GREATER – God In You // Who Is The Holy Spirit // Pastor Justin Miller (Teaching Only)

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joining us today. Let’s get ready for Real Life Online. Hey! Great to see you guys! I’m so glad
you’re here. Want to welcome all of our locations across Central Florida. We are
kicking off this new series on the Holy Spirit called Greater because we know
that the one in us is greater than the one in the world right? Amen.
I’m so excited to really help us understand to get closer to God through
understanding the gift that God’s given us in his Holy Spirit. He’s greater and I
want us to understand how much greater God in us is. Actually Jesus, this is
something that he wanted his disciples to understand. That it was actually
according to Jesus he’s explaining to his disciples that it’s actually better
than him being here in the flesh with us. I’m sure they had a hard time
understanding this. Here’s what he says in John chapter 16 and verse 5. He says
“But now I am going to him who sent me.” He’s going back to the Father. “None of
you asks me ‘Where are you going?’ Rather you are filled with grief because
I have said these things.” He said you’re not worried about me. You’re worried
about you. You don’t want me to go. I understand.
Verse 7. “But very truly I tell you it is for your good that I’m going away. In
some versions it says it is better for you that I go away. A few versions it
actually says it is, it is best for you that I go away right. So it’s the best
thing that I go. “Unless I go away the Advocate, capital “A” will not come to you.
But if I go I will send him to you.” All right think about this for a minute
because Jesus is explaining to his disciples, that these are the guys who
left everything to follow him right. They’ve been with him every day for over
three years, pouring their lives into following him
and being his disciples and he says guys I have a plan and it’s the absolute best
thing for you and you’re not gonna love it but here’s what it is – I’m gonna leave
and they hated it didn’t they. We know that they didn’t like the plan because
every time Jesus would bring it up that he was leaving, that he was dying they
got mad. They protested.
Peter yelled at him one time. Jesus yelled back “Get behind me Satan.” You can read
about. It’s in the Bible but anyway like they didn’t want him to go. Of
course they don’t want him to go. Think about this, when you are with the man who
can turn water into wine you don’t want him to leave right. (Laughter)
You’ve been drinking that miracle wine. That’s some good stuff like when you’re
with the guy that can multiply bread and you’re eating that miracle bread and
eating that miracle fish like you don’t want this guy to go. You’ve been with the
guy that you now know as Peter proclaimed is the Christ, the Son of the
Living God. Like why would you want him to leave because what could possibly be
better than Emmanuel, God with us? Jesus says “Well, I’ll tell you.” I’ll tell
you what is better than Emmanuel, God with us and it is the Holy Spirit, God in
us and so I have to go so that, it’s good for you that I, it’s better for you and I
know that you’ve been enjoying the ride it’s been a good ride. We’ve been hanging
out. You’ve learned so much and Peter you got to walk on water. That was cool. I was
there. It was only like eight seconds but hey you rode the bull. (Laughter) Dude, it was
amazing. Not a lot of humans can say that. Didn’t last long but it was awesome but
like but I gotta go and it’s it’s actually the best thing for you that I
go so that you can receive this incredible gift from God because the
only thing better than God with us is God in us and so I’m leaving so you can
receive the bigger, the greater, the better blessing. And as he’s explaining
the Holy Spirit, the word, okay it’s translated in the NIV “Advocate” and its
capital “A.” Did you see that? The Advocate. Interesting word. In other versions you
may have a version it says comforter, counselor.
Some even say encourage but this word advocate in the Greek is actually
Parakletos. I want to write that for you on the screen there. Parakletos that’s
not in I mean that’s a transliteration of the Greek lettering but Parakletos,
interesting word if you break it down para – the prefix means close beside. All
right coming close to or next to, para and then the root word
there is Kaleo which is it actually means to make a call. So close beside, to
make a call. It’s a legal term that was used fairly frequently in the first
century of an advocate and attorney for example right. We have legal advocates
people that we that we give power to that act on our behalf.
One of the things we do in our culture it’s called power of attorney. Anybody
ever use power of attorney? You, you sign over your rights or your, your control to
someone else so they can act on your behalf.
That’s what Jesus is saying. The Holy Spirit is power of attorney. He’s our
advocate. Our legal adviser who’s close enough to make the call. He acts on our
behalf but we have to give him control. He’s Parakletos and so he makes the
God call in our lives. He calls the shots because he’s God in us. All right let me
take you back for a minute all right to the young Millers. You’re now, you get
to experience the middle-aged Miller but let me take you back to like before
there were little Miller’s okay who are now actually big Millers. I got a couple
in college which is super weird cuz I’m not old but (Laughter) I’m older I guess but go
back 22 years ago Mrs. Miller and I said I do. Little over 22 years actually (Applause).
Yep. Amazing and one of the first things we did as we were preparing to get
married we bought a house. It was so amazing. Like we went all in too
like you know when you’re first married you don’t have any money to get a house, that’s a big deal and so we, all the money we had, money we didn’t have, money
that we found under couch cushions, money that we found under our friends couch
cushions cuz they weren’t looking. It’s there you know anyway so we we took hit
hall loan from family. Went all in got ourselves our starter home for seventy eight thousand
dollars. Now I don’t know what you know about real estate but you don’t
get a lot of house for seventy eight thousand dollars. You got a little more
then than you do now. Now you don’t, I don’t think you can get…okay yeah you
don’t get a tent for seventy eight thousand dollars so but we got it this
little house like cuz you don’t get a lot
house for $78,000. You get a little bit of house and you step into this house,
but it’s your house and you’re so happy but when you when you get to moving into
it you realize this bedroom is pretty small. Like it looked big until we put a
bed in it and now we can’t move and so we have to crawl over the bed and so you
have a tiny bedroom and you have a tiny closet. Not two closets, one closet and
you have a tiny bathroom with a tiny shower and a tiny little toilet and a tiny sink.
Not two sinks like they put now right. Why’d they put two sinks in the houses
now? Divorce rates so high so that we got to put two sinks because that’s what was
causing it. We had one little sink and listen hard for an only child to move
into this scenario where this is not my house, this is our house and so this is
not my space, this is our space. Only child processing, working through it then
only child is on a journey because he realizes this is our house, but not really (Laughter)
This is a little more your house okay because what happens? We go pick out
paint colors, we go pick out furnishings, we go pick out furniture, we want to what
and and what I came to realize okay is that even when she’s asking for my
opinion, she doesn’t want it. (Laughter) She wants me to like what she likes. Guys all around
the room right now want to say Amen but can’t. I understand okay. (Laughter) So we got
into some of our worst fights over dumb stuff because I, I thought I was supposed
to care. I thought I was supposed to give an opinion she’d say what do you think about
this? Whatever you think dear is the answer (Laughter)
but I didn’t know that then okay so back then I’d be like well I don’t think that
goes all with what we’re trying to do and….so here’s what I didn’t understand.
Robin had a vision for our home. Robin was looking at our home as as what it
could be. What it should be. What it someday would be and she would see where
you know what we could do this and we could do that and that’s not how my, I
just knew that this poster has been in every
college dorm room that I’ve ever lived in and it needs to go in the living room
right (Laughter). Surfing posters are themes for the whole
home. You can build around that and so when she’s moving things going honey we
can’t do this. No this is, this is college art and I’m like I know. It’s awesome.
She’s like no, it has to go in the shed and you’re like no this is a problem
right now because she had a vision and she could see and she was trying to make
it happen and, and I would fight her for it. Early on I, I thought well I need some
control here and I need a say in this and so dumb.
Listen I told you we’ve married over 22 years, can I say this – we’re not just
hanging in there. We are happily married like we are blessed. (Applause) It’s good. She’s
right there. Can’t lie. She’s right there. It’s good like I’m so thankful. I’m so
thankful that we are so happily married (Laughter) but do you know why? Because I learned.
I’m just saying because I, you learn over time right. You’re either winning or
learning. I did a lot of learning. (Laughter) I did a lot of learning and I learned that, listen
it’s not my house okay. It’s our house but really it’s her house. She just lets
me live there. That’s when it gets good. When you understand and that instead of
fighting her for control over things that really don’t matter I’m just
thankful she shares her bed with me. That’s a better place to live. She hasn’t
kicked me out yet. Guys I have a pool table. It’s in the garage but so what I
have a pool table okay (Laughter) I have a shed and it’s not a she shed (Laughter). Hashtag blessed. I’m
just saying I’m living my best life now. (Laughter) Think about the Holy Spirit okay,
here’s the thing that I think we miss about the Holy Spirit. When he comes into
our life, he does not come in to be a guest. He’s not sleeping on the couch. You
know he’s not out in the AirB&B shed. Like the Holy Spirit doesn’t come to be
our roommate. He doesn’t want to rent space from us but he comes into our life
to be the landlord. To take over. To take up residence and to own the
house and what Jesus says is he’s the Advocate. Capital “A”. He’s the Parakletos.
He’s the one that we give control to so he can make the call and this becomes
his house. His dwelling. His temple and and here’s what we find out about the
Holy Spirit he has a vision for his house. He sees what it could be. He knows
what it should be and what it actually will be because the one who began the
good work will carry it through to completion and so as soon as he comes
into our life he starts doing the work that God put him there to do. Some of you
know what I’m talking about because he starts moving things around and it gets
a little uncomfortable. Where are you going with that? Woah…he’s taking stuff
down and moving it out. He’s redecorating the place a little bit and but wait wait
that’s always been there. I like that. I know you like it but it’s ugly and it’s
got to go like but I love it. Bring it, just put it in the closet and when you
leave I’ll put it back. I’m not leaving. This is my house. Like wait, what? He’s
reprioritizing. He’s redecorating. For some of us he’s remodeling. There are
hammers involved. It’s noisy and it’s painful but he’s doing the work that God
put him there to do because it’s his house now and he knows what this house
could be and when I understand that, that it’s not my house. It’s not our house.
It’s his house. The way Paul says it, it’s beautiful. First Corinthians chapter 6. He
says “Do you not know that your bodies are temples, right the house, of the Holy
Spirit.” He says do you guys not understand the principle of, it’s his house now. “Do you
not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you
have received from God. You are not your own; you were bought at a price.” He paid
for the house. The house is his. You know through Jesus and so the only thing
better than God with us is God in us. For sure it’s better but what we have to
understand about God in us is that he’s in control. He’s God in us. He’s the one
who calls the shots. He comes into my life and now it’s not my life, it’s his
life. He comes in to this house and now it’s his house. His home
and what the spirit doesn’t want to do is fight me for control over what is
already his. He does not want to come in and fight me for control over what Jesus
already bought and paid for. He says no no. That, that’s my home and you have to
surrender to me. You have to submit to me. You have to yield to me. What Paul tells
us in 2nd Corinthians chapter 1. He says “He has anointed us. He has set his seal
of” what’s the word? You see it up there. “Ownership on us.” He gave us the Holy
Spirit to guarantee as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. It’s his
seal of ownership. That’s the word that I think a lot of times we miss when it
comes to the work of God in our lives. Especially the Holy Spirit because we
think of the Holy Spirit, I mean our translations a lot of times again
counselor, we think of a counselor as somebody who sort of listens to us and
that’s part of the role of the Holy Spirit. We’re gonna talk about that in
this series. Maybe as our encourager. He does that thank God. As our comforter, that’s part of his job as well and we’re thankful that he does it but
sometimes we miss that he’s the owner. He’s the Parakletos. He’s, he has
power of attorney and I think for a lot of us we’ve come to think of the Holy
Spirit more like Jiminy Cricket okay. Y’all remember Jiminy Cricket? Pinocchio.
My Disney people? I got old-school Disney people here
alright. I think I got a picture. I got a picture of Jiminy Cricket and Geppetto. No,
no Jiminy Cricket and the wooden boy. There he is. Pinocchio. (Laughter) Got no strings to
hold me down. Little boy. No strings. Lovin life except he makes all the wrong
choices right. Very precarious young lad and so an overzealous cricket comes
along to keep him on track. What does Jiminy Cricket do to Pinocchio?
All the time. J-Crizel is trying to keep Pinoch on that track and so he’s
wagging the finger. He’s nudging and he’s nagging and he’s on his shoulder right
like his conscience and he’s like don’t do that. That’s bad for you and a lot of
us, the way we think about the Holy Spirit
he’s like Jiminy Cricket. He’s this sweet little guy that sits on my shoulder and
he whispers things in my ear. Gives me uh…don’t do that.
And listen part of his job is to convict us of sin. Jesus told us that. He does
guide us into all truth. Jesus told us that but to really understand the role
and the ministry of the Holy Spirit we have to understand…let me stick with
Pinocchio for a second all right. He’s more, he’s not Jiminy Cricket he’s
Geppetto. You with me? Give me a picture. All right
because Geppetto what’s he doing? He’s the one holding the strings. He’s not the
little guy on my shoulder whispering suggestions. He’s the owner,
creator, and master that’s supposed to be pulling the strings and so if I can
understand the Holy Spirit in these terms. The Parakletos, the Advocate who
has control, power of attorney over my life. He’s the one that’s close enough to
make the call. He has control. There’s a word right. Let’s just stop on that word
for a second control. Just looking for reactions. Control. Anybody have a problem
with control in this place? Anybody just and if not you because a couple of you
raise your hand I’m really proud of you because usually controllers won’t do
that because I’m not gonna let you tell me to raise my hand right (Laughter) because you’re
in control. So some of you are getting some healing and three of you actually.
The rest of you we have a problem with control in our country. We think we’re
always in control. We’re always trying to be in control and if you don’t have a
problem with control then statistically both of the people next to you do so
would you just look at your neighbor. It’s you. Just let, if it’s not you, it’s
them. Look at them. It’s you. It’s you. If you’re married to him you know. (Laughter)
Yeah control is our issue and so this is interesting because Jesus as he’s
teaching us about the Holy Spirit in John chapter 3 he’s actually teaching a
guy named Nicodemus. A religious guy who’s always in control. He checks all
the boxes. He’s done everything right. He knows who God is and how God is and he
plays by the rules. He sneaks off to talk to Jesus because he’s, he’s wondering is
there a box I haven’t checked yet because isn’t that what we do as
controllers? We put God in our box and we say well this is who God is. This is
how he’s like. This is what he wants done and we do those things because we want
to be in control and so Nicodemus he has this problem
with control. He comes to Jesus and he’s like so what do I need to do to be saved?
I want to make sure cuz I got my list and I’ve been doing it and I want to
make sure I’ve checked all my boxes and Jesus to explain the work of God to
Nicodemus in John chapter 3 verse 8 he says “The wind blows wherever it pleases.”
This is interesting. You’re trying to, you’re trying to put something on your
little check box. Let me tell you this, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You
hear its sound but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it
is with everyone born of the Spirit.” The analogy says you want to understand
God, you got to first understand the wind. Floridians, do we understand the wind? (Laughter)
We’re trying right. Like did we not just dodge another bullet, a hurricane
knocked on our door. Left. Thank you Lord. I always believe when the hurricane
passes it was my prayers. Does anybody else take credit for that? (Laughtger) I feel like my
hedge of protection is so strong. Now when it hits us that’s when I’m in sin. I
don’t know (Laughter) but it missed us and I can’t believe it because it wasn’t supposed to.
Now we also have neighbors that we love that were affected. I’m thankful for our
church because we’re always there. I never have to wonder are we gonna help
people. We always help people and so we’re already making a difference in the
Bahamas. Praise God for that (Applause) but here’s the thing about the wind and it’s it’s
devastating. The wind is so powerful. It’s incredible to me and here’s the
thing we know as Floridians about the wind we can’t control it. We can’t slow it
down 1 mile per hour. We cannot change its course or direction even one foot
from where it wants to go. Listen not only can we not control it, we can’t even
predict it right. I mean we have no idea where this thing is going until it goes
where it goes. It’s crazy to me with all our technology, with all our AI, with all
our – we have cars that drive themselves. I can’t afford one yet but I will one day
all right. I want one Tesla. Please Lord you heard. (Laughter) Ok,
so anyway but somehow we still can’t make the wind shift
directions or like is that that’s crazy to me and I wonder like to me the hurt
because we’re all huddled around our televisions right minute by minute.
What’s it doing now? It’s moving at 1 mile an hour. Well we’re gonna be
watching TV for a while cuz it’s not even do anything and we think now it
might, we don’t know. This hurricane brought to you by Lowe’s
and 7-Eleven. We’re, we’re buying a lot of wood.
We’re buying a lot of water because we don’t know where it might go to Florida.
It might hit Georgia. Who knows it may even hit Alabama. I’m just saying we
don’t know where it’s going. (Laughter) I’m not touching that one. (Laughter)
Not even with a Sharpie. Uh uh. (Laughter) Not touching it. That was that was fun. If you
watch the news. If you don’t just relax. (Laughter) If you do just relax okay. (Laughter) Go back though
with me 2,000 years what Jesus said is still true today. No one knows where the
winds going. The wind blows wherever it pleases and while we want to control the
wind the truth is the wind controls us. It does its thing and we’re left with
the effects and so what he, the point he’s making, what he’s saying to us is
the the wind of God, the “Pneuma” in the Greek. The wind, the Spirit of God is we
don’t control him. He controls us. We don’t get to tell him what he’s going to
do and how he’s going to do it but when he comes into our lives he is the
Advocate. The Parakletos. He has power over our lives and that wind blows
wherever it pleases and so what we need to do is we need to surrender to the
pneuma. We need to surrender to the wind and and submit to the work of God, the
spirit of God and just say hey you’re you’re in control. Do your thing.
This isn’t my house. This isn’t our house. This is your house. Come in and and you
blow whatever direction you see fit .You come in and you move me however you
think is right. I am not my own. I was bought at a price. Make this place your
home and listen when we do that, when we invite the fresh wind of God to blow in
our lives that’s when things start to change.
That’s when miracles start to manifest and mountains start to move. The way
Jesus told his disciples in Acts chapter 1 verse 8 he says “You will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” You’ll receive power and guess what they
did and if you flip the page to Acts chapter 2 as they were waiting and
praying in the upper room the Holy Spirit did show up in power and it was
like the sound of a violent what? Wind. Filled this place. A wind from heaven
came. The Pneuma. The wind. The Spirit and it says they were filled with the Holy
Spirit. That wind is what they were waiting for. Jesus said wait on the wind.
Wait on the Spirit. The wind is what we need to be waiting for. That wind. We
don’t know when it’s coming or what its gonna do because the wind does whatever
it pleases but it’s always worth the wait. Wait on the wind because when it
comes it changes everything. I was talking recently to my team. We meet on
Tuesdays for lunch, our team lunch and about 70 or 80 of the the staff at the
church and I love to share what God’s doing in my life. Where I think he’s
leading us as a church and, and I was sharing with the team recently about how
I’ve been in a season where it felt like the wind has been at my face. This was
the analogy I used. Have you ever felt like like no matter what you do you just
can’t seem to move ahead and it feels like you’re going up hill and you are
this the wind is in your face? You’re not gaining any ground. No matter how hard
you try. Maybe you felt like that. I was there. I was in a season where man I’m
working harder than I’ve ever worked. I’m thinking harder. I’m, I’m pouring myself
out but we’re not getting anywhere and and so I’m sharing that with with the
team and and I was able to share with them how I feel like we’re in this new
season where God is moving and the wind it feels like it shifted from in my face
to at my back and it’s such a beautiful thing to have the wind at your back and
now I can go twice as far, twice as…it’s kind of like when the hurricane goes by
have you noticed you could stand in the same spot and the winds change all day.
You notice that like as the hurricane goes by the wind maybe is blowing from
the east and then as it shifts it’s blowing from the north then it actually
blows offshore is what I call it because that’s when we surf. Everybody calls me
when the hurricane is coming like are you surfing? How big are the waves? Like
no because the winds haven’t shifted in my favor yet. When the winds are west
that’s when you know I took a personal day
okay. (Laughter) I’m easy to predict. I missed this one unfortunately. The waves actually
we’re amazing but when the wind shifts and it’s in our favor it’s so cool and
so I was sharing with the team I said it just feels like the wind has shifted
here. Like it’s not at our face it’s at our back and everybody was cheering
because they’re feeling this wind that God is sending. I was praying later on
that week and just and really thanking God. I’m like God thank you. You switched
the wind in my favor. It’s at my back, not at my face. Lord thank you so much. I just
felt like God was like hey I’m glad you feel the wind at your back. I just want
you to know I didn’t shift it. Like no, you you did definitely Lord. I feel it.
Thank you God and he’s like hey, you can keep praising me it’s just, you just got
to know I didn’t do that. It’s one of those weird prayer times where hey can
we not argue right now. (Laughter) I’m just trying to praise you okay and I feel like we’re
getting into a little something but it the Lord is like I didn’t shift the wind.
I’m like but how is that possible because I know I’m telling you I feel it
like it was at my face now it’s at my back. He’s like I didn’t shift the wind.
You shifted. I’m like wait what? And then okay think about it right cuz if if the
wind is blowing in your face, two ways to get it to change. If the wind is blowing
in your face option one is the wind shifts and it comes around and all of a
sudden it changes direction and or…. (Applause) Yep. Thank you. I could be a Disney mime. I know like it’s not rocket science. It’s so simple but like if the winds blowing
this way if I wanted to be blowing all I have to do the Lord said hey I didn’t
change the wind. You changed. You turned and shifted with me. Okay you figured out
where I was working and in which way I was blowing and you let me have my way
and that’s why you’re feeling the breeze and you know for me I’ll just tell you
it was all about surrender. It was all about control. (Applause)
It was about trying to control things that I’m not in control of. Trying to
make things happen that I cannot make happen on my own and so when I came to
the place of surrender and just said all right Lord. You have control. All the
sudden that fresh wind from heaven the wind that I was waiting for it showed up
and it was at my back and I’m flying forward with the grace of God and it
feels really good. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want this for
you and I know for sure that there are a whole lot of you right now that feel
like you are walking uphill against the wind and it’s in your face and you
cannot move forward no matter what you do. No matter how hard you work you’re
not gaining any ground. It’s so frustrating when you’re in a season like
that and I know a lot of you feel that way and sometimes what we do we’re in
that season, it’s crazy but you know what we do we try to control the wind and so
Lord would you just do this and if you would just do that, if you would change
this and move this and move that person and fix this problem. I know what you
need to do God and if you would just do what I tell you you’re trying to change
the wind. You’re trying to move the wind blows wherever it pleases and we’re
we’re trying to control it but the Pneuma of God, the spirit the wind blows
into our life and it says here’s what I need you to do. I just need you to shift.
I’m blowing this way and if you will let this fresh wind blow in your life, if
you’ll go with me you will feel it at your back. You know the Bible word for
this, sounds a little preachy but it’s not, it’s repent. You know you think about
that word repent sometimes you see the guy with the megaphone and the picture
of fire. Repent. Like that’s a bad word. Nah…it’s an amazing word and in the
Greek Metanoia. Meta means change. It just means to change direction. Gnosis
actually means knowledge. It’s to change your mind and agree with God to go from
this to this. That’s repentance. To change direction and go the direction that God
is going and all of a sudden I’m telling you that you feel this wind and it’s
way better. Here’s what I can tell you about going
with the wind. It’s way easier. His yoke is easy. His burden is light.
Praise God. The stuff I put on myself is way too heavy. The stuff other people put
on me I can’t carry but his yoke it’s easy. His burden is light. It’s freeing. It’s
the most freeing thing in the world. Let me tell you why because we’re the Spirit
of the Lord is there’s freedom. That’s what he told us. (Applause) You, you need the Holy
Spirit in your life because that’s when the freedom comes in and against such
things Paul says there is no law. The fruit of the Spirit in your life, you
don’t have to make rules and you don’t have to live because the look the wind
blows wherever it pleases but when that wind of God blows it never blows in the
wrong direction. Praise God that the Parakletos calls the shots in our life
but he never makes the wrong call because he knows what the Lord wants and
so here’s my question to you. Are you inviting the spirit into your life?
How much? At what level are you inviting him in? Are you inviting him into the
home or are you letting him have the home? There’s a difference. There’s a big
difference because the Holy Spirit doesn’t want to come into your house and
be a guest. He wants to come in and make it his home. He doesn’t want to live with
you okay. Emmanuel, God with us. We praise Jesus for for what he did as he was God
in the flesh and he was crucified for our sins and he took upon us what was
ours and he was resurrected. Ascended into heaven but he said better for you,
it’s not God with you it’s God in you, the Holy Spirit and he’s come to give us
access to the Father. He’s come 24/7 we don’t have to worry as he’s sleeping in
the back of the boat on a cushion okay because the Holy Spirit lives in us. He’s
not just with us he’s come to give us intimacy with the father. He searches the
things of God. He whispers them to us. He knows what’s best for our life. He gives
us specific and personal revelation. He’s come to give us power from the Father.
You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. The only thing
better than God with us it’s God in us and so don’t miss the blessing. Don’t
miss the gift. Jesus says it’s better for you, it’s the best thing for you and I
want you to have it and in fact he tells us that the father longs to give
the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks. Ask right. It’s not super deep but if God
wants to give you the thing that you need the most, the person who can help
you then ask. He says all you got to do is ask then ask. I’ve invited the band
to come back out I want to lead us have them lead us in that song we
saying earlier, Fall Afresh and just kind of lean into what God is doing and
really invite the spirit to come into our lives and take over. I think for a
lot of us that’s the thing it’s control and we need to invite him in and just
say hey you have control. I’ve been trying for so long to hold on and to
keep this thing going. I need to let go and let you have the wheel. Let you have
control and you know we’re encouraged by God to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Not not to let him in and give him a room but to let him take over and when
the spirit comes in when the wind comes it takes over every space in the house.
He comes in and he moves and he he starts remodeling and redecorating and
and when we give him control, it’s not my house, it’s not our house, it’s his house.
Invite him in. Would you stand. Let’s stand together and if this is you today
and you really need that fresh wind of God to blow in your life I’m just gonna
invite you, this is so simple but one of the things I do with the Lord is I’ll
just I usually take this posture. I just put my hands out if you really want to
give control of your life to him, give him access to all of you let him be the
Parakletos, The Advocate, give him power of attorney to let him be close enough
to call the shots for you, just hold your hands out there and this
is a simple prayer but it could change your life. Just let him know come Holy
Spirit. If it’s you just whisper that to him right now, come Holy Spirit. The
Father longs to give you the Holy Spirit. Just invite him in come Holy Spirit.
You know Jesus when he was with his disciples he breathed on them the breath, the wind,
the pneuma and he said receive the Holy Spirit. As he’s here with us now I
believe breathing in this place, as he exhales just inhale come Holy Spirit. Let
that be your prayer as you surrender to the gift of God in your life.
Lord we we absolutely invite you into this place. Not just this place but Lord
this house specifically our hearts, our lives, we invite you in not to be a guest
but to make this your home. Father we invite you to have control. We thank you
for this gift of God in us. The only thing that could possibly be better than
God with us is the Holy Spirit, God in us and so we thank you Lord that this is
the gift you’ve given and so Holy Spirit we invite you in. Just come Holy Spirit.
Take over. Fill every room. This is your house and we look forward to giving you
control because we know that when you make the call you always make the right
call. When, when your wind blows through our life you never blow in the wrong
direction and so we invite you to blow wherever you please. Whatever direction
Lord have your way. We surrender to you now in Jesus name amen. Thank you so much
for joining us today for Real Life Online. If you have any questions or are
in need of prayer we would love to connect with you. You can go to Real.Life/Connect and someone will reach out to you soon. We also want to
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Once again thank you for joining us today and remember that God is crazy
about you!

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