1. Subhana Allah very disappointed and sadness and embarrassing and everything disgusting and sickness, a udu bilah,

  2. Macalin cali holwadag bakaro dugsii ku hestaye dagalko dhicin ayuu gabdhaha Ku fuli jiriraye. Wasaq yaa la celin jail ha ku jiro

  3. I know him very very well he was molesting a child back in Somali before Civil War please don’t send him back to somalia put him in jail rest his life

  4. Problem? Naaaa…. It's a 'cultural' thing.. Right?

    No! it is a part of a 1,400 year old barbaric anti-civilization society.. That's the harsh truth..

    From Mohamed to present day, this IS a part of their standard MO and their 'cultural' sickness…

    In short, this guy does not even realize that what he has been doing with children is wrong.

    In St Cloud, Minnesota, we have a 79 year old (now 89 years old), who looks a lot like this animal by the way, and who has been doing this sort of thing with children for over a decade..

    He received '20 years probation', if you can believe that, which speaks to the other facet of this insane problem.. ..Almost ZERO accountability, on the part of the Courts, Law Enforcement, and the body politic, which protects the perpetrators, and NOT the victims..

    And, our Minnesota Attorney General, and far too many others in this moronic food chain, are too busy making excuses for this horrific BEHAVIOR, and accusing anyone who might object to being subjected to this sickness, of being an 'Islamophobic', a 'racist', a 'bigot', a 'xenophobe', a 'white supremacist and white nationalist', a 'skin head', and a whole host of additional name calling intended to marginalize, for the Sharia law style 'Crime of Noticing'.. And, no I am not kidding, nor exaggerating even one bit..

  5. Disgusted ! I am a Somali/Muslim mom and I don't leave my kids alone with religious teacher no matter what, especially men. Why did these parents leave the it kids alone with this person.?

  6. Ninkaan waxuu u egyahay inuu dadaan ku yimid ee wuu igala weeynyahay sikastaba kanoo kale lama tarxiilee waa xabisaa.

  7. lsIam condones "marrying" very young little girls. Mohammed himself, the founder of the religion, "consummated a marriage" with a 9 year-old girl! So yes, every religion has its perverts and killers. But only ISLAM offers perverts and killers a religious justification in the example of the founder!

  8. Please note he's in the US illegally and should have been deported years ago. This is what happens when Houston DEMOCRATS run a sanctuary city and when ICE doesn't (or isn't allowed) to fully do its job. America is for Americans, not for people here illegally.

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