FAITH: Chapter 1

Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Faith… *Confused Markiplier* *Confusion has entered the Chat Room* What? Ohh… Oh..kay? woah… Alright, so hang on, moods- Setting mood! Not enough mood set. Let me try- let me try let me try setting the mood. It’s a bit moodier, not quite as moody as I would have wanted it to be but it- (You alright there, Mark?) So this is Faith. Now, don’t be deceived by its appearance. If you want to talk about a pixelated horror game, apparently, this is a horror game. All the reviews about this game say that it’s incredibly scary, extremely disturbing. The reason I’m playing this one is because there is a Faith chapter two, that is apparently even better than Faith chapter one, and I’ve never heard of this game. Never. Wait- Whoa. What? Ohhh What?! “To move, use WASD” ‘I will walk before the LORD in the land of the living.’ Alright. Oh- I’ve got to hold up my crucifix, apparently. Interesting. Oh what? “Face demons and cast them out with the space key or A button. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.’ Right.. R.I.P Demon Okay. Alright. This is going to be a different experience than most horror games because, I think the entire game is made in like NES style, like 1980s level gaming, Atari graphics; the kind of shit that you would see in the minigames in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Like, that’s the closest thing I could relate it to that you might understand. This is old-school gaming, but as I discovered in a game that I played recently, even the most basic looking games can be utterly terrifying. WELL? Well.. OUT DEMON! Alright.. You’re inviii- *wheezing* ahhh That clown!! You’re invited! Come and celebrate Nate and Jason’s sixth birthday. Saturday May 3rd. 12 – 4pm. Directions: turn right at 1338 Snake Meadow Hill Road and go straight past the well.” Well, well,well. I guess I’m gonna go straight past the well then. ( Many much puns ) Hey, how you doing? WOAH, WOAH HEY! HEUY! OUT DEMON, OUT DEMON! *disappointed demon noise* *Surprised Pikatchu* *Confusion intensifies* Oh, I’m sorry.. Excuse moi but- out Deerman- Hehehe, you get it? “out Deer-man, out Dem-“, whatever. So, excuse me. What in the hell wa-? was that spider monster? And what is this ‘house’ supposed to be? Is this the party? Is this where the clown is?! _I T ‘ S_ L O C K E D_ God, I don’t like that. Alright. Well, it’s locked. Okay, so there’s no back door to this thing. So I guess I move on, or I try to find a key at least. I don’t know. Ohh Oh, deer, you’re fine. Hey, deer! You just eatin’ some grass? OUT DEMON- OUT DEERMAN! Out Deerman! Oh yeah, you better run. Oh, where are you going? Where you going, buddy? Oh, where you goin’? Are you just trying to peacefully eat some grass? Ohhh, I don’t think so. You come back here That’s where that spider demon, came from. You know, the thing about pixelated graphics is it leaves a lot to the imagination, so when I see white strand-y stuff on the ground in such a pattern as that I think ‘spider’! ‘Cause a spider web must’ve been here and then it got disturbed. I don’t think of anything else. Oh! Hi. Okay~ *Mark begins reading the text on the screen* *He finishes reading* Okay. Oh… I’m sorry- *gasp* (There’s my pet spider! I’ve been looking every where for it) NO, you don’t do that to me.. Oh, you don’t do that to me..! WAHH OUT DEMON! OUT DEMON! *growling* OUT DEMONNNN!! YOU GET OUTTA HERE DEMOOon! *Mark begins to bounce out of fear* HEY HEY HEY! OUT DEMON! OUT DEMONNN! OUT DEMON! Weird demon creature: Worship me! No, no, no! I will not worship yoOOu! What the hell? What the hell is that thing? I’m just wandering now, but I’m just like, I’m a little perturbed.. more than a little strange. Alright, either way I got the key So I guess I should go to the house now..? Just gotta be on my tippy tippy toes- In case any demons come charging at me from the dark-e-ness. I’m on my tippy tippy tippy toes. WWHYYYY? I was- I WAS ON– *disturbed* WEUHY (why)??! + M O R T I S + *Markiplier begins to inhale the camera* But I was on my tip tippy-toes- I was on my tippy TAPPY toes. I definitely exorcised that demon! I did that- Oh- more spiderwebs! Okay, also- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. *demon creature* AFlaC Ohhh! Aflac. Ben Affleck? Okay, whatever. You’re not gonna get me this time. I’m on my tippy toppy toopy toes. UuuHMM? I’m sorryyyyy..? Ooooh Hate it. I hate it. *Mark reads the text on the screen* Wait, I’m sorry. You said he was- she was in the basement. She was in the BASEMENT, but ‘in the very back of the ATTIC perfectly calm staring at us’? *continues reading* *finishes reading* Okay? *disturbed Markimoo noises* Out demon! *excited* out demon! Out demon- o-o-o-o-o-out demon! Out demon. Out demon- *high pitched* out demon. Demon out? *Once more, Mark slowly inhales the camera* *please help* Demon Mark: Okay, wait a minute. What was that? You get out here, Dem- OH! Okay, I nailed it. Oh no. That’s not good– Oh…kay, NATE. Normal Mark: Alright, cool. Good. This is great. McDonald’s french fries, you get out of here! Okay~ Great- Uh-huh. It sure is quiet.. *too quiet* Alright. Ah. That’s a comforting family portrait. Very comforting- You know, buddy. I appreciate you, uh.. Taking the time to really finish what you started, but why did you have to drag me along for it? Ah, of course. A peloton. In a perfectly beautiful part of the house. Okay, sure is quiet. Simon Says “Out demon..” Oh, hello.. *scared silence* Okay *Mark reads another note* Okay. *Another note* Interesting. So, how do I get to this attic? Get outta here, Demon. *Another note is read* Alright. So far so goo(d). So, is that it? Did I exorcise all the deMONs? It’s real quiet. It’s really quiet.. Out Demon? *high-pitched* Out Demon. Out Demon? Get away from me, Demon ;-; It’s so quiet and I don’t know WHY it’s quiet. I don’t like the quiet. *commence anxiety* I’ve got goosebumps from the quiet. Oh, I see. That’s a staircase in the bottom right. I’m gonna go to the basement.. It’s quiet down here too. I don’t like the quiet. Demon? Demon? I’m really uncomfy.. like a doll. Ooh! Out, Demon.. Okay. *M O A R N O T E* Right. San La Muerte. Right. (left?) * NOT TODAY SATAN* I know demons When I SEE demons, and I see many demons RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Right in front of me, one of you is demon. I know it. I know it. I know it to be true. I’m aware of this one of you’s demon. I’ll find which one! *visible fear* OH *More note reading* I— THIS IS A BAD PLACE TO STAY, this is bad! Oh.. I’m sorry? OOOOHH. HEEEY! *howdy* I hate THAT! *fearful laughter* Yeah, no kidding! “ShE iS hErE”! *Scared marky who sounds like a dying moose* Where is sheeee?! ExCuSe Me?! *more dying moose noises* ohh.. Oh, wait. What was that? *very scared Markimoo* I see- What is that? What is-? *GASP* Oh, s h i t. *sound of death* AH FU- Oh no, I’m- I’m VERY mortis.. Are you kidding me? What the hell? Oh no. I gotta live through this nightmare again. Ooookay. Oh, hey. How ya doin’? Love your dangly fingers- Yeah, no kidding. I don’t know how to beat “her”. Good, great. So, if I stay in one spot for too long, is it just like- No. Don’t you dare, don’t you do it- I know which direction- Ah, IIIIIIII let go- I let- I literally let go I literally let go. I don’t know WHY I let go, but I did. I don’t know. Okay. I don’t know if that’s the correct thing or if there’s a way to detect- Like, if it’s like a fake out Simon Says kind of thing. You know what? Actually, I’m just gonna run away. I’m just gonna run. I’m gonna run away because being here obviously is not good for my health So I’m just gonna get out of here ’cause you know, I should not be here. Here’s where I should- Nah, I’m okay. I’m good. Thank you. PLEASE leave me alone. I don’t I don’t want- wanna go- ah!! I don’t want to do it! Alright So I have to fight you is what I’m gathering from it So I’m gonna fight you, you Demon. Yeah, what’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Oh, yeah, you don’t want to play. Oh, okay. Yeah, you don’t want to play. Okay. Alright Well, I’ll just ladi dadi de la dee da dee doo dah. Oh oh No, look at you I have no idea How am I supposed to know? So there’s got to be a trick to this, right? I’m running. Ah, maybe that’s it. Get outta here. Oh shit. Oh, that’s not good. Oh! Well, that’s something. I don’t know what that’s about I don’t know if I’m helping or hindering it i CaN SeE yOu I can see you too. Oh, I’m not a hundred percent sure what I’m doing. Get o-. I’m trying to get out. I- I am trying I’m very much trying. I am- Eat the vegetables. Okay. Well, this might be my doom I wa- aYYYYY *sing it Mark* *absolute terror* Well, you can’t ask me to get out and then kill me I’m not your mommy. That’s for sure. And what about this? Okay, you’re not- you’re not there. Oh, I’m gonna- Your eyes? Yeah, exactly. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Ah, it doesn’t matter. I was even facing the right direction. So Ah, it doesn’t matter. I was even facing the right direction. So- That’s just like death But what do I do? *serious Markimoo time* Ha, I got outside. Oh, I got out. Okay good. Um What do I do about that? What do I do? No, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no Okay. Well, I’m outside. So that’s good. I don’t know what to do about that But there was the note that said something about how the Father Aldred wanted to do this away from the house I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do anything? I don’t know what to do. Oh Oh Oh No, no, no no no no “Bob Ross” *Mark reads a card* I thought you said the breast system. I will not suffer You will suffer. *or will I ?* How deep to the woods go? Oh hi. Weird *More in game reading* *finishes reading* All right, cool. Good. Why is this tree dead? Oooookayy *More reading* I see. Uh oh. Well, that’s not good I’m sorry. What? Am I back- I’m back here. Okay, so there’s got to be something that I can do to this- Demon. There’s got to be something to be done about him. Yeah. Okay. She is here So what do I do about that? A little bit cur-fuzzled, you know? Oh sh*t. Oh, I’m gonna die. I’m alive! ‘K, I’m gonna try something. I have an idea. I do that but do this this this oh I do that but do this this this oh but do this this this Oh!! That’s what it is! I just got to keep blasting it with my crucifix until I find the right way. Oh, yeah. This way that way this way that way Oh Okay, I did it! I did it! Good for me! I did it! I did the thing! Yes! I’m so smart. Got that on the first try! Most indubitably definitely the first try Okay, I’m guessing this is the Attic Not the basement, ’cause some of these notes are a little confuzzling, I see Uh, yeah, so the obvious staircase and definitely not a bookshelf Uh-huh Oh! *More reading* Am I John? Why is there a smile on the mannequin? I don’t kn-. Oh no, it’s disco time. All right cool. Good Hi. Hi there I don’t know about that. Is it working? Uh oh, uh oh What is that? What is that? What is that? What is that? What do I do about that? What do I do about that? Okay, I just- I guess I just run away. Oh Oh sh*t. I’m gonna get cornered here Oh God. Okay, that’s not good. That I hate it, I hate it I hate it hate it hate it. Oh boy Oh, what do I do? Okay Ok- Why?! How do I do … What do I do? I’m unclear. Oh, yeah. Nice face. Ohh, I got a- Then I got a react Okay, I see what I got a do. I see So, am I- Is this you cut off your own face? Is that what I’m so I’m gathering from this? Oh, why? Do I need to run out of the way? I might have to run out of the way. Whoa, miss me. Hahaha Ahahah. Got ya Okay. I can do this. Oh, oh got ya oh I wish I didn’t get you. Oh, I wish I didn’t get you. Oh aye You’re drawing a star in the ground. I should have realized that’s horrible. That’s oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, okay. Cool. Great Oh, what do I do about that? Oh, su-. Well too late. What if I stand in the center? Am I safe? I think I’m safe of I’m in the center Yeah, I am. Uh. Well, no not that safe “Mortis” Okay. Well, I think I’ve got this . Oh So long as I can predict a nice path here. Whoo Oh, sh*t. Oh God Ah, okay what we’re gonna do what do you do? Okay. Goodbye Well Job well done. Time to go back to the Vatican Tell them that a horrible girl demon just had a face that had a hand explode out of it And then she sailed through the window all on her own nothing to do with me. I did my job I can sleep soundly now. I could kill her One bullet you say A gun with one bullet here we go. Hey, where’s your gun? I did it. Did I do it? I don’t think I did it right, did I? That was probably not a smart move find out the smartest move I’ve ever made Yeah, pretty dumb. Probably pretty dumb. I did. Oh, why would she be down here? Jumped out the window? She probably outside, right? In the backyard in the back. Maybe I caught the back door now Maybe I go in the backyard the back door back yard for the back door back yard, back yard. No? Okay All right back door yard back yard into the back yard. Gotta go outside to get to the back yard Go around the back. Hey look a gun again Wait oops, Oh stupid of me wait, so maybe wait. Maybe I was onto something but I just didn’t know it. “Kill her” is written in reverse as in A mirror Oh shit, give me the shit. Oh goody goody gumdrops. Give me that “A gun with one bullet” Here we go Ohh! That was- Ahh! No, thank you. No, thank you. What the hell is going on here? Oh- Okay, okay *Another note* Wait, so am I am I crazy? Is that the answer here? Am I crazy or did I just say that to the Psychologist to get out of there so I could go on a non Vatican approved Exorcism to finish what I started? I believe that is what it was truth I would not be dissuaded from what I know is the truth. Oh yes indeed. I didn’t bring my gun. Yes I know the truth I always knew the truth deep down in my heart of souls. Yes I always knew Yes, I always knew because I don’t need to kill no killings against my religion. I don’t know what happening here. I’m not fully cog- Hi! How ya doin’? Hey, how ya- how ya do-? Right. Alright, whatever you say. A little confusing, But alright. You know, I’m just gonna go to my car. You know, I- I’m just gonna go to my car I got a follow-up appointment with my psychiatrist So I’m gonna make sure that I go visit- go do that I can’t be going without my medication for too long or else I’ll go bonkers Anyway, I’m healthy and happy. Hey, you know what? Let’s get outta here. Let’s skedaddle Let’s skedooddle. Okay, well can’t exorcise my own car. So I guess I gotta go find her and Shoot her with a gun with one bullet in it. I could shoot you. Hey, bub. K bye. I can shoot the deer. Get some nice meat Some tasty delicious meat. Oh Hi. Hello Okay, so you’re just standing there It’s obvious there’s a choice to be made here I don’t think that shooting the mirror was like at all obvious That is obviously a secret and that’s supposed to reveal something about my own personality here But what it’s supposed to reveal, I am not a hundred percent sure I’m gonna go shoot the deer because I feel like shooting her would completely defeat the purpose of everything that I’ve been doing this far And I don’t know why shooting the deer is better But it’s the only other option that I can see as an option to have an action So I’m gonna do it not because I want to but because it seems like the only thing that I could possibly do. Kabang Well, I sure did that, and now it is very quiet here. Okay good Oh, she’s gone She’s not there. Why isn’t she there? She’s gone. She’s not there. Why is she no there? Is it because I did bad or I did good? I’m gonna go with I did good. Unless, I did bad, and if I did, I probably am delusional. I’m delusional I can’t go in the house anymore. Good great Jobs done. I’ll go home now. I feel proud of what I have accomplished here Unless I’ve done completely wrong thing: go all the way to the end of the game and then trip over the finish line. Which I have done before. I have. I’ve done that before in other games So here I will see if that is what I’m doing here. Just gonna go home I did it. Oh. Oh-kay Whoa! Oh, no- Wait, deer. Hang on. Wait, deer, no! Not like this, deer! Please! There’s five endings?! Why? What? *More reading* Oh, sh*t! You let me do the other-. Oh, well now I have options. All right, Amy Say your prayers, Amy That feels wrong. That feels very very wrong. All right. Judgment days come for you, Amy. Oh God. Three, two, one, Kaboom That’s what you get. All right, I’m out of here. See you ’round the bend I’m gone! Take care Smell you later This is things that priests would say walking away from just shooting someone in the back. All right you snooze, you lose! Time to go pray *same* Cool, let’s go go. I’m on just I’ll just go. Now, it makes me wonder if I could have just left without shooting anybody because I went around to the wrong side of the car There we go Uh-oh. Hey, that’s not good. Wait, hang on. That’s that’s not what you wanted. That’s not what you want to see One- I know what if- Mur- Just murderer?! That’s it? That’s all I get? All right, good great. You know what? I’m I’m gonna see what happens. I’m willing to bet that The mirror is not broken yet. It probably reset before that. So I’m gonna go ahead and shoot the mirror Oh, yeah, here we go. Okay, we’re gonna break the mirror We’re gonna go do that thing and then we’re just gonna get out cuz that’s what I should have done it I didn’t realize that I had the option to do the net before so I’ll be right back. Ah ha! Got ya, okay now I’m just gonna get out I’m not gonna take the gun. I’m gonna go to my car I’ma go home I don’t even know if it’s gonna let me go, but I feel like I should be able to go, right? So let me go If you love me *well I don’t* Why? Scuse me I needed to bring- No, I needed to bring- Are you kidding me? I needed to bring the gun with me. That- I did not know that. I have to do it over again Here we go again Okay, you’re dead So now all I got to do is kill that thing with one shot I only have one shot at it so I might as well make it camp I can’t mess this up if I mess this up somehow I’m going to be so mad at myself and everybody watching Here we go. It’s time throwing down That’s what you get OH! Get rekt Neither can I Maybe Faith, that’s the name of the game. Oh sh*t, when faith endures. Yes. Yes Yes, I got the good ending, maybe Who knows? I blew up the mirror and killed the weird, white Walker, yes Nope, I did it. I did I did it. Alright, so that is Faith. That was very good. And it just goes to show you don’t need to have incredible graphics to create a terrifying experience There were some parts in there that were really really scary. And apparently the sequel is even better So if you guys want to see that, let me know down in the comments below. Let me know right Down there if you want me to play more of this because I’m very interested in it, and it was an interesting story, too So you don’t know what the truth is like you don’t know what the real answer is, but hey That’s the weirdness of these games sometimes but thank you everybody so much for watching If you want to see more scary games, there’s plenty more in the playlist called scary games that I have linked in the description Right down there or you can check my channel in the playlist section. I try to categorize everything in playlists Do you even know that? *with effects* Do you even- Are you even aware that there’s a playlist section on my channel with everything? As well as I possibly can so check it out So thank you everybody again, and as always, I will see you in the next video. Buh-bye! * epic outro music* Like and subcribe for more awesome videos.


  1. 30:02 you could go to the car and kill another thing, another ending, killin HER, and this easter egg, i think another one is escaping without shooting.

  2. Now I am NOT religious, in fact I’m obsessed with dark shit. But I could stop laughing at this! I’m on my second watch, and will probably keep eating it until I die. Even then, I will find a way to watch it after I die. LOL

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    Edit: the music outside of the house. Like in the woods

  5. Watching this makes me want to make memes •-• I also love this game even if it scares the sh** out of me 🙂

  6. I enjoyed how a super simple, VERY 8-bit sounding, very haunting version of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was playing. Really adds to that SPOOPY factor

  7. Me: hears Mark say "Dr. Spinel"
    Me: Don't…
    Brain: oh that's right I heard the STORY OVER AND OVER AGAIN-
    Me: Now has song stuck in head while watching murder

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  11. "OUT DEMON!!"
    This phrase just stuck in my head. It can apply to EVERY horror game out there.
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  12. i googled "mortis" and this is what i got i think: "Rigor mortis is the medical term for what happens to a body after death — its muscles and joints become very stiff. … In Latin, rigor mortis literally means "the stiffness of death."

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