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Assalamu Alaikum Walaikum Assalam! So, are you ready for today’s story? Yes, I’m. Alright! Inshallah, I will tell you the remaining
story of Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! The Story of Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) Prophet Muhammad
(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) had been married to
Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) for 15 long years by now. She was the first person to accept Islam. She knew that her husband would speak only the truth, and she trusted him. One day angel Jibril(Alaihissalam) taught the Prophet how to
perform the wudu. The he taught the prophet
how to say the salah. When the Prophet learned this, he taught this to
Khadija(Rali Allahu Anha) as well. From that day, they started to pray
in their own house. Ali Ibn Abu Talib, the cousin of Prophet
Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) was staying at their house and he saw them praying together. He was only 10 years old, and he was curious to know
what they were doing When he asked, the Prophet told him that they were
offering their prayers, or salah. The prophet Muhammad
(Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) told the boy that Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’aala)
had made him a Prophet and revealed the Quran to him. The next day, Ali met the prophet and said “‘I want to accept islam and
follow its teachings” Prophet accepted this request gladly. Thus Ali became the second
follower of Islam after Khadija. They continued to pray together
from that day onwards. The Prophet led the prayers and
Ali would stand next to Him. Khadija stood behind them Many days passed by, and one day the angel
appeared again to the Prophet. The angel informed that it was
now time to call the people to Islam. He asked the prophet to preach the
message of Islam to the people. It was the dawn of a new era. The Prophet started
calling people to Islam. He gave his full time attention in
preaching people about Islam. Preaching Islam was not an easy job. But Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha)
supported her husband whole heartedly. She gave up her entire fortune
for the good cause of Islam. She got quite involved in her
husband’s work as well. She met people and talked
to them about Islam. Slowly and steadily people realized
that the Prophet was speaking the truth. They started joining Islam one by one. But not everyone liked
what they were hearing, especially the Quraysh men. The Quraysh tribe were mainly
the leaders of Makkah. Most of the rich men in Makkah
belonged to the Quraysh tribe. They were scared that if people
started following Islam, then would no longer
be feared and respected. They started treating the prophet
and his followers very cruelly. They threw garbage at the prophet
whenever he passed by, started beating those who
was following the prophet, and even chased some of
them out of Makkah. Several kinds of ban were
imposed on the Muslims. They were not allowed to take
part in their gatherings, and refused to do business with them. One day the prophet was sitting
on top of Hira mountain. He had been sitting there
for a long time now. When he did not reach
home at his usual time, Khadija started to worry about him. She asked one of the men to
go and look for him in Makkah But after a while, the man returned. He couldn’t find the prophet
anywhere in Makkah. Khadija waited for some more time, but the prophet didn’t return. She decided to go and search
for the prophet herself. She carried some food and water with her. The Prophet had been in the
company of Angel Jibril(Alaihissalam) The angel said to the prophet “Your wife is on her way here. She has got food and water for you. When she arrives, tell her that there will be a house
made of pearls for her in paradise.” Like the Angel said, Khadija soon reached the cave. The prophet saw that she was carrying
food and water with her! Then the prophet told her about
the angel’s message Khadija calmly replied “May Gods peace and blessings
be upon you, Rasulullah” The Prophet had started
gaining many more followers. When the Quraysh leaders saw this,
they were very angry. They imposed social boycott on
the Prophet and his family. Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet,
was also the leader of Quraysh in Makkah. He was a very evil man,
and the worst enemy of Muslims. He ordered a complete ban on the
Prophet’s family and their followers. No one in Makkah was allowed to
buy or sell anything to them. They were not even allowed to talk to them. It was very difficult in those
days for someone to live without the support
of their tribe. For three long years, the Prophet labored
quietly to deliver the message of God. Idol worship was deeply rooted
among the people, and the Prophet tried to
convince as much as He could After three years of struggle, He was only able to
secure thirty followers! Even His companions had now
started questioning His sanity! By now His enemies had started
plotting against the Prophet The Prophet preached that everyone
were equal in front of God, and this challenged the
authority of local priests! One day, they gathered together and decided to suppress the movement of Prophet. They decided that each family
should take upon themselves the task of stamping out the
followers of Islam. Each household started
torturing its own members, relatives and slaves who were
following the Prophet. The people were beaten, flogged and
then thrown into the prison The hill of Ramada and the
place called Bata had now become scenes of cruel torture. Only the Prophet was left out, because He had the protection of
Abu Talib and Abu Bakr (Rali Allahu Anhu) Then the priests tried to tempt the
Prophet into joining their religion. For this, they sent Utba Ibn Rabi’a
to meet the Prophet “O son of my brother” said the messenger “You are distinguished by your qualities. Yet, you have denounced our Gods. I am here to make a proposition to you” “I am listening to you, O son of Walid”
said the Prophet. “If you are willing to acquire
riches, honors, dignity, then we are willing to offer you a fortune larger than what we have among ourselves. We shall make you our chief, and we will consult everything with you. If you desire dominion,
then we shall make you our king” said Utba When Utba had finished, the Prophet said “Now listen to me Son of Walid” “I’m listening” replied Utba The Prophet recited the first thirteen
verses of Surah Fussilat He praised Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala), and explained about the
glad tidings of paradise to anyone who believed in the one true god. The Prophet then reminded him about what had happened to the
people of ‘Ad and Thamud When the Prophet had finished
His recitation, he said to Utba “This is my reply to your proposition. Now take what course you find the best” When their plan to tempt
the Prophet failed, they approached His uncle- Abu Talib The Prophet’s uncle tried persuading the
Prophet to stop preaching to the people But the Prophet said “O uncle! if they were to put
the sun in my right hand, and the moon in my left hand to stop
me from preaching Islam, I would never stop!” The Prophet, overcome by the thought that
His uncle was willing to desert Him, turned to depart from His home. But Abu Talib called out
to the Prophet loudly. He asked Him to come back. When the Prophet came back, Abu Talib told Him “Say whatever you please. By the Lord, I shall not
desert you forever! Thats all Abu. Next time, I will tell you another story. Thanks, Ma-assalam Yusuf uncle! May Allah bless you! Massalam Abu!!


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