Faith is The Solution to All Your Problems: True Teachings of Jesus

This is the ultimate teaching of Jesus: “If
you have Faith, you can move mountains.” And what is Faith? Faith is … my own definition of Faith, you… most of you who have been studying with me,
you know that “Faith is Utter Positivity.” There is no negativity at all in Faith. It’s not a metaphysical concept, it is something
that you believe in – Positivity. What’s the Positivity. The Positivity is that: “I will be delivered
not after death, but right now in this moment, of my financial problems, of my relationship
problem, of my sickness, and so on, and so forth.” And this energy is not going to give you,
you know, cost you any money to have Faith, but we live in a Faithless Society just believing
in only money to relieve our problems. Collectively humanity has committed a collective
suicide of killing Faith. We live in a Faithless Society. And science is somewhat related… to a large
extent responsible, for losing… for our losing Faith. But again it is
Christmas is a time for us to be reminded of Faith. One thing that I must tell you is that people
who have had Faith were the ones who got everything they wanted. And I truly believe that the Evangelists who
are very successful, when I have studied their life, I have seen one thing in them – that
they have Jesus in their life all the time, and people may go and badmouth them saying
they are making money, and then they are collecting donations and everything, but I don’t care
because everybody has to live, but it is not that they are, you know, just making money
doing anything else other than remembering God all the time. And that is important. And reading the Bible all the time, I want
you on this time to go and read the Bible over, and over, and over, and over, again. Although it is written in English, has been
translated in English, the Bible has the Power. The words in the Bible have Power. Read them out aloud over and over, and over,
again. It is not the content that matters. What matters are the sound waves of the words
that Jesus spoke, that God translated, although into English, they all retain the Power in
any language, not necessarily in English, but in any vernacular language you have the
same Power because there is the Divine Energy that completely oversees the translation of
the Bible. Do other scriptures have the same effect? Yes, because The Divine made sure that these
words carry the power forever. That’s one message I wanted to give you.

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