Giant hornets attacked beehive Oh my god!

Giant hornets are attacking the beehive. Giant hornets are invading from the gap of the beehive box. Although we have prepared a giant hornet trap, will be able to save those bees? Hornets are entering into the beehive box. The queen bee may be eaten. I want hornets be trapped. If we can get one, We can catch the whole herd. Hornet are very excited. We used the insecticide. We gave up the harvest of honey. It does not attempt to enter into a beehive in one. Hornets began to be trapped. next day The gap was closed with aluminum cans. Yebisu (god of wealth) is watching.


  1. ニホンミツバチが可哀想!セイヨウミツバチなら良いけど

  2. I wonder how those giants Hornets would do against the fiery little Azteca ant of central and south America were south American army ants sometimes meet their match!

  3. Per gli italiani che eventualmente, dovessero visionare questo filmato, ne in Europa ne tanto meno in Italia questa vespa ( Vespa mandarinia) esiste, tutte le cose che si leggono sul web, sono fandonie! che creano allarmismo, e scatenano un'unitile caccia alle streghe, e a pagarne le spese, sono troppo spesso imenotteri magari grossi, ma del tutto innocui, come la Megascolia maculata. L'unico "calabrone asiatico" come ama chiamarlo il web, è la Vespa velutina (che non ha assolutamente le dimensioni della suddetta V. mandarinia, anzi è più piccola del nostro calabrone) distribuita tra Spagna, Portogallo, Francia e in piccola parte Italia (Piemonte, Liguria e Toscana), e non'è assolutamente pericolosa per l'uomo, a meno che, non si sia un soggetto allergico, ma a questo punto sarebbe pericolosa anche la puntuta di un ape, l'unico motivo per cui bisogna segnalare la presenza dell V. velutina a chi di dovere, è che è spaventosamente dannosa per l'apicoltura, in quanto attacca sistematicamente e in massa le api dato che rispetto le loro "cugine" orientali non sanno fronteggiarla. Cordiali saluti.

  4. Wow, gutted for you loss, hope you have grown your hive back up and the hornets haven't been back.

    Glad you killed them

  5. I would not sit by and watch my bees get attacked, what the hell is wrong with you, I would have killed them with my bare hands before I ever sprayed poison on my hives, the entire hive needs to be burned now, what kind of person would allow their bees to get invaded and not walk out there and kill the hornets???

  6. Disgusting pests that need to be eradicated from existence. What’s needed is some kind of genetic insecticide specific for this pest which wipes them out without harming other insects.

  7. About a year ago i kill one.I was at work and went to use the restroom and when i closed the door it was on it,so i opened it carefully and grabbed a broom and started hitting it.It flew around the room and luckily it had a low ceiling so i kept beating it till it finally died .i was scared first time seeing or even hearing about one of these wasps.I guess it must have came on one of the shipping containers since i work on the Houston Tx Port!

  8. if these giant hornets weren't bothering u or stinging u why would u kill them, they kill insects that are a bother n ur n ass!!

  9. Ja, so sieht bei uns Imkerei nicht, wenn die Kasten in Ordnung sind und die Bienen stark und gesund dann passiert sowas nicht, schau meine Bienen an……Josef  XX

  10. すいません、、、


  11. dude, dont just watch as those bastards are killing your bees…. grab something and beat the crap out of them!!! Even a shoe would be great for it….. after watching to the end the slime was a good idea too but still, you got to stick up for your little bees a bit better.

  12. Okay but torturing those creatures with pesticide is NOT okay. Look at them move in pain and have a slow death, that’s terrible.

  13. 他の人の動画だけど、ミツバチが通れるくらいの隙間開けて電気通った線貼ってる人もいたね!!

  14. So… you killed a swarm hornets, lost all bees and destroyed the honey. Waste of everything, even life. You must be so proud of yourself son!

  15. Rare footage of Germany invading Poland. (Color footage, 1939)

    2:05 is after the turn of the war. (Color footage by USSR, 1945)

  16. เมืองไทยเรียกว่าตัวต่อคัปผม..สามารถไปตีรังต่อเอาตัวอ่อนมารับทานทำอาหารได้คัปผม

  17. That is one of the creepier things I've seen, and yet fascinating😮
    Did any of your bees survive or were you able to recolonize your hive?

    Great video

  18. Damm a sick person make a Trap for thoes,, it PART of the damm Naturso let it be like the Natur is insted of killing thoes big ons y dammm noob

  19. Das nennt man auch "in die Natur eingreifen", und das auch noch mit völlig unnatürlichen Fallen bei denen die Hornissen unnötig lange leiden bis sie endlich erlöst werden, also ich finde es unnötig…

  20. Kardeş kovanda arı yokki
    Olsa o eşekarıları elini kolunu sallaya sallaya kovana giremez 🤔

  21. トラップが効果テキメンとは。しかし、オオスズメバチは毒々しい体色で見ててゾクゾクしてくる。


  23. I would have the pellet gun out, an have an assistant gunner shoving pellets into the breech , you could kill one of those hornets every fifteen seconds if you are a good shot.

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