Faith or believe

wellness coach Jari kenttämaa here hi
today I want to start this topic with the views of love and mainly I want to
compare these two words with love and these words are belief and faith and I
have my notes here with me so I will check it from time to time and keep
on going so mainly I came to compare the word
belief and faith with each others in relations with view of love and
these are the English words believe and the meaningful words in Finnish as it is
translated in web dictionary so it goes like a packet follows trust think guess,
doubt and believe so in the other hand faith means faith trust loyalty
credibility and truth in my opinion this once again proves how incomplete the
Finnish translation is for some words if didn’t get it yet bear with me a
moment in the context I praise these words in relation to love or with love
however you like the word belief as a concept of love is a word that can be
only involved and say that I believe I love you therefore it must be already
upon the self if you get the idea mainly this means that this doesn’t
require that lots of an effort to reads do it in any measures to implement event
so how about the word faith so faith as a method to law
faith is a word that requires processing the daily processing associated with the
relationship or the certain emotional world or the bodywork or even the
personal world with the thought processes and a way and so on you get
the idea so it requires the procession in a way
mainly it requires lots of things to survive and to survive in the relation
with the law therefore the one who rely upon the faith can say from the place of
truth and honesty I work my predation upon to you with love so do you see what
I am saying thus it is under the construction all
the time rather than ignoring the world or the attraction you see in that
sentence it can be formed from the deeper layer of the connection why I say
this comes in a view that if we wish to connect for real that must be done in
the same level mainly to reach the true connection referring to this I do
emphasize the importance of love as a workable concept after all it doesn’t
require so huge effort when it is presented in every touch gesture or deed
as the way to love mainly to focus as the way to learn thus that object of
love can be certain person happy relationship or any concept I mean you
can name it so I do believe is very critical to keep
as a free choice in the methods or in the standards of the free will of the
any participant whatsoever therefore it can be listener or the we were so mainly
in my opinion this means that even if the relationship is dictated by the
decision it is possible to connect with love in relation to this person or with
any subject with these certain choices is relevant to study the emotional side
and it is good to consider to work on these feelings in order to continue with
in the new way or in the new relationship with the love in your heart
in practicality this means as the way I see it now that a person stays in love
with both thoughts and believes wishing goodness for this person from whom every
sound sometimes it requires deeper emotional world and internalizing about
it before it can be implemented in practice serve this idea with the
freedom and allowance for this version to be and leave as the way their wishes
however I do believe is possible to classify the affection as an addiction
rather than law this should be taken under the serious consideration as long
as you or anyone want to remain aware of love in all the choices in life
yeah these ideas for today so feel free be well and we meet again

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