full moon meditation August 2019 – whales meditation 🐋

(Full moon meditation music playing. Namaste!)


  1. (4 States)
    A -Intro relaxation 00:00
    Whales to the moon and back to get the magic effect

    B-Deep meditation 11:40
    Whales swimming in cancer patient's head restoring it to normal

    C-Slow return(intro) 33:13
    Whales to the moon and back to leave the magic effect

    D-Outro exodus 45:13
    Return home

  2. I was just outside staring at the moon i just wanted to touch it and hold it in my hands. It amazes me the way it's suspended so perfectly in the sky. Beautiful and the light fills me up completely.

  3. This is as inspiring as it is beautiful. U truly are a loving caring kind and creative person. U have earned ur angel wings most definitely. Sending U Much 💙✌🌟 Love~Peace~Light. And Anyone That Is Living With Cancer & Or That Is A Cancer Survivor…May GodBlessU And Comfort U Thru Ur Journey. My Prayers Are With U All, And I'm Sending Out So Much Love~Peace~Light
    💙✌🌟 To All Of U!! I Know Ur In The Fight Of Ur Lives!! Stay Positive And Never Give Up 💪🙌 #AllLivesMatter 💕🌈 #AllLivesArePrecious 🙏💕

  4. This is so beautiful! Thank you. I was wondering if there anywhere I could download/buy this to listen to it offline. Thank you for this once again. xx

  5. Wishing each and everyone a very happy and blessed Full Moon 🙂
    It will appear as the largest and brightest Moon in the sky since 1948.
    Don't miss, namaste!

  6. just meditated to this under the full moon for only about 15 minutes,and i went Deep into at around 5 minutes…then i opened my eyes and saw a light blue turquoise aura around the moon and i felt RELAXED..thanks for posting this

  7. WOW! This is so beautiful ~ thank you for the magical journey and may we all share this kind of creative self empowerment and healing through visual magic once again with each other

  8. Thank you so much for this meditation! Just took a full moon bath and feel completely renewed. Thank you for guiding me through a break through.

  9. Today is 11 February 2017, Wish u all the best, happiness, healthy and prosperity.
    Much love from Thailand and the beautiful moon.

  10. Global meditation call for healing childhood cancer 15/16 Feb
    By Fotis Casper.
    Due to International Childhood Cancer Day, announcing to all friends a worldwide call for meditation. Let's meditate together.
    1st meditation session starts at 23:00 (GMT), 15 February 2017
    The 2nd 20:00(GMT) + 3rd 23:00(GMT), 16 February 2017
    You can all join in from anywhere you are.

    —————————–—————-(Extra Info)—————————


    The 1st meditation session starts at 23:00(GMT) London's time, 15 February 2017
    (at that time the clock in other countries will be )
    00:00 Paris (16 Feb)
    01:00 Athens (16 Feb)
    15:00 California
    17:00 Costa Rica
    20:00 Argentina
    06:00 Thailand (16 Feb)
    2nd, 3rd meditation sessions starting at 20:00 and 23:00 respectively (London's time – please adjust this to your local area timings)

    If the time of your country is missing, you can adjust it here :


    Join me and others in a meditation journey around the world for one hour and for the same purpose. The process is very easy for everyone.
    We'll only light up a candle for those affected by cancer and meditate under the same audio, connecting with each other, same time globally and performing each our own creative visualizations on a healing process for children's cancer.
    For those who suffer, you may want to visualize that tumor cells will be powerless against your body and your own natural healing resources are fighting them and destroying them.
    (There's another visualization for children in the description of the video and I hope you'll find it inspiring.)
    You are mostly welcome to join us in this global session.
    Don't forget that we are all fundamentally and deeply interconnected with each other, and the planet itself. And what we do individually really counts and it matters. You matter to this. Even if you are meditating alone or with a group

    A few words about creative visualization.
    Olympic athletes among other people use creative visualizations to train. In sports this kind of training it is called autogenic.
    You may want to read more about the augmenting role of biofeedback. Effects of autogenic, imagery and music training on physiological indices and athletic performance.
    But if you want to skip all that scientific words that you probably didn't understand, please have an open mind, heart and soul for this and send out your own blessings for healing..
    I will be happy and exciting to know if we all meditated at the same time.
    Thank you all for joining in.

    Fotis Casper!

    The meditation audio is here:

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  11. Jealousy / Unfaithfulness / Roots / Education / Relationships / Advices
    By Fotis Casper (I BET you've never heard of these before)

  12. Just walk my dog "all white alaska seberian call Lua = moon in portuguese" and its gorgeous full moon April 2017..wishing Love paz and healing for all…thank you thank you thank you for the universe for this amazing night.

  13. The Beautiful and Glorious Full Moon was at it's highest point this morning at 2:08. We had a wonderful date outside at that time accompanied by this most amazing meditation! You beautiful soul are amazing for creating such a wonderful story, visualization and meditation. I will also do my part be living under The Law Of Love! Thank You

  14. I have issues sleeping this days. i will play this music tonight before bed. i hope it will help me.. it is so peaceful! i love it!!! ❤

  15. If you love HAPPY STORIES too check out this Exciting story that happened to me on this full moon 9/June/2017. Namaste. Thank you.

  16. i was diving deep holding to wales.. then they jumped so i got out of the ocean right to the space to see the full moon and felt like fliying and diving for real.. it was more than amazing! _ !

  17. full moon here in finland. its 0:57 (AM) and i'm outside listening to this and watching the full moon. its Been a while since i have seen a full moon.

  18. What an incredible meditation. I have been looking for the embodiment of the whale soul mating call for 5 years. Thank you ! Happy August full moon. The wholest and warmest time of the year.


  20. As you see those whales coming back to earth, riding them, the brighter they get, the smaller they get and, how much more closer to earth, how much more smaller and brighter in light healing strength they will radiate and be…Loved this whale post ♥️ I know, hope and wish my post helped out, namaste and good luck on the path of healing and cleaning

  21. The only time I feel pure is when i am one with the moon and sun. This is beautiful. I love you all. 🌌🌚🌚🌚🌈☄

  22. When I was in a deep meditation I was swimming and i thought I was a mermaid. I kept swimming towards the moon. This reminds me of that time. This is beautiful. I love you all. See you on the flip side.

  23. I'm a cancer and the moon is aligned with on this New Years night . While meditating outside to this I cried and let go all bad emotions from 2017 I just felt free of pain free of stress and the world just stopped.

  24. 🥇🥈🥉HONORARY shoutouts
    TOP 3 #fullmoon #meditation lovers(countries) Jan 2018

  25. I am a cancer and tonight is a full moon. I see the truth into the one who deceive me even my own ppl who I love. Thank you Mother Moon for Monday.

  26. 🔵 Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand this post is FOR YOU ;)♥

  27. Namaste! Amazing it inspires me to make more music and positive videos like this on my channel

  28. Using this tonight . Thank you for your insight and wisdom 👼🏼👽 Happy Full Blue Moon 2019 ✨

  29. This is so beautiful thank you so much. Everyone listening to this I wish you a wonderful blissful stress free lifestyle with endless abundance and prosperity

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