1. My son just started high school/grade 9. He's in a Christian prep school. They partner with Hillsdale for requirements. I can't wait until my son attends Hillsdale! This was the education I had in the 1980/1990s at KU.

  2. I enjoyed a general liberal arts college education in the '70s that taught me no marketable skills unless I'd gone on to be a preacher. I regret not a minute of it. Thinking critically is a skill that has to be taught. It's sorely lacking these days.

  3. Sounds more like a Christian madrassa. I think the indoctrination should be cut off after high school. Allow people to think rationally.

  4. As a truck driver currently, I love listening to the videos that Hillsdale posts on YouTube. They turn my truck into a rolling classroom.

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