Faith Reads Her Poetry!

Hey guys hello- hello – its Trudi here
It’s faith I’m here again and thank you Oh my God you guys this is my good
friend Faith you know that and this is the second time – OMG- this
is Chazz, he’s super annoying this is the second time Faith has been
here with us and so happy that she’s here because Faith has done something
really amazing and it’s something that we were just discussing Faith is a
multi-talented human being and she’s an actress and a teacher- I’m shaking my head, I am multi-talented – I agree and her most recent amazing achievement is something that I’m so impressed by she’s a poet and she’s published a book of poetry
called why am ( blanking right now?) “Nobody Knows But God” – Nobody Knows but God see I didn’t know, God knew, and it was on the tip of my tongue but Faith just publish this book it is available all the links are gonna be
down below in the description because it’s the perfect holiday gift
absolutely and also our gift to you is to let you know that if you have a dream
and you have something that you hold dear something creative that you’re
you think I can’t tell anybody about this and yeah you can. Absolutely you
should do it absolutely – a lot of times you’ll see someone else doing
something and you’ll go I had an idea like that I wanted to do that and then
we never get around to do it and my advice is just girl boy go ahead and do it
person yes dog you guys do it! We’ll do the first one this is called “Nobody Knows But God” it’s a title poem
of the book and I’ve been sharing it it’s the lead poem because I think that
it sets it up to where my mindset was at the time of this and the memories of me
being in high school and people really not knowing you know cuz sometimes you can
look great on the outside and you can think you look good on the outside and
all that kind of stuff and then but there’s all these things going on at
home or inside and so yes so anyway this is called “Nobody Knows But God” Nobody knows but God where I awoke this morning I awoke to disbelief our home wasn’t home but a cave with lonely diseases was not home because we didn’t make it one nobody knows what God as I lay
looking above I see strangled flies and cobwebs my face strangled by poverty my
structure distorted my strength weaves hold on to disbelief only way to survive.
Nobody knows that God they roaches crawl across my face as I sleep or that the
fleas feed on my sweet blood no water no food moldy dishes from both nobody knows
what God every morning he empties a bucket of piss in the backyard refilled with fresh water from the hose next door to use in to bathe in to drink
from nobody knows the God that candles light our darkness my shadows are
drained my soul lags but my faith survives the tortures of reality the
faces of disbelief grin and wave nobody knows that God a strained smile often
fails a glimmer of hope smothered withstanding this affliction pacifying this
ailment I can’t seem to grasp my way out nobody knows but God why I’m here. Ok wow that was beautiful thank you so much and and so that’s
from your life story right yeah he was a it was a real I had a real tough time
you know there’s a lot of things don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of laughter
different things like that but the true line was it was really tough
yeah Faith and I we did an episode like the food episode on the
React Channel and it was about like what’s a sandwich, and Faith was like, “I know what a sandwich is so you can make a sandwich out of some ketchup and some bread, that’s it” yeah that’s about right, some ketchup we had me and my brother were talking about this
recently you know it was mustard and ketchup sandwiches, it was sugar sandwiches. I don’t know if you had sugar sandwiches (I sorta want that right now) but we had to make it – yeah so it was a lot of make do with what you have and – I want more – yeah so this is called “The Moment I Knew.” I stood in the living room
looking through you the light breeze of truth floods my senses the moment I knew but I insisted and pushed I presented the case that we were meant for us I
stood in the living room looking through you the light of truth permeated through
the winter window the moment I knew but I persisted and pleaded I decorated the
tray for you to see what our lives could be. I stood in the living room looking
through you the thunder of truth rumbled through me the moment I knew but I
screamed and gleaned I gathered the memories in a photo book a song a poem I stood in the living room looking through you the rain of truth raining between us the moment I knew but I danced and I cried I filled the glass half-full
until it overflowed with emptiness. I stood in the living room looking right through you a sigh, a closing of the eyes, a breath the truth on the other side the moment I
knew. the moments I knew. that moment I knew that moment I saw through you. That gave me the chills, I dunno about you guys. I mean this is part of why I love poetry so much is like you said and such beautiful
words like how it’s a universal feeling there’s a moment you know whether
it’s you know not being the right person or just any situation that’s not going
to work out absolutely that line about the glass half-empty
yeah just overflowing yeah come on yeah come on yeah and you know and even when I read it it just pulls me right back in there I just I just knew exactly it’s like it happened yesterday yeah and I was just and I
couldn’t I just couldn’t believe that my you know it was before I was pregnant
with my second child I just couldn’t believe it this we weren’t gonna make it
that’s what went through me like I just Wow yeah we’re gonna do one more poem
okay let’s see let’s see I’m putting Faith on the spot, she had a
lot to choose from and there’s a lot more and her book links down below
Please buy bunches it’s a great holiday gift because I mean I mean my opinion is for
the holidays anytime actually like giving a gift of
poetry for example it’s an experience they’re not just words on the page
you’re reading an experience, a moving beautiful experience and like that to me is
the best kind of gift – a book is always my favorite gift, just for the record if anyone wants to get me a holiday present just get me Faith’s book and then some other books. Yes, thank you. all right this one I’m gonna read it’s called “My Hearts” and it’s
about my oldest daughter my youngest daughter and my ex. My first heart, the
beginning piece my next heart the fill-in piece my broken heart the ending
piece my baby turns her head to me my baby baby rides with me. my babe doesn’t trust me. she fights for her voice she embraces her mind he
retreats. baby she wants to take care of me. baby baby she wants to protect me babe is silent her choice to be joyful is
pleasing to see her aim to be free so refreshing. he is difficult. I see baby accepting her power. I see baby baby tackling the box. I see him deflecting. you baby are the essence
of the earth. you baby baby are light beams in the flesh. you babe are fading my first heart, be audacious in your discoveries my next heart, be
gallant in pioneering my broken heart reclaim your place. let the end be the
start. OMG. You guys, I’m crying. it’s so beautiful because to me that’s what happens when things fall
apart becuase the babies fall apart too but not in this poem yeah babies stayed together the babies got strength
I love that and now you guys know I’m a big mush I’ve never cried I don’t think
I ever before but that was beautiful and that’s motherhood yeah I guess yeah
I know that’s how your mom feels about you too – yeah and for all you people that are screwing up in your relationship get it
together cuz that I mean that part is so heartbreaking too – yeah because I love that this is what I love about Faith is that she sees the beauty and the good in
everything and so even in the words about her ex – and there’s an ex – right
so yeah we have words about our exes true – that’s framed in the most honest beautiful and actually kind way possible
yeah like you know well I’m touched everybody did you think you’d have a moment seeing me touched? that’s why I said I had a feeling poetry just moves me and Faith’s beautiful poetry moved me so magnificently give us one more plug for your book- where are we getting it? Yes Nobody Knows But God by Faith Collins you can
get it on Barnes and Noble you get it in Apple books I mean there’s gonna be a
link we’re all there’s all different places you can get it- linking down below- you can the ebook hopefully by the time eventually you’ll be able to do
the audio because I think my own voice I think yeah – look at this, Chazz is having a deep and intensive nap… he’s breastfeeding- he’s so cute – the fact he got a chance to be in it is so cute (I know…) so again it’s a poetry based on my life experiences and I’m just really super excited to share it
with everyone so yeah you guys that’s all we got for you just remember if you
like what we’re doing like subscribe come back every 1st & 3rd Thursday
of the month I don’t think I’ll ever cry for you ever again so watch this a bunch of
times and get Faith’s book because it’s amazing thank you so much – love this one, love you guys too thanks for watching bye you


  1. Thank you Trudi "Hello again!" and thank you Faith! You have always made me laugh in all situations. Thank you both for sharing! Looking into getting the book for my friend. 💞

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