FAITH PRAYER IDEA (Part 3) Feather game/faith series MAGIC BOX LETTERS

hello this is part three of the feather
game and faith series so you’ve had a play for the feather game you’ve done the
object lesson and talked about faith and we’re reminded that jesus said to ask to
seek and to knock but what does that look like and how do you do that? well
now would be the perfect time for you to share your story of faith what was is it
that got you to start growing in your faith and wanting to become a follower
of Jesus so share your story. for a lot of people including myself my faith
journey began just by learning to pray to God well how do you do that?
I would then give them a sheet a sketch sheet along with one that I do on the board and say we’re gonna do a sheet together
it’s an idea for prayer. so I would say follow along with me you want to ask God
three questions the first question is are you real? the next question would be please show me that you are and finally give… me and give me faith to believe they then
can just color the sheet or you can also make it into a bookmark
I’ll put pictures at the end so you can screenshot them and print them out and
then also I would reinforce it by giving this some hand motions and say you know
at night if you wanted to pray this prayer you could kneel by your bed if
you wanted or as you pull the covers up over you you can just fold your hands
and say dear God, are you real? please show me that you are and give me faith
to believe and then I’d say come on join me in that let’s say that prayer
together…. God are you real please show me that you are and give me
faith to believe and then I would reinforce that again before we finish
the lesson and they could take home their bookmark or their little sheet
that they colored. that’s a prayer idea for them to start asking seeking and
knocking I then follow this up the next week and say has anybody been saying
their prayer each night and sure enough filthy hands that go up and the kids
start telling you amazing stories about how there’s beginning to see God in
their life and in the world around them and then I will again follow it up at
the end of the next lesson we have and say okay everyone let’s do that prayer
again how does it go dear God.. dear God. Are you real? show me that you are and give me faith to believe. it was King David who wrote and you Lord are near to everyone
whose prayers are sincere and don’t you know the Lord loves hearing the prayers
of children and you’re just giving them a tool in which they can start praying
and start that their own conversation with the Lord and then the Lord begins
to start revealing himself to them at their point of need it’s really awesome
to see and to hear their stories each week when they tell me about how they’re
feeling about God and how they’re seeing God and how they’re seeing some prayers
answers as well which is really wonderful so there you have it that’s
part three of the feather game faith series. If you missed
the parts 1 & 2 go ahead and check it out on my channel as well as there’s
some wonderful memory verses that go really well with this lesson on
the topic of faith and it’s also a great dance song and dance you can do it’s the
Mexican Hat dance and it goes great with this theme come near to God and He will
come near to you I hope you like this video and if you
did please hit the like button and share the idea and if you haven’t had a chance
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