God of War Ascension: All Bosses and Ending



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  2. Kratos defeated Primordials (which were more powerful than Titans and Gods) and yet, people say he truly isn't stronger than the gods? If anything, I'm surprised he didn't kill them quicker than the Primordials.

  3. It's cringy to watch him fight, those moves are for noobs. At least he has a successful youtube channel. It is true then, you don't need to be skilled to stream games and get paid for it.

  4. Anybody else find it funny how everybody was replaying through GoW3 before the new one was released but somehow everybody forgot about this game? This game is soo underrated.

  5. Apparently Kratos does not have a pen*s or he is just wearing underwear that is the exact color as him

  6. Story line:

    1) God of War: Chain of Olympus
    2) God of War: Ascension
    3) God of War
    4) God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    5) God of War 2
    6) God of War 3
    7) God of War 4

    Jeez… Kratos is like the definition of Chuck Norris in video games O-o

  7. time line: Ascention-Chain of olympus-God of war-ghost of sparta-god of war 2-god of war 3 and finally god of war ps4.

  8. Best games of the saga in order
    God of War 2
    – God of War 2018
    – God of War 3
    God of War: Ascension
    – God of War
    – God of War Ghost of Sparta
    – God of War Chains of Olympus
    – God of War Betrayal

  9. Zesus half god sun says you can only kill a Kraken with Medusa's head.Kratos says "Hold my beer".

  10. Kill count for Franchise thru Ascension:
    Kratos: 62
    Mole Cerberus: 10
    Pandora: 1
    Furies: 1
    Head of Pandora's Temple's Construction: 3
    Gaia: 1
    Alrik: 1
    Barbarians: 100
    Spartans: 200
    Hades: 4
    Ares: 101
    Persian Army: 100
    Zeus: 1

    Total: 581

  11. I don't know what's worst, the fact that this video has enemies like Cyclops, Elephantaurs, Medusa, Centaurs and etc as bosses, even though they're just giant monsters, or the person who's playing this games seriously sucks at the QTEs.

  12. You play so bad everybody Hurt you a lot. You even try to cover the atack or make a counter. I cant imagine how you Will do in god Mode 😂

  13. I have a love-hate relationship with this game; on one hand, I like the cool graphics and good music, but on the other hand, I personally don’t like the bosses nor do I like the story. This doesn’t feel… “God of War”-y, if you know what I mean. Because the God of War franchise had games that allowed you to fight big baddies like gods and demons; this game feels off-putting, in my opinion.

  14. man, woman, beast does not matter, if you stand in the way or offend Kratos, it will turn you into a pile of dying flesh

  15. Kratos … He had to kill his only friend to rid him of this madness … the first time I see the kratos thanking someone but not to break his neck … poor kratos … poor … kratos .. I be sad with him

  16. Can anybody name each of the bosses in God of War Ascension?I have never heard of God of War before Watchmojo,let alone played it,so please name all the bosses here that appear?

  17. 36:05 What/Who is that ugly creature with the face of an elephant?What does it do?Why is it attacking Kratos?

  18. Nossa maneiro esse bicho enorme e katros. Anda na cidade dirrepente. Encotra bicho cágado motrual

  19. i bet the Hekatonkheires is the first thing Kratos came across that was actually thankful for the god killing lunatic killing him. now he won't be a living prison anymore. cause he dead.

  20. 51:06
    Out of ALL the things she could have said at that moment, why did she have to say “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!!????”
    She could have said “WHAT” or “IMPOSSIBLE” or something like that, unless what she said seemed right at that moment, I’m just gonna keep quiet

  21. GoW will always be the best action game in the history of Gaming.

    Actually not the best.

    The most badass game action in the history of Gaming.

  22. Not the best GoW, but the final battle against the giant sea monster thing had to be one of the most epic fights in the series!

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