Fake Conservatives Toeing Digital Charter Censorship | District 33 & 34 Landing Day (Haul Up)

alright hey guys it's joe here for a live morning commute video and before I get into it I just wanted to acknowledge the lobster fishermen at district 33 and 34 here and Yarmouth Bigby area today is today's the last day of the season Landing day or all up day whatever you call it and I just wanted to commit acknowledge all the men who work out there on the water it's a dangerous and harrowing profession but the rewards can be great with risk comes reward so congratulations to all the lobster fishermen district 33 and 34 congratulations on coming through a safe season and you know just if anyone in the arm is to seeing this you know just kind of be mindful of just what impact our lobster fishery has on our area the economic benefits the social benefits that come with the spin-offs from our lobster industry really here in Yarmouth and Digby the lobster fishery really is the driver of the economy and you know you see people all talking bad about fishermen and just nitpicking and it's jealousy it's resentment any wanting to talk about fishermen I implore them for a day to go out on the water they'll learn really quickly while I lobster fishermen make the money that they make so congratulations guys Lots my friends I don't want to name anyone because I'm sure I'll forget but I have lots of friends who logs your fish and you know and that's something that they should all be proud of so wellnot olicity and the Liberals marched forward to increase censorship online specifically here in Canada and I've been talking recently on here about the digital charter which the Liberals are proposing as a way to increase censorship online citing the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand as a primary impetus for needing to clamp down on online communications by Canadians and to my knowledge now somewhere incorrect please if I'm wrong someone correctly to my knowledge Andrew Shearer has not said anything about the digital Charter and certainly has not come out in opposition to it that I'm aware I could have missed that because I'm intentionally trying to pull myself away from social media news feeds and things like that intentionally and just trying to limit my exposure to what I purposefully seek out instead of just endlessly scrolling Facebook and Twitter easily we know but I doubt it because yesterday I noticed that conservative MP story about her being bullied online to basically justify what the Liberals are doing by trying to push for censorship online so that to me seemed like a ringing endorsement by Aaron O'Toole for the Liberal Party's March to increase censorship and by basically I guess nor was the world affirming Catherine McKenna's assertions that she is the unfair target of indiscriminate bullying online then they might as well the Conservatives just might as well come out and say yeah we support more censorship – because Allah few things one tell Catherine McKenna to suck it up and put her big-girl pants on because she's a federal minister it comes with the territory and when you had the audacity in the gall to go on Twitter and other public forums and continuously browbeat Canadians and conservatives as being deniers of your climate catastrophe rhetoric and being intolerant and racist and you know promoting ideas like having less children to reduce our carbon footprint and pay a carbon tax to atone for our carbon footprint well yeah you can see why people would be upset frustrated by that and they may not express that frustration in the most politically correct tone or manner but that doesn't give them any less right to speak and again when you look at the way that the Liberals really in a veiled way by you know claiming that they're going to eradicate hate this arbitrary nebulous term really I would flip that on to them and say that anything that liberal or leftist authoritarians call out is hate it is it reflective of anything that they hate if they identify something as hate speech that speech that they hate a hate group well that's a group that they hate that speech and that group is undermining their authority that's how the leftist see hate speech in my opinion and I guess another thing I just want to mention to people this has been a reoccurring theme on my channel from the start is this problem of fake conservatives in the West mainly in Canada and to go back in time a little bit and explain this phenomena of fake conservatives I would argue it goes back to the Soviet Union as many things do whether or not people want to accept it or not and it stems from efforts by the socialist aristocracy to push their Marxist ideas from the top down because they realized quite quickly they weren't going to get the worldwide workers revolution that they had hoped for and I would argue that these ideas have become so invested in the Canadian political framework and in academia entertainment and the media that it has altered the cultural perceptions to a point that in Canada specifically your liberal and conservative parties are essentially both espousing neo-marxist tropes the only difference is that the Liberals take a more overt in-your-face Stalinist approach whereas the Conservatives take a more tepid milquetoast Trotskyist approach to advancing Marxist ideas and using arbitrary terms like hate while Trotsky is pretty much the one who's attributed with mainstreaming or popular popularizing the term racist and using that specifically to browbeat his political enemies into submission and this is what we see all the time and with cases like you have supposed conservative opposition who basically just comes along and kind of just being forced to toe the line of whatever the left is pushing and if you read read up on Saul Alinsky a lot of the tactics that the leftist used make perfect sense Saul Alinsky has a book which I've started to read called rules for radicals and that basically outlines the tactics that today's leftists are using and even conservatives are using and part of what Saul Alinsky outlines and rules for radicals is that when you push hard enough it forces unknowingly it forces your opposition to adopt similar tactics but the way it's done if it's done right and in turn ends up just making them look bad to their audience and making you look with – to your audience so yeah Aaron O'Toole is basically being a tool for the left by retweeting Catherine McKenna sob stories about being bullied online to justify more censorship of Canadians of you and me because they're using they're using this to justify more censorship what you and I can say online and it has nothing to do with hatred or racism or misogyny or any other any other red herring that they throw out there it's entirely about controlling the narrative and pushing out anything that any speech that undermines their authority now another story that I caught from yesterday involved Conservative MP Michael Cooper so there was some committee yesterday exploring justifications for more censorship and namely hate I don't remember the exact name of the committee but they were at one point what I read in the article was there was a Muslim witness giving testimony and was talking about the Quebec monster shooting and saying that Alexander Bissonnette was radicalized specifically by conservative and alright writings that he read online now first of all well you'll notice that they do in these stories is they lump conservative in with Albright racist far-right and this again goes back to Saul Alinsky because I'm pretty sure it was Saul Alinsky who stated for the people who would be adhering to his rules never apologize for your extremists and that's exactly what the left does the left is big 10 so big tent to include Islamists radical transgender activists radical LGBT activists and so on and so forth and radical abortion activists but they will never let on that there is any extremist views within their big tent they basically the Liberals have managed to keep up keep up the appearance of the old-school centrist Liberal Party of John Christian and Paul Martin and before that but they are anything but liberal that's what liberal is a brand it's a brand name think of it like Pepsi and basically what they've done is they've taken the packaging of Pepsi and they've put new ingredients in it namely far-left progressive ideas and again in the case of Justin Trudeau it stems back to his old man Pierre Elliot Trudeau he was you know an open anti-semite and admirer of fascism admirer of Fidel Castro Mao Chairman Mao and in a book that I read called the essential Trudeau which was a collection of essays and speeches by Pierre Elliot Trudeau I'm paraphrasing but at one point in there he refers to the will of the people ie populism as quote the tyranny of public opinion this is what they think of us we're an obstacle to their authoritarian dreams so going back Michael Cooper Conservative MP when listening to this witness at this committee yesterday which was exploring more justifications for online censorship and in this case you know reinforcing the stereotype that Muslims are victims and victims only in this Western world many of them choose to move to after this witness was stating that Alexander mr. net was radicalized by conservative ideas he read online conservative Michael Moore called him out I don't remember exactly what he said I think he said something out that the witness should be ashamed of themselves for saying that and the media the Liberals everyone just had a field day outraged outraged that this Conservative MP Michael Cooper would dare dare dare to say this to poor Muslim and that's that's again you have to realize that the left doesn't care about these people they they exploit them they're like pets to them or unruly children to them and as long as they as long as they're useful to the left they'll continue to exploit them and I think Michael Cooper's remarks are perfect perfectly reasonable as the witness was trying to Gaslight conservatives basically saying that your conservative ideas drove Alexander Bissonnette to do this shooting no consideration for his personal responsibility in the matter it's everyone else's fault is what we're led to believe and same with the the guy who carried out the Christchurch shooting it's all our fault and it's social media's fault and it's conservatives fault see it's never the fault of the people committing the act in their mind that he always put the blame on other people they always externalize the blame and again that's political because it justifies things like censorship it justifies things like stricter firearms laws and again in Canada we've now had bill C 71 go through through third reading in the Senate which means it just needs Royal Assent and another political move in c71 is it's going to reclassify the cz 858 rifle which Alexander Bissonnette attempted to use in the shooting attempted it didn't even work it jammed on the first shot and I just want to express here at the end this isn't to be callous or cold I I realize people die but I'm what I'm upset by is how the left exploits these tragedies but does it in such a way as to fool everyone into thinking that they are advocating in the best interests of the groups that they define as victims the left needs victims if they don't they have no purpose think about it what are they content what are they continuously doing they're continuously creating a divide between oppressors and oppressed as they see it and this goes right back to Marxism and in a nutshell the host population of Western nations ie Canada are the oppressors and the racial and religious minorities are the oppressed according to the left and people are buying it not people are so concerned with fighting with each other they never take time to look up and see who's orchestrating all of this chaos and who is pitting us against one another and keeping our hands around each other's throats it's the politicians it's the international elites the international bankers the roundtable organizations these are the ones that are fomenting all of this and using it strictly to their advantage to impose more controls on you and me so again my my best of congratulations to the fishermen of district 33 and 34 on another prosperous lobster season and you know good luck again next year and my name is Joe I am Canadian and Godspeed everyone


  1. I noted some lags in the video – perhaps I will take the highway to avoid dead zones going forward. So to summarize… yesterday on twitter, Fake Conservative MP Erin O'Toole, affirmed Environment Minister Catherine McKenna's assertions she is unfairly harassed online. In essence this affirmation, and call to end anonymous accounts, by O'Toole is a tepid endorsement of the proposed digital charter for censorship. How would tech companies enforce monitoring for anonymous accounts?

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/ErinOTooleMP/status/1134077597971898368?s=19

    The second story:

    Committee erupts after Tory MP tells Muslim witness he 'should be ashamed'

  2. Politicians are puppets and haven't worked for us in a long time. It is all a pony show. We are no more than cattle to these elitists. It should be obvious by now! Poverty is worsening, cuts being made to disability programs, stagnant wages, inflation, debt and overall misery.

    Who in the hell wants to work for nothing? That is what it is getting to. The 75% clawback on ODSP for trying to work and get off the system destroys the incentive to work. I lost money trying to work…….I refuse to be a slave to the parasites.

  3. Excellent Joe, Rules For Radicals should be essential reading…
    Know thine enemy..
    God bless you and your family..

  4. It's exactly what you said, Joe. This movement is part of the 2030 agenda NWO.
    All commands come from UN main office. Soros is the field manager for the banksters, Turdeau ( Soros favorite puppet), Scheer, May, Singh are also puppets.
    Canadians tend to have forgotten That we the people are the government and they " the puppets" work for us the people. Essentially, What Fidel Jr, is doing is silencing the BOSS ( us the people).
    Tell me Canadians, do you have authority to silence your BOSS, the guy that signs your paycheck. No you do not. Well then neither does Trudeau nor any of the others of the puppets. What will it take Canadians to get off the hinds and do as France has been doing. I'll give that to the French from France they have balls. NOT like here, we are sissies.
    No one pays attention to whats going on, cause their noses are buried looking at their phone's playing f'n games. .

  5. LETS all vote for the REVENGE Party…..BERNIER….this is exactly what Canada needs….a pooor loooser representing our nation

  6. Fishermen work hard and it can be dangerous in any waterway. Professional or (recreational) Also we really need to make Canadian Fisheries ours, as Canadapoli had a chat on Chinese inflating Lobster prices too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ncF6nFE_98&lc=z22vidbqosishvwlracdp432ibkhpqdmiezxeavdotpw03c010c As for McKenna, shout as loud as you want, I still don't believe you. As for Andrew Scheer not commenting well maybe he is thinking if it is possible to use the Digital Charter or silent as he is not willing to stand against it. It's a bad censorship document.
    Thanks Joe all the best to you and yours.

  7. Scheer=Globlist puppet but Erin Otoole isn't a female unless he* recently converted *(I hope I am using the correct pronoun here)

  8. Catherine McKenna said the liberals have taught her that if you tell a lie in parliament you just need to keep shouting and repeating it and people will eventually believe its true, sadly Liberal and conservative leaders in Canada are Scumbags. Lets be honest Islam is the real enemy in Canada

  9. if the crime minister/libtard party cheat their way into winning re-election , canada will break up into east west coast , prairies, quebec and ontario seperate countries by 2030

    it shows alot better when driving a BMW or something similar high performance.

  11. Also EVERYTHING Q predicted for the last 2 years is now pouring out on Fox News everyday…..WAKE up my friend we need Canadian alternative media on the ball not falling for the mainstream narrative ! Watch Hannity,Sarah Carter…ad I said it's all over Fox now !

  12. ur summation is 1 billion% correct JOE UR THE MAN,,,, KEEP WAKING THESE SHEEPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. …. and still, the wolves circle about, seeking any kind of weakness and waiting for a stumble so they can take advantage and a meal.
    We all must be vigilant in going forward, knowing that those who seek to destroy anything and everything are waiting to pounce!

  14. My god Canadians and Canadian alternative media is so far behind and lame….this is so much bigger than any ridiculous distractions like carbon tax etc If you had been following Qanon and The Great Awakening you would know exactly what's going on and why…..WAKE UP ALREADY TH IS SO LAME and standard for boring Canadians…Blue Apple is the ONLY Canadian alternative media worth watching…Rules for Radicals if you had been following Qanon that book has been Hillary Clintons guide book for decades….are you even aware that Trudeau met with Prince Phillips on the Aga Kahn's island to plan the assassination of President Trump ??? YOU NEED TO SPEND A COUPLE WEEKS IN A CRASH COURSE FOR QANON AND THE GREAT AWAKENING AND GET CAUGHT UP WITH THE AMERICANS IT'S GLOBAL NOW BUT CANADA IS SOOOOO FAR BEHIND THE REST OF THE WORLD !!!!! WAKE UP !!!! THE CHRISTCHURCH SHOOTING WAS FAKE AND AN AIR RIFLE WAS USED TO SHOOT PLASTIC DUMMIES…Try watching The Abel Danger Channel…Praying Medic…McAllister TV…The X22 Report..The SGT Report.
    ….please for God sake get caught up with American Alternative Media !!!!!!!!

  15. Great analogy with branding Joe. People appear to have a nostalgic relationship to political labels/categories with which they identify and they don’t perceive the manipulation of evolving new norm. Reading back through the history is the only way to gain the necessary distance and perspective to trace the origins of current dynamics. Wolves in sheep’s clothing woven throughout appealing simplistic solutions to contrived issues and problems. The material is dense and takes time to process. Thanks for the references you cite.

  16. You know what happens to free-radicals in the body, right? They get taken care of by anti-oxidants.; quelling the combustion, the burrrrn. The inflammation. Inflammation precedes disease. We are the blueberries, the strawberries, the thimbleberries,.the spirulina.

  17. Mp Michael Cooper has shown leadership. How the petulant children react to hearing the truth is pathetic. They are terrified of anyone who has Christian morals.

  18. All reports I have been able to find indicate Scheer is amplifying trudeaus censorship agendas .He hasnt openly objected for sure.

  19. Greetings from the West Coast to the East Coast. I would like to thank you for your insight, knowledge and work that you do on your web site. It seems that we have a concerted effort to keep us off balance and at war with each other. At times I feel overwhelmed and confess that's it's diff to keep up with all that the left is doing. This is why I continue to look you up every morning, Joe so that l can get a clear pix of what the Federal Government is doing. Keep up the good work that you are doing. Today is Haul Out Day and l will celebrate it. We need more holidays, and reasons to reach out and join up with other Canadians.
    Gerald Rancourt

  20. Read a column written by Warren Kinsella last night Started off criticizing Trudeau for attacking Sheer calling him a racist and a white supremist and all the other slurs biggot blah blah Then he suggested the real target should be the PPC Called it the porch light of political parties attracting all the creepy crawlies and some other nonsense It was a nasty little attack I was just surprised how blatant and insulting it was

  21. Show your receipts Joe. I don't see anything online involving Erin O'Toole, Catherine McKenna and the Digital Charter. You should also tell us where you got those lines about the Marxist-Stalinist-Trotskyite affinities of mainstream Liberal and Conservative parties. I have heard you say that before at least once, but never with attribution or any significant explanation.

  22. all Canadian condemn the mosque shooting so there was no detail out in the media, it was hidden, if you asked anybody on the street or internet the answer why people does things like the mosque shooting or Sri Lanka, they have no idea or the act of violence going on that police cover too, so censor what online and censor people will not stop this

  23. It's true, the Liberals dish out a lot of shit, and they can't take it when it comes back on them. They get their panties in a bunch and snivel about "hate" . It's not hate when they do it though…

  24. I wonder if our PM considers two Muslim men building bombs in their basement to be extremists.

    If so what kind of extremists.
    If not, why not, and what would he call them?

  25. To eradicate "hate" is impossible. Hate is an emotion, for cripes sake. Wouldn't we all have to become Vulcans, in order to eradicate an emotion. 🤔 What is wrong with our ruling class? 😕

  26. How could we miss something as important as a party leader not voicing opposition to this.

    LibCon bird.

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