Faith Will Do – Julia Westlin (Official Music Video)

Don’t be afraid When horizon has changed Like the blood in your veins Carry on through their waves Because I know in my heart You belong to the stars Like a child in my arms Raising up, and rise above I’ll rise you above… See the rivers I found Flowing wild under ground What you see with your eyes What you don’t you feel inside Out the winds they may shift On the way as we drift But I know in my heart We belong to the stars… Fill me light And fill me with love I have walked trough a lifetime To be by your side I can outrun the storms I can swim to the shores And I owe that to you Carry on your faith will do
Your faith will do… Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this new creation from me I have been told that this sounds like movie music and this is you know, it’s my dream goal And this is what I want to do I would be so curious to hear what kind of movie could you imagine this song being played in? Can you please write that in the comment? I would love to hear what you think! I’ve been back and forth to hospital for a lot of months and There has been a lot of discoveries with rheumatism and Endometriosis, blood disease and there is still investigation for more problematic and This is also the reason why the uploads has been a little more distant but I hope to be back on track soon and I am so thankful for your love and your sweet messages and That you stay here with me I’m so happy that so many of you have signed up as angels on patreon to support my music I want to say the biggest biggest biggest. Thank you for supporting my work … Please give me your happy thump and share it if you enjoy it, and I see you on my next upload


  1. przepiękne.tak bardzo że potem szukałem podobnego wzruszenia cały dzień..i dłużej i nie znalazłem – Julia – <3 powodzenia

  2. No doubt you are a blessed person!
    No matter what comes to you or towards you, remember God's way is not for us to understand but live!
    Marvelous voice Julia!
    You have my daughter's name!
    God bless you forever!
    You have my love!

  3. If you have serious diseases. I just want to tell you that that's necessarely a bad thing, when Stephen Hawking got ALS he first felt depressed but that's (and the fact that he met a girl) that made him work hard and believe that life's worth living. Before that he was bored with everything and after he started to enjoy life a lot more. And by the way he lived 50 years (at least 40) more than what was predicted.

  4. Great song, and great voice. You are miracle. I hope soon your song will be in movies like nicholas sparks movies, or some kind love novies….
    Greetings from Bulgaria

  5. ❤ Lovely Voice ❤ Lovely Song ❤…So Peaceful ❤…God Bless you…(🌹)…and may all of your days be full of only Love…Joy…and Light ❤❤❤…and Thank you for sharing your soul and spirit… (❤-❤)… You touched my heart…with the Loveliest of Lights ❤…The Love of God ❤

  6. We don't belong to the stars (that's New Age talking). We belong to our Heavenly Father, Yahweh and ONLY him.

  7. أتدركين يا juliaمامعني أن يحب شاب عربي الموسيقة الموسيقة ليست ذاك العود ولاتكلك الاوتار الموسيقة هي ذاك الجمال لذي يحمله الوجه والعينان التي تري فيهم الألحان والخدان المكتوب عليهم الأنظام والفم الذي يسحرك بحسن الكلام أنا لا أفهم في الموسيقة التي تدرس في المدارس بل التي تأتي لوحدها ولأول مرة أفهم فيها أنت الموسقيةjulia التي أسمع وأرى عذرا إن قلت مالا يلقيق لكن قلبي عن كتم مشاعري يضيق فكل مرة أرى ذاك الفيديوfaith will do أرى عين تسحر وشعرا يقهر ووجها كالقمر وجمالا لا يوصف ولايحصر

  8. Julia this is amazing music that we would like to work with our first episode of our new Canadian Magical TV Series called Blue Flame coming out on Amazon Prime Sept 7. You can contact me me at 7808823439 as this would fit perfectly into the 8 episode series. We have one of the best music score composer artists working with us but this would fit well into the theme.

  9. you had a beautifull voice…i love….
    we belongs to our loves…that we will do and fight for our love….even though we must sacrifice

  10. i hope you got cure and be blessed by The All Mighty…LORD JESUS…and be healthy n do more music…cos i love your voice n everything…aboit you….

  11. It would fit in a Movie about someone two who falls in love on the opposite end of race/religion/culture/social status in a way seems impossible for them to have a relationship but then they eventually master all of those impossible hindrances there is… cause they know they belong.

  12. 3/31/2019… Ty! Got a old friend born the day after hehe.. 4/1 and my mom's full of FAITH hehe.. She's named Faye and shes been UP with #Jesus her Man since 11/22/2006

  13. Ok. I´m playing it this over and over, so I hope that half million views is growing. 🙂 – Anyways, I think it´s time you could perform in front of a large crowd audience. Because all of our reactions behind the screen cannot truly transmit the sentiment. Only a standing ovation crowd will… Congratulations. Another awesome composition. Ah! you know what? (I´m asking this because I am not a Patreon-yet-) but… I think a short video explaining what's the story behind your 3 most viewed songs, could be awesome for the next upload. Is this something you find possible? Thanks!

  14. I see this as a theme song for a game. It reflects the discovery of deep strength and the marked destiny in an unassuming hero. From his or her transformation from a lamb to a lion and the faith he or she would need to win a loosing battle against incredible odds.

  15. I Consider this to be the most beautiful an amazing song i have ever came across in the whole world, i want to extend my full encouragement, God should guide, support and see u through your music, all i wish is to hear ur voice on call oneday, remain blessed +2348068594100

  16. Play this clip MUTED:
    And then play Julia´s song from 2:29:
    Now you tell me that doesn't match up or what?! EERIE COOL! Totally what´s going on on my mind when I listen to this song.

  17. only recently discovered you on youtube , you are rapidly becoming my favorite performer .. truly beautiful voice and music .. so talented , i hope one day to hear your music on a movie soundtrack

  18. Too much. Sings a lot. Beautiful song performed by a beautiful woman. I loved it so thank you for existing

  19. I was going back through some your songs and came across some I haven’t heard, this being one of them. It was absolutely beautiful.

    I think it was destiny for me to have found you. Your songs always stir strong emotions of what matters most to me. And I’m so grateful for that.

    I wasn’t aware of your situation until now, sorry to hear. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You’re to precious of a gift to be lost right now.

  20. Darling, your voice is so beautiful! Definetly like an angels:) I heard that you’re having some health problems and I’m praying for God to heal u! He loves you very much! He is the one that gave you that BEAUTIFUL voice♥️ May God bless u!! Stay strong:)

  21. Such a wonderful song and so relatable as I suffered a stroke 7 years ago and it took a long time to recover to about 50% of who I was before. I am so happy to know it has already been selected to be featured in a film. Here's to hoping it launches your career to new heights! This song would have been perfectly suited for the film, "What Dreams May Come".. A Robin Williams movie from many years ago. jj

  22. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOVE this song!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ABO !

  23. ✨Magique, Magnifique…..Les émotions sont Fortes en écoutant cette Merveilleuse Musique et cette Douce et Belle Voix et Tant de Beauté✨👏 ✨🙏💖✨😌

  24. witam coś pięknego dawno nie słyszałam tak pięknej muzyki i piosenki 👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏

  25. I've just listened to this for the first time now. Absolutely beautiful! I've just come here from the new song "Diamond", where Julia says "Faith Will Do" is going to feature in an upcoming French film! Here's the trailer:
    Massive congratulations Julia!

  26. I just needed this kind of song, having serious problems in life and relationship:shared it only to my pricess. tank you so much, rudy

  27. if dreams made sense, they wouldn't be dreams,
    If life were easy, it would not be life, it would be a dream.
    So don't give up on what makes you happy,
    because we don't know when it will be the last time
    that we'll see the people who really care about us

    Enjoy every word, every gesture,
    each show of affection and reciprocate.
    Because life is beautiful only when we know how to live.
    And remember many will make you suffer,
    it's up to you to decide who's worth fighting for …

    The beauty of life is not in the great achievements.
    But in the intensity, the little moments …

    Not all angels have wings, sometimes
    they only have the gift of making you smile …

    Show! … Great Video and Beautiful Music.
    Congratulations, Nice Post. Thanks!
    A Great Day and a Beautiful Weekend …

  28. So happy to hear that this song has made it in a movie 🙂 Hun, something tells me its not gonna be the last movie its heard in 🙂 And i think for sure a lot more of your songs are going to be getting just as big and bigger 🙂 Im luving every minute of it 🙂

  29. This is Tanya m Hensley. I really love hearing your voice and your song is so much beautiful. Yes I am very sick 😷 so that makes two of us. Love you so much and God bless 🙏 😇💓 Amen to that sister again AMEN 🎆 ✨


  31. This is your second creation which I am hearing. The first one was pray. Seriously, not only your voice, but your pronounciation, your lyrics, your music to those lyrics, everything, is just PERFECT!!! I was captivated throughout both of the videos. Love from India!❤️❤️

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