Faith No More – Caffeine | Reaction + Live (Reakcija/Diskusija) /With English subtitles

What’s up bitches?
We are NeonPetunias! And today we are reacting to Faith No More – Caffeine. Yes, and these are the people who suggested this song. Thank you for your requests. And sorry that it took us so long. Now we’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. First, we’re gonna listen to the studio version. Then, we’re gonna analyze the lyrics. And then, we’re gonna watch a live performance. Just so you know.
-Yeah. Also, we don’t know this song.
-Nope. So let’s hear it.
-Yes. Wut? Nice. Nice. Oh the bass! Spoopy. Oh man! This part reminds me of Tool. Wait. I’ll tell you. What part is the same as what?
-This part reminds me of Tool.
-Wich one?
-This one. Oh ok. I wanted to tell you something else. But never mind. What?! I thought we were halfway through only.
-Yeah! I told you about that part.
-Wich part? It sounds a little like Tool.
-Yeah kinda. It sounds like early Tool. What do you mean?
-Undertow era.
-Oh, yeah. I wanted to say that that part “It’s not funny anymore” is similar like in the previous song. Oh yeah! That’s what I noticed as well. Essentially, it was very nice. I really liked the transitions. And I really like his voice. Well, yeah.
-We said that last time but I have to emphasize that every time. Recently we reacted to a song that we didn’t know he was singing in.
-Yeah! It’s not like he was singing a lot but…I mean… He was singing…
-La la la la la… There wasn’t a lot of lyrics in the song. That’s what I wanted to say. But it was awesome.
-Yeah. Let’s move on to the lyrics. Wich, I didn’t understand.
-Me neither. It reminds me of the working classes. The working classes?
-Like, people who work hard and people who are glamorous. But why he says: “Forget the glamour and mumble a jackhammer” Maybe it’s like “Stop acting all fancy and…
-And work instead. Or like “Get to the point”.
-Yeah, maybe. Now this, “The world expects the pose, perfectly natural (loosen up)” So, the world expects you to do everything by some codex and it needs to be perfect.
-Yeah, but it can’t. “Loosen up”. “But it’s so easy for you
There’s always one thing”. Why is it under quotation marks?
-Yeah… Maybe it’s someone talking.
-Maybe. “It’s just a phase
You’ll grow out of it” Maybe it’s someone telling that to somebody “You’ll be fine, it’s nothing. You’ll get over it”. “It’s so easy for you”.
-Yeah. So… You’re not trying to see things from a different perspective. You’re being ignorant.
-Yeah. What does caffeine cause? It helps with staying awake ie… People drink coffee when they wanna stay awake.
-Yeah. Even tho it’s not helping. Yeah, it doesn’t.
-It almost never helps. “Make contact
Up to my neck” “I confess in quicksand” That’s when you confess everything. When you know you’re done for when you’re already in the quicksand.
-Well, yeah. When you have no excuses and you can’t defend yourself anymore.
-Yeah. Basically, we have no idea what this is about. I mean, there’s a lot of metaphors…
-Yeah, but it seems like nothing is connected with anything. Yeah…
-It seems like it’s all over the place. It’s such a confusing song.
-Let’s see what’s it about.
-Yeah. It’s for the best. *reading* Ok, interesting. *reading* Interesting!
-ok. So he basically went to a bar and write down people’s conversations into a song. Very interesting.
-“A Caffeine addicts dream song.” *reading* Well ok. So the song is open for interpretation. And to us, it means who knows what… Yeah! We always think too hard about everything.”Maybe it’s this. Maybe it’s that.” But, maybe… Maybe he did find inspiration in whatever he was watching on tv, as we read before. And the other stuff is from the bar or whatever.
-Yeah. Ok than… In any case, very interesting. I like the song a lot.
-Yeah, I like it too. I like this one the most. “The most” We only heard like…
-Yeah, we heard only 2 of their songs so far. But I like this one more. Yeah, because it’s confusing and it doesn’t’ need to mean anything. But it can mean whatever you want it to.
-Yeah. Let’s watch the live video. This is like, in some club. His movements… That shorts… He was younger. He lost his hat. You can’t even see him cause he’s moving so much.
-Yeah! He’s got a very flexible voice.
-Yes. That’s that creepy part.
-Yeah. Imagine standing that close to him. So close! He’s like a grasshopper. Slap that bass!
-Yeah! Nooo! He dropped the mic! The bass! Awesome! That energy!
-Yeah. I’m more exhausted than him.
-Yeah! It’s enough that we watched him jumping around.
-Yeah. That was awesome.
-Yeah. In any case, thank you for your suggestions.
-Yes. And if anyone else has a suggestion, write it down in the comments. And that would be all for now and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye!


  1. Yes! thanks for the reaction, I'm glad you liked the song, I hope they continue to react to more songs of faith no more. Have a nice week. 😉

  2. I love his singing styles how he switches from angelic smooth to rough to smooth to screams and back very diverse singer Mike is, hes stage presence and interviews back then were very intimidating mike patton was a troll and a aashole during interviews always messing around lol 🙂

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