Full Moon Guided Meditation for Increased Emotion with the Law of Attraction

this video I’m going to be sharing with you
a very powerful meditation to listen to anytime it is around a full moon. What this will do is amplify your energy and
allow you to align with your intentions and a completely new way. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m going to be sharing
a meditation that you can listen to anytime we’re anywhere close to a full moon, and what
this will do is this will allow you to increase your vibration and also to increase the probabilities
of whatever you want to happen or whatever desires you have to come into fruition. Maybe you felt it before, maybe you felt it
to where when you get close to a full moon, you feel that your energy starts to raise. That could be a good thing. It could be something where you experienced
more positive or more of the negative, and that’s because of what the moon does, is it
amplifies emotion. Now when you look at even just that of the
tides, the tides, and the water and how the tides come in or go out, depending upon the
moon, it has to do with the energy of the moon and the magnetic pull of how it pulls
the waves one way or the other. Now the earth is about 70 percent water and
in the same way our bodies are also about 70 percent or more of water and it’s about
the same thing. It’s as the increase of the energy of the
water goes up, so does that have the emotions that we feel now, if we aren’t aware of the
emotions that we have, if we aren’t aware of what’s going on, then sometimes we may
be feeling that negative emotion and not know why. I know I for a long time. Every now and then what’ll happen is it’ll
be a full moon and what’ll happen is I’ll feel kind of in a way unbalanced or I’ll feel
like my emotions just amplified. Whatever it is. If there’s a little bit of inconsistency,
a little bit of a negative emotion, it’s almost amplified like why is this? And then what I realized is I go out and I’ll
see that it’s a full moon and it’s something that immediately what I do is I begin to recenter
myself, uh, the things I’m going to be sharing with you in this meditation are going to help
you to get more on track and also to let go. If you find that there is some type of negative
emotion coming up, how to let go of that, how to observe it at allow it to be there,
which was actually the paradox. That’s the secret to that old thing. Allow the emotion to be there. And as you do that, you begin to become more
present to the moment. But in general, I find a full moon to be a
very powerful time to focus on my intentions. So a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll go
out into my backyard, I’ll go into my grass and I will just stare at the moon for a couple
minutes. And what that does is that allows me, I use
that as a symbol for me to get centered within myself so that I am then balancing out my
own energy, but also as I focus on the moon, I focus on the different emotions, the different
things I want to create in my life. Now, you could also use the moon as a benchmark
because every 30 days or so when there is a full moon, what you can do is you can use
that as a time to do a new cycle, which is called the new moon. Then you set new intentions and then as you
get closer to the full moon, it’s like you progressively increase the vibration of your
manifestations more and more so. The moon is a powerful reflection and it can
also be a powerful tool if we use it in that way. If we align it in that way and more. So. The goal of this meditation as well is to
help you to get more so instead of in the head, which is where sometimes we’ll find
that that polarity happens because the energy’s increase to bringing it more so in the heart
to bring it more so in the body because when we’re more in the body than in the head, everything
works itself out anyways. We naturally will increase our vibration. We’re less caught up and do it. We’re less caught up in the left brain, right
brain, good bad type mentality, and then we get more into a present state and then the
present state. That’s where everything that we want manifests
anyways because when we’re present, we’re in the now and in the now is where everything
exists. If we’re here right now, but we’re thinking
about the past or something that happened or think about the future, something that
may or may not happen, then we’re splitting our energy and as we split our energy, we’re
not having the energy in the now moment, which is where the power is and where we build momentum. So what this meditation is going to do, and
I’m going to get into it in a minute, I just wanted to explain that so you understand a
general basis for why we’re going to be doing what we do and the power of it, and understanding
that this is a powerful tool that we use. I recommend you do this meditation every single
time where within about a week of a full moon, do it every single night. Amplify the vibration inside of your heart,
amplify the vibration and the probability of you achieving what you want with your intentions. Your focus is powerful, and when you guide
your focus, especially when it’s an optimal time, when the emotion is increased, that’s
even more powerful. There’s two things, two main things that are
needed for us to manifest what we want. One is an elevated emotion which has us feeling
passionate, which is us with that emotion is what the moon will help to amplify and
then increased intention. So having an intention to experience something,
having focused on something and with this meditation will do is help you to harness
the power of the moon in a powerful way and a meditation you can just put on, I recommend
you use headphones or recommend you listen to this for about a week of the actual full
moon itself. So what you could do is whatever full moon
the date is, do this three days before and three or four days after and you’ll find that
what happens is you begin to raise your vibration and you begin to tap into the power of the
moon. So right now what I encourage you to do is
we’re going to do a visualization. I encourage you to set at least to two intentions
for the focus of this meditation intentions as far as what do you want to experience? What do you want to manifest? Because the thing is is we’re going to take
whatever that thing is that focus that you have, and we’re going to amplify the vibration
within us. We’re going to harness the power of the moon
to do so. So have the intention of what you want to
experience and have one or two things and what those intentions are this now as we go
into it, and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go into the breathing part
of it, which there is. I’m going to cue the music. We’re going to breathe in, breathe out, and
feel our body relax more and more. Let’s go ahead and begin. I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath
in, deep breath out and with every breath you feel yourself relax more and more. Take a deep breath in. Feel your body relax. I’m going to ask you to put your hands over
your heart because as you put your hands over your heart with the heart math institute has
shown that by doing this, the simple attention we put into our heart center begins to raise
the electromagnetic energy around our body and it begins to make us more present to the
moment. Let’s take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, feel your body begin to
loosen up more and more. Go ahead and close your eyes. If you can and feel the sensation behind your
eyelids, put the awareness in your forehead, feel a warm sensation, began to move now to
your cheeks. Feel your facial muscles begin to relax. Feel your jaw loosen up, relax more and more. Put the awareness in your neck as it moves
now down your left arm, your left hand, your right arm, your right hand. You’re the sensation in your heart. I can feel the temperature of your hands in
front of your heart. Imagine that right now. There is a ball of energy inside of your heart. Any color that you like and imagine that this
ball of energy begins to spin in a clockwise position and imagine that the faster this
ball spins, the more you feel this love inside of your heart. The more you feel your energy increasing with
that love vibration. Imagine it spinning faster and faster. The faster it spins, more you feel this love. You can feel this tingling sensation now become
more and more something you notice, I put the awareness in your abdomen. Imagine that part of you relaxing more and
more, but the awareness in your left leg, left foot. Imagine a wave of relaxation flowing through
your feet, but the awareness in your right leg, your right foot. Imagine a wave of relaxation carrying away
anything that doesn’t serve. Imagine your whole body as you were laying
there few inside and imagine that there is this wave of relaxation that flows through
your whole body and carries away with it. Anything that no longer serves, you can feel
the energy releasing through the heels of your feet. Set the intention to let go of what no longer
serves you. Now you are much more presence. Your vibration has increased. We are ready to begin now. Imagine yourself and I very relaxing and peaceful
beach sand all around you. You can feel the sand underneath your feets. You can walk around and feel the breeze that’s
in the air. It’s nighttime in the sky. You can see the stars, how bright the stars
are. As you walk around, you can hear the waves
crashing on the shore. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful environment
to be in. This is a place you can come back to anytime
you want by simply remembering this experience. Now imagine that you’re walking around. Pay attention to your environment. What do you see? Imagine those colors that you see. Imagine whatever becoming brighter and brighter. What kind of sounds do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder now off about 10 to 15 feet away, you see a towel,
a towel that we’re going to lay on, and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to look up at
the moon because right now as you look up at the moon, you see how bright it is, how
much vibrant energy is coming off of it, and what you are now going to do is turn towards
that towel and we’re going to take 10 steps towards that towel and every step that we
take, we’re going to feel our body becoming more and more relaxed, more and more peaceful. Take a step 10, feeling your body begin to
relax more and more and nine, feeling each foot hit the sand, feeling everything feeling
so loose. Eights, take another step. Your body is doubling with relaxation with
every step seven. As you get closer to the talent now, six,
five, getting closer for double the amount of relaxation. Three, almost to the towel now to one. Now we’re at the towel. We feel so relaxed. It’s go ahead and sit down at the tower. Now. Lay Down and look up at the moon and notice
how vibrant it is at the moon has an amazing energy, and when we stare at the moon, what
we do is we have the potential to connect to the energy of the moon. As you see this full moon right now, you can
feel the emotion begin to increase inside of your body and know that anytime you want
and it’s a full moon, you can look at it and once you can do, you can feel inside of your
heart center because as we feel inside of our heart center, what we do is we increase
the energy of our body and we take the energy out of the head, the overthinking, and we
bring it into the present moment. So begin to look up at the moon and notice
how bright it is and think of whatever intention you have. Set an intention. I intend. Dot, dot, dot. What do you intend to experience? What is a goal that you have? Think of this goal and imagine you accomplishing
it, how you would feel your body language. Imagine all of that from this scenario. As you stare at the moment, I set the intention
that whatever you experience with this coming to fruition is the best case scenario for
you and everyone involved. It creates a win. Win. Now, feel the gratitude in your heart for
this coming to fruition. Pay attention to the emotion that you feel. Now what we’re going to do is as we look out
at the moon right now, I’m going to count down from five to one, and with every number
I count down, you are going to see the moon come closer and closer and the closer it comes,
the more you feel an increased vibration inside of your heart center. The more you feel certain that this manifestation
is coming to fruition. So imagine the moon all vibrant five. Seeing the moon feeling the energy of it for
becoming closer. It doubles in size. You feel like the moon is becoming closer
to the earth, and as it does you can feel the manifestation energy grow inside of your
hearts for three, even closer. Now, imagine that the moon looks double in
size of what it was before you can feel connected to this part of you. You feel inside of your hearts, two, one. Now the moon appears to be four times its
size. You feel this energy flow through your body. You know that whatever you set your intentions
for, it’s coming to fruition and you can feel inside of your heart what it feels like to
accomplish this. Know that this is something that is natural
for you to experience. Anytime you want, you can remember this meditation
and you can connect to the energy in your heart and the energy of the moon. Soak in this energy. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to count
down from 10 to one. As I count down, you’re going to feel yourself
becoming more alert, more present to the moment knowing that your manifestation will come to fruition. You will feel this certainty inside of your
heart. Feel this love, feel this increased vibration,
and you’ll simply know that from this point going forward, you have changed 10, nine. Feel yourself becoming more alert or present
to the moment. Eight, seven, six, feeling inside of your
body now feeling yourself feeling balanced. Alerts five for filling the aim body increase
in energy. Three, two, one. You can open up your eyes now and simply know
that what you have done is you’ve increased the vibration of your heart and now things
will happen easier than ever for you. You have now harnessed to the energy of the
moon and you are allowing it to be something that impacts you in a powerful way. Just like the moon impacts the earth. The moon can impact us, but when we use it
consciously, we then direct it in a powerful way. So like I said, I recommend you do this meditation
for about three or four days before the full moon. In about three days after the full moon so
that you can really tap into this energy and if you do this consistently, I think you will
experience the results that you want. So also I’m going to be doing more live q
and a’s on instagram. So if you have followed me on Instagram, I
do daily posts there. Plus I do live q and a, so if you have questions
for me you can ask are there. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this video. Feel free to like this video if you liked
it, subscribe if you haven’t already, hit the little notification gear next to the subscribe
button so that you can see the daily bits that I do now. Other than that, as always, peace, much love
and not mistake.


  1. Hope you all LOVE this meditation! I recommend you listen to it the week of the full moon and focus on a "core " intention each day. This will amplify the energy and you will then experience more of what you want in your life. Let me know what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚ Much love!

  2. Thank you so much for your message. In this part of the world, the moon is not full yet It will take another few days . Take care.

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  4. Amazing meditation, Aaron!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. Your meditations definitely help with the Law of Attraction. Much love. xo

  5. Thanks for sharing! You are right, the Full Moon is a time for manifestation, especially when looking at the 6-Month cycle. For example, the past New Moon was the Virgo New Moon and it's larger cycle will end at the Virgo Full Moon in Pisces Season 2019. This coming Full Moon is in Aries, closing out the last 6-month cycle from the Aries New Moon. The Full Moon brings much to our conscious awareness; I think you were born around a Full Moon… I'm an astrologer located in Los Angeles, if you ever want to know more about astrology, specifically yours, or how to offer timing advice to clients, send me a message. I've been watching you for a while and would love to work with you and swap notes on all we've been learning the past few years. Understanding the cycles of the Moon and the other planets effectively aides in practical growth and manifestation. As a fellow Sagittarius, I will say that you can expect amazing growth, expansion, and travel opportunities starting November 8th, 2018 through December 2, 2019, since our ruling planet, Jupiter, returns to Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter's retrograde cycle next year is the process of building the large manifestation starting this new 12-year cycle. Anything is possible.

  6. Full moon baby!! Higher energy in the full moon is so fun. I can barely sleep I feel so alive! We are one with nature. Letโ€™s mediate and radiate love!!

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  9. It feels like I'm increasing the positive emotions and feelings i have like an electric type energy ball that keeps getting larger and more powerful. Make sense? It's like I can create/access positive emotions and thoughts so much more easily and it's making the negative stuff decrease and small. Should I face my demons though or will it just disappear the stronger the positive emotions gets?? CAN SOMEONE ANSWER THIS IF YOU RELATE? And good job Aaron, killed it once again!

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  11. Thank you Aaron! You saved me today. I think your right the energy is so strong. Last night, freaked out. Feeling scared because I was thinking I was living in a simulated reality. Then I woke up meditated this morning, realized that everything works in my favor regardless of if I am in a simulated reality or not and had such a high vibe all day. Started crying at 5pm because I was stuck in a hail storm and couldn't see the road. Don't know why that made me cry, Im pretty tough. It made me pull under a tree though and saved my car from golf ball sized hail damage. I listened to your meditation, 3 lines in I was feeling so great. Such a high vibe again. Then I saw a rainbow, a short while later. Leaves were all over the road from the hail. Like fall but green instead of red. Crazy.

  12. Hi Aaron!
    It was incredibile to leasten to this meditation because….
    I lived almost for one year in Puerto Vallarta and to be honest, im not very friendly. Iโ€™m gnostic, high celtic wiccan prist and kabbalistic and instead of going to the bars, i used to go to the beach every night to do EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID in your meditation and i colud feel and see the moon right after my nouse! The sounds were incredible, the water barely cherishing my feet, the smells and i almost felt i could fly.
    Sometimes, not very often, i also felt scared and i felt like if a crocodile could eat me.๐Ÿค but must of the experiences were incredible. I never manifest anything but would be great. I just went to the beach to feel peace and to be only with myself.
    I love your videos. Thanks for sharing and sorry for my english.

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    I have to say, it was such a beautiful experience doing this meditation outside as I sat and looked up at the moonโ€™s brightness. I used the moon as my focal point during this meditation and it truly helped me harness its energy and tap into the present moment. Overall, it allowed me to uncover the lessons and emotions I had to learn and confront in order to grow. Thank you Aaron for your amazing content! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโœจ

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