Florida Terrorist Inspired by al-Qaeda, Fort Hood Shooting (David Wood)

Yesterday, a Saudi Air Force officer opened
fire in a classroom at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where he was training to fly all the fighter
jets that President Trump sold to Saudi Arabia. You remember Saudi Arabia, don’t you? The nation that fifteen out of the nineteen
9-11 hijackers were from? The nation that throws bloggers like Raif
Badawi in prison and brutally murders journalists like Jamal Khashoggi? The nation where confessions are extracted
through torture? The nation where crowds gather to watch public
beheadings? The nation where African and Asian women are
trafficked and sold as sex-slaves? In short, the birthplace of Muhammad? Yeah, so an air force officer from that big
old slice of Sharia pie was being trained by the U.S. Military to fly the U.S. fighter
jets that the U.S. Government sold to America’s new BFF in
the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Shortly before killing three and injuring
several more in his attack, Second Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani tweeted a message
to the American people. Alshamrani’s Twitter account has since been
deleted, just as my YouTube account will eventually be deleted for daring to comment on these
topics, but fortunately for us, the tweet was archived. O American people, I’m not against you for just being American. I don’t hate you because your freedoms. I hate you because every day you supporting,
funding, and committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity. I’m against evil, and America as a whole
has turned into a nation of evil. What I see from America is the supporting
of Israel which is invasion of Muslim countrie. I see invasion of many countries by its troops. I see Guantanamo Bay. I see cruise missiles, cluster bombs and UAV
(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). So that’s Alshamrani’s justification for
his killing spree. Notice these additional remarks on the side. Unfortunately, we can’t click on them to
expand them, because this is an archived picture of his twitter page. But we can see that there are two sets of
quotations. This part down here—“the security is shared
destiny”—is from Osama bin Laden. Up here we have: What benefit is it to the American people
to suffer for the sake of supporting Israel? Do you expect to transgress against others
and yet be spared retribution? How many more body-bags are American families
willing to receive? For how long can the US survive this war of
attrition? These are direct quotes from Sheikh Anwar
al-Awlaki’s “Message to the American People.” Here again we have: For how long can the US survive this war of
attrition? What benefit is it to the American people
to suffer for the sake of supporting Israel? Do you expect to transgress against others
and yet be spared retribution? How many more body-bags are American families
willing to receive? A little later we read: We are not against Americans for just being
American. We are against evil, and America as a whole
has turned into a nation of evil,” which is exactly what Alshamrani said in
his message to Americans. But notice what we have next. I for one, was born in the US, I lived in
the US for twenty-one years. America was my home. I was a preacher of Islam, involved in non-violent
Islamic activism. However, with the American invasion of Iraq,
and continued US aggression against Muslims, I could not reconcile between living in the
US and being a Muslim, and I eventually came to the conclusion that Jihad against America
is binding upon myself, just as it is binding on every other able Muslim. Nidal Hassan was not recruited by Al-Qaida. Nidal Hassan was recruited by American crimes,
and this is what America refuses to admit. America refuses to admit that its foreign
policies are the reason behind a man like Nidal Hassan, born and raised in the US, turning
his guns against American soldiers. And the more crimes that America commits,
the more Mujahideen will be recruited to fight against it. Who was Nidal Hasan? Major Nidal Malik Hasan was the American
Army officer who opened fire at Fort Hood Military Base in 2009, killing thirteen people
and injuring dozens more. Now let’s put all of this together. In the 1980s, Osama bin Laden and his fellow
jihadis in Afghanistan were funded by the United States. Bin Laden eventually used his popularity to
form Al-Qaeda. Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico. He was President of the Muslim Student Association
at Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. He was the imam of the Denver Islamic Society. He was the imam of a mosque in San Diego. He was the Muslim chaplain at George Washington
University. He was the imam at the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque
in Virginia. And he joined al-Qaeda and became its greatest
recruiter. Al-Awlaki influenced Major Nidal Malik Hasan,
who, again, opened fire at Fort Hood. Al-Awlaki then wrote his “Message to the
American People,” where he cited Nidal Malik Hasan as an example of what a devout Muslim
should do if given the opportunity. Second Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani
of the Saudi Airforce read al-Awlaki’s “Message to the American People” and the story of
Nidal Malik Hasan. Then he was invited to the United States of
America to be trained by the U.S. Military to fly the U.S. jets that were sold to Saudi
Arabia. He saw an opportunity and, like Nidal Malik
Hasan, opened fire at a military base. The only bright side here is that, if Second
Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani had been just a little smarter, he might have decided
to get creative with one of the jets he was learning to fly. So, we dodged a bullet on that one. Two questions I’d like you to answer in
the comments section. First, there are peaceful Muslims and there
are violent Muslims. Can you think of any way to spot the difference
between the two before one of the violent Muslims goes on at killing spree? Second, Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki,
Nidal Malik Hassan, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. Do you think our leaders have learned anything
about the ideology we’re dealing with, or are they absolutely impervious to facts,
evidence, and reality? Let me know what you think. And if you don’t understand jihad yet, be
sure to watch my videos “The Three Stages of Jihad” and “The Jihad Triangle.” The only way out of this mess is an informed
population of free people. So get informed, inform others, and stay free.


  1. David Wood needs help to stop mocking Islam in The Boom-Boom Room videos and to stop mocking Islam in his other videos. David Wood is a psychopath so he cannot help himself he has to mock Islam and other people.

    May God help David Wood stop being a psychopath. 👍

  2. You are exactly right , the muslims hate us , we don't need these people here , but that's the CIA , they want this shit to happen , we need to break all ties to these dirty bastards ,and shut down the CIA ,& FBI who cover up what the CIA fucks up , l think I've said this as plain as I can , we need to get our heads out of our ass !

  3. To give an answer to your 2 questions, here's what I have to say;

    There is 'no' way to tell a Muslim will become radicalized someday. Therefore, there is no difference between a peaceful Muslim and an extremist…

    (I think Imam Tawhidi is a nice guy, and i believe there are Muslims that share his mindset; but even he knows, and i'm sure his followers too, well that this religion cannot be reformed…. The religion practices Taqiya, so i find it hard to even find him and his followers 'trustworthy'. )

    I feel bad for them, because they really should abandon this severely flawed religion.

    All those Muslim dictators that you mentioned at the end of this video, have become a stains on the pages of 'history'.

    Their works and deeds are more than enough evidence to show our leaders that this is a highly 'dangerous' cult religion.

    Islam should have been banned in the United States a long time ago…

    Our leaders are not impervious to Islam's teachings and ways.

    I believe our leaders are blinded by money! When tons of money is involved, people will blind themselves to the wicked ways of evil…

    We 'need' Godly men who cannot be tempted with money, to lead the United States….

  4. I always find it interesting when it's reported that "they are looking into whether its' terror related". It's like "they" want to put a uniform on it… Did the perpetrator have some sort of affiliation to Al-Qaeda or ISIS? If "they" can prove this then it's terror related, if not then he/she is just a "loony".
    And I really don't understand why the Qu'ran has not been brought to task for its hate speech. To the Jews firstly and then to Christians and then to all other non-muslims… But then I'm not telling you anything new… 😛

  5. It's funny how the country whose citizen is actually involved in 911 is the best friend of the US while the country who doesn't really have nothing to do with 911 is suffering from the consequences

  6. Our reprobate Washington sewer/ leaders are birds of the same feather with evil Islam.
    Job 12 He makes nations GREAT then destroys them. USA is undergoing the "destruction" phase with idiot leaders God has given us to lead US to hell. Psalm 9:17 kjv

  7. Here in the UK there is no mention of the murderer being a Muslim or a Saudi national. I assumed he was a disgruntled US serviceman "going postal".

  8. Oink oink. Let me get this straight. It’s America’s fault for aligning with Israel. America. The land founded, if you will, on Judeo Christian values. Biblical values. Golden rule, love your neighbor values. Both countries a democratic society. Where freedom rings. Aha. Except for one teeny tiny fact….The Quran dictates hate and murder and betrayal to little piggies like me!!! I am hala!! No wonder so many people are leaving this ideology. It’s not kosher.

  9. The US knows all this! But there is $$$ in war. So round and round we go! Where will we land? Saudi Arabia? China? North Korea? Or Russia? So many choices. So much $$$ to be made! ALANS SNACKBAR!

  10. David, please make a video dedicated to the persecution of Christians in Muslim counties. It’s heartbreaking that christians suffer all over the world because of Islam every day and we turn our back to them in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism. A video like that will raise awareness and will be much appreciated. I wish that western countries were helping more the christians in Middle East and North Africa. They are oppressed, bullied, imprisoned, killed and persecuted every day and the west instead of giving them asylum and helping them is denying their suffering and helps their persecutors instead. It’s so sad

  11. I'm sorry folks but its a simple answer, if you remove all Islamists from your country you will not have a problem, yep it's that simple. Yeah ok, this means throwing out a lot of folk who dont do anything bad but if it saves 1 life then its gotta be that way. You are training these folk in everything possible that they can use against you. History tells us that the west have been fighting this terror since the days of Richard and saladin, but you stupid arses cant see the reality, you are responsible for the deaths

  12. The peaceful Muslims are peaceful only because they don't have the nerves themselves to be violent. The violent ones are heroes to the non-violent ones.

  13. Terrorism is controlled by Jesuits, If you think about Gaddafis role in terrorism, Lockerbie and The Jesuit Irish governments role in various attacks on UK targets. Letting boats full of Semtex and weapons sail through its waters until the FBI intervened and made a token gesture by stopping the Claudia unload its cargo. Jesuits and Radical Islamic's are the same beast They work together and always have done for the same World Agenda without a ruling Jesus Christ!

  14. The whole system is corrupt & broken. The leadership on both sides of the isle are willing to turn a blind eye when there is money to be made at people killing each other!!!

  15. It seems that "Peaceful Muslims" are only "Peaceful" until they have the chance to stab a friend in the back or murder several unprepared bystanders. Some day soon the non-muslim world will be be forced to truly go to war with these madmen. When that horrible day comes we should approach that task with a policy of "Scorched Earth." No survivors, no prisoners.

  16. Greetings from London. Seems like Jihadis in USA are having competitions with the ones in the UK to kill as many Kafirs as they can before Christmas. God bless Israel for killing Jihadis regardless of their age, race and gender. You can’t educate a Jihadi to be civilised as he wants to die to go to his imaginary Islamic paradise where he could get virgin prostitutes which will be supplied by their Islamic God like a pimp. You can’t expect any logic from these people.

    In the UK and USA and rest of the world we need to learn from IDF and Mossad on how to deal with terrorists and terrorism.

    About 400 convicted Jihadis who are on MI5 list are released back in the public. And after every terrorist attack I notice more people with long beard and head covering as if they’re proud of it somehow.

    Throw the Islam down the well to save your country.

  17. The staggering amount of hypocrisy and evil intent apparent in Islamic doctrine & practice should have already gotten our leaders to take notice.
    They are being lied to, we are being lied to.
    Awareness is the first step and a powerful weapon in and of itself. Know Your Enemy.

  18. You and your pals should make videos for TikTok. There is a guy that chronicals WWII events concisely, humorously and accurately.

  19. Muhammad founded Islam by violence (jihad) and taught his followers to sustain Islam by violence. Islamic propagation is by only violence because it has nothing positive to add to society and to convince people to choose to follow it voluntarily.

  20. He's talking about the deep state crimes and all their wars. Trump is stopping all of that crime in the swamp deep state. So let President Trump do his job and stop killing innocent people MSA.

  21. why the fake media is not talking about this. Total Silence ……………………………..HUSH!. This does not help. There only role to present Muslims as victims.

  22. I was hoping you would speak about this. It’s absolutely nuts that we had a terrorist attack on a military base and there have been nothing but CRICKETS from the media.

  23. Sweetness of islam… only who is close to allah who would feel it .. go ask someone converted 🙂 what u trying to do david has nothing with islam and we muslim against it.. so dont judge all muslims… we are proud… and i m sorry for u .. islam is spreading fast …. what i wanna say david ( hateness creat just hateness and love creat love) whats wrong if u just become friend with some muslims .. hang out with them.. be close to them… as its normal for us to have christian friends… i hate arrogant ppl just

  24. There are some sick ppl around all world.. from them ( terrorists ) no matter which religion they are .. and like mr david wood .. he is terrorist but in other way .. he creat hateness( justttt )nothing more …. i m not gonna tell ppl to read quran or anything … but can u just open quran before u sleep and keep listning without understand and see the relax..and try to do it with music… u would see differance… alhamdulilah i m muslim and i am proud… and mr wood i would like to remember u that u were stupid in debate with the muslim guy …. u did show ur ignorance … peace for all of u

  25. Thank you for your lectures. They are very helpful and give much needed topical and spiritual information. God bless you and your family.

  26. David thank you for having the guts to say on here exactly what so many people the entire world over are thinking!!!! You sir should be given a Nobel prize for Honestly disseminating Truth!

  27. Be careful of the people who work at being your friend (as opposed to just being a friend), or work hard for you to like them, they are the ones who would turn on you. And, our politicians who want to stay in power think they will keep it in a government run by Sharia law if they bow down low enough.

  28. They fight The Jews in Israel, they fight the Buddhist in Burma they fight christians in Nigeria they fight anthiest in Russia but they are peaceful religion

  29. Can you explain why if he was born in the USA, how is he a Saudi working for the Saudi Air force? Could you explain how this works? If he is an American Citizen and joins our Military to work for the Saudi Air force?

  30. Recognizing the difference between the peaceful Muslims and the radical Muslims is extremely difficult if not impossible. Our government officials have learned nothing about Islam and the Muslim sect. Prayer is the only way that America can be saved. Knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and living for HIM is the only way for us to survive. Thank you, David, for your ministry.

  31. These Jihadist are the world biggest cry-bullies ever. The US funds weapons for Iran and Afghanistan to help them fight against the invasion of the Soviets and these ungrateful people such as Bin Laden and Husain Khomeini turn and bit the hand that feeds then by attacking the US with the weapons they supplied. Then when the US turns on them and fights back they Jihadi morons like the guy in this video whine and cry about "the US crimes against Islam" playing the victims they made us to be. Cowards…

  32. America play a dangerous game. Feeding a dragon to attack their enemy(for their benefit) but the dragon eventually attack them instead.

  33. David Wood why don’t you respond to THIS solution: DENOUNCE AND RENOUNCE muhammad verbally and in writing or be deported or denied entry into the USA Remove muhammad from a muslim’s brain and you will discover a decent human being

    This is a great start. Next. Close down 100% of mosques.

  34. This scares me. Like our late brother in Christ Nabeel I too grew up in a Muslim home and came to Christ in 2010, by nothing I did but Jesus calling me. My entire family is Muslim just like Nabeel and they are sweet people but I can’t tell you which of my cousins could go rogue at any moment since I don’t communicate with anyone. Apart from my immediate family no one else knows I’ve come to Christ or they would stop talking to my parents completely and most likely issue a fatwa against me.

    You must understand this, unless a Muslim denounces Islam, he/she cannot be loyal to this country and should not be training in our military. They simply are not allowed in Islam to support anyone who is not Muslim at that level.

  35. America isnt innocent in atrocities across the world, yet Jihad shouldn't be waged just because the American people dont control what our Government sends to those Nations. If Christian Americans could stand up and show violent Muslims that they are loved by God and they dont need to martyr themselves for any false god, your price was paid by Jesus for all of our transgression

  36. If Jehovah God was In it… He would have given the American people discernment between good and evil, and American should have not allow these type of people into our country in the first place.

  37. Answer to question number 2: Either this is some deliberate plan, or else, our people with some aspect of so-called authority have far less intelligence than my dog, who knows that you do not "sh*t where you eat"…

  38. A drinking buddy indicated to show a picture of Muhammad. If the person tries to kill you, they are NOT a peaceful Muslim.
    He also said, only do it anonymously, and when a bunch of big Christians or Marines are around.

  39. Islam is Islam. "The militant Muslim is the person who beheads the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds his feet" – Marco Polo However, to know what the future holds read "The Three World Wars of Albert Pike" and research him. I just subscribed to you on Bit Chute via your link.

  40. 1. there are usually words before deeds, so a pagan muslim's choices of reading, hero-worship, or spoken words that indicate a desire to break God's laws in the Bible (such as murder), would indicate that the person was steeling themselves up to do murder, eg the movie party should have had the participants calling the cops on what seemed to be a dangerous event. 2. The excuse, (oh you treat poor innocent muslims so bad …), someone desiring to do evil (like attacking someone who showed help to them), often needs some false justification for doing evil (eg fake muslim propaganda pictures), so anywhere where you see fake muslim propaganda (saving muslims from the satans Israel and USA), it is a "push" to do the crime. 3. $$$ I think that often there are cash payments for these murders. In short, the lying rhetoric spoken in the koran (written as a political document to restore the evil persian empire), the lying rhetoric spoken in the moon-goddess mosques, and the lying rhetoric spoken by the muslim koran "interpreters" all point to a subtext to do evil on the face of the earth — the only way to combat this infernal idolatry is to do what God commanded. When muslims try to do idolatry, it must be punished by the law, when muslims teach the fake history of "muhammad" (who never existed), "mecca" (a 800 century creation), or the "koran" (the Al Azhar institute's fabrication to make the institute the "top of the pyramid" for knowledge), provably false history must be condemned and stopped. And where adherents do "war" on the inhabitants of the land, it must properly punished without turning a blind eye to it. Islam cannot be any longer called a religion, it is a political movement built upon pagan arab sun, moon and star worship. Where it breaks the laws of the land, it must be punished. Where it wages war against people, it must be attacked and dealt with as a real hostile, and evil enemy.

  41. …….I think Mohammad was , might be real person , who was not given his leadership place after his father’s death, and his teen age mother Amana was used as a sexually Money trade or as a 2nd wife to his uncle ( Ali’s dad) .
    I think , Raja Lah and his Brother Raja Kush and many other Rajas were coming to arabs/ Israel area and many Arabs were Hindus included Mohammad’s family. I think Black stone ( Higra e aswad) is idol of Hindu Raja , most probably Raja Lah, who was son of Raja Rama( Hind Bhagwan Rama) .
    Mohammad ‘s father name Abd-ul-Lah means worshiper of Lah, and According to Muslim’s stories Mohammad put this black stone in kabba wall at the age of 35 at the time of repair of that Kabba wall.
    Mohammad just added Al with Raja ‘s Lah name to make it Allah (the Lah).
    As Raja Lah founded city Lahore in Iron Age about 3 thousands years ago by river Ravi. If we read Quran as a history book some of the stories telling us about Iron, black stone came from gardens of Lah , witch has low hanging fruits and big boobs girls beside running water.
    3 female goddess are Hindu by different name in India, going around Kabba 7 circles, dressed like older Indian clothing.
    If we look the size of black stone and it’s silver frame, it is same look and size we find idols in older Hindu temples all around world.

  42. Can you cover Messiah from Netflix? And give us your perspective. I saw trailer and this make me very strange feeling. It was so twisted and evil. But I'm not teologist and I don't know the Koran to see this corrupted message clearly.

  43. As a third generation of Armenian slaughtered by the followers of an Arab slave trader I say: Islam and Quran have to be banned!

  44. This is a prayer request for anyone out there who feels convicted to intercede for me and my fiance. My fiance is struggling in between her upbringing of Islamic indoctrination and the truth of jesus christ. She is desperately seeking the truth but needs prayer. I feel as if there's nothing else I can say or do to help…please anyone out there who feels the need to help, please say a prayer for her. That God would soften her heart and grant her eyes to see and ears to hear, and that she would be able to discern good from evil..Thanks.

  45. To save the west eventually the west has to ban islam. its followers should modernise/assimilate and convert to atheist, christian or jew or if they do not: be deported.
    If they want to live as muslims there are plenty of muslim countries they can go to. Everybody happy.
    Multiple cultures, etnic groups in 1 country simply won't work. It is a recipe for disaster as proven time and time again (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Lybia).

  46. Dear David, I'm from Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world. Can I have your permission to have your videos translated (with hardcoded subtitle) and uploaded in my channel? If you give your permission, of course I will put the link to the original video in the description. This information will surely get the eyes of many Indonesian Muslims open and hopefully will save them from the cult of Islam. God bless you and your work.

  47. At the 6:04 mark you mention Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani as merely reading the letter. How do you know he read this letter and in turn this letter reading lead to this atrocity? Are you trying to fear monger? I understand you are trying to build a case to how and why this transpired but do you really think people understand everything you state (opinion based statements) as true? Most You made several claims that were stated in a way that were leading to a conclusion; what was that conclusion? I find your videos intentions to inform the public suspect and I will not return to this channel until reason and sincerity comes to your videos. Good job on obtaining information but the use of them (again) were quite suspect.

  48. This is why you should never ever trust ANY muslim ever.

    If they put a smile on their face then they can DEFINITLY not trust them.

  49. Yes brother u Really great …I am India …. I love you Jesus may life Jesus…god bless you family … AMEN 🙏.. Jesus is great god.. believe your all brother and sister…

  50. Muslims are denied a good life on earth but bunch of wine and full breasted women ( 72 virgins for those who killed in the name of Allah ) in their haven.
    Think about that…
    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  51. Thank you David for delivering news the MSM just silences. Only in the light can we face hate brought against us. Be well, be safe.

  52. Tell ppl what they did to us (Iranians ) just in a the last few weeks 400+ dead and over 1000 arrest that will this bloody theocracy will execute all of them. Save us fuck Islam.

  53. Other than the water-tight argument David Wood has once again give to us, there was a nagging question which bothered me throughout the entire video.
    Why didn't the Americans train the Saudi pilots in Saudi Arabia? Come on, surely the Saudis can afford to transport a few training simulators there if they can afford the planes? Then again, the Americans who went there might get shot and imprisoned as spies for whatever reasons the Saudis dreamed up. Heck, now I'm not so sure going there to train them was such a good idea either. LOL!
    Seriously, stop selling weapons to the Middle East…

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