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the Believer’s Walk of Faith… BILL: Don’t
be trying to feel anything, cause you can’t feel
his word! The only thing you can do is say his word. Release
it, once you release it, you get your faith on what you just
said. I release it, and I believe he heard it, cause he
said it! And if he didn’t mean it, he shouldn’t have put
it in this book! So I’m about to act on
what I just praised. BILL: It’s called Possessing
Your Inheritance, and the subtitle is
Occupied Till I Come. Let’s go now to Romans over chapter five,
verse seventeen. In the King James, “For if by one man
offense death reigned by one, much were they, which receive
abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness, shall
reign in life by one Jesus Christ. I’ll look at it in the
amplified, if by because of one man’s trespass, lapse offense,
death reigned through that one, much more surely will those who
receive god’s overflowing grace, a merited favor and the free
gift of righteousness, putting them in right standing with
himself, reign as kings in life, through the one man Jesus
Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One.” Luke, chapter
nineteen, verse twelve. “And he said therefore, certain
nobleman who went into a foreign country, to receive for himself
a kingdom, and to return. And he called his ten servants, and
delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, occupy till I
come.” Underline that, that’s what it’ll be called today.
Occupy until I come. He said a simple, way of translating
occupy till I come, is advance, and hold. Advance, and hold.
Alright, let’s deal first with the topic we left off with last
time, the righteousness of God. The righteousness of God. They,
which receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of
righteousness, shall reign. Shall reign. And that’s what God
wants us to do. He wants us to reign. Not being reigned on, but
to be reigning. Now what we said is some people are trying to
employ faith, but they have no sense of righteousness. And
because of it, faith won’t rise. Faith won’t increase. Faith,
you’ve been born again, you’ve got a degree of faith. God gives
you a certain measure of faith. Now your job is to make that
faith grow. But, put something down here about your
inheritance, your inheritance, your rich inheritance comes in
proportion to your new identity. Your rich inheritance comes in
proportion to your new identity meaning, that how you see
yourself, that’s how much land you’re going to take. So the
possession, of what’s going to happen, is not going to be
possessing the land outside, it’s going to be possessing your
mind inside. As much of that as you can possess, is as much land
as you have the capacity to own. And some people are trying to do
it, oh you look good in front of people, you know, but wait till
the test comes. What we said is that righteousness,
consciousness, makes you a master over Satan and everything
that he can do. Anybody who understands righteousness and
knows what it means, becomes Satan’s master. And so what
we said is we got to wait this righteousness out, because
the righteousness is inside of everybody. You are the
righteousness of God. So we said it’s not the goody-goody way
you act, that’s conduct, we call that holiness. But righteousness
is in right standing with God, meaning that we have a right
relationship with God in terms of our nature, and our life. So
we are the righteousness of God. Say I am CONGREGATION: I
am BILL: The righteousness CONGREGATION: The righteousness
CONGREGATION: In Christ. BILL: Now, this is that thought that
you should have, the bible says in Romans, I think it’s Roman’s
chapter twelve, in verse three, He said, “For I say, through the
grace given under me, to every man that is among you, not to
think of himself more highly than you ought to think, but to
think soberly, as God is given to every man the measure of
faith.” But notice what he said, don’t think more highly, think
highly! But don’t think more highly. So you should
walk around with superiority consciousness. That Satan can’t
curse you, he can’t stop you, he can’t touch you with evil, and
the scriptures say that. And so what I just ask people to do is
get in scripture and find out what the scripture says. What
happens sometimes, is people are influenced by their own
expiriences, or influenced by their own flesh. Now let’s look,
cause I used an illustration last time it showed, I was
having you to imagine a bottle, a glass of water, and then a
flashlight. So I’ve got this flashlight and I’m going to
shine this flashlight through that water. The light will come
out on the other side. And you can do that. What will happen if
I take the water, and put mud in it? Stir it up, and now I try to
shine the light through? What’s going to happen? I got some
problems. I got some problems because too much junk’s in the
water. And I’m saying, when it’s more junk in our lives, then
the righteousness can’t shine through. In other words,
that righteousness brings us in contact with a lot of things,
it causes us to be able to get revelation, it causes us to have
spiritual initiative. Spiritual initiative is just new ideas,
it’s being able to receive creativity from God, it’s being
able to think of things, to have the wisdom of God to flow
through you. Come up with “Hey I think we should do this, I mean
these are good God ideas.” So that spiritual initiative, in
other words, it really cuts down on what provision or in my case
I mentioned before, what portion you will receive from God
regarding your inheritance. Your inheritance, according to God,
is wealth. CONGREGATION: Amen! BILL: Your inheritance in,
health. CONGREGATION: Amen! BILL: Am I right about that?
Your inheritance is victory. CONGREGATION: Amen! BILL: It
didn’t say you win a few, lose a few. Didn’t say that! It says he
always causes me to triumph. You win every battle, say I win
every battle. CONGREGATION: I win every battle! BILL: So as
we look at this, we are talking about this flesh, because the
flesh wants to participate. And in Galatians chapter one, He
says here in verse fifteen, “But, when it pleased God to
separate me from my mothers womb, and call me by his grace,
this is the apostle Paul when he got called, to reveal his son
in me, that I might preach him among the gentiles.
or heathen. Immediately, I conferred not with,” what? Flesh
and blood. All right. What is Paul saying there? He said,
“When God gave me a revelation, I didn’t ask my flesh what they
thought about it.” CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Why? Because the
flesh is going to give you another answer. Guaranteed. God
reveals to you what to give? Ask your flesh. That’s why a lot of
people of God are still where they are. Bible says the true
witness delivers souls. True witness delivers souls. I’m
asking you to understand that if you’re still where you are, then
something’s wrong. Because this righteousness is designed to
move you into right standing, to get you into a place where you
should be according to the word of God. Your portion is wealth.
Your portion is health. Are you with me here? CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: I know, I’m not trying to come down on anybody,
but I want to just cover some things and make sure that we
understand this. The bible says over in 1 John, 1 John
chapter 5, verse 17, that all unrighteousness is sin. All
unrighteousness is sin. So, the devil’s job is to get you to
think unrighteous. Meaning that he wants you to think about
everything you did in your past. He wants you to keep bringing it
up, keep rehearsing it, keep it in your spirit. He wants
a person to also think of themselves low. I’m humble for
God. Now, the devil meantime is whipping them all over town. He
wants us to gravitate towards unrighteous songs. Unrighteous
songs. Now, what are those? Unrighteous sermons. Let me let
you hear an unrighteous sermon. Are you ready? Numbers
chapter 13 verse 31. This is an unrighteous sermon. “We be
not able to go up against these people for they are stronger
than we and they brought up an evil report in the land which
they sent out…” Next verse, please. In the land that eateth
up its inhabitants, therefore and all the people that we saw
in it were men of great stature.” Now, they’re still
preaching now. “And there we saw the giants,” they’re still
preaching now, “The son of Anak, Anak. Which come of the giants.
And we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so were we in
their sight.” Let’s just sing one chorus of Please Don’t Pass
Us By. Praise God. Now, I’m letting you know this because
that’s where we came from. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: See.
But none of that’s true. It’s all unrighteousness and it’s
what kept us in Egypt. Watch this. Without a desire to get
out. That’s the tragic thing. Satan had stolen the desire. And
so now here, my wife and I, here we come to Chicago, we’re
starting a church. Now, what do we do? She played the guitar.
We both sang. I took up the offering. She did the accounting
for the church. But our song, “This is the day, this is the
day that the lord … Arise, arise for ever more, for Jesus
is alive.” Now, some of the people that came to our service
there at Lake Pulaski were kind of confused. Because they
couldn’t hip swing. But we grew like wildfire. Because it
was the righteousness of God. like wildfire. Because it
was the righteousness of God. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now,
I’m saying that because a lot of songs that have been written
have been written with the influence of the flesh. And the
more flesh you get in, the more of God’s promises you don’t get.
I’ll say that again. The more flesh you allow in, the less
of God’s promises you will get. That’s it. Righteousness. The
nature of God. The nature of God is not that. And unfortunately,
most of us have come from that environment where that’s what
we did. We sing songs. I want to cry some. We’re not here to do
that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: We’re not here to excite your
flesh one iota. Because for you to get them giants, your flesh
is going to have to be out of it. Or you’re going to find
yourself a statistic. God. Okay. So, if I run an electric line
down here or I see a light up there, now suppose all of a
sudden in one of those lights, I start seeing sparks. What more
than likely is happening at that light juncture? We call it a
shortage. It’s shorting out power. Pretty soon, the light’s
going to start flickering. And if it keeps going, it’s going to
go out. So, it’s amazing when I don’t see anything or I don’t
hear anything, it’s flowing like it’s supposed to. Boy, that…
See, people have identified noise with power. That’s a human
fallen man consciousness. No, no, no, no. The power came with
the storm. Pow. And Jesus said to the storm, “Peace. Be
still.” Immediately, no storm. CONGREGATION: Amen, amen. BILL:
Because words have more power than anything you can hear.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: You got to help me with this. Here’s
something else. Not only do certain songs give and
keep people with a sense of unrighteousness, they also
release a spirit of poverty. Poverty is a begging spirit.
CONGREGATION: Come on now. Amen. Teach it pastor. BILL: It’s
designed to do it. CONGREGATION: Yes it is. BILL: My point is
I’m taking you into Canaan. CONGREGATION: That’s right.
BILL: Your flesh has done all the leading it’s going to do.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: You step in here with these giants
and try to detect it with the flesh, you have just been had.
The only way you going to get it is through the holy ghost.
Because nobody can in a natural catch Satan’s deception. Nobody.
This is the right group I’m talking to. So, if I’m going in
here and I’m going to take these giants, I got to understand,
wait a minute, I can’t be moved by what I see. CONGREGATION:
That’s right. BILL: I’m going to have to be moved by what I say.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: I’m telling you when somebody starts
pulling you off that flesh, that faith, that flesh begins to
fight. Why? Because it wants control. And Satan wants to
keep it with control because he controls it. Now, you can sit
up here and get mad at me if you want to. Put the verse up. Luke
chapter 17 verse 1. “Then said he unto the disciples, ‘It is
impossible but that offenses will come’.” CONGREGATION:
Jesus. BILL: Do you know that? Because Satan knew how he
controls humanity. 1 John chapter 5 and verse 19, please.
“And we know that we are of God and the whole world lieth in
wickedness.” Let me give you a translation, put it in your
bible. The whole world is under control of the evil one.
Let’s back it up with another scripture. Look over Revelation
chapter 12 and verse 9. Now we talk about occupy till I
come, and that’s why you see the church on Sunday is the most
segregated day in Chicago, because of the flesh. I’m
going to help you get over this, because if you can’t get over
your flesh, you can’t get over those giants. He’s going to keep
your self, even though God has promised you a hotel, he’s
promised you a big … He’s promised you this or promised
you … Doesn’t make any difference what he’s promised
you. You’re going to have to get it by faith. CONGREGATION: Yes.
Amen. Hallelujah. BILL: And the great dragon was cast out. That
old serpent called the devil and Satan. He’s given you every name
that you could possible call him. Only thing I don’t see up
there is Slue Foot. But which decieveth how much of the world?
CONGREGATION: The whole world. BILL: Because they all walking
by the flesh and not by by faith. Jesus walked
by faith. Put it up there, John Chapter 8 please.
And he that sent me is with me. The Father has not let me alone,
for I always do things that what? Please him. Is that
the case? Well, let’s look at Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 6.
But without faith it is as what? Impossible to please God. Look
what Enoch, Genesis Chapter 5. Look what happened to Enoch.
Enoch, as you know, was just out walking one day and weren’t.
Y’all know what I mean by weren’t? It means he just left.
God took him. Look what it says, “And Enoch walked with God.”
You can’t walk with God without walking by faith. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: You can’t walk by what you see if you walking
by faith. CONGREGATION: That’s right. BILL: Say amen.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: You’re going into the land of
deception. CONGREGATION: Yes. Yes. My goodness. BILL: You just
look at that man and he’s 6, 6, 6. Six pack, six figures, and
six feet. And you think oooh. Let me try that again. Oooh.
And he’s the worst thing for you that you could ever get your
hands on. You marry him and he’ll ring you out. Can’t do it.
It’s got to be by the spirit. CONGREGATION: Yes. Amen. Glory
to God. BILL: All right. Now, so righteousness and me to
understand that I am the righteousness of God. Now, the
righteousness makes it so that I don’t need to feel anything
because it gives me a sense of right standing. First John
Chapter 5 verse 14 says, “This is the confidence that we have
in Him, that if we ask anything according to His word, He
heareth us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask,
we know that we” what? “Have the petition that we desire of him.”
Now how do we know we have it? When we make a petition, how do
we know we have it? Because of what? Because He heard us. And
how do we know He heard us? We prayed His word. Don’t be trying
to feel anything because you can’t feel His word. The only
thing you can do is say His word. Release it. Once you
release it, you get your faith on what you just said. Say I
release it and I believe He heard it, because He said it.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: And if He didn’t mean it, he shouldn’t
have put it in His book. So I’m about to act on
what I just prayed. BILL: Well, I trust
that you were blessed by today’s message. Now
this message called Possessing Your Inheritance,
I think is one of the most important messages to the body
of Christ. Why? Because this teaching tells you how to occupy
till Jesus comes. Praise God. And occupies, take it from Luke
Chapter 19 verse 13, it means to advance and hold, to advance
and hold. See it just like a military operation, praise God.
We are the soldiers of the army of the Lord. So here’s a point
I want you to remember. Your inheritance in the Kingdom of
God comes only in proportion to your new identity. Now I’ll say
that again. Your inheritance in the Kingdom of God comes only in
proportion to your new identity. In other words, how do you see
yourself? You can’t see yourself as a grasshopper and go in and
possess land that giants are on. You follow what I’m saying? As
long as they saw themselves as grasshoppers, they stayed in
the wilderness. Now what is the wilderness? Owing all kinds of
money, can’t pay your debts, sick all the time, so forth and
so on. I’m not saying, I’m not putting anybody down. I’m saying
there’s a better life we can live and a lot of that comes
with how you see yourself. You are a giant slayer. Praise God.
You overcome everything that might be thrown at you from the
world. You overcome it. Praise God. Now, here’s a couple of
products that might help you in building your faith so that
you can really be that overcomer that God’s called you to be.
Now here’s one, it’s called Possessing Your Inheritance
or Occupy Till I Come. Talking about how to get that
inheritance going in your life. How to get yourself out of debt,
how to get this sickness out of your family line. Praise God.
Cut this curse off. That’s what we want to do. Another product I
have here is Imitate God and Get Results. Now what this is
doing is giving you a real good understanding of who you
are in Christ. Remember, your inheritance comes only in
proportion to your new identity. You’ve got to see yourself as
God sees you. Well, that’s all we have for this week.
We’ll see you all next time. Until then, keep
walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: Today’s
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