’s going to help them build
the temple what temple the temple that will be in
existence in the seven-year tribulation which will be we know prophetically the
actual temple that the actual Antichrist goes up into and commits the abomination
desolation so that’s what those two if we’re still here we’ll be dealing with
that let’s continue on that’s just in our government that’s just what Trump is
dealing with I’m telling you folks it’s in politics and can I just tell you can
I be blunt the Democrat Party the Democrat Party is not just anti God
anti-christian they’re not just pushing socialism and liberalism
they are extremely anti-semitic and if we get another Democrat in office folks
it all nations will hate you we’re that close folks right now I’m
telling you I think Trump’s the cap for the currently but let me give you some
examples what’s going on right this guy actually ran for US Senate and look at
what his platform was with Jews we lose and this was in Kentucky you gotta be
kidding me right okay he posted these sites and history spot says well online
we’ve had a lot of positive feedback I mean with Jews we okay how do you get
more anti-semitic in that this is the United States of America now only that
this one’s sad Hollywood often backs the Democrat Party right here’s Shirley
MacLaine from Hollywood she claims that the holocaust victims were paying for
the sins of their past lives in her book she said that the six million Jews who
died in the Holocaust were balancing their karma paying for sins in their
past life that’s sick folks and yet you’re still
gonna allow that book to go for it right it’s crazy now California Democrat
delegate this guy here he calls for Israel to be terminated this is the guy
named Hussam Ayloush he’s a senior official in the Council on
american-islamic relations cair folks you need to understand cair has infected
to get our Islam study care has infected our school systems they’re teaching kids
in our schools how to be good Muslims right you can’t bring in a Bible but you
can teach them how to be a Muslim that it’s it’s pro Islam it’s anti-israel in
the curriculum right but it’s not just the schools are going into the media and
cair is also going into our government and they’re trying to turn our
government not just pro Muslim but anti-israel and they’re making inroads
into the Democrat Party right they will take anybody apparently but
that’s this guy here from California he was only uh not only a delegate in
the 2012 Democratic National Convention but listen to when he states for over 14
years I’ve been a fundraiser and activist for many Democrat Party
campaigns I’ve also helped register thousands of new voters he says he works
for cair California and listen to this he refers to the Israeli says Zion Nazis
he also said indeed the Zion Nazis Israel the Jewish people are a bunch of
nice people like their Nazi brethren now how sick is that when it was the Nazis
who slaughtered them this guy’s still in office how come this isn’t in the media
why is nobody talking about this what’s he still doing out there he also
justified the actions of American Muslims joining Isis yeah that’s what we
need right why is this guy still in office andC helping the Democrat Party
that’s the tip of the iceberg another Democrat activist Linda Sarsour
she wants people to stop humanizing the Jews and you know that women’s movement
all the other stuffs going on anti-israel to the core folks not just
anti-christian she’s a woman’s March Leader Democrat activist she was the one
that caused a big disruption during the judge Bret Cavanaugh hearings if you
recall that she’s also a Muslim obviously a strong supporter of
Palestine she’s known for her radical anti-semitic positions and she was at
the annual Islamic Society of north America stop right there in Houston what
is Texas doing having conferences promoting Islam why isn’t this in the
news because there’s a blackout because they want this agenda to continue she
called for the demonization of Israelis and guess who jumped on the bandwagon
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez AOC folks she’s extremely anti-semitic everybody’s
got she’s kind of wacky with that Green Deal anti-semitic Democrat coming up in
the party they both spoke at this annual Universal Muslim Association of America
event listen to irony here the two took the stage to promote women’s rights but
the event was segregated because it’s Islam and the ladies had to wear the
headgear so much for speaking on women’s rights okay about a week later a Cortes
of course she goes and she praises Sarsour and for her disruption during
the hearing she said our future is a what a shared responsibility okay but
again you see the up and coming Democrats they are not just I’m not just
picking on women it’s it’s men too but they’re anti-semitic and they’re making
statements that the media refuses to respond to and they’re still in office
to this day right but again this is more let’s do some more this is Rashidah
Talib she became the first Palestinian American to serve in Congress okay in
Detroit with a large Arab population she’s an avowed opponent of Israel’s
existence doesn’t even want them as a nation now watch this she wrapped
herself when she won the election she wrapped her selves that’s the picture
right up there not in the American flag but in the Palestinian flag that tells
you were her hearts out folks okay and you’re in the United States of
America she’s also well known for her support with the boycott Israel movement
okay anti-israel beliefs okay now she’s also with coming up with guess who
Ilhan Omar right and she’s the first Somali American in Congress in
Minneapolis and after her acceptance speech she greeted the audience with god
bless america no a Muslim greeting I’m not even gonna
say it alright excuse me what are you doing in
the United States and that caused of course Muslims to get excited about that
but she’s a fierce critic of Israel she’s called Israel an evil country
that has hypnotized the world okay even a Saudi Arabian news outlet admitted the
common ground between congresswoman Omar and Talib is that both are anti-trump
especially his foreign policy on Iran and the isolation of the Muslim
Brotherhood and all movements of political Islam why do they hate Trump
so bad it isn’t just because he’s a representative the Republican Party
which is antithetical to the Democrat Party it’s because Trump is pro-israel
why are they mad about that because they’re pushing a Muslim agenda which is
anti-israel in the United States of America this is going on
okay now the news reports are saying you stir all this together and the Democrat
Party is not disciplining or rejecting these people for these statements is
this going to be the beginning of turning America anti-semitic on a
massive scale let’s take a look at this Alexandria Castile Cortes Ilhan Omar
Rasheeda Talib the three women who might change the mix in Congress especially
for Israel come January pro-israel groups in Washington will need to
contend with three members of Congress who have aired harsh views on Israel
Alexandria Castile Cortes standard-bearer of the new young
Democratic Left who called the killing of Palestinians on the Israel Gaza
border in May a massacre Ilhan Omar Somali refugee on the cusp of
representing Minneapolis in Congress who referred to the quote apartheid Israeli
regime in a 2012 tweet Rasheeda Talib set to be the first Palestinian American
with a seat on Capitol Hill who came out in favor of a one state solution that
could nullify a Jewish state they represent deeper trends in US politics
as support for Israel has declined among Democrats especially says a leading
Israeli expert since 2016 Israel is associated with Trump so Israel is not
seen favorably as it was in the past the u.s. pro-israel establishment is worried
about the trend lines sympathy for his brow has
sympathy for the Palestinians has risen among Democrats there are now very
little difference between those two this is unprecedented so what’s happening to
the Democrat Party again I’ll say it again repetition increases remember it’s
not just that they’re well they don’t you know agree with the Republican
agenda they’re not conservatives they’ve turned into the anti God anti-christian
can I tell you anti children party every candidate in the Democrats who are
running for office every single one of them are pro-abortion anti God
anti-christian anti baby I’ll add that one it’s not just that they’re pushing
socialism and liberalism what’s happening to the Democrat Party they’re
becoming anti-semitism on a massive scale if they get back in power ain’t
gonna take long folks right Oh guess who they’re also working with Louis Farrakhan
same ladies folks are working with Louis Farrakhan the leader of the Nation of
Islam now let me give you a couple more anti-semitism also in the media so why
are these people getting away with this because the media is in their back
pocket they’re working together they got the same agenda and it’s anti-israel
media bias against Israel where do you even begin folks
the media’s treatment of Israel is one of the biggest Jewish States problems
right if you want to find out what’s going to Israel don’t listen to our news
you got to go over there and find out what’s really going on
Israel is in a fight for their life the Muslim nations around them the
Palestinians they are on air in their media saying we want to kill you we
don’t want assimilation we want annihilation but you’ll never hear about
it in our media right even though they’re they’re facing Hamas and Gaza
Hezbollah and Iran to the north the Palestinian Authority continues to
glorify terrorism we just saw they pay cash to terrorists and their families
they incite the population to hate and murder Israeli Jews they’re training
their kids from wee high even in their cartoons to kill the Jewish people it’s
crazy and yet what do you not hear in America you don’t hear about this right
they’re keeping a lid on it let me give an example
a CNN reporter was there in the area in Gaza fighting was going on they were
asked hey uh did you see anything going on no I wasn’t aware of it you were
right there you liar and speaking of Lies remember
this story remember that baby layla Ghandour this
palestinian baby that supposedly died because of the tear gas in insulation
how horrible Israel was to kill the baby look it was a lie it was the lie it was
later reported that the baby in fact died due to a heart condition and Hamas
had paid the family to lie about the circumstances but did you see the media
correct that no because they’re in on it folks they don’t want to have anything
that’s pro-israel so they’re lying and yet Hamas Hezbollah Iran publicly
call and seek for the destruction of Israel terrorists can strike Israelis
anytime ramming pedestrians with cars and bulldozers stabbing people on the
street attempting to kidnap civilians or soldiers and the journalists here in the
US and the fake media they refuse to air it they refuse to tell what Israel is
dealing with why because then you’ll start having sympathy towards them and
if you’re anti-semitic and that’s your agenda even in the media then you can’t
let that out now of course it’s having an effect because what people believe is
based on the secular school system what they were brainwashed with and also the
media Hollywood or even the news right have you ever talked to somebody even in
our recent news cycle and you’re going like how could you believe that where
did you get that idea that’s not even true and they’re basically one of the
unfortunate people who just suck in all the fake news media it’s because it has
effect on them who cares this is not true but folks I’m telling you there
anti-semitism views even what Trump in office is already starting to spill out
okay now I’m just gonna read some headlines real quick nineteen swastikas
painted on a North Virginian Jewish Community Center folks this is in
the United States of America anti-semitic graffiti on it
Indiana synagogue Jewish cemetery in Missouri vandalized we’ve had activity
in Vegas with shootings okay that’s not even on the list attacks on Jewish
cemeteries broke fear in Philadelphia American Jews confront a wave of bomb
threats second Orthodox Jewish man attacked in
Brooklyn in two days New York cab driver shouts allah
brutally beats a man 62 on his way to the synagogue in the middle of the road
in an anti Jewish hate crime anti-semitic hate crimes in New York is
up 94 percent over last year stop right there New York let’s just
deal with it is it a Republican or a Democrat state
Democrat through and through so is it any surprise that it’s become very
anti-semitic when that’s what your party is pushing but let’s take a look at
what’s going on in New York I picked up the mail and looked up and I saw the
swastika and to put it mildly was extremely shocking
Elizabeth Medgarski a professor at Columbia University is still shaken by
this disturbing discovery in her office swastikas spray-painted across her walls
how did it make you feel you know it’s hard to even say it was like I didn’t
really think or feel anything’s have utter shock I started trembling and I’m
still trembling this is just one of the many anti-semitic attacks that had made
headlines over the past month to get a visual here’s a timeline of attacks in
New York in just the past month alone a month ago a metal pipe was thrown
through the window of a synagogue during a Shabbat service weeks later two large
swastikas and an anti-semitic slur were found on the office walls of Professor
Medgarski later that week two young Jewish boys were attacked on the street
within 30 minutes of each other and the most recent act of violence happened
last week when a Jewish man was punched in the head here’s surveillance video of
that attack he didn’t see it coming the anti-defamation league claims
anti-semitic incidents in the u.s. rose nearly 60% in 2017 and now the spotlight
is on New York the NYPD reports that last year there are 138 anti-semitic
hate crimes in the city this year there are 176 Wow
but again Democrat Democrat it all goes together Florida man hit with the hate
crime charge for threatening to what kill all the Jews and folks it’s not
just that they want to beat him up unfortunately it’s not
just they’re saying all these horrible statements and singing threats and all
that stuff we’re moving now in our country where they are now killing the
Jewish people lest we forget remember what happened in Pittsburgh let’s take a
look at the investigation now in full swing as a city and a nation mourns
President Trump today in Indianapolis speaking about the horrific shooting
this wicked act of mass murder is pure evil hard to believe and frankly
something that is unimaginable this is the most horrific crime scene
I’ve seen in 22 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation had it not been
for the quick and heroic response this would have been much worse today’s
violence in Pittsburgh comes amid a rising number of anti-semitic attacks
across the country in recent years Jewish centers in New York Oregon and
Massachusetts vandalized arson at a synagogue in Nevada and just this month
swastikas found in Northern Virginia in Omaha Nebraska a Veterans Memorial
scarred with a swastika in Indiana a synagogue desecrated in Sacramento
California fliers targeting Jewish students on
campus it screams of the same type of graphics and the same type of design
that the Nazis used this is in Potter’s County Pennsylvania
just a few months ago it’s a complete disgrace there’s no place for hate the
anti-defamation league reporting nearly two thousand incidents last year a 57
percent increase it’s spreading across our country and the media is encouraging
them one guy said this watch this the worst hasn’t happened it’s coming the
age of innocence is coming to an end America has changed them the same forces
that made Obama and also made Farrakhan relevant again Muslim migration will
transform America the way it did Europe how’s London doing how Sweden doing
how’s Europe doing folks we’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think it’s not
going to happen here and that’s what he’s worrying about
he said Muslim migration will transform America the way it did Europe the cities
will feel at first they won’t be the last
Wow now why am i bringing this up because folks the Bible predicted in the
seven-year tribulation that was our opening text Matthew 24 Jesus said
believe it or not at some point we’re gonna see a second Jewish Holocaust
it’s gonna get so anti-semitic on the planet that not just half not just
three-quarters but all nations will hate them you I’ll say it again I believe
we’re in a spiritual reprieve I don’t by the way I don’t work for the
Trump administration I’m not saying I agree with everything he does I’m just
looking at it as a Christian from Bible prophecy perspective and I’m saying you
take Trump I believe he’s the cap right now on this who is frankly buying US
time but you take the cap away you get the Democrats oh by the way whether
Democrats trying to do right now get him out of office but you get a Democrat
back in office you already seen it start to swell over this anti-semitism America
could join the rest of the world and fulfill this prophecy all nations will
hate the Jewish people again you can see it we’re living in special time now for
you and I as a Christian these are events that are doing to culminate in
the seven-year tribulation we leave at the rapture prior we don’t know the day
nor the hour but if we see even our own country on the verge of becoming
anti-semitic fulfilling all nations raptures got to be getting close
time is running out how’s this happening let me give you
just a couple more and we’re going to close right how could this happen in the
United States of America well we just saw a whole bunch but just let me just
give me two other ones okay it’s being done by our school system our American
school our tax dollars are paying for this anti vicious hatred towards Israel
and I don’t have time to get into it our study we’ve got we go way in-depth it’s
not just school teachers deliberately lying to the kids to turn them
anti-israel but let me just give you a couple quick examples this is a photo
okay a photo of Wisconsin high school students given a Nazi salute at the prom
yeah that’s real cool huh this is our school system okay and all that but let
me give you an example of what our universities are producing right we
laugh about it now you know it’s not really too much of a laughing matter but
we look at we talk about the Millennials and the people that are coming out of
the universities we’re going like man those they they’re coming out
anti-america they’re coming out socialism they’re coming out liberal and
and with the schools and they’re coming out they’re just emotionally messed up I
mean they can’t even deal with reality they got a hug a teddy bear or give me some
ice cream or so yeah that you know that the snowflakes we call them right it’s
not just that our school system is producing the most anti-semitic
generation coming up that you can’t believe now watch this this is an
interchange a Jewish man speaking at a university in California let me state
the obvious just like New York is California Republican Democrat so is
this a surprise it’s very anti-semitic no okay so listen to the interchange and
I’m sitting there going like this is an American girl at a university listen to
what she says to this Jewish man and I’m it made me sick to my stomach going our
taxpayer dollars are paying to produce this kind of generation watch this this
is sick yes good evening I just wanted to say thank
you for coming to campus tonight and presenting your point of view it’s
always valuable to have two sets of views going on at the same time very
useful my name is Jahmana Imad Musad Ahmad Bakri and I’m a student here at
UCSD I was reading your literature I found that much more interesting than
the talk and I found some interesting things about the MSA which is an
organization is very active on campus that is hosting our annual Hitler Youth
Week you should come out to those events if
you could clarify the connection between the MSA and jihad terrorist networks
because last last I checked we had to do our own fundraising
and we never get help from anyone so if you could clarify the connection between
you CSDs MSA or if you don’t have such information if you could connect other Msa’s
on UC’s because the connection wasn’t too clear in the pamphlet just if
you could clarify do you condemned Hamas here and now I’m sorry what well
do you condemn Hamas would I condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization genocidal organization are you asking me to put myself on a cross very well I actually have had this experience many
times you didn’t read the pamphlet because the pamphlet is chapter and
verse the main connection is that the MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood
Network as revealed in the document I don’t think you understood what I meant
by that I meant if I say something I’m sure that I will be arrested for reasons
of homeland security so if you could please just answer my question if you
condemned Hamas homeland security will I support Hamas because your question
forces me to condemn Hamas if I support Hamas I look really bad you don’t condemn Hamas
obviously you support it case closed I have had this experience I give you I
had this experience at UC Santa Barbara where there were 50 members of the
Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there and throughout
my hour talk I kept asking them will you condemn Hizbollah and Hamas and none of
them would and then when the question period came the president of the Muslim
Students Association was the first person to ask questions and I said you
know before you start will you condemn Hesbollah and he said well that question
is too complicated for a yes/no answer so I said okay I’ll put it to you this
way I’m a Jew the head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather
in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally for it or against it for
it thank you thank you for coming and showing
everybody what’s what’s you are and you’re wearing a terrorist neckerchief in the
United States of America this is what our universities are producing not just
a social agenda not just a anti God agenda anti-christian agenda not just
liberalism anti-semitism to the core crazy did you catch that part she didn’t
just want admitted publicly the annihilation of the Jews but Hitler
Youth outing this is happening in our country folks now you would think that
the church would rise up and put a stand to it right unfortunately the churches
today are getting in on it again we got whole Studies on this I’m just going to
highlight just a couple quick things we’re going to close right churches are
getting in on this folks because number one churches are not teaching on
prophecy so guess what you will never hear you will never hear that God is not
done with the Jewish people you will never hear that God still has a plan for
the Jewish people you will never hear any of that when you don’t preach on
prophecy one of the clear messages you get when you teach on prophecy which by
the way as a Christian has a pastor is the church you’re supposed to teach all
the Bible not some of it but when you don’t teach prophecy the church is not
reminded that God is not done with Israel and you need to support them and
pray for them and pray for the Peace of Israel the church will never hear that
right because they’re not teaching on prophecy the other thing is the church
has even gone beyond that and they’re teaching a false teaching a lie from the
pit of Hill called replacement theology which we got whole Studies on that you
got it and let me just give you a little quick synopsis basically the replacement
theology is the lie that we the church has replaced Israel no we haven’t
real quick this is it’s the Bible explicitly promises that God’s covenant
the Jewish people would be eternal meaning it’s unbreakable the New
Testament explicitly states that the Old Testament promises and Covenants to is
or are still in possession of Israel even during the church age that we’re in
even though they’re currently under a state of unbelief Romans chapter 11 Paul
says it’s a temporary blindness not permanent okay
and then the Old Testament teaches that the future permanent restoration of the
nature of Israel why do you think Jesus is coming back at the second coming he’s
going to fulfill the Davidic and the Abrahamic promise is that one from the
lineage damage is gonna rule and reign over their planet in Jerusalem what do
you think that is that’s the covenants that God has with
Israel okay that’s the whole purpose of the second coming and the establishing
of the Millennial Kingdom and the New Testament reaffirms the Old Testament
expectation of a future salvation a restoration of Israel we just saw God’s
not done with them he’s going to sovereignty protect one-third of them in
the seven-year tribulation and nowhere in the New Testament is the term Israel
use for those who are not ethnic Jews there’s no biblical basis to say the
church is now the new Israel and finally for you and I if God could break his
covenant with the Jews then we can’t trust him to keep his promises with us
as Christians well maybe our security isn’t really eternal maybe we won’t make
it to heaven maybe he’ll change his mind on the cross of Christ if he doesn’t
keep his promises with Israel folks why would he keep it with us but that’s why
it’s a lie again we got even beyond that we’ve got churches I kid you not they’re
rewriting the scripture they are actually removing words like Zion Israel
from their hymnals they’re looking at banning the word Israel even from their
prayers I’m not making this up and one guy said this this has happened before
in his war against the Jews Adolf Hitler instructed Christian theologians to
rewrite the Bible to remove all mentions of the Jews and one final and that’s
happening right now in our country and one last thing folks on the church you
need to understand you and I the evangelical Christian you and I
supporters of Israel why because the Bible says so we’re being biblical right
there’s groups out there now coming after you and I they’re not just waiting
for people to go apostate and turn liberal they’re coming after you and I
I’m just gonna call out one just run you can get our study and get the rest of
them this is called Christ at the checkpoint if you guys ever heard that
thing Christ at the checkpoint is this so-called Christian ministry going
around the United States hosting conferences to let us know
about the quote-unquote palestinian plight and how we need to help I’m not
saying we shouldn’t help people but you need to understand their agenda one of
their speakers is a reverend dr. Stephen Sizer
he claimed that Israel was behind the 9/11 terror attacks he also previously
attended a conference in Iran dedicated to the promoting of Holocaust denial
theories saying the Holocaust never even happened and he attended a pro Hezbollah
rally in London one guy said this is attack is just anti Semitism in
disguise so they’re coming in saying we need to help these people in the Middle
East it’s really to turn even the Evangelical Church into an anti-semitic
mindset so don’t fall for it but it’s happening from all angles now why am i
bringing this up because the Bible says in the seven-year tribulation all
nations are going to hate the Jewish people now that’s did happen even our own
country you realize that in world war two you realize that many Jewish people
came to our country in multitudes of ships and our own country turned away
and sent them back we are seeing our country begin to turn against Israel
even with Trump in office but I’ll say it again you remove him what do you think is
gonna happen very quickly we’ll be a part of fulfilling that unfortunate prophecy
and folks that’s why Jesus said hey when these things begin to take place what do
you do freak out run to the hills’ hide I’m sorry wrong translation what’s he
say when these things begin to take place stand up lift up your heads
because your redemption is drawing near Christian these are events that are
fulfilled in the seven-year tribulation we’re not going to be there we leave it
to rapture prior God doesn’t tell us when but if you see all this coming into
play and we’re that close to joining all nations even our own country it’s
getting close and so what should we do it’s not a time to be fearful it’s time
to be faithful man right did you want you wanted the best thing you can do for
the Jewish people you know what it is share the gospel because you’re not
gonna stop it folks the Holocaust is coming again unfortunately but do you
know that not just Gentiles but even Jewish people can get saved today they
can become a part of the church they could leave it the rapture so if you
want to help a Jewish person any person we need to get busy sharing the gospel
there is a way out to escape the 7-year tribulation there is a way out for the
Jewish people not to have to go through the horrors of that but we need to get
busy sharing the gospel the last thing we want to do as we close is to be like
this church during the last Holocaust true story this is wild this dream has haunted for decades there
are some things that time does not erase sometimes the only way forward is by
facing the past this is my story I lived in Germany during the Nazi
Holocaust a railroad track ran behind our small church and each Sunday morning
at the exact same time we heard the whistle from the distance then the
clacking of the wheels moving over the track it was at the same time every
Sunday we felt the rattling from the trail of cattle cars accompanied by the
screeching of metal that could echo through our church walls it was a Sunday
in the spring that would change my life forever Jesus said do not resist an evil
door but if anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other also loving
your enemy this is a far better way this is how we were called to live to
understand this unnatural virtue we must look to Jesus Christ as our model and
our guide his meekness was his strength his silence his statement to the world we must pray for those who persecute us prayer is the Mechanism that reaches
heaven and moves mankind prayer it’s easy to underestimate prayer Christ Christ is Christ is the Prince of Peace and as we better come to know Jesus we
will learn we learn to choose to choose as he chooses we we learn to love our
enemies and allow God’s peace to rule to room within our hearts years have passed and no one talks about much
anymore I still hear the train whistle in my sleep I can still hear crying out
for help God forgive all of us who’ve called
ourselves Christians yet did nothing to intervene it happened at the last Holocaust I hope
it doesn’t happen this time God forgive us for those of us who call ourselves
Christians and did nothing to intervene we know another
Holocaust is coming to this planet and it’s not just a Holocaust upon the Jews
it’s the Gentiles too the whole planet is gonna be ravaged by God’s wrath for 7
years non-stop we know that God forgive us for those of us who called ourselves
Christians and did nothing to intervene this should be the greatest harvest in
the history of the Church of lost souls coming to Christ why because we are the
most educated Christians in the history of the church and what are we doing we
need to get busy sharing the gospel but what are we doing I’ve got stuff to do I
think I’ll do that hey that’s what we pay those other people to do that for I
don’t have the gift of evangelism excuse me
the Great Commission is called the Great Commission not the grand suggestion and
it’s for every born-again Christian and it’s not a pain it’s a privilege to tell
somebody how to escape the Holocaust coming but how could we sit there week
after week after week after week and in essence sing a little louder may that not be true of you and I I’m
not responsible for somebody else’s behavior I’m not responsible for the
apostate churches out there but we who know better
may we be found faithful may we show our Christian love and intervene and get
busy sharing the gospel to Jew and Gentile to as many as we can
may that be what we’re doing when Christ comes and gets us Amen let’s pray father
we thank you so much for our study tonight god it’s a huge wake-up call but
it’s another prophetic issue we need to deal with God I really truly believe
you’ve given us a spiritual reprieve I don’t know how long it’s gonna last the
rapture could happen right now and that’s great but if we’re still alive
and still here this isn’t gonna last forever but God help us as your church
not to get distracted not to just have that mentality of oh that’s kind of yeah
that’s bad but sing it a little louder may we not be disconnected from our culture
where we’re in the world we’re just we can’t be of it we can’t live like the
world but we’re here to witness to the world Jew and Gentile God if we if we’ve
lost our heart for the lost even here tonight God please bring that passion
back maybe we realize this is not a game just like the Christians in Germany sat
there and sang songs instead of intervening we could be guilty of doing
the same thing help us God to finish faithful to be that faithful bride one
hand on the cross so to speak and one hand reaching out to the lost may that
be how we live every day until you come and get us
but God as always if there’s anybody here tonight who’s not truly born again
please save them you’re reaching out to them that’s why they’re here god you’re
giving them the signs that the seven-year tribulation is getting close
closer than ever before cause them to respond
cause them to do what you say to do God you tell us in your word that if we
confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord believe in our heart that you
raised him from the grade that we will be saved
cause them to turn to Jesus and entrust their eternal destiny upon him oh if
that’s you please do it tonight you do not want to be left behind again it’s
not just the Jewish people who are gonna face a Holocaust it’s the whole planet
please escape it through Jesus now but God thank you again for our study
tonight please bless it all to these lives that along to you we ask all this in
your wonderful name in Jesus’ name and all God’s people said amen


  1. It’s crazy because yesterday at my work here in Seattle I overheard a conversation of some “liberals” comparing trump to hitler. I was so dumbfounded, I really think this is the great delusion. I did not understand.

  2. I see a lot of politics in this message, but not a lot of Bible…to me this is dangerous and alienates some of the folks who might consider listening to the message…it also alienates folks who may be sitting in your pews in your churches who are Democrats…

  3. Jesus please come quickly to change the hearts of these people who follow satan 😪 I can’t stand this evil any longer 😡

  4. your last video was gagged by Google. I would have loved to have seen it. is there someway you can send it again with a different title? things are becoming apparent now and we must try and get the word out as long as possible before free speech is stopped. blessings.

  5. Today's message on Youtube is blocked…..Video unavailable

    This video contains content from Matter Entertainment, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

  6. I just tried to watch the newest upload of Guest Pastor Billy Crone: "President Trump & Last Days Conflict" and got the message: Video Unavailable This video contains content from Matter Entertainment, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. 🙁 Comments are also disabled there.

  7. When they flee to the mountains, Jeremiah 31:2 tells us ……. 2 Thus saith the Lord, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest.

    they fount Grace in the wilderness they was saved Praise HIS holy Name


  9. This is really good! People that call themselves Christians but aren’t willing to open their eyes and ears to hear the truth is really sad. I get looked at like I’m crazy by some of my family members when I try to speak up. They just don’t or aren’t willing to see this coming. Feels like a form of persecution by those that I love, but I continue to pray that God opens their understanding. I just can’t sit here and talk about 5 years down the road I’ll be doing this or that! The time is now. We are only promised today.

  10. Every Christian Dem. voter needs to hear this for they are lost in Jesus' teachings and His wisdom is not in them. They don't know what they are doing and we must pray that the Almighty God will open their eyes.

  11. When I said "great message".. I meant that this message should be spread far and wide to let other's know how close we are to the Rapture..

  12. This is the most powerful message I’ve ever watched in YouTube to wake up all Christians to be vigilant of the end times!!!!

  13. Jesus Christ is my absolute !. I wake thinking of Him. He is on my mind all through the Day. I go to bed talking and praying to Him. And I dream of Him. He is all I want and need because I am a sinner, saved by His grace and my faith in Him and what He did for me at Calgary has made me born again and saved evermore💞✝️🙏

  14. The Churches are another have lost their way . No Watchman on the Wall in Churches. God help us. Thank you, excellent Video.

  15. The Bible says that in the last days there will be a famine for the Word of God…. we are seeing that famine coming about before our eyes.

  16. Made me cry and very good an educational sermon, I don’t want to be a person that do nothing ABBA Father help us.

  17. That was a great sermon by Pastor Billy Crone. It was most informative & moved me deeply to tears. Lest we not forget where are forefathers failed in the past. Let us not sit on our hands whilst evil is committed around us. Let us not be mere wallpaper on the wall. God gave us brains & a conscience…we need to use all of our gifts for His Purposes!!!!

  18. Very powerful message. Thank you pastor Billy, I pray for you and your family, may The Lord keep you safe and strong.

  19. Brother Crone, I agree 1000% with what you said! In addition, I strongly believe that this anti-Semitism in the world and US is growing because God wants to gather every Jew in Israel. At the same time, God will deal with every anti-Semitic nation, culminating with the 7 yrs. of Tribulation!
    One more thing, brother! Please call us "brothers and sisters" a beautiful scriptural address, not "guys! Thank you, and God bless you, and God have mercy on America!

  20. Lord forgive us for our complacency!! Please ignite in us all a fire to bring your good news to all around us🔥🌹

  21. Wonderful, I was at Billy's youtube channel and saw that he was gone today, so I decided to listen to J.D. and there is billie. 8^)

  22. When the Christians r Raptured the World's Liberals will DEPORT ALL JEWS to Israel ! Blaming them for the Great Earthquake of Ezekiel 39.

  23. I am sharing the Love of God through the poems He has given me over my life. I wish I had done so sooner but I just recently woke up to His call, forgive me. God bless and keep us all who Love Him! Amen

  24. Are you saying that christian's today are different from the followers of Yeshua in Mathew 24. Then I want nothing to do with that type of belief.

  25. I want to believe i get taken up before the tribulation, but the way I read Matt. 24 leaves me doubting this. Anyone? I'm not convinced by his few scant scriptures given here. Matt. 24 reads very chronologically. And it says after the event of these days, THEN you will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great glory. After all those heavy duty things happened. Having to go through the tribulation is not an automatic conclusion of being appointed unto wrath. Wrath can be an individual thing, no? God DOES protect his people, and CAN through the tribulation. But persecution is not mentioned by this speaker at all, which I find odd. What about all the people who were beheaded? they will be to the right of the throne in honor of their giving their lives. It's Matt 24 for me that tells me I will be-best as I can tell-mid tribulation. imho. God Bless. The important thing is to be ready. I don't allow myself to feel separate or divided because I have a different view of the rapture time table. Thanks.

  26. My brothers and sisters, upwards of 80% of Americans have unknowingly been poisoned with an ingeneerd tapeworm that's charged the task of bringing the longevity down along with demonizing the people by leading to stunted growth and obesity along with a list of others, All in order to justify whats ahead.

    Share this message…

  27. Where did I get the idea that God spent all of His wrath on Jesus at the cross, so we could be forgiving? Apparently He seems to have built up a whole bunch more.

  28. It is indeed a priviledge to be alive! The Lord said in this world we will have many challenges but be of good cheer for I have overcome this world! 🙏

  29. Please pray for my son David who has just recently burnt his hands and can hardly use them and also broke his foot. Please pray for his healing and salvation. God bless you Thank you so much Love in Jesus.

  30. Love the overall message, but had to stop listening when it was obvious it was not realized the left-right paradigm is a sham and Trump is just a trojan horse. He was bailed out twice by the Rothschilds. THEY ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE. The devil has had thousands of years to perfect his game and work on his slow con, do you really think he'd be so obvious? Jesus warned us of wolves in sheep's clothing. Do the research. Read God's Word. Trust no one but Christ Jesus.

  31. Makes me cry. So sad this hate and just standing back and not doing anything. God forgive us and give us strength to love and have courage to tell the truth and doing what is necessary..

  32. Pastor Billy Crone is one of my favorite pastors to listen to on youtube. He hit on something that I have been tucking in the back of my mind for the past couple of years. I feel that when Donald Trump is out of office (no matter how that happens), it will be the end ALL tolerance of morally minded people like Christians. I believe the persecution of the faithful will begin and the Great Tribulation will be right on the heals of that. I'm trying to be careful not to confuse persecution and the GREAT tribulation since we are not appointed unto wrath and that is exactly what the great tribulation is.

  33. The enemy has declared war on Pastor JD so we rebuke the attack on his health but what Satan meant for evil The Lord turned it for good by having Pastor Crone to step in and deliver an exploding grenade of awareness and by speaking the truth about what is happening right under our noses.

  34. Your question "is obama a muslim?"
    It has been said that the 'wedding band' that he wears has the inscription 'allah is the only god."
    I can't read their language, it's not our alphabet.
    Also consider his family.

  35. God used Pastor JD to wake me up. I was a Christian for over 25 years and knew none of these truths before I happened upon Pastor JD on YouTube. I thank God for his humble and obedient servant JD and ask for his healing in Jesus’ stripes, in Jesus’ name amen.

  36. Pastor Billy, thank you so much for this powerful and enlightening presentation. I appreciate it very much. God bless you and your ministry

  37. God have mercy and keep us from denial and give us the courage to obey this admonition! Please grant me repentance, and to strengthen that which remains and is ready to die!

  38. Father help us be bold to spread the Gospel, to pray for Israel – to move in our cities for the kingdom and your glory. Have mercy on us protect the Jews. I pray for a revival and the masses to repent and you mighty to save in Jesus name amen 🙏

  39. How close are we?…..all the prophecies in Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel are morphing into view ..the Bible shows what's happening. BUT it's been hidden until the right time……..Hosea 6 gives a time-frame that is backed 100% CAST IRON in Scripture. My fellow believers, I found this treasure life changing, this is what we have been waiting for and the amazing revelation as to what it means…..well….let me not spoil it for you. Agape Love.

  40. BPT 2.0 – MEMES and The Pretrib Fallout from Matthew 24

    Posted: 18 Nov 2019 11:51 AM PST

    In this episode I talk about the recent meme contest which I think went really well. I also talk about how the pretrib interpretation of Matthew 24 causes some major issues. I try to show that they know its bad, and have been scrambling in the last decade or so to find a solution. My […]

  41. I have been given many dreams and visions of what is to come to America. Yes, America is more and more leaning against Israel. BUT the reason America will stop supporting Israel is not because of politics but because America will be destroyed. I have seen this. I know what is coming.

  42. Billy, you were there to fill in for JD NOT sell or promote your books. Funny I have heard him criticize word of faith preachers for peddling their products and he is doing the same thing. In all my years of ministry (34) I have never pushed any of my books, tapes or even ministry when I have been asked to fill a pulpit. Too me it is not the venue for it.

  43. Pastor Crone is the first person I have ever heard say,,,,, exactly what I have been saying to many people for about 4 years. What is it? It's a reprieve. Trump had won the election but was not yet sworn in, and I told my wife first, """"I believe this is it, we have been given a reprieve."""This is the last who rah, Gods final time period for people to get right with the Lord. No pun intended but he may very well be the last TRUMP

  44. 55:47 minutes, notice the trap that girl is in. She is in fear for her life. If she condemns Hamas she fears retaliation from them, on the other hand if she supports it, homeland security. She has no place to go. Stuck in a trap of her own making.

  45. YAHUAH GOD is NOT the god of wrath.
    Hashem/Ashima/Ashmedai/Asmodeus is the god of wrath. King of 9 hells possibly 1 of the jinn. That is the god of Judaism. 2Kings 17.
    Also the ppl in Israel ARE NOT God's ppl. They are NOT Shemites. They are Japhethites.
    The God Culture has excellent videos that actually does PROVE IT

  46. Yes..unfortunately. The land of Israel is going to be destroyed along with 5/6 of the armies of Gog. Including Israeli army.

  47. Interesting, I paused to talk to my brother about the heavy burden on my heart. How I cried (literally) in tears to God for the souls of men. How I begged and pleaded, Lord do something. I come back from a long 1 hour talk and prayer with my brother. I resume at 1 hour 5 minutes, and what's it about? Having a burden for the lost

  48. Good stuff. Trump. The last president of the United States. I have seen how deluded the godless have become. It's a clear sign that God is making strong moves.
    Islam is the religion of the Anti-Christ, the religion of Satan. I expect things to get really really bad in the future now that the majority of people in this world serve Satan in one way or another.
    Things will get really bad. I would urge people to prepare for the coming collapse of western civilization now that God has been removed as the base upon which our civilization was built.
    "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues." – Revelation 18:4

    Then Elijah approached all the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him. But if Allah is, follow him and go to hell.”

  49. So much I want to say..all I can do is SMH… I pray I'm counted worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the world.

  50. Thank you for this word of Truth, but it makes me sick to my stomach and hurts my heart. I try to share with my co-workers, but they are caught up in the world, some listen, sad part is my manager is a pastors wife and shows no signs of being a child of God. So what do I do now? Asking for prayers for my co-workers.

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