Fallout 4 [Modded] – Luck Run!! Monday Live Stream (7/8/19)

oh let's see if we got the thing and for me hold up everybody forgot a non-steam strange you think I had to relax from that thing and there we go should have aim right now on your screen right now and a minute now hey Casey yeah okay cool so no I don't want to do facecam today I'm sorry everybody I do have it right here but I I give you guys' I use a break from my face can you imagine the nightmare suitcase mr. faces I'm gonna deal with my face the whole time hold on I forgot your lunch restream us Oh another one and it also forgot my information let me get my phone situated that's pre hero songs that AE test actually popped up nice nice nice okay everybody so me and my papa I forgot to do one more thing I'm gonna do some stuff I'm not gonna do too much I'm just gonna do like SciQuest I still haven't gotten any word of educate stink of this but I'm trying to save like the main mission stuff it's like I'm assuming gay son really wanna watch like two hours or whatever how long it is later so I am making them videos which I would condense them through maybe 30 minutes hopefully okay so three am let's say hi to the breath how do I read that's not that's not run oh good thing I did okay maybe oh yes let me the camera like this first name I love you gets pasta don't the terminal to close in actually my name or go back in I'll test it out by looking at the terminal real quick oh yeah but as I'm I get so I guess I got distracted kind of way you me okay Oh give me a second all right so as I was saying like I don't know if you guys like this hour maybe two just stuff probably I don't watch it but I was that's why I'm making videos like this break gear yeah I like it does it look I can change it Thank You forgeting what's this or what point I was making anyways yeah so I'm making them videos but the thing is I haven't gotten feedback guys I don't know quite what to do because I've been thinking of like the only recording the the twitch streams in which I do the main questline and I'll just do side quests and stuff on here on YouTube which it makes it a lot easier for me to hang out because it's not main question like this is my first time playing it so of course I'm gonna pay attention to the main quest so if I'm when I'm here on YouTube and you guys want to talk to me it'll be said quiz stuff and that way I can make be more talkative so I'll be more like engaging I guess with not paying attention to what J is saying more here on YouTube and on Twitch I'm kinda a little bit less I think this one needs to be liked like it and maybe and if I search the first person which is not that fun oh this is blends pretty boy did their percent the houses closer but here it looks further away bigger field of vision especially I mean it looks like that some next to Mitch yeah I like the I think it feels pretty natural doesn't it's too dry and if you do notice it gets really tiny my girl first person I think this up makes the area seem brand like this thanks for the cluster which is nice when I'm not playing and one picture which was let's run again with the Sturgis I mean that thing at me oh it doesn't talk to me anymore okay so that that's what my thinking is I think it is I'll do I'll record the twitch streams and we try to the main mission so you guys good to see more of that and that's what this doing side quests stuff is videos in the future I'm about to get back into making videos again and hopefully train I'm gonna try to make up for time and I like them pretty quick or quality of course but I just want to get these videos done and have it take it might so end up taking them okay but in the meantime I don't what I was gonna do here shit what is it this one I'm just gonna put a fucking in it I'll check my stats okay this first mercy oh yeah okay so so yeah that's just it let me know what you think of that plan it's done and I should just do my stuff No yeah keep waiting forever Africa what else I was gonna do in here I remember there was something I'm gonna do real quick was perfect and sidequest I don't remember did I forget I can make a wish to pursue okay head off in the morning I guess my dad should with I think the dog is this was the first meet based on the Hat and soon I was replacing them instead of updating good therefore again again when I use it once yeah they've called these second actually your phone these thank that might eat oh hey grateful that one I will get this also have something to do though sorry I'm just gonna be doing like this right I think it's yeah yeah okay person like that I see I thought I took it off but I guess I did I was like I swear I'll scope read this and I was like I took it off the gun and then it just disappeared there we go what do you have that's mine can we trade a few things she had this one this thing is cute okay keep it as a backup and share Intel but well Sneed to kid again make I want to trade yes something okay Hey go so everybody's sleeping and they're gonna quit my crew oh yeah but this still up there Oh Sonic disappear that's one reason yeah you set up a pistol my citizens carry poopie pistols shake em the No that's right this is be ok this one–this is the revolver together naming them so I suppress first I just this is the one I pull the thing from it trichome this I want to give him 45 you know I mean I think I have a bit of mouth getting Ellen don't you think so who's this so the match may all my things thank he needs 45 right I have a few 45 I'm sexy equip this one so now that's exactly right my dude she is just so here's that thing all that surface you're gonna be the better the machine tonight can I just I can't get rid of weapon they're just else lives here printed just wanted to trade a few things compensated hypersthene ten minute yeah wants to but that was mmm-hmm Pearson robber check Meg much mercy there's my run button I made you a chair already once before shit okay guys I'm looking for Murray been here I've been at it for 20 minutes I'm making a messing around so I apologize for that but yeah from but but it all means about me doing the main mission on Twitch and recording that is that I get all this burnt stuff out of the way because I usually don't play between the strings Oh another thing that it means is that it doesn't matter if you're mr. streams no more important things are the video and you guys can watch him any time and it should be not too long and really fun Hey okay let's copy oh no no no songs to learn all right let's do real quick let's run in and turn off the radio she's usually farming the ship and worship in one of these houses I think this one has thank you let's dive me by the by I mean if you trainable so me then in our home it's just patrolling the houses this should be my house right yep No I think it's Confederate find you you're gonna have the best gear at you but as good as the one in Sturgis give her the head take it with me in case I need it don't get it see right time just be said lately right three three Carrie's stuff I can't have one Genki pizza Nonya came to this so should I give her yes rayful snake rayful I'm gonna check him up standard we're all yes fully kitted up that automatic receivers a pretty long barrel marksman stock J and this is the pipe rifle you want to hear you have use this I said she's gonna need a lot of help yeah I think i jealous of the leg hurts yeah actually harsh contrasted a really nice lightweight armor and Alex tonight super okay very cool okay yeah there was also this one she's actually not that bad is the or gave it to Vaughn give it to what's-his-name okay that scared all the time and bad breath it's always bad breath okay I I need a Pilate no I'm just whispering I don't needed their anything and just talking to myself it's fine Harry this one remember oh yes I needed the mo for the very good let me drink some bud hmm it's just an actual thing and the flight is the flag Andrea No where are these guys oh oh is that what it's for my beds let's call for backup gun it's for when I need the backups that's right okay me my Popeye ready to go one public one this time problem yeah actually not that then there was no action to begin with there wasn't anything okay just a kid in his Papa out for adventure come on Papa let's go oh they kind of do a little patrol didn't find anything it's point seven too small Jesus it is proper let's go solve a mystery come on Papa I just have to solve mysteries that's good Tommy but let's get our again Oh ahead and lose set oops first this about this when did let's go D you got a soft some injustice day that's my revolver now I gotta test this out dr. Knight is a little too dark don't you think uh-huh uh-huh get myself some Oh it's hardly anything – my resistance actually healed me cut boat fly heals you and your to read resistance that's cool okay okay I think I did all think someone to do time mr. going places first up so here again pretty nice gun okay for heavy just for you oh I can't seem to wake up enough do not put spur into my mic so I actually didn't hit turn turn it up Harrison okay I had to build what I can have this one be Raider like crafting chicken station and up interact pinch two different weapons we change station cooking stove can you put different things and I couldn't stop I'm guessing out the thanks James now it's like power then tricks instead of those two your sentiments when turned on there's nobody here you know terminal there's no fortunately unconnected objects to Texas edition of Sicily box a musical town huh all right let's build this thing rubbery ceramic they haven't built she remembered one because it uses some pretty hard to find stuff oh okay connectors and switches and stuff did it with the tower someone already yeah okay that's good enough for me small generator made them generator I need screws for that lot more stuff in science generator I'll need yes damn I'll be out of rubber put the part generator inside this bush right here ha ha that's produces three so I can have more there listen then oh yeah could search the Harvard start for a paint hard to take after people dr. people dangerous mains are they I had to go back talk to president gardenia which I will Oh Plex let's get some paint we are a son of a stone permanent that's time that's time everybody that's time did you do do do do do do do do you Saints are we're suppress there yeah my turn cartwheels budget of in get inside you're gonna die alright alright okay oh just put on some cool clothes right here called the hazmat suit turn that side now and look for whatever his name is oh oh I like the race the race will be very like I listen to my anti-aliasing so I can kind of see it but that's just for performance I am die here without the proper suit like me we're taking over persons it'll speak to me and I'm a little speech me so that lightning that side circuses less than 1 it's just like points on something radiation he's at his station RV this weathers crazy were you doing here I'm solo kid size okay I got ducks be on me it's awesome out here let's see the lightning please address I think the stars passing Henry Scott that's really dope let's realize how many titles we got here and there's zero T rotators the rotators so many of these plant fruits that a few corns going we got three two points so far got a carrot I need to increase my my carrot so I'm gonna take that carrot to prance fine no ha I don't know how to set it up I think and I look up videos and I'd like to set up a good time it's from Moorhead the right one I don't think some battered fedora all right Papa let's go let's compare some print it's gonna be the lasting idea or almost I was offered a job from a girl named Edward if I'm interested I need to check out these are my ourselves our service and then tough to sitter I see what since lanius mazzimo witchcraft oh yeah I don't want to do that second they went off because these are in Boston area or there was pain in their hand memory research that races for back then then make their way to the house we're the slow start I'm gonna go another 20 minutes maybe is that slow startup looking for everybody forgetting when I was doing and saying oh oh I need like caffeine just to warm in here there's just no way that we can how much too hard because and the more so much Kate how did they do that warehouse I'm the murdered fucking peasant oh yeah I think I was following the Italian oh my god it's gonna hear or something I think I'll be more over here or something we've been through so much this nature of a man it is time to birth the horse down and at this stage time for a showdown also to get the dog I thought I said essentially Hills they send them to tell me blood since that I don't know the guy I rushed my don't remember this yeah it says I cleared it it looks looted like if I did fearless hello madam can I interest you in a dumb shot 99 cents for don'tcha didn't somebody ask for help there's something and then they went through there the one like this and then went through there that's right and I'm not going what's over here over there nope just me yeah trade you're baiting me there that was some other place where I saw a bunch of em all what's the plasma just better armor than when I'm right I know that already in the room I could get into before I kept saying oh I think this is for later and yeah metal right I'm sure has metal plates don't have a lot of carry away stay strapped straighter leveling – no choose someone that tried to be yeah yeah I remember that she was outside trying to beat us in I don't know if I recorded that or not I don't think I did yeah but just of the time we had the plane back like that's better because I can let's see it's just a standard standard yes so for the stub barrel hundun what another pair for no reason wait a minute they don't see this Oh what got good I can make that great intense nice nice nice I didn't notice this before I think I was recording that because I felt like in a hurry because I I needed to end the video soon but I remember this place yeah no safe I guess I'm right here harbortown I don't know if I recorded me going in here but I remember this once I entered back through here I'm back at hard birthing remember this lady tried to guide us to trap but I was like I smell traps that's some health traps for breaths and then I went down here pretty sure I said something about birthdays I'm pretty sure I did a Batman voice – sounds like something I would do and instead of going up here surprising them this way I actually went through that the hole that's over here but you had like this rock back welcome back sir it's like this weird having episode or something like this I don't know this episode maybe it's maybe it okay so oh yeah all the dead bodies I got down here we're already rad the ad there was some stuff I didn't get look at this this stuff in there picked up crispy bits and what like Oh what wasn't I didn't got one before this is a regular especial strickler default pistols yeah I mean oh yeah it look there's the pink I remember seeing these paints yeah I'm missing stuff it's like I really did also were here all this this part is these two ammo boxes and there's camps and stuff actually missed it believe it some with slow with Laurie because I guess I did a quick broke so I probably won't occur in there I'm pretty sure recorded this before didn't in my group Oh so I mix the blue and and yellow where's the pink how much the the blue and yellow to get green nerds can't green paint it's fall out colors blue yellow then also I'm teeny yes there's some teeny this is my papa we go out solve crimes let's get a good shot here with Papa there we go come on papa well this murders to solve open Finn all right nice so I am back here again I'm just I just brought you guys in to see that uh back here and I remember that I was Becky and there's some stuff I miss which is pretty awesome I'm collecting all that all that due dates right away you're ready nothing all right guys I'll see you in a bit not in here and doing more important stuff Oh No remember daphne was here too we had 45 rounds pre-war money yeah I'm taking it oh no I need a vodka and I have anything oh I had to search key this whole time they're bad mind ended ago deactivate real quick that's tough boy oh yeah and there's some stuff we call compensator for five rifle best Fein and too much stuff Nick Nick help Papa Papa help me oh yes Terry the armored stuff that I found and also I typed some rager stuff up four or five receiver for the long barrel right I'm actually gonna eat there you go thanks Mike Haley damn near come back here for the mr. black are they nice relax here are we I really want to get this stuff penetrator and this mm-hmm let's cannot save to goods generate extra points for yesterday yeah oh right there oh I don't know I don't know say that later and definitely want to concentrate fire though for sure pick up how do you get up though you a pathless laid before me that's a lotta railway specs it's tangen a lot except stuff after no standards for me come and woof yes okay so this ring okay well straight that's gonna be loading there Oh I also was gonna go talk to really kill day it's late for that shake it shake it for me no no no no no no I think I'm loading outside a fairy and you scrap clothes can I scrape like leather armor oh not too safe for me yeah since the conversation cut them very brief I like other it's still talking you pull them away from us and then I was having fun listening to this chanel again so that guy they're worse than the Dragons I'm more frequent than the Dragons like if I if I ko those you're the good diet yeah the water so his face yep and bathe in this water oh I don't know what I just found metal stuff nah pick those up cuz I'm gonna take them thank you a hell are we this row should take us in right okay I'll look around this villain on the walk around really trying to fight things oh whether hostess go get the guy his print object read some of these letters I picked up into things before the whoa oh is that I was bright yeah put some of this stuff back into the leather stuff a girl maybe I could get another from that will be nice so I can make stuff pocket it'll be cool that's nuts and here's the first a little oh there it is it's kind of nice to work with it's just and stuff Oh like if I skip the list you know all right that's a face I just need a little bit of other stuff unfortunately none of the other stuff pops up okay I don't know what I would sell like I need to put a lot of this stuff away apparently what's this pistol I like this video Oh electricity damage I think it seems like a standard thing Oprah's on it today that perception can one day about get a kickball favorite for the town they own Oh can I like he will sell me a he's nice there you know no I don't wonder curious I hate self should do it hey senator are we best or needed that there it's inconceivable okay breath it for me it's a lot of money but it's what I want I needed to upgrade that all right uh yeah sorry I've been soaked a bunch of stuff about a bunch of stuff and I got myself the once called the shadowed right thing I made it into pocketed instead of light build so now I should be able to use it and I have two right arm stuff right or no no good stuff I need armor I got all right but for now I'm gonna stay looking like my papa over here behind me come on papa come on dead dead Teddy let's go maybe they probably hate public let's go it's over here you'll be so proud because we've got the green color yep so okay tell me how to do that use green paint what do you think yeah thank you I did my best okay I'll connect completing like that nice cool Thank You Nick for that positive feedback I'm more happy about the he recommit okay I'm not happy about the getting the 200 caps which is about as much as I spent to get this armor piece to actually be packing it because I had to buy stuff so I can head by materials to make it so yeah okay so I'm gonna head back to the thing the the in so I'm gonna set out at a time I think what I'm gonna do oh wait let me yeah yeah yeah look at me me my papa papa let's go let's make some chemicals come make some chemicals some come back girls oh I need the hub flour I can't do that yet are we gonna go sleep at the end setup in the morning unless it's almost morning already check my pip-boy don't tell me that time no one tells you on the map I was actually almost morning I guess we're just I just went there probably saw some whiskey and bourbon and I picked up there don't wanna carry around and yeah logoff and switch over to twitch but yeah I just don't know if that's the end of this video for you guys or not if you're watching this in the future keep trying to go into this mode and I pull out my gun on today proud of me promise I did good I got that guy paint for his wall yes a direction oh no Hina yeah set if you left this room Moulton Howe I guess it's his room it's gone it's open okay well I was doing some my drinks with there's North cellar here he's so I think out which I'm gonna go talk and we go talk to the guy do that mission for I have to find the bartender here I'll then go onto the main mission so yeah I don't know if you guys watching this is a free trip this is the in the future and I make this video of this gonna be even long enough to make a video probably not so it's a real goodbye in the middle but I'm such an art which and yeah I'll see you guys in a bit if you're watching this on YouTube nothing it's in a bit are you watching the video if this is the video I'll see you guys in a bit other boys see you guys over on Twitch there's a link in the description you guys follow me there it's also doing to make this current guys wanna find me that's probably where I met hey roomie oh I guess I should save it save over this Oh Pete was

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