Get the old YOU back Sleep Guided meditation

How would it feel to be the person you were
before all this stuff happened? How would it feel to tell you, you can be
happy again, smile, laugh and do the things you loved to do?
I am here to tell you that it is possible, to the point where you
won’t want to be the person you are now ever again.
This could be seen as an outrageous claim, though I can tell you
that I, personally have reached this achievement myself.
Through listening to this guided meditation before sleep or during rest time
on a regular basis, it will lift your mood, make you feel more positive and
open your mind to the new possibilities that YOU possess!
Please set yourself down in a relaxed position, preferably laying down, make sure there
are no distractions as this will be a very powerful experience.
So powerful, that in this relaxed state you will find your subconscious will
take over listening, helping to change the way you think into a much more positive way. First of all, think of a happy memory you
have in the timeframe of the person you used to be.
Using all your focus as if you were there, concentrate on the scene you see as if it
were happenning right now. As your mind is set on this memory,
utilize every sense you have, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.
Take a moment to absorb everything and really feel as if you were there. Take notice of your body, have your shoulders
dropped slightly, are you smiling, has your breathing changed?
Meditating on this scene brings out positive feelings from your mind to your body.
To achieve a relaxed state all you have to do is remember how you feel when thinking
about this memory. From doing this simple action brings immediate
results, the more you experience these feelings of happiness
the more your mind and body will want to show you that you can be happy again. Now it is time to take this feeling to a deeper
level, as if planting a seed that will grow in your mind.
Imagine you are in an empty room, there is nothing here except a door, this can be seen
as a clear mind, here, there is nothing to think or worry about.
Again, focus on your interpretation of this room, remember there it is empty.
Now that your mind is clearer and you feel more relaxed, walk towards the door in this
room. Pulling the handle down and opening it to
see a staircase that goes down to another floor.
At the bottom of this staircase is the memory you were focused on and thinking about before.
The stairs are softly illuminating and there is a rail to hold onto.
You are safe, relaxed and calm. There are 20 steps down to the bottom of these
stairs, when I say I would like you to take the first step down.
With each step down, you relax further, you become calmer and your breathing becomes deeper.
Counting you down, take your first step. 20
A wash of calmness spreads from head to toe. 19
your face muscles relax 18
your neck feels free 17
Any tension in your shoulders evaporates 16
your arms untense and unwind 15
your hands and fingers soften, letting go of any tension
14 with each step down your chest feels loose
with each deeper breath 13
The lower muscles of your back help relax your stomach and abdomen
12 your hips find no resistance to each downward
step 11
your thigh muscles feel like they are magetized with each descending movement
10 your calf muscles feel heavier
9 your ankles deliver deliberate actions to
each next step down 8
your feet almost feel as if they are pulling the rest of your body
7 your whole body heavy and relaxed
8 your mind is clear and focused
7 your eyes drift as your body automatically
heads downwards 6
with each descending step you feel calm 5
with each step down you are relaxed 4
with every descent your breathing becomes looser
3 every downward movement feels heavier and
deeper 2
you relax further and become calmer 1
now, you are fully relaxed and feeling very free Having reached the bottom of this staircase,
infront of you is a room. It is very open and has all the positivity
of the happy memory you have been thinking back on.
Right here, right now you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell the atmosphere
of that scene. This is a happy and positive place that perhaps
you think about alot and want to experience again.
There may be differences from then to now, just concentrate on how YOU feel about this
setting, this is where YOU are. Experience the dropped shoulders of this moment,
the smiling, the laughing, the life in your eyes and how much joy this moment
brought to you. The warmth in your chest is a signal that
this moment is who you really are and want to be.
Feel your facial muscles move in time to the happiness of this experience, a much lighter
time, as if care free.
Welcome these feelings with open arms as you feel the energy of this moment.
Spend some time absorbing this atmosphere, let your mind and body know it is ok to feel
happy. Having spent time revisiting some old feelings
that were slightly lost you feel re energized knowing that they can resurface again and
bringing those positive feelings back. Take a mental picture of this moment, remember
the way you feel right now and how calm and relaxed you
are. Feelings can be hidden due to circumstances
in life sometimes, causing a daisy chain of misrepresented reality. Through remembering
this experience with how your mind and body positively
reacted you can bring this feeling back at any time.
Having taken the positive energy from this scene and absorbed it into the essence of
yourself, you take it with you as you head back to the empty room
where you can reflect on this. When I say, take your first step up the staircase
and with each step up, you will feel lighter and calmer.
Place your first foot on the staircase and move up each step.
1 feeling clear minded and relaxed
2 feeling content and mindful
3 your
shoulders resonate your positive energy
4 your facial muscles glow with calmness
5 your breathing is free and deep
6 your shoulders seem to lift the rest of your
body, making you feel as light as a feather 7
your eyes sparkle with life 8
your arms feel loose and relaxed 9
your hands and fingers unwind and sway to the rhythm of your arms
10 your chest is deeply, deeply relaxed
11 your stomach has a feeling from the deep breaths
of wanting to make you smile or laugh 12
your hips move in a care free way 13
your thigh muscles are light 14
your calf muscles feel as if they have no weight to them
15 your ankles feel cool
16 your feet feel as if they are walking on silk
17 you have an air of happiness about you
18 you feel an aura of positive energy surround
your body 19
you feel calm, relaxed and light 20
you are you, happy, content and proud to be you Now that you are back in the empty room, using
this as a metaphor for your more clearer and more
relaxed mind and body. It is upto you if you would like time to relax here and reflect
on this experience or to come back to this recording. Music will
continue to play in the background from now, the choice is
totally yours. When you either wake up or finish listening
to this audio you will take the mind and muscle memories with you.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to make such good quality meditations. They really help me keep myself balanced. I look forward to those moments when I can soothe my mind by listening to your videos. I listen to the lucid dreaming one, the new you, and I think this will be added into my favorites too. Btw, the lucid dreaming one has opened up some truths about past events in my life that had previously been kept hidden from me. It was a healing I wasn't even aware that I needed! For anyone wondering, a person in my dreams told me they felt I was ready to see something. They told me to look thru the window, in which I saw scenarios from my past, things that took place that I was too young to know about at the time they happened. seeing those events helped me understand some longstanding trouble spots & helped the process of forgiveness. I woke up feeling truly blessed with the gift of knowledge & understanding.

  2. another great one thank you so much listening to this help me feel much better today was in a sad place and hearing this made a difference so many good one I dont know where to start

  3. i've searched for a guided meditation/hypnosis with a particular subject, which i didn't manage to find anywhere – "shifting the experience of being from 'ego-thing', towards a 'state of flow". this flow state is a very real and studied phenomenon as anyone might see by googling it; but it's been considered only in particular contexts like sporting activity, jazz playing, artists in the creative moment, etc. i see a more general usefulness in it and i condensed some of my personal understanding from what i've read (…and hoping to experience) on this subject in the following short essay. please give it a look and if you like the view, or see some particular usefulness in it, maybe you'll consider transforming it into a guided session or hypnosis session… which would be great! thank you and i wish you all the best 🙂

  4. YESSSsss…this one is my new favorite !( I use them all night every night) well done my friend!

  5. first I want to thank you so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for! God bless you for this. I'm wondering tho, if I think about this happy place my face muscles tense up and I start to feel really sad and wanna cry real bad. I'm not sure why, I think maybe because I don't feel like it and the person I was with is not here. It hurts so bad. What can I do, I just want to feel happy like I did again. I love feeling so amazing and good, in alignment, passionate, fulfilled, making progress, peaceful, excited, positive, connected to my heart and it's wisdom, just on top of the world but it's so painful to think about it. Any Ideas?

  6. This is a perfect meditation video… thank you so much!!! You're so amazingly talented and extremely gifted with these videos.. I appreciate you so much, Christian!

  7. Hi, I love your voice, and your style. If I put this one on when I go to bed is it alright if I fall asleep? Because I always do. Thank you. Namaste.

  8. Thanks for bringing my mind out of the fog of life's trials. I can't tell you how much your videos have helped me with my ptsd disorder. I struggle with sleep and nightmares. That has drastically changed with the help of your meditations. Keep it up! You are awesome! <3

  9. i watched half as i dont want to loose this me i really love both of the versions of me but i just missed the old kind me cause im afraid to be kind..

  10. Great meditation. I have completed acted immorally to a situation never acted with integrity blaming another, been really negative, worked against another. Not sorted things out properly. Feel like I should have taken a new path. Feel uncomfortable in the situation I have now placed myself in. Gone off with anxiety. Need to go forward somehow. Chucked away my job that I was comfortable doing because I never sorted out conflict. Need to change my mindset.

  11. will this work for memory loss due to side effect from prescrptipn steroids it left me not myself anymore I dnt have any memories can this help I hope and if u can do one meditation to help heal memory. thank you

  12. Wow I have deep rooted issues regarding my former happier self. Is it bad that my happiest memory which ive not thought about in a year, bought tears to my eyes? I really enjoyed this, very powerful.

  13. This has put a smile on my face, I’m starting to feel like the old me. Good concept to transform these happiness memory’s into a currency that rewrites our emotional response.

  14. I did feel this a little briefly, but not enough details that I can remember to feel all the feelings. I just left the bottom of the stairs before going back up as all the feelings had gone and back to the usual gloom

  15. Wow! This is phenomenal! I am a fairly new subscriber here and what a joy it is to be here. Your videos are an amazing resource of therapeutic comfort-thank you! I love your voice! It’s perfect!

  16. HOLY SHIT MY CAT JUST JUMPED ON MY BED AND SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME awww she is laying on my now I think she is trying to say sorry

  17. This is so nice!
    I do find myself crying a little too at the memories it provokes but healing at the same time….
    The occupying music is awesome for meditation…
    So a big thank you for this! 🙏🏼❤️

  18. I know I always say this is my new favorite, but when you said "How would it feel to be the person you were before all this stuff happened?"
    I started to cry. Because I want the old me back. The girl who was assertive, happy, confident, enjoyed every moment in life and couldn't wait to wake up in the mornings! I'm going to listen to this every night and I'm so glad I found it. Thank you so much Christian.🙏💖

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