Episode 5: Get in Losers: Backstage at the MEAN GIRLS Tour with Mariah Rose Faith

♪ My name is Regina George, ♪ ♪ And I am massive deal, ♪ – Hey guys, welcome
back to Get in, Losers. On this episode, I’m going to take you to our little Thanksgiving feast
that we have for our company, and then I’m going to answer
some of your guys’ questions, cause I haven’t done that in awhile, and I asked you guys on
twitter to send me questions, and then I didn’t answer
them, so here we are, we are going to do it today, some ones that I’ve picked out. Anyway, I hope you’ll have a good time, we are, by the way, I think we’re like, by the time you guys see this, we will be in our 80s of how many shows that we’ve done so far on tour,
so that’s really exciting, we’re getting closer
and closer to a hundred. Wow, that’s insanity to me,
okay, here’s the episode. Mean Girls does Thanksgiving,
that’s Adante’s second plate. – [Adante] Mmmhmm. – [Mariah] What are you thankful for? – Stuffing, and Mean Girls, and everyone. – [Mariah] Great, oh, look at
that, a table full of friends, and over here, a table full of friends. There they are, wow. – Happy Thanksgiving, once again, I have a little housekeeping. (cast laughs) First of all, if you have any to-go containers in your trunks or downstairs, please,
we have a whole nother set of food that’s up there, so you can take some
leftovers with you, please. Don’t forget, there’s a
dessert table over there, and it’s a special cake,
made by Andrew, so that’s– – [Mariah] Woo, Andrew. Secret Santa. – If you guys haven’t given me your, we’re gonna, I’m gonna fold ’em all up, and then we’re gonna choose. – [Male] I have to go get my– – And also, if you get a blank one, then remember who you have,
stick it on the call board, that person will find it
and finish filling it out. If you get a person’s name, but
then it happens to be blank. – [Mariah] Oh. Gobble gobble, gonna eat that
little bad boy right there. Hey Eric, you wanna tell broadway.com what you’re thankful for this year? – I’m thankful for touring
with really great friends. – [Mariah] Yes, friends. – And seeing America. – [Mariah] That’s a good one,
I’m thankful for that, too. – Yeah. – [Mariah] This is our
thankful tree this year, a bunch of us wrote things
that we’re thankful for, let me show you some of them. Ah, yes, tequila. All grateful for Tina, we’re employed because of that woman right
there, and many others. The genuine love and
support of this company, Brien’s hands, our wonderful
physical therapist. My health, yes. Hey Grace, what are you
thankful for this year? – How many things am I
thankful for this year? – [Mariah] I know, right? – I’m thankful for the
fact that I get to dance, and travel the country
dancing and singing. I’m thankful for this amazing cast, look at these people,
this cast, this crew, I’m thankful for Deep Blue, I’m really thankful for
Deep Blue, and foam rollers. – [Mariah] Great. – And also portable steamers. – [Mariah] Yes. – And instant pots. – [Mariah] Amazing. – All the things I’m thankful
for, there’s a lot more. – [Mariah] Those are great. – But those are just the
ones that come to mind. – [Mariah] Thank you. – Hey Morgan, what are you
thankful for this year? – I’m so thankful for
this Mean Girls company, also, my boyfriend,
look, he sent me flowers. – [Mariah] Are you kidding me? – [Morgan] Yeah. – [Mariah] Wait, these are so cute. – [Morgan] They’re so cute. – [Mariah] You’re loved
by a lot of people, I’m one of those people. – I love you, too. – [Mariah] Oh my god. Hi, Broadway legend Fernell, could you maybe make some
time for me, for two seconds? How about you tell broadwayworld.com what you’re thankful for this year? – I am thankful for this
amazing group of people that I’m on tour with. – [Mariah] That’s a really good one. – Yeah. – [Mariah] Wow, that’s (laughs). Michelle, Michelle, what are
you thankful for this year? – I’m thankful to make it on this vlog, I’ve been kind of waiting for this camera to come in my face, and
I’m just, thank you. – You better not cut her
out, broadway.com editors. – Please, please, please,
and my Mean Girls. – Secret Santa, Secret
Santa, Secret Santa, I, wait, I can’t film who
I get, but I’m so excited. So MK, are you doing
Secret Santa this year? – No, I’m not doing
Secret Santa this year, this year I am an elf. – [Mariah] Oh, so what’s an elf? – An elf knows who everybody has and delivers presents for people. – That’s a really good job. All right everybody, meet
your new elf of the season, Mary Kate Morrissey. (Mariah laughs) Okay elf, elf is here, yeah, I’m literally Mrs. George right now. Hannah, @Disney_Girl82 on Twitter, asks me funniest mishap during the show? We’ve had some, we’ve
had a lot of fun mishaps, and a lot of scary mishaps, the things that I always
find to be the funniest are when, just little
line mess ups happen. God, we’ve had so many good ones, Larry, who plays Mr. Duvall, once he said, there’s a line where he talks about Regina, or someone writes in the burn book that Aaron Samuels
doesn’t live in district, but instead, he said “Why did someone write that “Aaron Samuels lives at Regina’s house?” And that one fully got me. Something I did the other day is a mishap. I was, I’m just gonna
say, I was exhausted, I was getting over being sick, ’cause I’ve been sick all tour, and I, there’s a part where I go “Okay, I’m gonna go get cheese fries.” And I walked off stage, and
instantly walked right back on, did not grab the cheese fries that I’d told 3000 people
that I was going to get. And I was out there, and I was like “God, I really feel like my
hands are empty right now.” Yeah, no cheese fries. Yeah, we’ve had a, oh wait,
my favorite line mishap was with Gaylen, who plays all
the adult women in the show, and she says to me, she goes “I could make you some shrimp “with that butter-flavored Pam.” And so she says “I can make you a snack “with that butter-flavored corn.” And after she said it, she just went oh. And I lost it, and for three show straight we could not do that scene. @BroadwayIsabella asked me “What was your journey like,
from knowing about the show “to auditioning, to getting
the role, and so on? “Is everything expected, or
did something surprise you?” So, a lot of you guys know that my journey started off
with a YouTube video that I posted on YouTube
of me singing ‘World Burn’, and that, some people asked
me was that my audition? And I’m like “No.” I literally had just heard the album for the first time two days
ago, and I recorded the song, because I thought the song was awesome. And I had only heard the song three times, but I was like “I don’t care, I’m just gonna
sing something on my couch, “because that sums me up in a nutshell.” And, yeah, Tina and
Jeff ended up seeing it, and then casting sent me a request to do a self-tape for Regina in general, and yeah, I did that,
I sent in a self-tape not thinking anything was
going to come out of it, and then I did a first L.A. callback, and then I did six, or five, or however many, in New
York, so it was crazy. Is it everything I expected it would be? Yeah, I think, and more, I think, I didn’t expect the creative team to be so involved, and so
detailed about their show, with it going to tour, that it’s been, and everyone’s been so
invested and wonderful in our changes, and with this new company, and bringing this group to life, as if it is our own, new,
original take on this show, so that’s, it’s been
really really special, and I’m really thankful
for every moment of it. @SpookyCutie on Twitter asks me “Is is hard to play a role “that got famous with another actress?” No, not at all, I think, I think it could be if you’re going to lead yourself in comparison, but I look at me, and Taylor,
and what I’ve seen from Renee, and we’re completely different, and that’s okay, and amazing, because what we each do exists in
this Mean Girls universe completely and well, even
though we are different. So I think that’s the coolest thing ever, to play something that was
already made by someone else, because you get to go in and
find your own version of it, but you have to go in with
that positive attitude. If you’re gonna go in and go “Oh, people aren’t gonna like me “like they like this person.” Well then, you’re probably right, because you’re not going to be excited about what you’re doing, but if you go in going “Wow, I can’t wait to introduce people “to my new version of this character.” I think that’s going to
play out really really well, because they all exist,
and they’re all wonderful, and it’s just your own version of who that person is to you. I got great advice in the rehearsal room by our director, Casey Nicholaw, where, we came in, I was
starting Regina very mean, and she is mean, but it wasn’t
coming out right from me, how I was doing it,
because I’m so just not. I can be very direct, and I can
be very stern in my beliefs, and I think that’s where
Regina and I cross, but he said, he goes “Mariah, you love to laugh,
you think you’re so funny, “you love to smile at
everything, so make that Regina.” And it kinda clicked in my brain, I’m like “Oh, right.” My Regina is someone who is constantly entertained by herself, she thinks everything she does is funny, she doesn’t thinks she’s being mean, she thinks she’s being funny, and I think that’s such a huge
lesson for young kids now, and people now, where it’s like, we think we’re being funny, but we’re actually really hurting people. And to me, that was one of the meanest crossovers of myself I could even imagine, and I think it works
quite well in this show, and I’m really proud
of it, and I’m proud of where she will eventually go, because we have hundreds of more shows. (Mariah laughs) All right, team, thank you
for tuning into this episode. We’re kind of on the home stretch, I only have a few more to do. I’ve showed you guys a lot of tour, I know we have the holidays coming up, so there are some fun things to shoot and share with you guys of that, but otherwise, I’m gonna
really have to think of some interesting things
to end up in these vlogs, to finish strong. I know, touring is hard. Touring is hard, you’re all
over the place, all the time, and there are moments where I’m like “God, I wish I had my camera on me.” But it’s like, I don’t
wanna lose the camera, because I’m going to different cities every two seconds, it feels like. (Mariah laughs) But, you know, I hope you guys have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, and I promise I’ll give you
many more fun things to witness. Okay, I’m rambling now, and my words aren’t making too much
sense, it’s time to go. All right, bye. ♪ My name is Regina George, ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪


  1. Mariah sweetie you are aDoRabLe
    Megan sweetie you are aDoRabLe
    Jonalyn sweetie you are aDoRabLe
    Everyone y'all are adorable

  2. Love it! I went to HS with the "mean girls" (of course) – I wore glasses, spent my days in the band room or the dance studio, I wasn't "cool" – and dealt with the 'mean girls" (Grrrr!) – bet like in the song "I can do that" in "A Chorus Line" – now "married and fat" – and me?? – older but I'm STILL dancing and STILL a musician!!! I can do that!!!!! PLAY for peace! DANCE for Peace! SING for Peace!!!!!

  3. I am watching this before I have a two show day lol

    Also I am thrilled to see y’all perform in Tampa!! 😘

  4. Does anyone know exactly who’s who in the ensemble? Like who’s everyone’s north shore student name.

  5. On Saturday I went to go see them on tour, and I just say, all of the actors were great, but Mariah killed it. She was definitely my favorite actor out of them all.

  6. I saw the show a few days ago in Philadelphia and it was absolutely incredible!! You all are amazing and sweet, I went to stage door after the matinee show and I got some picture with people and the fact that you guys took time out of your busy schedules to say hi to everyone is really really admirable. Especially since you had another show in a few hours. It was one of the best days of my life!!

  7. Realizing that you can think you’re being funny but actually it’s mean is a huge step in learning empathy and gaining maturity. That’s a great point, and I LOVE your version of Regina! The touring company made me love this story in a way I never did before because of the nuance and depth everyone brings. It’s so easy to see ways we can all turn mean if we’re not careful.

  8. I saw this tour on my birthday last Saturday and I drove 2 1/2 hours to see this tour!! This cast is the most amazing cast out there!! At stagedoor they were all so sweet and I previously dmed them so some of them kinda knew it was my bday and that just made the day so special!! Everyone was super amazing that day and I really wish I could go back and relive that day!!

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