Foie Gras, Foie Gras, & More Foie Gras: Chef’s Night Out in LA with Faith & Flower


  1. I love watching these vice munchies for two reasons…

    1) generally the food is pretty awesome and the restaurants they go to look pretty cool, if not a little pretentious

    2) I have no doubt in my mind that these chefs and the people they go out with in these shows are socially inept weirdos

    Bronson all damn day!!!

  2. Fucking hipsters eating foie gras, they make me fucking sick, torture-fed fat ass ducks liver that what foie gras is btw, jesus christ watching these sub-humans eat this is like watching a homeless man eating a dead bay, yuck.

  3. "Why don't you shut the fuck up? How bout that?"

    Lol Bruce Kalman is the man. I remember seeing him on The Grill Iron. Would love to eat at his restaurant one day. Overall I thought this was a great episode. Most food I've ever seen in an episode of Chef's Night Out

  4. Lets all be hypocrites and complain about goose torture while we kill millions of animals daily to eat and poison the rock we live on. You fucking hippies sicken me.

  5. Seems like a cool guy, but maybe not what he would have chose to do on his night out. CNO doesn't have to fit a mold, but it should be planned out a bit better. The food he prepared at the end was some of the best final food yet!

  6. A really outstanding FOOD episode. It's great to see California has regained sanity and has foie gras back on menus where it should be. Innovative restaurants all. "This is what white people do to have fun?" I wouldn't open that door. LOL. Keep sharing these videos. Blessings ChefMike

  7. The partner of Faith and Flower that the chef brought with him seemed like a pretentious moron though, I really hope he doesn't wear a fucking bow-tie and scarf every night. 

  8. Can't hate on fois gras, as I've never tried it. Looks god damn delicious though. Factory farming is far more savage. What really pisses me off here is the way that one hipster douche bag is dressed. Bow tie, scarf, and blue jeans? What a twat.  

  9. I like when he said Kielbasa Sausage, because Kielbasa means literally sausage in Polish 🙂 and yes we have got AMAZING sausages. Google it 🙂 or better yet, try some 🙂

  10. Everyone getting so mad because of foie gras…. Yeah, it may be kinda mean… BUT IT TASTES AMAZING! 😉

  11. Foie gras defence: Because there's nothing quite like publicly announcing you're shamelessly malevolent, sincerely ignorant and conscientiously stupid.

  12. it's all nice and dandy but the reality of any restaurant/food business won't go away. It's always the same trend, restaurant starts to get popular, word spreads, more people come, more staff, more expenditure, then suddenly it tapers down, people get bitter and fired, sunk costs, food starts to suck, then boom its out of business. Seems like the only successful restaurants were the ones that chose to sell the brand licensing and not at all involved with food at all, and even in the franchise game, most do not last.

  13. So… what do you all do to insure that chicken, beef, and pork you consume is not torture? I'm sure those animals wanted to die ooohhh sooo much more than the ducks did which makes it okay to eat then and then judge someone else for eating meat.

  14. Les animaux sont des être vivants, sensibles et fragiles, qui ressentent la douleur, l'ennuie, la souffrance, l'inconfort, la joie, la tristesse, la douleur… tout comme nous, car nous sommes des animaux ! Nous ne devrions pas nous permettre de les exploiter pour se nourrir, sachant que nous n'en avons pas besoin : je suis vegan depuis presque 1 an et je suis en excellente santé. Pourtant, de nombreux pays produisent encore du foie gras. Comme tout produit d'origine animale, il est mauvais et inutile pour la santé. Le foie gras est une véritable torture pour les oies et les canards. Pendant 15 jours, ils sont gavés barbarement. A la fin de ces 15 longs jours, ils sont rendus malades : ils halètent, ont la diarrhée… C'est la stéatose. Ils sont ensuite tués sans étourdissement et ils meurent dans les mêmes souffrances que leur vie entière. De plus, seul les mâles sont gavés ; les femelles sont broyées vivantes ! Alors mettons nous à leur place, car nous sommes des animaux tout comme eux, et arrêtons de manger du foie gras, surtout qu'il existe du faux gras, une alternative végétale au foie gras qui a le même goût. Ils ne nous ont rien fait.
    Devenons vegan. Pour les animaux, pour notre santé, pour la planète, POUR LA VIE !!!

  15. everythings they've eaten in the French restaurant wich was amazing, french people can buy it from "the french walmart" and it pronounce Foie gRas not Foie gWas

  16. These people are disgusting, pretentious, hipocrites, these are the people "joker" in dark knight was talking about.

  17. The guy with the scarf forgot that he's not in the 1920's.

    They all seem like pretentious dicks. But I watched anyway so fuck me, right? lol

  18. Michael Hung need some better friends. Those guys seem like douches/hipster. Especially that turd with the bow tie.

  19. Union's food is so rich and heavy. Theres a reason the chef is huge. It's good, but gets painful towards the end of the meal.

  20. I much prefer the older episodes of Night Out where it was a bit more gritty and less "arranged" and "show off" feeling; the episodes where the chefs weren't thinking about going back to where they work and cooking for everybody else. This episode felt particularly sanitary and boring. In fact, I would rather see an old style episode with Bruce from Union.

  21. someone(s)………doesnt seem comfortable…completely obvious….two dudes in a Munchies episode?? theres a monetary issue, no doubt

  22. "This is where white people have fun"……that would have been racism if it had any other word then "white" in it …

  23. What are you trying to do… make money.

    Let's be real.

    Food is food.

    And your shit is full of it….

    Not hating just tired of people like you.


  24. these guys had FUN! and how cool is Michael Hung, genuine about himself and his restaurant and new experience here in LA.. Can't wait to eat at Faith and Flower!

  25. 'This is what white people do for fun'. If a white person said that about black people there would be outrage. It seems racism is allowed if you're not white.

  26. 9:44 maybe the most idiotic/obnoxious comment ever said in a chefs night out episode. Why the hell would you say that to the chef after he served you his entire menu.

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