FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES: [God Shattering Star] + Original English Lyrics Interpretation

Who here risks all for god
Let me introduce his wrath Which of us feels fury
Nemesis Carries us over the moon
the light of the people carries on Clever to be a clarity
on to the rest we appear evil They all fight for Fodlan
hail Sothis as their false god they ran an iron
grip on this land but we’ll surpass that, we won’t lose again,
he’ll guarantee our victory! war even must fall on us
she will pay for her mistrust *whistles Lost in Thoughts alone
*whistles Fire Emblem Theme oh we hide in darkness far from cursed dieties
yee who rules all sides their wish shall cast a shadow come to us I’ll receive you in open arms a golden deer stands between us and our
God-Shattering Star *whistles Fodlan Winds
*whistles Tearing Thru Heaven you who are indeed from a king far apart
you dreamer, your parcel will claw and tear down all of these walls!


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