FAITH & IMAGINATION | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech 2019

Now Albert Einstein had a quote. He said “Imagination
is everything. It’s the preview to life’s coming attractions.” This is important information.
The biggest thing that always troubled me was my imagination. ‘Cause it was so big when
I was a kid, you know, I grew up poor, but I was always imagining stuff. You know, my
mama, once a month, would buy a travel magazine at the grocery store. My father used be so
pissed off. “Bill, why we spending this money? “We ain’t got –” We were poor. She said,
“Slick, we ain’t got no money to take this boy nowhere.”But if he can look in these magazines,
“maybe one day it’ll cause him to wanna travel.” I been to so many countries around the world
’cause of that magazine. I just wanted to go see stuff. My mama had enough sense to
plant that seed in me. It’s like at Christmas time, we used to get in the car and my daddy
used to take us to the suburbs so we could see the lights. And, you know, we just drove
around the lights and I was amazed at the suburbs ’cause I would see these big houses
with horseshoe driveways where you drove in and came out the other side. So I told my
daddy one time, we’re riding, I said, “Daddy, why don’t we get one of them houses?” He said,
“Boy, I ain’t got no money for that “but that’s what I’m bringing you out here for.” He said,
“One day, you’ll be able “to get one of them houses.” Let me explain something to you.
Because of that right there, I’ve probably had in my lifetime now about 11 homes. I got
four now in different states. Every house I own got a horseshoe driveway on it. When
they was living, they told me one time, they were sitting up watching TV, my daddy looked
at my mom and said, “Bill.” He called my mama Bill. He said, “Can you believe “that this
little boy we had on TV?” She said, “Slick, I can’t believe this.” I used to send my daddy
$5,000 a week. You know, when I first got on TV, I was making $55,000 a week so I sent
my mom and him $5,000 a week. When I got into Kings of Comedy, my father was still living.
I showed my daddy one time how much money I made. He said, “Boy, it’d take me four years
“to make this kinda money.” So I was able to give them something with my life. So before
my mama and them left this world, I could give ’em something. I bought ’em everything,
man: houses, cars, furniture. I bought ’em everything I could think. I tried. And you
know what’s crazy, man? I’m 62 years old. I still want them be proud of me. I still
hope that they in heaven watching me. And they see me turn into somebody. That’s all
I ever wanted. It was in my imagination to take care of them. You just gotta believe
that. You just gotta believe, man. Don’t ever give up. Faith is the substance of things
hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. All faith is really, the substance of it is
just what you hope for. That’s all faith is, it’s just real hard hoping. Remember when
you was little and you’d say “I hope I get a bike for Christmas”? And you went out there
one year and the bike was under the tree? You remember when you said you hoped you’d
graduate? And you messed around and got a diploma? Then you remember when you said you
hoped you’d get a job? And you messed around and you got a job? Huh? At one point in time
the older you get this got to start clicking in, that faith is really the substance of
things hoped for. That if you hoped hard enough one day you ought to get smart and turn all
that hoping into belief. And what is belief? Nothing but faith. And what is faith? Faith
is the belief in things that you cannot see. See this what the part you gotta get. The
evidence of things not seen. Remember I told you that imagination is everything? It’s the
preview to life’s coming attractions? Now let me tell you the problem with your imagination.
The problem with your imagination is you tell it to the wrong people. If you want to kill
a big dream tell it to a small minded person. You went and you shared it with you family
and friends. And you know what they did? They shot it down. You know why they shot it down?
Cause they couldn’t see it. See your mom and them, your cousin them, your friends, they
don’t know. See you got to be careful when you share your imagination with small minded
people. Nobody else can see your imagination but you.


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    "If you want to kill a BIG DREAM, tell it to a SMALL-MINDED person." – Steve Harvey. What part did you guys like the best? Let me know in the comments! Keep grinding, and your dream is on the way!

  2. My name is ethan Irwin and I want to be a filmmaker,actor,director and I have always wanted to be what I was promised one day to make a difference to make some change in people and me as well I was bullied through elementary through junior high school people been using me and name insults keeping me to get to my imagination while I make people smile and laugh it wasn't till high school I had a film class something sparked my unbeliveable imagination and my faith in something like that I can create with a lot of my imagination and faith and I have a friend who saw that and he made me do what I want to do is to show myself to the world and he saved me from people who doubted me and when I made my 2nd film people was laughing and touched and I decided that this is something I actually want so I keep making films getting new ideas and letting my imagination free and making me sure that this will be something that no one has seen before and I made so far 18 short videos and I get a lot of support now with my imagination screaming at me I knew let's keep going so thank you for this motivational video and I promise that I will never quit and give up and I will put everything that I love doing into faith I love all you have a nice night or morning

  3. Whatever you want in life, no one is going to give it to you, you have to go out there in the world, and get it yourself!

    Of things HOPED for
    And the EVIDENCE
    Of things not SEEN

    All FAITH is really
    The substance of it is just what you hope for.
    Thats all FAITH is. Its just REAL HARD HOPING.

    At one point in time, the older you get
    This got to start clicking in.

    Faith is really the substance of things hoped for
    That is if you hope hard enough

    One day you ought to get smart and turn all that hoping into BELIEF.

    And what is BELIEF?

    And what is FAITH?
    FAITH is the BELIEF in things
    that you cannot SEE.

    See this is the part that you have got to get.

    The EVIDENCE of things not SEEN.

    Remember I told you that IMAGINATION is EVERYTHING?

    Its the preview to lifes coming attractions?

    Now let me tell you the problem with your imagination.

    The problem with your imagination is you tell it to the wrong people.

    If you want to kill a big dream
    Tell it to a small minded person.

    You told it to your family and friends
    And you know what they did?
    They shot it down
    You know why they shot it down?
    Cause they couldnt see it.

    Be careful with sharing your IMAGINATION with small minded people.

    Because nobody can see your IMAGINATION but YOU.

    Steve Harvey
    Hebrews 11:1

    Reread this again. Slower this time

  5. Thats all i would ever want to do, is to give back to my parents before its too late. I'm basically unemployed at this moment and my parents are in their late 60s. I hope I have faith to achieve my dreams and eventually give back to my mom and dad before its too late. I pray for the rest of us here suffering that our lives will be alright and we will get through the darkest hours just as I am going through one of the worst times of my life at 31 now. Thank you for this video.

  6. Thank you, Steve…I just came upon this site & know it was no accident, Thank you Jesus! I need to hear this! God WILL continue to Bless you as you share what we all need most…HOPE & His LOVE….

  7. I want to share something. I've always thought big and wanted to achieve big success in life since I was a kid. Told it to my family over and over and they told me to act normal and think normal and that it is not realistic. And even though I tried to not care it got to me because we got in a discussion every day and they talked doubt into me. After years and years of almost daily giving me reasons why it doesn't make sense I notice I am watching my words, I notice I changed the way I think. They made me doubt myself and also lower my goals and dreams because the others wouldn't be that realistic. It is really bothering me and I still want to achieve greatness but I stopped believing in myself because I'm thinking why can I do this huge thing if everyone tells me I can't and I'm so young, I'm 20. I got talked out of so many business thing I wanted to do. My family tells me I should get a safe secure job. I am very desperate. Please help me by giving some advice so I can give meaning to my life again and go back to becoming that boy with the big dreams and believing in it with everything that he's got. I need this.

  8. So sad and unfortunate that those we share our dreams with are usually our loved ones or close friends but all they do is shoot those dreams down.

  9. NEVER GIVE UP! Way too many haters out there. When other people see people making changes for the better and following theirs hearts desire/dream/calling the can't take it. Don't ever listen to those people.
    Don't believe what they say.
    Follow the voice/power/strength within. It is the only truth there is. I'm making my dreams come true, and I'm not afraid to aim high as fuck!!! YOU CAN DO IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU TOO!!!!! 1❤

  10. Because of Steve Harvey I started listening to Neville Goddard
    Thank u Steve
    And tonight I'm gonna be on the Apollo

  11. Truth and I know it's the truth because I recantly moved to California from New Jersey with about 500 bucks on me. Everyone said I wouldn't last or I'd end up back home with my parents shit my parents didn't even say good luck. 3 weeks being here I have an over night job and going to collage to work on airplanes. Use the doubt of others as your motivation and do what it takes to get where you want. I did it why can't you, truth is everyone can do it just don't have the faith and power in them to do so because they are small minded they are comfortable. Truth is don't chase your dream follow your dreams and 1 day it'll happen. I did it, why can't you

  12. I’m 46 years old, crying at all my lost dreams..trying to get ready for work at a job that sucks the life out of me. I’m so far away from my dreams and so far away from who I was. Life has been hard and I’m struggling. I’m running out of steam. But I still hope.. I hope…

  13. Anybody that thinks they are good enough to hate on Steve Harvey are STRAIGHT UP NOTHING BUT JEALOUS ASS HATERS.. PERIOD! 💯

  14. Once an ex girlfriend asked me to stop sending money to my mum and dad because they are not my responsibility. I won't be here today if it wasn't for them. Always give thanks no matter how little.

  15. I told my parents I want to be a real estate attorney and they said I shouldn’t do it because it’s a dying profession I get what there saying but I don’t want to give up my dream what should I do?

  16. But, there’s a problem with what you said, Steve. There’s a problem with everything you said. Do you know what that scripture in Hebrews that you quoted means? Do you know why Paul said “Faith is the evidence of things unseen?” Do you not know that he was talking about God and Heaven? Do you not know that he was talking about Jesus who it already ascended? Come on, Steve. I thought you were a Christian. All you talked about in this speech was getting money and getting houses and getting cars and going all around the world because your mom about you magazines. What in the world are you talking about? The Bible says “What does a man profit if he gains the whole world and lose his soul?“ The Bible says “man cannot serve both God and Mammon.“ The Bible says “It is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter heaven.“ i’m not saying that it is wrong to have some things or to even have some money. I am saying that all you were talking about is gaining staff. We have so much more to gain, Steve. We have eternal life to gain! We have eternity with Jesus to gain! That is so much better than anything or even everything you could have in this world!

  17. I love you so much Mr. Steve Harvey I wish I could find my Gift and I'm 54.  My Mother shot my dream  down  way down as a very young child.

  18. Nice video but, i am not trying to be negative just thought something was funny, the part where he goes "what is Belief? Nothing but Faith. And what is Faith? Faith is the Belief in things… " sooo Faith is the Faith ?

  19. My family has shut down my dreams and honestly my sister has laughed at me but she realised that I wasn’t kidding and that I wanted to work for it and that I was gonna get there. She’s the only one who actually believed and supported me to the fullest you know. I’m going to get there. We all are.

  20. Steve Harvey is a great man. Men of faith like him keep me moving forward. Thanks Steve. He said in another video, if you have a great vision, you will have haters who will secretly plan your downfall. Never give up. Dream big and get big, think small and get small.

  21. My hope was to come to USA when I was little all the time what I was saying in my heart I love USA today I'm here and I'm USA citizen with my kids I'm Thankful 😍😘 Thank you

  22. The biggest thing I see is people make excuses saying dreams don’t pay the bills guys even if you have kids you can do whatever you want seriously stop limiting your life to the nonsense and do something great as Steve says you don’t got to be a Actor, Athlete, Musician etc. you need to do your passion guys and seriously realize once you are dead and gone that is it and if you let your dreams go you are commiting spiritual suicide meaning you are choosing to limit yourself and it makes you unhappy inside and unhappy you have got to do something cause remember this if you do not do it all you are doing is passing the burden on to the next generation to get out of poverty whatever you may be in instead of being a coward and just getting by then pawning the burden off on your kids do something now and make their future a little easier be the one to break the chains of your past generations of depression anxiety sadness and poverty and change it stop saying you can’t because no one feels sorry for you no one cares how hard it is for you all people care about is the results you produce I hope this message can touch someones life and wake them up life isn’t a video game if you settle for less you will regret everything sacrifice sleep you can sleep when you die stop wasting your weekends etc.

  23. I'm a man's man…..and this here made me cry like a baby because that's what i want for my parents – for me to make enough dough to take care of them and give back. Thank God i'm on my way. Currently doing 70k per month. My wife & I started a business helping people with mental disabilities. I've tried lots of things and failed. The secret? Never give up! If you keep knocking, the door will eventually open. Just have the balls to keep knocking NO MATTER WHAT!. That's all I can tell you…

  24. I'll become a world class musician and artist. I'm sharing this because I know this is a community filled with great-minded people. Thanks so much for such inspiring video.😻😻😻🙏

  25. Got that right steve. Lots of dream killers.

    Got the lawyers chasing the money with someone that has not been harmed in the least got the one was harmed trying to get a lawyer and a doctor because she was harmed and treated less than human for sport

  26. man steve my teas are falling now, its my dream to give to my parents while i still have them… am gonna work more harder to make it real and achieve what i want .

  27. I watched this video 10 times and I couldn't feel anything ,I couldn't relate at all , thus video was a part of me realising that I have no love for my family

  28. Why would a person dislike this kind of video when they telling you the true and how people think and how society keeps walking the same path

  29. Truw words that are already writtin in the Bible many years ago since the Old Testament. Hebrews 11, the book of Faith.
    Visualizing/imaging things and believing in them is one of the first things God taught us to do and that is written in the Book of Genesis when God told Abraham to count the stars.
    Everything is DIRECTLY related to the Bible. Every single thing in life.

  30. That's me right their to just take care of my mom an grandma before they leave this Earth. As an Addict an them being the only ppl to help me hug me just…. sorry thanks

  31. If you impact the lives of your loved ones in your life that have only pure intentions and wanna see you go far will have more of an impact to them than any car any object any money can ever bring them keep striving to not only make them proud but make yourself proud !

  32. Wow! I just published my book, Faith Changes the Outcome, and this is spot on… Love it! Thanks for posting 😇

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