Everything Exists within Our Mind and Soul

Tonight we’re gonna talk about how all
things exist in our mind and soul. The title sounds kind of deep and
philosophical, but we’ll make it as practical and simple and clear as
possible. But it is a really, really important and beautiful concept to get
because lots of people don’t get it. So let’s go for that, okay?
So let’s let’s begin with this. There’s an old axiom,
you could call it a proverb, from, in the hermetic laws. And the hermetic laws are
fantastic because they were always about one-sentence statements that within
those sentences meant all kinds of things. I mean, not just meant by
interpretation that – but meant it encapsulated several multi-layered laws
or concepts, and I love that. That’s the old saying one picture is worth a
thousand words, well it’s kind of like that. One brilliant statement has all
kinds of layers and meanings and so in one of these old hermetic axioms.It’s
it’s a concept of within all things exists all things within all is all and
within all is the all. So what this means is that, you know, as above so below, that
kind of a concept. So within the mind all things exist. And yet we have to
clarify. We’re looking at a world and we say, “Okay, there’s a human world and it has dimensions and it has all things, you know, going on.” One of the most important
teachings from Buddha and the Buddhist teachings and teachers is the idea of of
withdrawing oneself from the world. It’s not exclusive to Buddhism but, it’s an important piece of Buddhism. So it’s to take oneself from
the world, and I’m going to just sort of simplify this concept, so you’re
taking this idea that there’s a world we look at and they’ll ask you you know you
close your eyes and withdraw yourself a little from all the senses so you kind
of you know you back up, and you say, “Okay, I’m not my senses.” I’m just giving like a a very simplistic crude
version of it, but I’m not my senses so I closed off from the world by closing off
the senses all right and I learned to kind of get quiet and some of us go oh
my gosh I’m really good at getting quiet getting quiet is not the goal but it’s a
piece it’s a tool so we sort of come back from the world and then we start
realizing wow I’m starting to see other things like within other dimensions and
you know in a sense almost like universes within my being wow it’s
amazing and then they’ll say okay but that’s not the goal either so go beyond
that and point is go beyond that go beyond that go beyond and beyond means
deeper within deeper within deeper within so you could say that in the core
of our being is the light of God Raptor and it’s I say it like a finger it’s
it’s actually let’s picture it like a dot a perfect ball of light and that is
the spark of God within us and then when the children of God wondered what life
would be like if they could be separate from God there’s the God peace then all
of a sudden they go to sleep and when they go to sleep they create this dark
barrier around themselves just like going to sleep so we’re spiritually
alive oh you know shining brightly and then going to sleep and around us went
this layer a very thin but dark layer called the ego now what exists when we
look outside of ourselves into the world what do we see nothing darkness why
because we see everyone else’s light that’s been surrounded by ego so we see
darkness darkness darkness and so that’s what it means by you know the universe
was dark and without without form so it was just empty it was darkness that’s
one of the meanings of the darkness and it too has many many layers but anyway
we’re looking outside and we see this dark
also because the light of God we have let me say it this way we have gone to
sleep and it’s important to remember what would life be like I wonder if we
could separate from God is the question the real answer is you can’t separate
from God so that kind of snuffs out the question back to point zero you know
pure light done however the question is answered in
another way what would it like to be separate from God remember one option is
you can’t done the other answer is oh what a horrible thought that we would
even want to separate from God that horrible thought which isn’t necessarily
horrible because it’s just amusing it’s just a you know amusing a musing means
amusing it’s like a that’s kind of amusing it’s kind of interesting what a
funny thought it’s a funny thought because it can’t actually be done we
can’t separate from all there is just look at the logic of that if it’s all
there is you can’t separate it from it you can’t separate from it so and I’ve
talked about this many times so forgive me for being a bit brief with it so the
children of God go into a sleep and say Oh instead of that can’t be done we go
into a sleep and go into fear like what have we done oh my god
this this is horrible what have we done and so we then try to hide from what
we’ve done by putting a dark layer around ourselves and think now that our
attention goes outside outside when we turn and look back at ourselves we see
darkness we we think we’re horrible people this is why you think there’s
something wrong with you this is why you think I just know it diseases coming
soon I just know nobody loves me I just know
somebody is gonna betray me I just know it’s like you know I just know I made an
investment and probably not gonna go well financially not everybody thinks
those thoughts all the time but there’s always at least one in the mind
somewhere because we turn and look and find ourselves to be lacking we look and
back and find ourselves to be dark so the ego says not liking this huh no I’m
not you know what I would do no what I would turn around
and go that way so you don’t have to perceive your darkness what a brilliant
idea what’s out there well it looks kind of dark I don’t want to go well here’s
what we can do we can pretend there’s things out there to keep you distracted
from the darkness within but remember on the other side of the darkness within is
our pure light so what we have are things out there that look like they’re
real so it’s kind of like it’s kind of like a you go into a dark room let’s say
even a child’s room and there’s this idea of that it’s completely dark but
you have a flashlight and you go into the room and you move the the light
around you see a toy you see a truck you see a doll whatever right you a bedpost
you know you see things a shoe it’s a dark room but you show you know you’re
appearing you’re showing things with the flashlight so they’re appearing and what
I’m saying is the Eco kind of gets us to look outside and I see things that it
wants us to see so let’s look over there let’s look over there very specifically
though for example when we’re starting to change our lives and want to wake up
it’ll turn the light and shine it on something it’s not a real light like
capital L but it’ll turn a light which is metaphoric for our attention so it
turns our attention to an object such as a person oh look at that Here I am
working on my self worth no more settling no more addictive behaviors wow
that person’s kind of good-looking and they’re giving me attention I mean oh my
god I’ve never had like that before I’ve never had that much attention and we
cannot seem to help ourselves and we get hooked into it and back to old patterns
we forgot that that person that looks all shiny and sparkly just right for our
addictive selves you know happens to wear the same brand clothing that are
abusive uncle war you know they have the same hairdo our abusive neglectful
mothers wore you know we don’t notice those things because we got
in later of course after you’re doing psychotherapy counselors gonna probably
go by the way and you know along the way they might bring up things like that and
yet the two of you sit there with your jaws open going wow you know can you
believe these amazing things were there all along and we missed it so that’s
kind of what happens the the ego turns our attention outside now the only
reason it succeeds at getting us to see a fairly terrible life because you could
say it’s not terrible it’s wonderful show me anything that you think is
beautiful out there name it right now you can name it just name it out loud
you don’t have to you know try to call me and tell me just name it out loud to
yourself what rainbows and kittens and everything you see will die one day
and that’s why Buddha said this world sucks that’s why Jesus says do not
there’s nothing this world offers you now when you start getting irritated at
me saying that that’s because you don’t understand your home is not this world
this world will end at some point even science that doesn’t necessarily believe
in God will tell you even a star comes to an end at some point when our solar
you know our Sun dies there’s no life left on earth
you know so you you get a rocket ship and you try to beam to another plant and
that star is gonna die at some point you can’t everything in this universe dies
because it isn’t of God cuz in God nothing dies so now that doesn’t mean
you should try to just run into the caves of the Himalayas and hide away
because it’s all worthless no there’s it’s a there’s a really weird thing that
has to happen seemingly impossible but it is to become awake while we’re here
and if you don’t become awake while you’re here you keep coming back until
you do you don’t you don’t get to not be awake here go to the other side and go
look at this I should have had a spiritual v-8 you know the old
commercial I should have had a v-8 oh my goodness silly me and then not come back
even when you get it on the other side or wherever you get it some dimension
they’re still sending you back here to prove it because the third dimensional
world is the place to prove it it’s the place to ground it and really you know
work it and demonstrate it Jesus woke up prior to his life being Jesus he still
had to come back and work it from beginning till end which is why he ends
his life on the cross saying it is accomplished it is finished meaning I
did it not just that doesn’t have just one
meaning but one of the meanings is I did it from birth to death I completed the
idea of being able to hold Christ consciousness and not lose it and have
tidbits of it like some of us I maintained it even temptation did arise
but I handled it right now that I got that done right I can now tell all of
you just follow my example what do you mean your example you know you you don’t
have exactly the same you didn’t even have check books back then to see the
zeros you know and the minus numbers in your register you didn’t have quite the
same things we’ve got today but he did in all different forms and if you think
about it the things he went through you could say are far more severe severe he
had friends that threw him under the bus as we call it today there weren’t the
buses then it throw him under the camel so there were friends that threw him
under the bus back then there were people that denied they even knew him so
do you have people that deny they even know you have family members have turned
their back on you good didn’t affect him you know so just you just keep going you
just he’ll he had a father died when he was just a kid it’s raised by a single
parent you could say I don’t I don’t see how it affected his ability to be Christ
‘add so he’s saying look I went through stuff to any name anything you could
name I did some form of it some metaphoric version of it and I still
pulled it off so come on guys don’t make excuses he’s saying you could do this
too if I’ve done it you can do it too there’s a saying he used all the things
I have done you shall do and more and people focus on that means we’re gonna
really do some cool miracles even greater than his
it also means all that he has done will do and more which means go through
the same kinds of crap he went through garbage she went through lessons
tensions anxieties temptations and so on because it’s part of the waking up
process you can’t just wake up with all levels of waking up every level of it
every leap to a new level of waking up comes from having passed a test it’s not
like you just you know have Wheaties and wow that just took me to a whole new
level it’s bypassing our test or by doing some
spiritual work that creates epiphanies but you don’t just get it it comes to us
in those two forms and it’s usually a balance of the two a bit of tests some
epiphanies yeah you can sit in meditation and some have some aahs like
how it comes to me just to talk about this today it’s like a nice aha that’s
fine but there are times when going through some difficult situations and
managing them well remembering to stay connected to God and then getting
insights and awarenesses from that so don’t think that these things only shall
come from spiritual experiences they come equally so from challenges and us
passing our tests and don’t become fixated on it being only one or the
other because if you only focus on challenges to be your epiphanies then
you’re gonna create challenges and nothing but challenges if you think only
epiphanies then you’re not going to ever really do any inner healing you’ll just
do more of the sublime work and you’ll kind of have insights but you’ll not be
able to ground it because you haven’t made it real you know so that’s one of
the values of like a 12-step program is they’re not just telling you to find God
they’re telling you to also look at yourself so we need those two parts
which brings us back to that metaphor again here’s that veil here’s this
perfect light here’s that veil we go out we turn we look back we see darkness you
will never ever ever reach your light going that way
explain it again let me say it again it’s impossible you understand it’s
impossible first of all there is nothing outside of ourselves everything is in us
what do we mean by in us in somewhere in my thumb it means it’s
in your heart and soul in your soul which is your mind not your intellectual
thinking mind the next level up is the abstract mind the soul that’s the soul
it but by abstract we don’t mean like tripped-out abstract brain by abstract
we mean multi-dimensional mind versus the linear mind the linear mind can say
I’m here and now I’m over there one plus one is two I think this I don’t like
that the the discerner the thinker the abstract mind is one plus one is who
knows sometimes it’s two sometimes one plus one the one we just counted as one
is more than one because in some dimensions it multiplied itself you just
didn’t know that so you were looking at the number one and you didn’t know on
the other side of a veil behind it were more things to add to it so it’s like
it’s abstract and it’s abstract in a good way meaning all you know sky’s the
limit all possibilities so it’s it’s quite beautiful but in the abstract mind
is where our original beliefs are not thinking processes in the higher mind
the abstract mind is the soul and it’s located right here in your heart
metaphorically the next chakra down is the lower mind
the solar fire plexus the fire the mind and Europe nervous system the firing of
the nervous system as much as that has a purpose the nervous system the nervous
system is still a linear thing it is a is a chemistry and it fires as we call
it neurons firing that’s great neurons firing but they’re
still just doing a job that is linear firing what’s what’s making them fire is
the other mind here the one that says hmm I believe I’m going to integrate
more God today make it so number one the the leader says to the general make it
so and so it passes that down to the mind
and the mind says got it the mind and the brain the solar plexus brain and the
head brain there’s two brains you could say in the body they communicate and so
all of a sudden this brain says to that brain make it so here’s what I want you
to do and it starts firing neurons to get this done and the muscle movements
and whatever it happens to be thought processes all these kinds of things even
decision-making so off we go and that lower mind we think is the that’s called
the cognitive you know the thinking part of us we actually think that’s what
makes us greater than animals but if an animal has a soul just not a mind that
is the thinker like you it still has the next higher thing anyway so anything
that has the ability to feel the presence of God is equal just because as
species or as something has seemingly developed a sense or a adapted in some
way to have some sort of you know genetic gift doesn’t make it better it
only looks better on the outside world you know so there is this concept I’m
going to come back to the mind in just a second but it’s very important that we
understand outside turning back all we see is this and the reason this works is
because this layer is pure ego and looks so bad
alright so the ego can actually keep us going outwards why because of one thing
anything outside will look better than this and the ego made sure of that so it
tells us this is the core of all fear every I mean it’s like take any phobia
you have take any wound you have any issue any unhealed wound multiply it by
multiply it by a hundreds and trillions okay
and you don’t have this yeah this is even more intense so please try
to understand that the ego is not just a their their ego you can you know be nice
okay and let’s get along some people think you know you tame the ego first of
all you don’t need to tame because it doesn’t really exist nor do you do the
opposite destroy it like in some religions that’s the concept you don’t
destroy it because it isn’t real you don’t tame it because it isn’t real what
you learn is to simply you know disperse it you just don’t choose it you just
make different choices you know my ego inside is causing me to feel fear
bitterness hurt resentment a judgment or whatever you want to call it I know
where that’s coming from and it’s not what I choose today you now just
unplugged another strand of it within yourself so it gets released that’s all
it’s not killed it’s not befriended it just gets released now to think well
what if I don’t want to release it that would be your ego talking so to say I
don’t want to release it because I have free will you’re not actually exercising
free will when you say that you’re actually under the bondage of your ego
when you say it alright now we turn and look outside and there’s pretty stuff
and ugly stuff out there and there’s always a little of one or another here
and there highs and lows you live you die you have nice things they’d go away
that that in itself Christ teaches us the Christ consciousness the presence of
God within us teaches us it’s here and it’s trying to send messages through the
veil out there to us through books and channels and a song here and a internal
message there those moments when it’s trying to say please reconsider
please don’t believe all the stuff you see please don’t get overly attached to
the nice things nor overly afraid of the not so nice things just stand man chill
show cuz you’re out here chill just relax and then here’s what’s
happen when you learn to hold my presence even when you’re here all of a
sudden you’ll do it and you’ll do it and you’ll do it and you’ll do it and you’ll
all of a sudden the veil will be thinned and gone and we’re one with God again
there’s nothing seemingly separating us now here’s what’s interesting though all
the things that happen in our lives happen within our belief systems first
in other words and that’s our higher mind so when I say all things exist in
your mind I don’t mean your intellectual mind all things exist in our beliefs I
cannot be watching this program if I did not on some level believe that I was
ready to hear this particular comment whatever comment it is now you may not
like what you’re hearing let’s say you still had to believe this is what you
needed to hear let’s say for example you deep deep deep down inside resent males
or brunette males or whatever and on some level that is not healed and your
soul is trying to say why don’t we why don’t we work on that I know just the
way to do that oh look we’ll just randomly click on something online boom
there’s a male or there’s a brunette male or whatever it happens to be or
what I’m saying or whatever it triggers you you can say oh what a jerk but then
you missed your test because you tried to look outside and say that guy is a
jerk you missed your test now you have
entrenched the ego more and you have entrenched more karma in the external
illusionary world so you’re up creek with that samsara for you
that’s a Sanskrit term or a Buddhist term more illusion for you okay now on
the other hand you can say I needed to hear that and then you might get tempted
because there’s nice stuff out there and not so nice you might get tempted to go
god this guy is brilliant he’s great what a great teacher what a wonderful
teacher I love the way he words things and that’s great you can do that do not
become overly attached to it him though no matter what don’t get attached and
here’s why because what you see out there is
reflecting your belief systems here’s the knowingness of the truth of God
here’s belief systems and here’s the external experience so we only
experience what we believe I will see it when I believe it I will believe it when
I see it actually means I’ll see it when I believe it whatever you believe you
end up seeing it’s kind of like saying we keep doing self perpetuating you know
self-fulfilling prophecies now we don’t realize that statement is huge I mean
it’s huge means so many things self-fulfilling prophecies everything is
pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy but it means not that you intellectually
knew that you’re gonna create something deep in the belief system so today you
thought to yourself man I really want to make some changes in my life click
you’re watching this I say something that works for you and you go there it
is thank you now if you credit only the teacher respect to the teacher is good
and healthy it’s actually healthy or your counselors or whomever but don’t
worship them here’s what’s more important give thanks you know
appreciate but what really happened if you didn’t believe that you were ready
you could not have been watching this so I’m only here because you believed in
this and I must have believed that I could have people watching this so
you’re there because I believed so that’s one new meaning to please have
faith in me or you saying please have faith in me it means have faith in who I
really am let’s find each other in that faith let me have enough faith that
you’re ready to wake up let you have enough faith that I can mirror that you
see so it’s kind of cool if you think about it now it’s all mirroring our
belief systems that are in the heart or higher mind now all of that’s happening
within your mind if you can believe that it’s a hologram so the world out here is
actually here’s here’s the the veil here’s like a
projector room of the higher mind and it shoots onto the screen of life the
things you believe which videos you have which tapes you have inside if you have
tapes of undeserved bility they you know your your ego will put that tape in
watch it and you’ll manifest people that make you feel undeserving simple as that
and that’s really naughty of them that’s really mean those bad people bad bad bad
but wait a minute it’s just a video screen why go up and throw coffee in the
face of the screen that look like people I don’t like what they did to me I
understand I’m really sorry that that happened and it hurts you but don’t get
too violent with the screen that’s a little bit you know so what do you do
instead who put that video in your ego but you
had to give permission because you own your mind so on some deep level I’m not
saying you chose abuse as a video but the day you didn’t choose love you
automatically defaulted to the ego to choose whatever it wanted when we don’t
choose right wrong automatically gets chosen for us which seems unfair you
think you’d be better if it’s the other way around if I don’t choose negatives
positive always runs that’s not the way this worked when we went outside of God
because we said what would life be like outside of God that would be the way it
is where God isn’t the default program anymore okay hope that made sense so
we’re watching a world based on our beliefs so let’s go or let go of the
world now for a second because they’re only coming from the tapes within our
mind and then what has happened to our mind you know where is our mind well
there’s a veil here separating God pure light from our mind
unfortunately but everything in the world watch this
everything in the world exists within our mind our mind actually exists within
God our soul actually exists in God we are sparks inside the fire of God
but we chose two seemingly separate the veil is here now the ego we chose to
separate and live out here in this as souls and then souls that manifested
life so there’s God there’s a soul there’s a life including your body your
experience external experience God soul life life would exist within our souls
beliefs and we our soul exists within God but things have happened like this
we left God and then the world left us and the world is now mirroring things to
us but we think it’s actually happening to us God if only life in the world
would go better I would be able to be a good person again I’d it would be clean
and sober I would be healthy I wouldn’t be sick I would be happy I would have my
life mate etc if only if only what if only this happened this was after the
separation and because just a screen the screen can’t determine anything I mean
it’s just silly if you sit there and put on a horror movie on your on your TV if
you would cassette recorder whatever it is DVD player if you put a video in
there let’s say a horror movie why would you expect a love story it doesn’t make
any sense at all so we actually sit there and yell at the screen even
telling God as though God is on the screen because it’s a thing outside of
ourselves so we think it’s out on the screen god I wish you would were you
looking guys outside on the screen even if it’s up in the sky it’s on the screen
everything you can see every dimension is on that screen on some level so we’re
looking at the screen going wow why don’t you love me
Wow why don’t you do this wow I wish I had children wow I wish this whatever it
is it’s you’re talking to the screen now if people walked in the room and you’re
looking at the TV going I wish you were a love story and yet it’s a horror movie
they would think something’s wrong with you and there is something wrong with
you technically when you’re talking to the screen telling it to change for you
that’s why those few people here and there that have reached enlightenment
which could be some of you could be me you know some of us have reached certain
levels of epiphany that we call enlightenment it’s when you start to see
through the game that’s what Buddha meant by I am awake
it meant I now know this story that Michael is talking about
I now know there’s a screen and it is not real it’s only a hologram of
something else what else mr. Buddha as they interview him well it’s a
reflection of the mind and so when I started off a little while ago the mind
is the one going I am now detaching from the world as long as you’re still
thinking you’re still not all the way into your soul so that’s why in those
exercises in Buddhism you release and release and release layer upon layer
even the thinker is still in a sense on the screen layer upon layer upon and
then you’re in a sense beyond the thinker I’m awake and with thee I’m
awake comes the Heart Sutra you know teachings of Buddha comes
sublime consciousness and I said this before I was talking I think it was last
week not the fake sublime not the people that say I’m so sublime you know because
of my this or that or I had a certain epiphany you know as soon as you start
having to talk about it a lot it’s probably pretty good evidence that it’s
not integrated and that real even if you had some experience if you’re thinking
about it and talking about it you actually killed it to a degree it
becomes so integrated it’s just you and the light just channels through you in
whatever form all right so what I’m now getting to towards a little bit towards
the end here is that the outer world is existing within my higher mind soul my
soul mind a lot more of this is explained maybe in my book the heart of
A Course in Miracles where I’m explaining a lot of those deep concepts
of the course in really clear lucid ways so you could try that out if you want
but the world disappears and it goes into my soul mind so everything
everything exists within my soul mind great and where’s my soul mind it exists
within God well didn’t Michael say that there’s God
and then there’s a veil the ego and then the soul yes I did and then the world
yes I did so here’s the cool thing remember what I said a little while ago
when we hold so much light where we are so much unconditional pure love so much
non judgment and I gotta explain those but so much of that awareness and then
surrendering to the presence of God the veil disappears and that which seemed to
be over here God expands to include us and now everything then exists in the
mind of God the light of God saying the word mine can scroll through the cause
they start thinking it’s a thinking thing the light of God everything exists
in the light of God now when I say exist this is going to get tricky for a moment
this world somebody might say cuz there’s a lot of people that you know
pseudo spiritual they might mean very well there are a lot of them or teachers
or authors or just laypeople but here’s what they’ll do so even illusion is in
God even hate fear war which are part of the illusions projected onto the screen
hate right death all those things oh my god I got it they’re gonna have an
epiphany but it’s not a divine one I have an epiphany that means that even
the screen is in God because Michael just said everything’s in the light mind
of God yes it is everything is but this isn’t nothing this doesn’t exist so if
as soon as you start saying because of Michael’s theory and many theories in
the past you know great teachers in the past it is all within the mind you know
some great philosophers from the far east it is all within the money that
they’re then they’re students and the religions made from them say
it’s all on the mind which means you know it’s all good it’s all part of God
so that look there’s a little creature killing another creature oh isn’t that
nice because it’s one of the magnificent elements of God well it doesn’t feel
very damn nice and pleasant if you’re the one getting eaten you know isn’t
that nice look look at that beautiful spiderweb sacred geometry spiderweb man
that’s amazing that you know the spider must have some sort of knowing to create
that well that’s all great get all brilliant about a spider but what about
the fly whose blood it sucks or whose flesh it eats or whatever it is right
that’s not very cool don’t keep justifying gross things as being part of
God those came from fear those came from the ego that believes that things can be
destroyed and even worse should be destroyed in God none of that happens
which is why they say when the presence of God comes the lion lies with the lamb
there’s no death there’s no there’s nothing like that so if we want to say
all things exist in God including love and you know peace and war love and hate
then why is it saying that when God comes there’s no more of that think
about that so if it all exists if everything exists in the mind light of
God then doesn’t it mean all this does you see as soon as you ask that question
which some you know intellectuals or people that really fancy their ability
to think and in a conniving way they’re gonna go hmm I’ve got you beat if
everything exists then that means that does and that’s why some people have
successfully written books spiritual books where they said that and everybody
went you know they bit the hook line and sinker they just went for it because it
makes sense to ridiculous minds that are broken and separated from God but here’s
what the divine mind says well good point
except those things aren’t real they don’t exist so even non-existent things
can exist in God but in that sentence you just said they don’t exist so it’s
not that they’re things that are non things that exist in God they’re
automatically non things which means they dissipate
there is no outside world to exist in God they’re not there they’re just
images projected on the screen now what about this guy the soul our soul and
soul mind it believes it’s separated from God which you cannot do so even the
part that thought it separated and created an ego to cover our tracks
doesn’t really exist so even that is and isn’t in God it is because the soul the
light in us that is from God is real that is in God
the part that dreamt that it could be separate isn’t and so it dissipates so
it looks like we left God the children of God you know they fell from heaven we
look like we separated we look like we created a world we look like we’re
walking around graduating from school and doing all these things and we’re
quite amazed at ourselves if all of the things I just described happen in one
sneeze going and returning here’s what ends up happening not only did all this
happen in the twinkling of an eye but the reverse happens and that means at
some moment the children of God will turn their attention from being outer
oriented to inner oriented that one decision to stop talking about others
and blaming others hating others or falling head-over-heels over others stop
stop stop outer outer outer turn within and go oh
my god it was all in my mind not it was all just a hallucination which it kind
of is but that’s not what I mean I mean everything is reflecting my
belief systems it’s quite amazing if you think about it it’s all reflecting my
belief systems and then in that same twinkling of an eye we go back the rest
of the way there’s a point where we so much let go of all this in the process
see you don’t actually have to work on letting go of the world and then oh here
we go turn
and fight the ego this is what’s cool guys
as you work on your stuff with the world the ego without you realizing it because
it’s behind you so you don’t see it the ego is thinning and thinning and
thinning so when we do our work the egos fighting harder to exist to to survive
because it’s losing its grip so it’s got this bite on the back of our necks going
go that way and we’re like no I don’t think so
I you know I used to think my ex had the authority power over me they were
responsible for my low self-worth today I thought my mom’s genetics made me sick
today I thought something family from 20
generations ago caused something I thought but wait no no you track things
and release them you track things and release them you do that Buddhist type
of exercise and release things you you keep doing whatever works for you to
release some of them are healing techniques some of them are spiritual
epiphanies through meditations and insights both of them are important but
it’s released to the left release to the right release through healing released
through spiritual work release release it would be great to do tons of it you
know constantly but usually it’s a day at a time so let’s just accept that it’s
a day at a time you would you like it to speed up then just do more of it but not
everybody’s gonna want more than a little at a time you know because that
means a lot of changes and then it changes intimidate people so we’re going
to be in a twinkling of an eye I got it I stopped investing there and I’m
working on myself while I’m working on myself this spins out and all of a
sudden something’s tapping on our shoulder oh god don’t tell me it’s the
ego I forgot I’ve done so much he work on or
with my earth stuff damn now I got to turn around and face my ego but this
time we’re not afraid and we don’t say I’ll just go ahead and find new things
to get distracted with hey fine I’ll do it even if it kills me we turn and the
egos not there it’s God and God says welcome home
or you could say welcome home as it expands to include us and that’s kind of
what happens even God itself expands and grows when it reads us into its
consciousness not because we took a portion but because through our choice
to love and forgive a world that wasn’t there we have in a sense grown and God
in its love and appreciation for our growth expands because it’s heart swells
up enough to include us that’s how it all happens so that’s why it’s true and
it’s not true that it’s all within the mind only things that are real are in
the mind but also the things that are unreal appear to be in the mind so we
could say everything exists in the soul mind and God mind the good news is
really only real things exist in the in the god mind the bad news is the soul
mind wondered if there’s another option manifested that other option believed in
the other option and got trapped in that other option so we think out of those
three things we’re over here which we’re not but we
think we’re over here you know and stuck praying to God way over here to come and
help us God is telling us it God sends a message here to the soul to send a
message to the human self just let go and trust in me the soul so I can trust
in God and we’ll go home but the ego is blocking that message from coming in and
from coming back so it blocks the incoming message from God and any you
know somebody you could say our desperate desperate pleas for help to go
the other direction it blocks and blocks of so anytime we try to grow it’s right
there saying I would go this way if I were you because I’m here to mess you up
and you did a horrible thing by even leaving God so even if there is a God in
a better life you don’t deserve it go the other way and just settle with life
just be happy you have a partner even though they’re not very nice to you be
happy you have a job even though it doesn’t pay you what you deserve etc etc
etc etc and there’s niceties too but the niceties out there are really just so
that we don’t go to nuts with the things that aren’t so nice but eventually those
paths they pass away and then we’re upset again
you know pleading to God to fix our life and and and God keeps saying I’m sending
you messages it’s all about choice choose to hear me and the ego couldn’t
stop it stop believing in the advice of your ego and you wouldn’t have the
things you have so here’s where the correction is made this is only the
manifestation here’s where the correction is made this is all perfect
over here in God this is where the decisions are made choose whom you will
serve God or manna and so I close with this idea right now you’re watching this
video even if you’re watching it 10 years later right now you’re watching
this video and whether you had a nice experience or not let’s just go with
this and let’s just for now let’s pretend it’s a nice experience the truth
this concept will kind of hold for are either option but let’s go with the nice
one so you watch this and you go wow now let’s just play with this for a second
you’re sitting here in your soul mind watching a video on the screen you see
you’re watching me but I’m a video on the screen so if this was a pleasant
experience do you understand that you had to have chosen right you had to have
chosen properly that you deserve something good you had to have listened
to the voice of God leaking through the veil of the ego into your soul making
you go I would like a little something different I would like to wake up a
little or whatever it was that you thought and then you manifested watching
the video of me now you could say oh Michael is really great and that’s fine
to compliment and to respect teachers but that’s not the end point the end
point is I’m only reminding you that you figure this out that you picked this I
don’t mean just intellectually putting on the video or the the
the presentation on on the social media I’m talking about you had to have
decided that you had value or you could not have seen a valuable presentation so
you’re watching a screen somewhere just try to watch this foresight to figure
this out tune into this you’re watching a screen that’s showing you a
presentation that comes from cyberspace and it’s being presented right here from
my place pretty background you know and lighting and whatever we use here
cameras all these kinds of things so you’re watching this all the weight
cyberspace to another part of the planet might even be watching it later in time
but all of this a picture this you’re there there’s a screen cyberspace my
cameras and so on my home my country my town my city yours
oceans between some of us oh and then it’s daylight it’s night there’s a moon
there’s a etcetera etc etc etc all the way out let’s say to the outer limits of
space and within space within all the universe all the dimensions all the
galaxies all this is existing you’re sitting there and all this exists around
you and what I’m saying is this imagine though that little head you have right
here watching all of this with your human eyes is actually not who you are
you’re an energy of light looking like you have a body and a skull and a brain
within the skull zone but you have a consciousness and your consciousness
expands to those outer limits of the universe and so all of this including me
are within your soul mind because the universe doesn’t it doesn’t like
existing god per se the universe as we know it the material universe is a
reflection of our soul mind so all those things I described are over here on the
screen the galaxies the dimensions they’re all on the screen guys and all
that’s on those screens are on videotapes in your soul mind so within
your soul mind all that existed so it’s not over here it’s all here so
in here inside your beliefs here’s let’s say the little brain that
thinks it’s watching this and then there’s Michael and there’s galaxies and
dimensions and planets and the whole universe is here that’s your soul mind
and then your soul mind is a dot within the mind of God but not a dot as in a
limited being just metaphorically because as soon as you take this thing
back into the gut it’s one with God completely and is all with all love
within love but even right here it’s magnificent but yet nothing compared to
this God mind our soul mind contains everything there is nothing you can see
taste feel smell experience in any way to you know any way shape or form
anywhere in the universe that isn’t existent in your soul mind every
explorer in history every wretched dictator everything is in the soul mind
because the soul mind is made up of God memory reminding us who we are and what
we deserve good things and the ego the ego telling us all these other things so
our lives are made up of yin and yang you know you could say these two
perspectives these two perceptions it’s way beyond yin and yang trust me on that
but just just I just mean a duality but only one of them is real and we that’s
why we need the humility to say and I don’t know which one to trust anymore oh
I do because I’ve listened to so and so on and you know this this this guy that
charges a trillion dollars for empowerment exercises you know that’s
not what does it though I’ve meditated myself into silence and that’s not what
does it day-to-day practice love and forgiveness is in this world this
universe the way you practice it being God not by looking better not by acting
better like you know look at me kind of thing
none of that really does much for us day-to-day practice of love and
forgiveness you cannot behave more like God and thin the veils between us and
God and release the visions you see on the screen of life any better than you
can with love and forgiveness all the other things you know they help you know
I just want to be a little healthier and I want to improve this and work on that
in my life that all helps I want to wear a you know nice amulet or I want to do
this or you know whatever it happens to be I want to extend my life span all the
things they’re all just part of the stuff on the screen that comes from our
belief systems and those belief systems again are going to be either whispers
from God or screenings from the ego what are we listening today and I’m saying
nothing draws you closer to the center of really who we are more than love and
forgiveness that’s not just one of those gratuitous speeches of love and
forgiveness guys everybody love and forgiveness peace joy it’s not it’s a
very practical statement it means I am as God when I love and forgive God
doesn’t actually have to love and forgive anything because in God there is
no thing that ever happened to offend only when we separated did the offenses
and defenses take place and pretty got projected onto the screen of life so in
God there’s actually not love in the form of forgiveness
there’s just love therefore there was never anything to forgive because
nothing but love ever happened in God here we had these tormenting separate
thoughts and they manifested as tormented experiences tormenting
experiences so while we’re here thinking we’re there we need to practice
forgiveness and that means forgiving when we thought other people had power
over us forgiving that we know remember not just actions you’ll start with
forgiving what those people on the screen did to you do that that’s very
important do that but gradually you’ll notice your forgiveness processes start
shifting to forgiving yourself for ever manifesting
those kinds of people those kinds of events what was I thinking
let me forgive myself you see and it starts shifting that’s a lot of how you
know you’re growing when your dialogue talks more about you than them forgives
more you than them but but don’t jump the gun work on that other do the
forgiveness with the other while it seems like it’s happened go ahead and
play the game and then you’ll notice it organically shifting to where you’re
talking about yourself please trust me it’ll shift organically don’t don’t go
too far into trying to force that to happen to prove that your spiritual or
whatever but I was saying it’ll start with forgiving others work on forgiving
yourself but something else also happens and that is you’ll realize it’s not just
forgiving offenses you start realizing oh my god is I deepen this I also have
to forgive that I ever even thought there was anything outside of me I have
to forgive that I think that there’s dimensions I have to forgive that I ever
thought that there was sickness not just a person who was mean to me sickness I
have to forgive everything I have to forgive I myself I have to forgive that
I think you folks are watching me right now and you have to forgive that you
think you’re watching me not because forgiveness is we’re doing something
wrong see it’s it’s kind of a bummer that people put that connotation on
forgiveness is only relevant with bad things
forgiveness think of means release so yes you do release judgments on other
people and you do release judgments on yourself but you also release all form
of limitation not just horrendous or overtly bad things all forms of
limitation release them how that’s the Contin you know prayers the constant
prayers the consistent prayers whenever you can definitely when you think of
people that are you know they’re coming to mind you don’t know why might it
might be the spirit that spirit is putting them in your mind so that so
that you can apply some forgiveness but also sometimes just
when you’re looking when you catch yourself going wow you know look at that
clear cutting on the mountains that’s terrible
probably something to forgive forgive the people that cut the trees forgive
myself for believing that I needed to see in my soul mind out into the world
an image of clear cutting and killing species of animals like wow what was I
thinking I need to forgive myself I need to forgive the people I thought that did
it I need to forgive myself and then I need to believe forgive myself for
believing that there were vulnerable so you know species species that were
vulnerable killing them poor things how did they get there
I created them with my beliefs so I need to forgive myself for that
so it’s a really amazing practice to to just think positive things – oh look at
that rainbow and I’m releasing because the word forgiveness is gonna be
misinterpreted sometimes so I’m gonna release that rainbow to be even greater
to what it truly is and believe it or not you’ll have times when what just
happened the rainbow looked like it magnified a hundredfold it did probably
not on the outside but it might have but what happens is on the inside your inner
eye got activated to see the light that cannot be contained in the bands of a
rainbow same with a person that you’re working with in this technique or this
style of technique forgiving forgive that that tree is you think is that you
think it’s a tree why would I do that I like the tree forgive release that you
think it’s there when you do that it goes poof and it expands a hundredfold
see everything gets unfrozen it’s only in our selfishness that we would want to
keep a tree into a tree and a dolphin into a dolphin and a person into skin
it’s not that you’re going to harm them you we release them release people you
have like to release people you haven’t liked release things you have like to
release things you haven’t liked release dimensions release nature release ever
thing release Jesus release Buddha release men release women release
Democrats and Republicans release everything because they’re all just
projections opinions manifested from belief systems and they’re usually not
healthy belief systems usually they’ve come from the ego self because we’re not
used to listening to God whispering in us as to what we could really see the
only time you’ll know when you’re hearing God is when you have chosen to
somehow release the encapsulations on life then all of a sudden you’ll have
glimmers and whoa what was that that’s God insights feelings of love all this
kind of you know all these kinds of things that’s when you’ll know you’re
getting it that’s why we say that there’s a peace that surpasses
understanding when you practice this I pray this has made good sense guys I
know it’s you know in some ways a bit out there maybe for some people or a bit
lofty but this is how it works and this is how it worked in history this is how
it will work in the future how we all get home and and what’s really beautiful
is that all this procedure happened in the twinkling of an eye that phrase is
actually used in the Bible by the way in the twinkling of an eye but all of this
happened in the twinkling of an eye and will return home all in the twinkling of
an eye so it’s kind of cool if you think about it which means that whenever it
began was also the moment it ended so that means we’re living nothing but a
memory of what seems to have once occurred and eventually ended and we’re
just living the memory of it so we’re sort of experiencing a photo album of
what life would have been like outside of God the photo album however is filled
with an infinite number of DVDs or videos that were in our minds so that’s
all that happened we’re living the photo album of what happened when we went on
that journey without a distance to a place we never left
in any case many blessings to you all I really really appreciate you joining
us and join us in some other form as soon as you get a chance and remember
these are nice reflections of your higher mind when you have higher things
happening to yourself it’s a good decision you’re making because it
reflects positives in your higher mind in that cool it’s not just the good
things outside their reflections of your better choices so thank you for being a
reflection of my healthy choices and I pray that I was a reflection for yours
if I wasn’t track it work on it heal it and then it’ll be turned into positive
anyway alright peace and love to you all bye-bye


  1. Why did we sleep???why did we forget everything?if he wants to me to learn and I am from him ,that means he wants to teach himself ???doesn't he have Power to expand his love which needed to create me to bring it(love) back to him??

  2. Thanks a lot Micheal for your videos,I really appreciate,please go on and do not stop them please ,sorry about my questions ,just needed to express

  3. This gave me a clearer understanding of the the holographic mind soul..Wow! This talk shifted me
    .I've been processing these things through your book. Heart of Course of Miracles.
    I will watch again. more to be revealed. Thank you teacher,

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  5. Thank you very much for your teachings. I have come across many teachings on utube and have found that yours resonate very deeply. You incorporate much of the information out there in a way that is empowering and pure. Really appreciate it. You are really making a difference in my life.

  6. Why is it when non family members do me wrongs, I have no problem forgiving them but when my family members do me wrong, I have a real struggle letting it go? They commit acts of wrong doings and seem to have to qualms about it at all. I would just like to cast them all off but I can't bring myself to do it. I am forced to act in a non genuine ways towards them like everything is okay and they can continue to act in horrible ways towards me. Thanks for all your talks; they're priceless to me.

  7. Amen. Directed here by accident this day as HE directs my growth. Haha Grateful. Week ago I was going to run to you, safe loving truth, hold me. Not driving til I am healed from horse accident.It's so good to know how much we are loved and of love, to filter and comprehend your teachings. HE wants me to embrace along with my bible his love. get er done great teacher. I was leery, months ago but I see… I AM is giving thumbs up.. Stay on. You are in my prayers. Erin in Orange,CA

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