>>There is no what if. *Smacks table* [Captions by Mikee M. at Y Translator]
I am pregnant. And it is Jesus.>>What?! Hey, guys, another day.
Another crazy on Dr. Phil *When is there not one?* So this girl is 15, and she’s saying she’s pregnant, and the baby is Baby Jesus. Jesus been done and born already. Girl, you twenty eighteen years too late. *Good Joke, SSSniperWolf*>>I’m nine months pregnant. My family, my friends,
my pastors at church, they don’t believe that I’m pregnant.>>Pregnant?! B**** she looks like she just
had a double-double with some fries. Me after eating dinner. If you are nine months pregnant, she would be like a watermelon.>>I’m not stupid. I’m not crazy. I’m tired of playing these games
and it’s about to be over with. [laughs]>>Everybody just laughing at her. Her mom’s like,”Ok, you want attention? you know what? Let’s call Dr. Phil. He loves b****** who want attention.”>>I’m now days away from
giving birth and they’re like, you’re not pregnant. You’re too tiny. You’re probably just getting fat. [laughs]>>Something the tells me,
she’s not actually pregnant. I mean, wouldn’t a simple
pregnancy test solve this? *Duh…..*>>One of my biggest temptations is wanting to whack
you across the head. I know it’s Jesus. I don’t care if my family disowns me. It really comes down to if you’re
a true believer in Jesus or not.>>Somebody reading too much Bible. This poor girl done tricked herself that A, she pregnant, B, it’s Jesus. She dead serious too.>>I know it’s Jesus.>>I know you’re crazy.>>There’s no denying that. I know my pregnancy is real.
I have gained at least 22 pounds. I was sleeping one night and… my baby punched the bottom
of my stomach and kicked me. And I can feel his head right here. It’s like right below my belly button.>>That’s your spleen. She’s actually insane. Her family can’t even be serious
in the Dr. Phil promo video.>>I took a six urine tests and
they all came back negative. *That’s because you’re not pregnant, would you please get through your skull, woman?!*>>Yup, that’s how you know
it’s baby Jesus. If the pregnancy test says
you’re not pregnant, but you are pregnant. Oh my God, this can
only mean one thing. It’s Jesus. You ain’t pregnant.>>I took six urine tests and
they all came back negative. *Stop it, get some help. NOW.* So I specifically asked for a
blood drawn pregnancy test, because I have a rare blood type. The doctors have refused
to give me a blood test.>>They refused to give her a blood test. I wonder why. She probably started talking about, oh I need to know because
it’s definitely baby Jesus. But, they’re like nah, get this crazy out of here.>>I don’t care what the home
pregnancy test or the doctors say. When I give birth to my baby, no one is going to deny him. Because he is my savior.>>Okay, so he’s her savior,
but he’s already done and lived his life. But now what he being
reincarnated as a baby, and she knows it’s him. Wait, what? My stomach looks like that too after
I have a burger and fries. It must be baby Jesus. So you know what Dr. Phil did? He got a nurse and they’re gonna do
a live pregnancy test on the show. Comment below, is she
pregnant or not pregnant?>>First, I am gonna have you… lift up your shirt just a little bit.>>This is my first ultrasound.>>If you were pregnant, you would
have been done had an ultrasound. I bet she really pushing her
stomach out right now, like… I gotta look pregnant, you know,
like nine months pregnant. This three months, it ain’t doing it.>>Do you feel tension in
your family right now?>>Definitely>>We are brushing our teeth…
>>They started recording me.>>Her sister looks exactly like her. Look at this. They’re literally the same person. But, with a different hair color. Oh my God, this is a
bigger conspiracy theory, than the baby Jesus thing. * Put Illuminati here* Why aren’t y’all talking about that? *You should, tho.*>>They started recording me.
>>We were brushing our teeth… You know little things
are already kind of make me mad.>>So, her sister was recording her. Hey, girl what’s in your tummy? Hey girl, what is that?
Whose baby is that? What’s going on? Trying to get some good Snapchat gold.>>The whole reason we got in a fight and
stuff is because she was acting crazy. She was going off because we have
woken up because we’re brushing our teeth, and she was just started
going ballistic crazy.>>So we got a household of three girls. They constantly fighting and recording
each other and putting it on Worldstar. All right. I think y’all have bigger problems.>>You were trying to swing at me as
soon as you walked out of the door. I have a red mark that one of the
guys noticed on my chest.>>And I have it all on video.>>No, not while you were well walking…
>>Yes, I do.>>Where is this video? I want to see this video. What are y’all talkin about?
I’m so confused. *Me too* Okay back to the baby.>>Your brother
and sister think you lie. Have you told some
things that aren’t true? Not the pregnancy,
because you say that is true, but have you told some things
that aren’t true?>>I lie about where I’m going
and stuff sometimes.>>Every single teenager lies to their
parents about where they’re going. They can do it once,
or they could do every single time.>>Well, I made a list.>>So these are all the lies
that this girl has told. I’ve had my tonsils taken out. My mom was doing math
when pregnant with me. [laugh] I mean that might
actually be believable. I pay for everything in this house. How you pay for something
when you don’t work? I have a lawyer to help get
my disability check. Lawyer? Disability?
This girl is 15. I went to college for two weeks. She’s 15. I’ve had a job and driver’s
permit since 14. I give every check to my family. This girl is 15 and making
up all these crazy lies. I can’t hold a job because
of my diagnosis. I have a rare blood type, only a blood test can tell
if I’m pregnant. I am nine days away
from giving birth. I got pregnant December 31st
by my ex-boyfriend. What?! He’s not baby Jesus, then. Mary didn’t need a mans to get
pregnant with baby Jesus, that’s what made him so special. Y’all didn’t even read the Bible.>>Did you have your tonsils taken out?>>Did I?>>No.>>You said you did.>>I don’t think that was me. I don’t think I’ve, I don’t think I’ve had
my tonsils taken out.>>This is just stupid lie.
Not with the other sister, you know the one
that looks exactly like me. I don’t remember saying that.>>It was on your records
from the health department that you put on there, saying that
you had your tonsils removed.>>Records from the health department,>>I saw it.>>That I put on the records
from the health department.>>Yes, that you had your tonsils taken out.
>>I did not say that.>>What do you guys think? This girl is such full of s***.>>I spoke full sentences before
I starte d crawling.>>Yeah.>>No, she started speaking
>>I’ve been in the doctor’s office. Well not crawling, walking.>>Yeah. Well it’s the same thing
because you know, a baby stands up. [laughs] Before I could even stand up and walk… I could speak full sentences, recite Shakespeare. I’ve already been done and
read The Great Gatsby, before I could even walk. Guys, as you can see
she’s obviously a genius, *Sarcasam inteseifies* and because she’s a genius, her baby ended up being Jesus.>>That’s a lie.>>Did you donate a kidney
to your brother?>>I have a not donated a
kidney to my brother. My mom told me while she
was mad at me one day. My mom only had gotten pregnant with me
to use me as a guinea pig for my brother because he was so sick.>>Oh, my God. What the actual f***. Is this seriously a thing?>>She had you for parts.>>Yeah, something like that.>>No, you were a surprise.>>Her mom even admits, oh you were a surprise.>>No, you were a surprise.>>Yeah
>>Not you were a mistake, you were a surprise, which is a nice way of putting it.>>Do you know that you said that?>>I didn’t say that.>>Yes you did.>>I did not say that.>>Yes you did. You’re not a lie detector test
and you need to shut it.>>That’s real good. Anybody try to call you out for lies… bitch you are not a lie detector test, so you need to turn yourself off.>>They’re also trying to say that
I don’t have paranoid schizophrenia when it’s all in the paperwork.>>Never said that.>>So I didn’t say that. I don’t know what that is, that needs to get off the screen. [laughs] I don’t know what that is,
it can off the screen, because I didn’t say that.>>You asked for an ultrasound. How did that go?>>That was my first ultrasound, and…
>>Yeah.>>It was kind of weird like she was
pressing really hard and stuff and, I could feel him kick and
stuff but it was kind of weird.>>It’s probably the kidney her
brother was supposed to get. Like get me out of this crazy bitch. Can we just stop and look at
this skin filter real quick? Dr. Phil you gotta chill. They got an actual smoothing filter. Like, look at that,you good?>>You know, it’s interesting because Dr. Phil
the most notable thing on this ultrasound isn’t what we see, it’s what we don’t see.>>Plot twist. We don’t see a baby. Top 10 Anime Betrayals>>This is a pelvic ultrasound, and the ultrasound machine
is basically showing your abdomen. The area exactly where you would
expect to see the pregnancy, and there is no baby.>>No! How could you do me like this? So there’s no baby Jesus?>>And this is scanning all
across your abdomen, looking everywhere. And if you look there, it is scanning
every possible area, where your baby would be… and there’s no baby. [laughs] *What’s wrong with your face?!*>>This is so embarrassing, I would f***ing die. She just sitting here like. Look at her face.>>And if you show this Dr. Phil… a still image of Haley’s next to what
an ultrasound would look like at 8 and 1/2 months. The baby is almost fully developed. That is what an ultrasound
would look like.>>Man, you a hater,
only haters will say it’s fake.>>There’s no baby.>>Well, Dr. Short, she says that she is
nine days away from delivery, which is virtually full term.>>Nine days away from
delivering a big fat s***.>>Haley we did have dilated
loops of bowel.>>What I told you? Week old Taco Bell sitting in there. Just waiting to get out. Oh, that’s probably the kicking you felt.>>There is so no what if. I am pregnant. And it is Jesus.>>There’s absolutely no indication
of a pregnancy.>>Oh, my God. So all the food she ate, hoping it would just
go to her stomach, and make it look like
she was pregnant, actually distributed throughout
her whole body, and she ended up
gaining like 50 pounds. Bitch, was this worth it to
fake your pregnancy? *Yes, please tell us.*>>How are you?>>Doing a little worse
than I was last time.>>Worse? You were publicly humiliated, did not end up having baby Jesus, and everybody hates you.>>When you were here last time, you were adamant
that you were pregnant.>>One night I had woken up and… I went to the bathroom and then
I looked at my stomach, you know, I was feeling
around and stuff, and my stomach
has gotten completely flat.>>I wonder why. You know, when you eat
and you process the food, and then you go into a room
called the bathroom and sit on a thing called the toilet… and stuff comes out. Interesting.>>And then I started bleeding. And then I was like,
oh my God I just had a miscarriage.>>Oh my God,
I get a miscarriage too. Like every month.>>Then, I started thinking about it, and I was like nothing came
out except blood. I’ve never been pregnant before, and my stomach had
swelled up to a very large amount. And I’ve never had it swollen
up like that before.>>Guys, girls, you hear that? If your stomach ever gets
like really big, it means you’re pregnant. 110% pregnant.>>You were shown an ultrasound when
you were here and it was blank. How do you feel about that now?>>I didn’t think it was
a real ultrasound.>>Yeah, not real. It’s just about as real as
your pregnancy. Wait, that means it’s fake. But, anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys think this girl is
crazy and want a part two, make sure you hit that
like button in the face. And subscribe and join the wolf pack. [howls] I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching.
Bye guys. [Music] *Cool outro*


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