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  1. I just find so outrageous that apparently it would take the equivalent of another 9/11 to force the left to confront this issue. Out of all the religions that they choose Islam as something that needs to be "protected" while needing to be not neutral towards Abrahamic religions but need to constantly have unwaiverimg blind outrage at all times no matter the situation. These fucking fools need to be exported to Saudia Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and all other extremist Islamic countries and force them to back up their blind outrage convictions behind the safety of their privledge in their private gated communities in the most free country in the world that has and will continue to spill to ours and children's own blood to protect it.

  2. Since watching your channel my head is a mess -in a positive way, because I'm starting to think about important things and changing my mind on some issues. Thank you for helping me think !

  3. Ultimately: any religious mandate or claim of ultimate truth will not be compatible with societies based on modern law unless it dominates the latter.

  4. Ben Affleck does not know what he is talking about.
    He is just a stupid actor !
    Sam Harris however is a very, very educated and smart man.

  5. to add, one female guide, a woman about 4 ft 11 in tall took me to Al Azhar mosque (she was standing by me, she would be staying outside, men and women worship separately) and as I was at door taking off my shoes, a young man 20's was walking in with a bench on his shoulder and slightly bumped into me, there was room to go around, and I stepped back and the guide, 4 ft 11 in
    tall gave the young man a total tongue lashing in Arabic and he stupefied stood there and took it.

  6. So she believes it is acceptable to murder the unborn? Then she is no better than the murderous radicals she is criticizing. I hope she eventually sees her hypocrisy for what it is.

  7. So, she isn’t technically Muslim, she hasn’t been in the Middle East, she grew up in Canada and then moved to US, she doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the community, she connected it and compared it to western life, she went through some experience, herm, why am I comparing her to a white woman who lies and uses the “Muslim” as a victim card to sell books? She married a jihadist that work in Al-Qaeda, nice logic if you are a true Muslim, since if you understand Jihad, it means fighting to defend for your country, protecting from invading force. The caliphate that went to conquer Persia didn’t wrote, ANYWHERE, what they did, was a Jihad. It’s not offence, killing civilians is not Jihad, it’s murder. So little knowledge, and yet she scream as she knows, more and more, I see an ordinary “victim user” white woman. Looks like my friend have to do what she said they do to his wife and turn her into a slave, instead of protecting her, he follows Islam to the core and Syari’ah system, that includes him cleaning the house.

  8. This discussion is lacking one single thing; understanding the basis of identity politics: people do not have personal identities, they have the identity of the group they belong to, which means that a member of an "oppressed group" cannot be bad, cannot be judged, because the group is good (because it's oppressed). Even if he/see/it/(or whatever) commits a crime, it's not his/her/its/(or whatever) fault; it's because he/she/it/(or whatever), is oppressed. Likewise, a white heterosexual man cannot be good or is always going to be suspected of being bad, because the group he belongs to is bad (the oppressor). It may seem strange, but think about it, it may help you understand some of the things the leftists say.

  9. Yo don't fuck with my magazines!! I love seeing sexy hot girls on the cover!!
    Nobody wants to to see some fat chick or anything of that noise!!

    Epstein didn't kill himself

  10. Don't give too much credit to Bill and Sam. They haven't talked on the subject since really. Both have toned down a lot on the topic from all the backlash.

  11. Dear Yasmine, I too questioned my home faith and found comfort in the interfaith movement, which I'm sure you are acquainted with. Cheers Peter.

  12. The not-so-shocking truth is that people don't yearn for freedom–they yearn for belonging, acceptance, and protection. It makes us inherently weak as individuals. The real american dream (which she exhibits) ought not to be described as the fancy lifestyle–it ought to be the bravery to be whomever you wish to be.

  13. radical islam is the muslims allied with the west…they are empowered by the west…it is not most muslims and it is not fundamental to islam

    The 3 Abrahamic Cults of Death = Judaism – Christendom – Islam, that have drenched the earth with the blood of their victims!
    I did an essay on TORAH, the first 5 books of the Jewish Bible, and I put photos of the savagery of Jihadic Islam, under the verses of Jihadic Judaism. It blew my mind and for the first time I could see the genocidal evil of Judaism. What had been words for so long came alive, thanks to the depravity of Islam.
    Remember! Muhammad saw himself as a Prophet like Moses! He believed he was sent to restore what the Bible taught!
    Christian Apologists make a big deal about Muhammad's child bride, but she was old compared to the children the rabbis could marry or abuse:
    R. Joseph said: "Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his."

    (Sanhedrin. 55b)

    "A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation …" (Yebamoth. 57b)


    "And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses"

    (Deuteronomy 34:10)

    Yahweh, a being of simple and bloody tastes
    "One night while Moses was in camp, Jehovah was about to kill him.
    But Zipporah [his wife] circumcised her son with a flint knife … So Yahweh
    did not harm Moses.

    Zipporah said, 'You are a bridegroom of blood'."

    Exodus 4.24-26.

    NUMBERS 31:13-18:

    (13) Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp.

    (14) But Moses was furious with all the generals and captains who had returned from the battle.

    (15) “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded.

    (16) “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the Lord at Mount Peor.
    They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the Lord’s people.

    (17) So kill all the boys and all the women who have had intercourse with a man.

    ( 18 ) Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.

    “Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, in whom you have put your hope. 46 If you had believed Moses, you would believe Me, because he wrote about Me. 47But since you do not believe what he wrote, how will you believe what I say?”…
    John 5:45 47


    For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

    Matthew 5:19


    "Then some Pharisees and teachers of the law came to Jesus from Jerusalem and asked,
    “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? They don’t wash their
    hands before they eat!”
    Jesus replied, “And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition?
    For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ [Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy. 5:16]
    and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’[Exodus 21:17; Leviticus. 20:9]
     But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or
    mother is ‘devoted to God,’  they are not to ‘honor their father or mother’ with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you:
    “‘These people honor me with their lips,
      but their hearts are far from me.
    They worship me in vain;

    their teachings are merely human rules.’[ Isaiah 29:13]”

    Matthew 15:1-9.

  15. So this gal is really concerned with women getting all kinds of oppression but she is just fine with ending human lives before they even have a chance to live? Abortion has become a matter of convenience, not a necessity.

  16. the left and feminists support Islam because they seem it as an ally in their fight against the western patriarchy and western men.

  17. Lol Canadian PM approves this message <—- Just don't say it unless I approve it ok? That would be wrong and bad.

  18. All fine and dandy, and I agree 100%. However just one word of warning. Muslim people in Muslim countries have every right to run the show any way they wish, while interfering most especially militarily is more then counter-productive, as well as immoral. Never should spreading western values be used as an excuse, even partially for acts of violence, in other people's countries. Some were indeed doing this during the Iraq War.
    The West must also understand that in many cases it is the globalist financial and trading system that far from enabling Muslim country to radically liberalise, it is this system which supports countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Iran to continue to be able to use either force or religious fundamentalism to suppress their own people.

    The west won its freedom over time, precisely because countries such as the UK, and the USA were free from outside influences, or companies transferring large sums of cash, and advanced arms, to their wannabe despotic governments or ruling class. Liberty was allowed, indeed encouraged in the west because an apparently free worker works harder, requires less whips or whipping, is more innovative, and therefore productive then either a corporially or spiritually enslaved one. However in places such as China and Saudi Arabia this is not so much the case, and also they can sell their manufactured goods, or natural resources to the west, rather then to their own industries or consumers.

    Not so sure what we should do about it, just certain what we should not.

  19. I think Rubin and Yasmine are under estimating just how many evil people there are on the left who only care about themselves and their own power. One way to get power is to hurt and lie to the masses.

  20. 16:42 2 men were just fired for saying the word *Eskimo" in an overheard, private conversation, so altho we have "free speech", we don't.

  21. You're mistaken. They would be oh so happy to celebrate Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a black woman from a different part of the world who has overcome adversity. So long as all the adversities she had overcome were caused by white people. Or Christianity. Or the West in general. They aren't being racist against her, they're being racist for her oppressors. Because they weren't white.

  22. come on guys, all religion has this garbage in it (i.e. prejudice, violence, etc.) well let me clarify because I don't know about all religion but i do know about Christianity. So suffice it to say that your argument demonizing Islam is weak.
    the second point is one mans terrorists are another persons freedom fighters and the United States government has no leg to stand on calling any group of people with a certain ideology, 'terrorists'. No active organization has killed more people than the United States Government. Please think before making accusations

  23. Dave Rubin why are you not protesting or talking about the Zionist movement stealing Palestinian land? I will be waiting to see your response

  24. The Christian reformation was to get back to what the Bible teaches and not the heresies the Roman Catholic Church is teaching. But now too many of the Protestant Churches are falling for the ecumenical movement lie and falling back under the RCC and control of the papacy.

  25. Ben affleck like most of Hollywood goes to arab countries and companies for movie funding and have to kowtow to their muslim masters. To be fair its the same for any groups getting funding from rich ideologues.

  26. What an excellent and informative interview Dave. For me Yasmine is the best guest you've ever had on. Truly a wonderful lady.

  27. True Christians will call out the Westborough Baptist individuals as well as others. As Dr Peterson says, (paraphrasing of course) "the right has a line that we know when it's been crossed and people call them out for it, the left doesn't."

  28. Honestly biggest issue West has regarding Islam is that it does not simply put down clear standards what is allowed and what is not. To live here you must do a,b,c and you cannot do this and that. You are not fine with this, dont live here.
    It gets in meaningless fight, 95%+ of all Muslims are not like Yasmines family nor do they have some grand plan to overtake west.
    Most if they are religious just pray,fast one month per year, preach dont have alcohol/extramarital sex and focus on family values.
    And for even more Muslims religion is same as Christianity in west just couple of holydays.. cultural backround for memes.

  29. Although I understand that she does not want to support Christianity, I believe she could benefit from listening to the rational YouTube videos by David Wood, Acts 17.
    Sometimes she needs to speak and go deeper into the lies behind the choices of the Islamic community.
    Canada's social system, giving money to families where the husband has more than 1 wife is absolutely unacceptable! How does that differ from the Mormon leaders of the cult sect having multiple brides, basically also being a pedophile cult system?!

  30. Conservatism is just what it states…conserving. It's not a political movement. It's a mechanism of protecting and sacrificing to enable the next generation to have the benefits of something that was worth keeping around. Liberalism or the ideas of the west are protect by conservatives and conservatism. We really must stop acting like these are competing ideas or something. And for the last time, western ideas are NOT left, they are right. Totalitarianism, authoritarianism, large government, state control, comrade etcetc are all facets of the left, fascism is left it's all left. There's nothing fascist or communist about the right's ideas, whether some people act like fascists or not.

  31. Beside all – the Jew and the muslima should have this talk somewhere in the middle east. Not in the west. This is not their place. Even if both seems parroting western values pretty well.

  32. Liberal has nothing to do with the Republicans or Democrats, or the left and the right. Yet so many people think it is a defining quilty

  33. The inherent weakness of Liberalism is that it is big-hearted, warm, tender, and so easily forgiving that Hard Lefts weave their way in and out of the Liberal Camp. They claim TO BE "Liberal," while lying about everything: what they believe, where they stand, etc.
    Do Liberals make a STAND against a person or group, calling them out as frauds? Jordan Peterson explained the lack of a "LINE" between Liberalism & Leftism.
    The Conservative Right know their boundaries. Do the Liberals?

  34. Wow, was wondering how and why Muslim's have such growth rates? I knew but didn't know that western welfare state was paying for it in United Kingdom and Canada ! Courageous women will make changes in society. Have heard a saying educate a man you save a family, educate a women you save a society

  35. Make bullying great again. Tolerance is overrated.
    ISAIAH 3:12 —
    Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.

  36. I have a sneaky sense that most of the liberals are do gooders who want to be saintly but don't have courage to be truly saintly. Some philosopher in recent past said evil thrives when good people do nothing or something like this.

  37. Ive a feeling that the Nazi's would approve of the regressive left and islam infiltration of the country's that defeated them

  38. A real person who understands the misogyny and hateful nature of that pathetic vile nonsense Islam. Are we all going to be allowed to speak the truth.

  39. The best set of values is Judeo Christian values are the best to build a society the west is in slow decline because we have abandoned God and the fact will always remain that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, Jesus loves everyone so much and really cares for people God bless Dave rubin and this women for exposing Islam

  40. It's a numbers game… Mormon underwear on barbie isn't as profitable as hijab on barbie. 1.5 billion muslims and a few million Mormons. Greed is the bottom line. Nobody actually cares about these topics (in the elite crowd).
    They care about how much money every topic generates. Wealth and Power…. period. The sooner we realize that we are being manipulated by the Elites, the better.

  41. 23:45 BINGO.
    SJW's are far left radicals who wants to dictate who can and who can't speak. They are so toxic and hypocrates.

  42. If you look at the definition of domestic abuse, Islam fits the definition perfectly. Women submit to men. And men can clap their hands and can divorce her in the seconds. She has no rights. She lives under threat. Everywhere and at all times by law. Listen to her.

  43. Homosexuality is a sin but we are called to Love people with our words and actions. Part of that is telling people the truth about sin, which people often find offensive even when it's told in love. I'm against screaming at people with signs like that by the way. Telling someone hey Jesus died for your sins because you are a sinner as we all are. If you believe in his sacrifice you will be saved. Repentance mean you change your mind about your sin and see it as God sees it even if was something you love (ex. adultery, drunkenness, homosexuality, lust, lying, greed, gluttony, living your life for yourself, etc..). God will give you new desires and a new heart to help you overcome whatever sin you struggle with. It's true but those in homosexuality don't want this. God will literally change your desires so it's easy to overcome, they just don't want to overcome it. That's the problem, people love their sin. It would be hateful if Christians didn't warn people of their spiritual blindness and path to hell the unbelievers are on, but once you reject it we have to respect your choice not beat people over the head with it. It's on you when you stand before God, we tried to warn.

  44. I've been calling this problem we have in the west right now "Islamoleftism" and Yasmine's case here makes me realize it is the perfect descriptor.

  45. I think women earning 5ct less per hour is a way more pressing issue than women or gays being beheaded for who or what they are. We gotta get our priorities straight.

  46. This woman is a real warrior. A Christian Iraqi in Australia. Feminism and leftist movement in Australia is stifling. She is a true leader, speaking truth about the true hegemonic intentions of Islam.

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