Fake Chinese Monks Scam People – Chinese Influence Abroad – The Monk Buddhism

Welcome back we have a special investigation on today We have these fake Chinese immigrants walking through the streets of Australia And they come up to you and they offer you a fake amulet, and then they demand money off you They are not real monks because real monks cannot take what he’s not given Here’s the rules now. This is a special investigation I’ll let you decide Hey, can I ask you how much money did you give him? Ten dollars okay cool ten dollars, and he gave you one of those gold things. Yeah, okay? Yes, they’re scammers They use the gold cards, and they don’t actually come from a temple, and they’re not Buddhist They’ve been in all over the media is it right yeah, throw that crap out of here They are giving Chinese people a bad name So if you are Chinese make sure you share this video with a Chinese person because these rotten monks are given China a bad name Yeah Yes, yeah But what made you think he was real 20 yeah So he pressured you to double You have a baby yeah, I think I think into me So 20 wasn’t enough But never Seen one people give him 60 what happened too fast? Yeah You I Just Know I can tolerate it like I said 40 and 50 and okay What were you giving money for Just one no. I just give it transfers down to give us that good luck for me for my family and what feels good Give me this one Is it good luck so it put piece every bracelet Was I get 10 $10 and it’s like Oh 40 or 50 you get 50 or 40 I said okay that it was just for luck yeah your family and Do you do you believe that you’re gonna have luck for the rest of the year how long does this luck loss something? That’s a probably better question I Just I just get it anyway. You know and then I just give him I know but I don’t know why it’s likely between and How is he able to give you luck, but what gives him the power to be like why can’t just anybody And I just like Isis like he stumped me there is actually an this one is like three and then like I say free and like And then he gave me this one and it’s like Oh donation donation okay at the mission $10. I said no. It’s a $40 or $50. I thought okay, I know nothing I can do a call because I already get it so it happened too fast What religion does he a witch doctor is a religion what has been awaiting yet? What is his profession? So you just gave money to just some random guys Give this one a cell for free this is for Priya No no here, I give it to me I stuck this is very long. This is double Like there’s no reason why luck from he’s thinking that would take it. Thank you give it to your boyfriend So now you have twice as much Lastly many years And this is free so small Yeah, we only followed this fake monk around for about half an hour, and he made about a hundred and ten dollars tax-free Do you know someone living in China? Can you send them this video because I think the Chinese people need to know their bad reputation that they’re getting abroad and if someone in the Chinese government was to watch this please take these scammers back to China because they’re only doing damage to Australians and Chinese reputations, so if you like this video click the subscribe button click the like button Don’t let fear stop you or should I say don’t let scams Stop y’all what they don’t say is also very revealing They never claimed to be monks even though they’re faded robes and lead us to believe it They never named any good cause or a charitable institution again We assume what seems so obvious are you a Buddhist or? Are you just dressed as a Buddhist? Okay, it is a scam. It’s difficult because these people are always on the move And the reality is we need to get them when they’re out there on the street But the best thing that people can do is not give them money


  1. If it is already in the news then where is the Sydney Police, and why aren't Police Officers patrolling the streets of Sydney to catch those Scam Artists???

  2. If the same monk is still doing it at the same place get the interviewees to all paint themselves to look like zombies then they chase the fake monk saying give us back our money. Film it like a prank lol spooky lol

  3. Official Chinese Grand Lama is fake – Panchen Lama is fake made by China. I guess Chinese people copying it from Beijing as Chinese govt is appointing fake Lama as real Tibetan Lama.

    The current highest monk in Tibet is fake and the real one along with his family was kidnapped by China in 1996 when he was 6 years old and has not been seen then.

  4. Most of Chinese who give money to these fake monk are in essence do not know Buddhism. They are just following the Chinese cultural things such as charms.

  5. these fake monks syndicate are like everywhere in the world, scamming people's $$ in the major cities or tourist area.

  6. Chinese people have learnt it from the govt. Chinese govt is putting up fake Tibetan Lama while the real Lama and his family are kidnapped by the govt.

    Panchen Lama who is second only to the Dalai Lama was kidnapped in 1996 when he was just 6 years old and then govt paraded a 6-year old son of a party worker as Panchen Lama. Tibetan called him Fake Panchen or Chinese Lama.

  7. The real monk has left all material possession and family behind to pursue his spiritual path. So asking for money quite the opposite. Shaving hair is one of the sacrifices monk make.

  8. Fake monk and nun also everywhere inside the America. They’re from the main land of China. They’re come here as a tourist and doing panhandling . Instead of spending money as tourists they’re takings our cash back to there home without paying any taxes.. such a shameless peoples.Anyway, I don’t know how they’ve got tourists visa. We should take a pictures of them and send to the Ambassador. Might be a spy send by there Chinese government. You never know.

  9. well if it is a donation, he would accept your money even if you gave him only a dollar 😕
    all i know a donation is not asking a certain amount of money from the giver, but they must accept no matter how much money the giver donate them.
    this fake monk obviously sells things …

  10. Can't believe the Asian people are falling for it goes to show they don't keep up with their culture real monks don't dress like that do some research people LoL 🤣 don't worry they will get their karma in this lifetime

  11. Dude they are not fake Chinese Immigrants, they are Chinese Fake Monk and on Tourist Visa and they are cheaters con man. Your channel did a good job exposing them. I think these organised Fake Monk should be posecuted for cheating the public and these action constitute defamation, slander, and libel to Buddhist society.
    Buddhist society around globe should lodge Police report against these chime based on their locus standi.

  12. Look how stupid are the western countries nowadays! Scammers from all over the world can freely scam people for money in the street in the light of the day without any consequencies…They don't get arrested by the police, nor kick out from the country!

  13. The Chinese government probably sent them out around the world to make money to send back home. China is the biggest manufacturers of fake stuff in the world. Was only a matter of tone before they started faking religious sects too. They're all probably on tourist visas, so working while on a tourist visa I'm sure would have your fake ass deported!!!

  14. It's going on in U.S too. I see nothing but fake Chiense monks. People need to watch out monks dont sell things nor want your money for personal gain. So yes, you guys just got con by a broken English immigrants smfh while lmfao…..

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