God Is Bigger Than Your Battle | Pastor Steven Furtick

it’s very difficult to see your freedom
when all you see that is in front of you reminds you of your past it’s very
difficult to see a reason to rejoice I mean let’s be honest some of y’all today
the last thing you felt like saying was I’ve seen you move a mountain and I
believe I’ll see you do it again because quite honestly some of the mountains
you’re looking at haven’t moved in 53 years and so while somebody else has got
their hands lifted you’re like I’m glad this is working for them and I might
rock a little bit but I can’t sing that right now my faith is low right now
here’s the thing God sent me to tell you you might be on your sixth lap around
the walls of Jericho and this next one might be the one that brings the walls
down look at me man this is what the children
of Israel had been doing for 40 years in the wilderness circling the same path in
the wilderness for 40 years under Moses leadership so here comes Joshua and he’s
supposed to take them into the Promised Land and this is like when you finally
see an improvement you finally see a possibility you finally see a little
light you finally see a little hope and now Joshua the first instruction he
gives them is to start taking laps just like they’ve been doing for the last 40
years and you got to think these guys are asking each other as day after day
passes and they keep circling the same walls the same city like man how many
more times are we going to do this and that’s exactly where some of you are
asking God today how much longer is it going to be like this because see if God
would tell me how many laps I had to take I’d be good I could just set my
clock this is how long it is this is how much it is this is what its gonna take
and then I can just settle in and I can walk it’s no problem
I’ll walk but Joshua never told the people how many times they would have to
walk why God doesn’t want you to trust in your knowledge he doesn’t want you to
trust in your senses he wants to know will you take another
lap even when you don’t know if these walls are ever gonna fall I wish I could tell you that this might
be your seventh march around the walls of Jericho but I don’t know what I do
know is that every time you walk in faith in obedience to God even if the
walls don’t fall God is working inside of you God is working inside of you and
even the afflictions that the enemy brings into your life are employed by
the grace and the hand of God to make you a masterpiece of his creativity and
a design of his function so that you literally become a weapon in the hands
of God against the darkness the scripture doesn’t say no weapon will be
formed against you it says no weapon formed against you will prosper it won’t
take you out it won’t keep you from your assignment and it will not keep you from
your purpose I need you to give God a shout of praise about that but I didn’t
even tell you the crazy part yet because the crazy part isn’t that Jehoshaphat
focused on God the crazy part is what the Prophet told him before he ever set
out this is a word for somebody if this is your word you’ll receive it and
you’ll know it when I say it he says verse 17 you will not have to fight this
battle now why would God tell them not to fight a battle when they’re being
attacked because it’s not their battle so listen to it again you will not have
to fight this battle say it to the person next to you you will not have to
fight this battle now that does not apply to you if
there’s something in your power that you can do that God has given you to do in
obedience but if the battle is bigger than you it’s not your battle and God
sent me here today to tell you he wants his battle back there are some things
that you have been trying to fight in your own strength
and figure out in your own flesh and God says I want my battle back he says you
don’t have to fight it just stand firm and take your position so in other words
you don’t have to fight it you just have to face it and if you will face it God
says I will fight it I don’t know any better news in the world than to stand
in the reality that the God of heaven and earth is fighting my battles this
very moment to know that when the battle is too much for me I think God likes big
battles I think God likes impossible situations you know how I know when
Jesus walked the earth he would put the disciples in a storm why would you send
them into the storm when you created the weather systems maybe the only way that
we’ll ever know that he’s greater than the storm is if he puts us in the storm
and enables us to survive in the middle of it it’s not my battle it’s not my
battle some of us deal with shame our whole
life we spend our whole life trying to get rid of our shame do you not know
that you are defeat you’re fighting a foe that has already been defeated that
your shame was already taken care of at the cross that whatever you did
yeah there’s consequences yeah there’s there’s change that is required but if
you are dealing with your shame you are fighting an enemy that was already
defeated I thank God that I don’t have to fight
my shame it’s too big for me the blood of Jesus was enough the cross of Jesus
was enough the place where he died for me is the place that I live from and I
just want to let you know today that if it’s too big it’s not yours if it’s too
big for you God says you don’t even have to fight this one now you don’t get to
run away but watch what he told him to do he said I want you to face your enemy
and worship in the face of the attack the devil is so confused when you praise
God and everything is going wrong it gives him a panic attack the devil
cannot find his pill bottle fast enough when you start praising God and you just
went through you just got the worst news that you’ve had in three years and you
start praising God talking about God did it God did it God did it you know what
that does that turns the enemy’s own attempt against him because what he
tried to do to break your faith only made it stronger so now you’re talking
about God did it and he made the devil pay for it and everything that came
against you watch this David went up against Goliath he didn’t have a sword
Goliath in but David had a rock you gotta hit the devil with what you got so
what do you have have you got a praise give it to God your praise will push
back darkness your praise will silence the voice of the accuser your praise
will drown out condemnation your praise will make a way in the wilderness your
praise will bring water from a rock your praise will bind the attempt of the
enemy your praise will still the hand of Satan your praise will bring joy to
depression your praise will speak peace to a storm your praise will do it do you
have a praise and when he took the rock this
freaked me out when he took the rock and it hit Goliath in the head have you
heard this Bible story knocked him down the next thing he did was to go and take
his sword because he was going to need it later all 200 of y’all missed that the
attack that you are facing today is going to give you the weapon that you
need for tomorrow Goliath can’t kill you
so whoever this message is for God said you got to face it you can’t fight this
on your own in all of the ways that we manipulate our lives and all of the ways
that we manipulate our situations and then we come to this point like
Jehoshaphat where we realize there’s nothing I can do about this one this one
is too big for me and God says really that might be a sign
that the battle is not yours hey thank you for watching make sure you subscribe
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  1. Give unto God what is to God — FAITH , which Faith shall not be leavened as in Protestantism, through adding "Only" changing the whole concept of Salvation , even the source of the prophesied Apostasy through Protestantization (sunk in Divorce & Sodom) even as it being Legalized/Propogated/Glorified, in the bargain picking up the multi-colored banned Babylonian Garment of Jericho thinking that the sign of God has been usurped.

    "By Grace are ye saved through Faith ".The emphasis on Grace not Faith. However Faith by itself has its works within, to James :Faith without works is dead" the emphasis on Faith even to give unto God what is to God .
    That which specifically CONSTITUTE the Faith are the Two Commandments of Love which hang in the Two Keys of heaven, denoted by the Bronze Image of St Peter in Peters Basilica , The universal DOCTRINE of the Church called to be Evangelized , incidentally the STANDARD by which man is to be Judged, in order to fulfill the Law and the Prophets (that hang in the two Commandments) as decreed by him, & by Bonding in it amounts to picking up one's cross daily to following him as commanded, results in Daily Sacrifices and in this state of Faith shall his Grace (Communion — Entirely of God) be received , thus "By the Communion comes the Salvation through the Two Commandments "
    A spiritual understanding of the contents placed in the Ark of the Covenant reveals/affirms this truth

    Said Jesus "My sheep know my Voice " & unto Peter said he "Feed my sheep" which food are the Two Commandments reveals"His Masters Voice"

    John 14 :21 : He that HATH my Commandments (the two) , & KEEPETH them, he it is that loveth me —- "
    CORRESPONDS to the CRUCIAL words of OT in Jeremiah 31:33 " — After those days said the Lord , I will put my Law in their minds (to KEEPETH – to Do) & write it in their hearts (to HATH) —- " reveals the New Covenant .

  2. Wow God is still talking to disspite my wrong I have done the other night. I heard this same message just early in the morning twice on my 📺 and a third time on YouTube. Thank you God for not quitting on me.

  3. It's so sad that people will hold your wrongs against you,when God has forgiven you. Wow praise alone defeat or enemies

  4. Today i feel down😞 because i found my husband to have another woman. Its hurt for me because we have 1 daughter.. I don't know what to do… "but when i heard this sermon i know God is with me always… And i pray to god that my husband change his lifestyle and follow jesus… 🙏💖💞

  5. How the hell can anybody believe this crap anymore??? If you idiots actually read the Bible you would realize how stupid and corrupt it is .. the Bible is 100% man made .. its the most hateful book every published … condones slavery , murder of unruly children.. don’t plant 2 different crops or die don’t ware clothes with 2 different fabrics die .. don’t eat shell fish or pork ??? Lmao hmmm. Sounds like someone got food poisoning way back then and said oh snap god hates fish and pork … wow morons

  6. Thank you Lord for your word this morning. Thank you for your grace and mercy. God bless you pastor Steven Furtick today and always in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  7. The people of Israel roamed around in the wilderness for 40 years because they sinned against Him with the golden calf. If they were obedient to God from the beginning, there would have been no 40 years in the wilderness. Repentance from sin followed by obedience is the real message.

  8. If the battle is bigger than you it’s not yours .. wow . You don’t have to fight just stand firm and face it and God says He will fight it

  9. I have been trying my best to resolve a problem, but it didn't go as I planned. God had other plans. So I will leave it to God. I leave it all to God. My financial problems, My husband's problem, Job problem. God will provide and help me through this difficult times

  10. I had a dream that there was a demonic presence and I started praying in tongues. And I could feel the power working. God is fighting my spiritual battles hallelujah

  11. PLEASE upload the full version!! i need more of this sermon!! i need more because its just so good!! i wanna cry out, i wanna cry longer in the beautiful of his words, in the power of God! Please!!

  12. Amen Jesus my husband Likith death plz retan me Jesus brother plz preyar me my husband Likith nobody no my life 9 month only marred my husband death Likith plz retan me Jesus brother plz preyar me nobody no my life partner fucher amount all problems Osama sallu Maddi amen Jesus brother plz preyar me my life further partner Likith husband retan me Jesus my job amount problems Home problems health problems amount problem job problems family problems health problems buty problem all problems sallu Maddi children's future likith children S fucher amount problems life problems job problems family problems food cloths family all problems sallu Maddi Osama Jesus help me amen my life partner fucher amount all problems Osama sallu Maddi amen Jesus my buty job amount all problems Osama sallu Maddi yess Appa adhubutha Maddi yessa Appa amen adhubutha Maddi Jesus help me Jesus help me amen my life buty face nobody's lv yess Appa adhubutha Maddi yessa Appa amen adhubutha Jesus my name vijayalakshmi Harshith Ammu yessa Appa adhubutha Maddi yessa Appa amen

  13. This is amazingly true! Wow 🙏🏼 Praise the Lord, the Victory is already ours in every storm!!! All praise to the Most High God

  14. Dear Pastor Steven I am 70 years old and I need your help there it's a young couple on YouTube name Jamie and Nikki they were a beautiful couple and they announce recently that they are separating I'm trying to reach him so he can listen to you because you are young and you can relate to this young people he needs to give his heart to the Lord Is It Anyway can't you can look them up and reach out to them he's on Instagram I think I don't know how to get on that this is all new to me I listen to you and I know you are cool so that's why I think he will listen to you God bless you Pastor Steven thank you

  15. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus …I can’t do nothing on
    My own…thanks Pastor ..I receive the word in the name of Jesus..you have blessed our hearts

  16. That's is exactly wat I needed today, thenks a lot Steven,I always listen to you via YouTube or Family t.v(part of TBN Africa)in Kenya n I can't afford to miss any of ur sermon .Ur a God sent Pastor n may He always protect, guide n c u through.

  17. ask for all of to pray for my wife and I
    Please pray for healing by the Grace of God and for restoration of our marrriage

  18. I can fight this fight
    I give to God and I praise Him in anticipation of the blessings he will bestow upon my wife and I

  19. Please pray for me I have no job besides one I get paid 150$ every 2 weeks and no car.so I'm staying with a friend please pray that God will help me

  20. Pray for me to be a better example of what a christian looks like around my friend who im evangelizing too. Also please pray for his salvation, his name is Nicholas. pray that God revails himself too him.

  21. Glory be to God. Pastor Furtick please pray for and my I have went back to 2 years ago and thing started out great. With some accomplishments goals I set. I finally got the job I wanted 4 months into the jobas I was my way to work to do evening shift which I normally work morning shifts due to my smallest child whose not attending 1st grade. I met in a car accident that affecting my hold body 5 months I’ve not been able to go back to or even do much regular stuff I could. I’m now on so many medications even high blood pressure medication. My daughter who I spoke about before is suffering from cataract in both eyes she had surgery in December in the right eye only it didn’t do much because of inflammation in her eyes and her body she did another surgery on the same eye in August of this she blurry from the eye she on 3 different eyes drops 1 tablet and two oral medicine. I am very stressed out not being able to work to help my husband to support our family, it’s taking a toll on me. I keep praying and trusting my God for break through and also waiting on his miraculous blessings healing on me and my family my grandfather was a pastor so was taught to pray and trust God and I’m doing that the way I can. But need you to please pray me and family. God blessed you. My is Olivia Thompson/ The Thompsons Family. 🙏🏽😇

  22. And I watch your YouTube videos to help uplift me daily thank please keep doing what you’re doing it’s touching lives. Steven Furtick.

  23. Amazing!!! This message was just in time. Thank You Jesus for it. Teach me Lord to face it and give the battle back to You.

    God bless You P. Steven.

  24. What I don’t understand is that I get these videos sent to my Reminders and then when I can watch it, it says the video is private and I cannot watch any of your videos? Why is that? Most of the time I cannot watch the videos when they are live and this is why I had the reminders sent to my phone.

  25. God is the battle of humanity. We are at war to free ourselves from God's false light matrix reincarnation soul slave trap.

    God has lied to all of us and we need to awaken the spirit of humanity within

  26. Please can someone tell me what the Pastor said . i didn't really understand i heard only 17 . i would like to read this in the Bible. He is saying something very powerful about our battle. Pls pls pls in the name of Jesus

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