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Hi Everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about gay marriage. So if you’re into that sort of conversation and debate, stick with me because here we go. (New Orleans Street Jazz) So what is marriage really? In the modern world, it constitutes a legally binding contract between two people that are in love. Sometimes more, if you’re a Mormon are the word that rhymes with uslim and begins with an “M”. As a married man, I assure you that one wife is more than sufficient. Legally binding marriage is somewhat of a new concept in the grand scheme of human history. Though some of the earliest examples of marriage date back to ancient Sumerian times, marriage has always been a spiritual and
religious binding, representing a union between two souls and their respective creator, regardless of what God they may have worshiped at the time. So, from a historical standpoint, it actually makes very little sense for an atheist to want to wed in the first place. For lifestyle and legal purposes, however,
the choice to Wed is very personal, as is what truly constitutes marriage. Now that weddings are a huge industry, children from the earliest examples learn that marriage represents the “Happily Ever After” scenario, and the religious aspect is now considered optional. So, because marriage is historically a religious practice, What does three of the most common religions happen to say about homosexuality? The Jewish religion derives their beliefs from the Old Testament. Leviticus being one of the more popular arguments against homosexuality in the religion. Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” A little harsh right? Similarly Leviticus 20:13 “If a man lies with the male as with a
woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood is upon them.” Again, overly harsh. But this is the Old
Testament; old times, harsher times barbaric times even. Now, there are plenty more examples if you look it up in the Old Testament; again very old times. The next religion that will remain nameless, because they don’t to go to prison, thanks to my Canadian Liberal government, states: “Kill the one that is doing it, and also kill the one that is being done to.” That can be found in chapter Google: look it up your damn self because I ain’t going to prison full yo ass! Again, there are many accounts throughout
the unnamed books, but oddly enough, they rarely mention lesbian homosexuality, but mainly focus on the male-on-male action, further gaining evidence to some of these older books being put together by men. how many men do you know, that like a little girl-on-girl action? We don’t want to argue against that too much, right? Right! And of course, the most popular religion of all time Christianity. So, what did Jesus say about homosexuality? That’s right; He said nothing directly to
indicate homosexuality is sinful. Being raised as a Jew, the proclaim King of the Jews, even, Jesus should have made his position on the matter very clear. So why didn’t He? That’s a really good question to ask, isn’t it? Jesus, either religious or historical, was the man who got up in the faces of powerful rabbis and political figures. So why would he not scream from the hilltops that homosexuality is a hell worthy trespass, if the Catholic Church is correct in this
matter? Considering the Council of Nicaea, and the elimination of the book of Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the firm stance against homosexuality in the Catholic Church, I have a feeling Jesus had something to say about the matter. A point of view that the Vatican would
not stand. For more about that topic, click here. It may be a possibility that Jesus didn’t condemn homosexuality at all. Thanks to the early formation of the Vatican and the destruction of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we may never actually know this, unfortunately. But we do know this much: As sinful as the Old Testament may
insist homosexuality truly is, its condemnation didn’t quite make the cut in the Ten Commandments. So according to the Old Testament it’s actually a greater sin to be jealous of your neighbors new car, than it is to practice homosexuality. Weird right? Moses being the lawgiver, and the ultimate deciding truth in the Hebrew Bible, you would figure some of the more extreme religious fanatics would ease up on the subject of homosexuality. So, what’s the big deal about gay marriage anyway? Well, if anything like me, you may not count a non-religious marriage as a marriage. Which I don’t. No offense to people out there that are what we’re married by justice of the peace, or whatever. but that’s my personal stance on it, and you can have different beliefs than me. We shouldn’t hate each other or dislike each other for that; I think that’s a beautiful thing. I personally believe that marriage is exactly what the New Testament insists: a union between two souls and their Creator; a union that we allowed the law to interfere and contaminate for far too long. The government does not require people
to be in love to get married; really think about that. They are a glorified Las Vegas strip, full of wedding chapels, that are just looking to cash in on any foolish decision you may have happened to make on a whim, let’s face it. The government wants to know everything about you, and when they see marriage, they see a higher tax bracket, and more money being siphoned into their greedy little pockets. You really think that gay marriage is becoming in the norm, because your government is so damn open-minded? “Should gay be allowed to marry? You know the beautiful thing about gay marriage, it’s the absolute only issue that the president will answer. The president don’t give a fuck. He will give you a straight answer on gay marriage. “Mr. president what, about the war, when’s it gonna end?” “Well, you never know, we’re talking to people and we’re looking for stuff, and we might find, and we might not. It’s out they, we’re going to get it. You never know. How’s it going? Yeah!” “Mr. president, what about the economy when’s it gonna pick up?” “Well you never know, we’re talking to people, and economic indicators indicate that indications, are coming to the indicator. You know what I’m saying? Alright!” “Mr. president, what about gay marriage?” “Fuck them faggots!” Marriage is good for the economy, and bigger taxes mean bigger government, and more taxes. Your leftist leaders aren’t the progressive, open minded liberals you might think they are. “You know, I’ve been very clear on this. I have said that I am NOT a supporter of gay marriage. I think that the term marriage itself, has strong religious roots, and a strong tradition that means something special to people in this country. “I believe that marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” Here in Canada we’ve legally allowed gay marriage since 2005; which simply means you can get married by City Hall or a justice of the
peace, but not necessarily a church. These laws don’t force religious institutions to suddenly open their arms to gay people. Very important understand. So what about common-law marriage? Where I live you are legally married, with or without your consent after sharing a room for three months. Now, back in my single days, I had a roommate; a straight roommate to be clear. Now, we had a friend of ours fall on some hard times, and needed a place to crash for a while, so they shared a room. Not a bed, of course, but just a room. Legally, these two straight men were married and didn’t even know it, because the government says so! My point is; the government likes to pretend that they have a say in how and who we love, and if you’re looking for the people responsible for allowing the government to seep their way, into your personal life, take a good look in the mirror. Because we’re all responsible for this. Indifference caused this, and as long as the good people sit there and do absolutely dick about this, we can’t play the victim. People get married in non-religious ceremonies all the time, and if they want to believe it’s a real marriage, then god bless. That’s their prerogative; that’s their belief and I’m cool with that, of course. But marriage is, and always will be a Holy union, as far as I’m concerned. I never needed a marriage certificate! It’s no more than a meaningless piece of paper. When you stand before God and the world as witness, and declare yourself bound to an individual, that is a marriage. That’s what the ceremony is all about, in the first place. Just because it’s legal and legitimized by the government doesn’t make it real, okay? Love cannot be controlled, and should not make any difference, whatsoever, on how much taxes you pay. That’s ridiculous! To these government institutions, I say: how dare you? How dare you take the love between two people and put a price tag on it, like it’s something to fuckin barter with! I find it hilarious that the Vatican is so against gay marriage, like it’s this great corruption and violation of morality, or something, But god forbid they open up their own book once in a while and recognize that, there was no marriage certificates back then. that the true corruption, is that they have allowed the government to seize control, of the practice they hold so damn sacred. Jesus taught love, compassion and understanding, but he had a real problem with government trying to control spiritual matters; yeah! Which is exactly what the Vatican and other religions have allowed to happen. So, other than the government, the real problem is religious Institute’s that don’t allow homosexuals to Wed before God, Which is their right, and their choice. Which you might not like, but if you’re fan of freedom you should at least respect. I don’t like it either, but if we’re going to live in a world of freedom, we must respect their right to govern their own morality, even if you see it as wrong. However, there are many sects of different faiths now opening up to the idea, but if you expect Catholics to bend anytime soon, good luck with that. The Vatican hasn’t bent on anything since its inception, and it’s not about to change. So, for you gay people out there, that live in areas that legally deny your right to Wed, Book the damn ceremony, and get married old school. No certificate, just two people who love each other. The way God truly intended. You don’t need the government to officially approve your marriage, or recognize your relationship status. Screw them! For thousands of years before us, there was no marriage certificates. People fell in love, they found someone of faith to wed them, and they got married. If you need a damn piece of paper to justify or legitimize your relationship status from single to married, then you’re not in love my friend; and it’s that simple. If you have opinions in the matter, please feel free to leave a comment. SUBSCRIBE! Pass it around social media if you want. You’ll be doing me a favor, anyway. If you like the videos, and you’re a fan, there’s lots of t-shirts and coffee mugs and phone cases, and all that stuff you can buy, just check the link in the description. There, you can also find my book. It’s a
best-seller, The Book of Neophyte. You can pick that up too. Don’t forget to tune in next time, because we’re gonna be talking about Roseanne and Trump, and the effect of liberals and conservatives on the government today. So, nice cool little video coming your way. so stay tuned! Anyway that’s I’ll have to say for today. Happy Easter, guys, by the way, and I’ll
see you next time. Thanks a lot for watching, and take care. (New Orleans Street jazz)


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