Faith & Co. | Spiritual Disciplines for Companies (Bruce Baker)

– So, let’s ask the question of what spiritual discipline look like at work. I took the classic spiritual disciplines, things like study, and worship,
and prayer, and fellowship, devotional practices, guidance, mentoring, et cetera Sabbath keeping, and I tried to translate these all and into anti-locks that would apply to our work. And its very clear, its
very strong relation, strong correlation between
companies that have spiritual formational practices and the correlation paid off, in terms of workplace engagement, there’s a very strong
direct correlation to this. There’s three categories
of spiritual practices at work that have this effect. Number one, is honoring individuals. It is ascribing inherent value to the souls I’m working with. It’s honoring, it’s honor and respect. It’s paying attention to people. It’s recognizing people, for their role in the greater endeavor. And companies that have
and explicit behavioral, intentional practice
around that are doing it. They are, those are formational practices. And, they also happen to pay off, in terms of workplace engagement. The next one is, nurturing relationships. There are specific things
that companies can do, and so many do these. Often, they do them without
thinking them through. Some of them sound like common sense. But fellowship, engagement, celebrations, parties, but if there are
activities where there’s a genuine spirit of fellowship, that’s
what I’m talking about. And there are companies that
have that kind of culture. They have a genuine spirit of fellowship, and they deliberately orchestrate, and carve out valuable time. Valuable company time, to do it. And they’re very intentional about it. What- the key relationships
in the company, is between the immediate
supervisor and the employee. At every level. So, immediate supervisors that
who take interest inherently, in the relationships of
the people in their group, it’s building a culture of relation, and being intentional about it. The third one, is what I would
call, serving with integrity. It’s explicitly talking about the ethics and morality
of what were doing. Any time we touch,
mention, draw attention to the greater context in
which we live and work, we’re doing it. Because, that’s really what
spiritual reality comes down to. It’s a mindfulness, that we
are existing and operating within a greater reality. So, all these ways are touchstones, that keep us in contact
with the greater reality. Just to sum up, honoring individuals, nurturing relationships, and serving with integrity. (soft piano music)

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