Forgive our lawmakers for falling short: Congressional Hits and Misses

May the work of the 116th [stammering] Issue forth through the benefit of our nation Up or down like a jackass in the hailstorm Where the efforts of this Congress have fallen short Uhhh We ask your forgiveness in
the forgiveness of all Americans Is House Resolution 755 currently within
the bosom of the US House? It is time for Speaker Pelosi to send the articles
impeachment to the Senate You know we may send them over but It continues to
be my hope that I’m not responsible to Mitch McConnell The speaker will send
him on over Democrats called him a clear and present danger to Democracy Who are we talking about? House Democrats … called the president — Oh I thought you meant Mitch McConnell okay The civilized world
must send a clear and unified message your campaign of terror murder mayhem
will not be any longer Probably the worst briefing I’ve seen at
least on a military issue These historic In the nine years
I’ve served in the United States Senate I get along great with Mike Lee I’ve
never seen him like that I find this insulting and demeaning not not
personally but to the office Other people have called they’ve said it
was the best presentation they’ve ever seen It was very well done Joni Ernst’s opinion of the briefing is that it was done quite well The greatest
presentation they’ve ever had On my salary I can’t afford to go to Mar-a-Lago
to get a briefing For members of the United States Senate to make The briefing lasted only 75 minutes were
upon our briefers left Don’t feel too bad that’s what they did to us as well They closed they closed the briefing rather quickly Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism I’m treated like a federal felon by my own leadership. The
chair does not respond to hypothetical questions It’s not a it’s not respond to
hypothetical questions George Washington is said to have told Jefferson The
800-pound gorilla in a room. That the Senate was created to quote on called cool
house legislation Was it everything we hoped it would be? No. As a saucer is
used to cool hot tea That’s Alice in Wonderland logic. May all that is done
this day be for your greater honor and glory, Amen.

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