Enlightened Masters Return After Death? (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Yogananda Even Enlightened?)

Acharya Shree, what are your thoughts on masters like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Yogananda
that promise that they will come back to help the world again? It is also a very very good question because it will give people
good information. Plus also it will straighten them out too. First of all masters like Krishna, masters like Buddha, masters like Jesus, or other kind of
yogi like Yogananda. Many people consider him master. Or Babaji. They consider him master, many people. If they promise they are coming back, first
thing you need to know they never got enlightenment in their life. The very first place if somebody promise you that they are coming back
to teach you again, it means they are not liberated. Buddhists are very honest people. They talk about Buddha, they talk about Buddha. “Buddha
was enlightened.” But they are very truthful too about his liberation. If you have heard that story that Buddha almost entered into the Heaven but he looked back to the people, “Oh, the world is still
suffering. The world is still in pain. Till everybody get liberated I wont go to the liberation. And Buddha came back. That is the story in Buddhist texts. The Buddhists are truthful at least that he never entered
into liberation, in moksha, or in nirvana. They are truthful. I like truthful people. But the Buddhists they are all in illusion. They think Buddha is God. It means they think Buddha
entered into liberation. But on the other hand they say he never entered because he’s still wandering here. And he’s still helping us. But Buddha never claimed that he will come back
though. But their followers they claim that Buddha will come back. So is followers of Krishna. They are thinking Krishna will come back.
It means he never entered into the liberation then. It’s very difficult to understand people. They are still waiting for Krishna. And the Christianity is so crazy for Jesus that Jesus
will come back. And every year they think he is coming back, he is coming back, he is coming back. It means when they think he will come back, Jesus will come
back, he never entered into the liberation either. Yogananda. If they claim, or Yogananda told the people
that he is coming back, he never got enlightenment. Let me tell you one thing. That once you achieve enlightenment, it is not in your hands to come back from the liberation because
you don’t have any choice. That is your last body. Once the last body finishes, you merge with the godly light… And with the God. And light cannot be form again, cannot be in the
shape of the body again. Let me give an example. Once you achieve the enlightenment you become like a gold. All the other metals – steel, iron, by chemicals, by some kind of formula, we
can make them gold. But once the metal becomes gold there is no way that the gold can be iron again. Gold is gold. Once you achieve the highest state of the metal, highest state of the iron,
then it is hard to make them again iron, because it is polluted again. And gold is purified. And gold never get destroyed after that. You put in the fire it will be even
purified more, but it will not lose the weight. It will stay in the same shape as gold. That’s why if you have gold you are rich because you bury into the ground you find after 100,000 years later it will
be same weight, you don’t lose anything. Silver doesn’t have that, iron doesn’t have that quality. Gold has it. So the enlightenment is like a gold. Once you achieve it you cannot come back same way. It is
not in your hand. Once you become gold, that is it. There is no further goal. So liberation is once you achieve the enlightenment it means you become like a gold already. And then
you cannot come back again into this same way; suffering, pain, get the body again. So if Krishna’s followers they claiming Krishna will come back, they need to understand
Krishna never got enlightened, neither Buddha, if their followers are claiming. And Yogananda is nothing in front of them. He just was a yogi kind of. And whoever make popular this, Yogananda
made popular about Babaji Avatar that he’s still helping people. It means he never got enlightenment either – Babaji. So what you will think about those. Hey, if Babaji is still wandering around, he
never entered into the moksha. It means he never got enlightened in his life. Why to make that kind of people so low? Maybe they have lack of
knowing who are making them that Babaji is still wandering around. They need to…those people or those yogis…they had no right knowing about
Babaji. Maybe Babaji already entered into the liberation. He never comes back. And the people who are seeing Babaji they are
fully in illusion. So remember, get rid of that illusion. As soon as you get rid of that illusion, enlightenment is not far from you. It is just waiting to you
right away. And don’t get trapped into those claims that they will come back or they are coming back. If you get trapped into that, also make yourself clear that they never got
enlightened first place. And then they never entered into the liberation. So, it will be very difficult to accept what I am suggesting to
you. But you have to accept sooner or later. You want to get that right things to know, you have to
make your mind fully clear about them. Jaya Siddhatma


  1. Shri Acharya Shree Yogeeshji,

    I have been following your teachings and a great admirer and follower of your teachings and the knowledge that I have gained is remarkable in fact I put it to practice every day and your videos answered most of my questions that were in mind piled for years and years and after going through your videos, I got my most of my questions answered.

    As per this video you shared that Enlightened Masters don't come back to life and those who have desire to come back to life cannot be enlightened as one has to close the cycle of life and death and achieve enlightenment.

    As per Garuda purana there are Dashavatara (10 Avataras) of Lord Vishnu out of which 7,8, 9 were Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Gautam Buddha respectively and 10th Avatara Kalki or Eternity is still to come.

    My question is can Masters or Enlightened soul come back through other form or Avataras to life?

    My belief is that all Masters that teach and share their knowledge are all part of enlighten Masters or Ansh (Part) of them and came to this life with whole purpose is to help everyone follow a peaceful and spiritual path and be enlighten or at least achieve a good life, in their cycle of Life and death….

    Best regards,


  2. Faith changes things u can Change the layers of our souls may not be the same bro not the same but different can split of

  3. See this Chanel Divinetruth.com….when you unit with your soul mate after the 21 sphere….and are at one with God…..you can decide to come back…..this is only possible after uniting both half of the soul and by receiving God Truth through his Love….

  4. People of Less intelligence deride me when I descend in human form – lord Krishna Though I am the supreme lord of all that be ,I descend out of my causeless mercy – lord Krishna  . If he is not GOD he can't claim such a statement .If he is not liberated ,how come he can preach bhagavat gita . He showed that VIratswaroop where all creation and all time,the present ,past and future merge in him 

  5. Jesus said he would return to judege the world and you think he is not enlightened . How many people Know jesus christ or krishna and how many people know your first thirthankar Rishabadev . Truth always prevails . The merging into the light or bhrmajothi is spiritual suicide . you are destroying your individuality .It is not that different from physical suicide where one destroys the physical body .Even as logic dictates, Just like we are individuals right now , we were individuals in the past and would remain as individuals in future even if he merge into the supreme light .Thats why GOD says we are part and parcel of him . we are not GOD and we can't become GOD . If we are GOD ,we would be liberated but we are conditioned .   

  6. Krishna ,Jesus ,Budha ..They are all Compassionate and mercy personified and hence people worship  them as divine  . If everyone thinks he should follow asceticism or renounce things ,then this entire creation would cease to exist .  we cannot escape from action or karma .Even the breathing is karma . how many microbes enter into our system and gets destroyed in the process of breathing . Can we control that no ? we have to perform our karma voluntarily or involuntarily . God never said to renounce our actions but to renounce the fruits of our actions . That is the state of mind of a liberated being or a yogi and not like how you preach . liberated beings can descend when they want and how they want .They can control their destiny and every other living beings destiny . GOD says in Bhagavat Gita that though he is the master of all things that be , though there is no action prescribed for him in the three worlds yet he acts cause if he doesn't act the three worlds would cease to exist . can anyone conditioned soul claim that ? 

  7. Buddhist never expecting a coming back of the buddha.please do not spread false information

  8. Many have come back to aid others in service to other,.. and still do .
     this man is a fraud,.. not becuase his beliefs are inaccurate,..but because he knows he is not enlightened but presents himself as being so  and profits from it.

    just because a man wears the garb and has a certain appearance do not count him as any more spiritual then you yourself,..

    all wisdom and enlightenment comes from within,..
    not from paid for seminars retreats and classes,..

    in fact the more one tries to look outside oneself for enlightenment the farther away it gets.
    the door to enlightenment sets upon hinges that swing inward.

  9. Yogeesh is mightily mistaken about the role of an avatar, and has made up his own philosophy of what it means to be liberated. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita states: "O Bharata (Arjuna)! whenever virtue (dharma) declines, and vice (adharma) is in the ascendant, I incarnate Myself on earth (as an avatar). Appearing from age to age in visible form, I come to destroy evil and to re-establish virtue." (4:7,8)

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  11. Hello Acharya Shree Yogeesh.  I like some of the things you say, however after listening to this video, I was inspired to respond.

    You speak as if you know about life after death or enlightenment, however enlightenment is an idea that cannot be proven.  I do have faith in transformation, but that is something different than enlightenment.

    When you say that Jesus was not enlightened, if he were to come back, you are taking on the role of the Most High, which you alone cannot be.

    As you are in a body, how can you speak as if you know something, without becoming the same as the others who know that their specific religion is the one true religion.

    I understand philosophizing or speculating about what might be, but you act as if you KNOW… And I say act because you embody the philosophy of others who came before you that think they know exactly what is because someone else taught it to them.

    I don't claim to know that Jesus is definitely a fact, however I do love Jesus, and I'd be overjoyed to find out for sure that who Jesus claimed he is, is actually who he is.

    He was much different than any other teacher of enlightenment, and speaking of Liberation, he truly liberated all who accepted him from the teachings of any other man or woman.

    Accepting Jesus as real liberates the soul truly.  Once the soul is liberated from what others THINK is true, it becomes refined and more aware of the law of sowing and reaping – aware of what you call Karma.

    The way I see it, Enlightenment is a high ideal, and it's definitely an ideal worth pursuing as the meaning of enlightenment signifies understanding of what is true and what is make believe.

    That being said, the Catholic church teaches that God is ALL Good, ALL Love, and ALL Light.

    The more I hear from the ones who speak of enlightenment the more flaws I see in the understanding.  The flaw I see in your understanding is your assurance to us viewers that you know the way and others are misled.

    True Humility, as it seems to me, would not seek to discredit the most humble servant Jesus, or even pretend to truly understand what liberation means without understanding the sacrifice offered by him and how that act alone truly has the power to liberate all and at the same time unite them all in one body of Christ.

    In case you assume through my words that I am claiming to know for sure that Jesus is the true and only son of God, I want to make it clear that I know that I know nothing for sure.

    I can only say that through some Grace in my life that seems to come from a true appreciation of what the life of Jesus means, it would make perfect sense to me if Jesus was the one and only true Uniter and Liberator.

    Speaking in Truth!

    Sye Rodriguez

  12. Nalanda is an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar, India from 427 to 1197. Nalanda was
    established in the 5th century AD in Bihar, India. Founded in 427 in northeastern India, not
    far from what is today the southern border of Nepal, it survived until 1197. It was devoted to
    Buddhist studies, but it also trained students in fine arts, medicine, mathematics, astronomy,
    politics and the art of war.

  13. Jesus Christ is the only man who ever announced what he would do after his death.Lord Jesus said that he would be raised from the dead on the third day.He did and he appeared to his disciples and ascended to heaven in  the presence of his disciples promising them to return.No other person ever lived on earth gave a promise to their followers that he would come back to them to be with them.Lord Jesus Christ is coming back to raise all the dead who are in the graves.He is coming back as the King of kings and the Lord of lords.Jesus Christ is coming back to judge the living and the dead. http://www.gilead.ws

  14. False teacher, I swear your right jesus can't came back in another body, but he can come as he is, in his spiritual body, he is the son of god he doesn't lie you saying he won't come back, but jesus said he will, you your right he can't be born again, he was already born twice in his body, then his spiritual body, you know why Buddha didn't come back because god didn't let him, but jesus will not be born again he will just come back in his spiritual body, lol im 18 and im wiser then you, when I get too spiritual awaken I will teach the truth, not by saying jesus is a lyer because you said he isn't coming back that was a lie, he is coming back thats not a lie, False teacher, this my first time watching this guy in he is allready saying jesus is a lier he didn't say him self but his teachings is saying it

  15. This is what I thought like maybe these people use their ego's to try and communicate enlightenment or realization/freedom. Appearances are not enlighten-able

  16. an ordinary and sinful man in the eye of God judging other Gods without even knowing the truth .. isn't it soo funny ,.. n funnier r the ones who believes on these things… search for the one WHO gave you unmerited grace n absolute truth n was prophecied by other Gods too…





  17. What is being called Nirvana or just Freedom is in no way alike anything humans know.

    Who leaves here has no way to tell others about it. There can be no words to explain.

    Freedom can come & go henceforward but there is no way to communicate it.

  18. Mahayana Buddhism.No one is saved until everyone is saved. A being could selfishly enter the light now, or wait around for its inevitable enlightenment and bring others to it. Which is the truer enlightened being?

  19. He is Just an old man defend his points of view like christians, buddhist… the same old history of religious people.. protecting the master..

  20. Only Jesus promised to come back not to save the world – but to judge!
    He saved the world when He had come the first time, 2016 years ago.

  21. I am Yogananda's reincarnation. Yogananda is the reincarnation of Radha. RadhaKrishna are here for their mission. RadhaKrishna are avatars and twin flames. Just here to help out, not start a controversy. I do not disagree with you about not having gained liberation. Neither Krishna nor I seem to have. When Christ comes back, however, it will not be because he did not gain liberation, it will be to reign for a 1000 years of peace in Satyuga, The Golden age, which we are in now, as evidenced by RadhaKrishna being on earth again. Those who forfeit liberation to assist those to gain it means perhaps there is more to the whole story….However, there is a difference between the creator, avatars, and the saviour, and of course I am writing a book about it 🙂 Namaste' ~ When we are in the service of our fellow man, we are only in the service of our God. Christ is my ultimate guru. God Bless.


  23. Humm? So…buddha, Jezus , Krisna, etc,etc where not enlightened…But..the good news is ..I am..so just believe me & you will be to…Smells like Ego to me.

  24. the question itself is false…
    Jesus is not an assended master…
    Jesus is the only Son of the Living God…
    Jesus never said that He will come back to help people to live righteously…
    Jesus said that He will come again to Judge the Living and the Dead…
    don't be blinded by the lies of the false prophet like this old guy…
    read the Gospals…. open your eyes…
    Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the Life…

  25. The Unity of God with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
    'Third Testament'
    1. The light of My word will unite all men during this Third Era. My truth will enlighten every mind, thus eliminating differences in creeds and worship.

    2. “Today, while many love Me in Jehovah and disregard Christ, others love Me in Christ, ignoring Jehovah; while some recognize My existence as the Holy Spirit, others debate and divide themselves because of My Trinity.”

    3. Now then, I ask this humanity and those who guide it spiritually: Why do you drift away from one another, when everyone recognizes the true God? If you love Me in Jehovah, you are within the truth. If you love Me through Christ, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. If you love Me as the Holy Spirit, you approach the Light.

    4. You have only one God, only one Father. There are not three Divine persons who exist in God, but only one Divine Spirit, who has manifested Himself in three different phases to mankind, and mankind; in its smallness, while penetrating the profound, believed to have seen three persons when only one Spirit exists. Therefore, when you hear the name of Jehovah, think of God as the Father and as Judge. When you think of Christ, see in Him God as the Master, as Love and when you try to comprehend where the Holy Spirit originates, know that it is none other than God manifesting His infinite wisdom to those most advanced disciples. (1, 68)

    5. If I had found humanity of ancient times spiritually evolved, like the present one, I would have manifested Myself before it as the Father, as the Master and as the Holy Spirit, then men would not have seen three Gods when only one exists. However, they were not capable of interpreting My lessons, thus they would have confused themselves and taken another path and kept on creating accessible and insignificant gods, according to their imagination.

    6. When men understand and accept this truth, they will regret having lived rejecting one another because of an error which could have been avoided with a little love.

    8. If the Holy Spirit is wisdom, do you believe that Spirit to be independent of Christ when I am wisdom? Do you believe that the Word and the Holy Spirit are different from one another?

    9. It suffices to know something about the word which Jesus taught to mankind in order for you to understand that only one God existed and will be only One forever. That is why I said through Him: “He who knows the Son knows the Father, for He is in Me and I in Him.” Then announcing that in another time He would return among men, He not only said: “I will return,” but He also promised to send the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Consolation, the Spirit of Truth.

    10. Why should Christ come separately from the Holy Spirit? By chance, would He not have within His Spirit the truth, the light and consolation?

    11. I am your Master, but do not see Me as separate from the Father, for I am the Father.

    12. There is no difference between the Son and the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit and the Son are one single Spirit, and I am that Spirit.

    13. See in My manifestations throughout time one single God, which is He who has instructed you through many different lessons, [like] a single book with many pages

    The Importance of the Doctrine of Jesus
    13. No other people of the earth of any generation or race have found the Doctrine of Jesus given as an example, like an open book for humanity to study, nor anything like it. For those who have arisen giving precepts of justice or doctrines of charity, have been sent by Me to the earth as forerunners, or as emissaries, but not as Divinity. Only Christ came among you as Divinity. He came to give you the clearest and greatest lesson that the heart of man has ever received

    . I have explained that the Being whom you refer to as the Father refers to the absolute power of God, the Universal Creator, the only Being who has always existed. The Being whom you refer to as the Son, is Christ, who manifests the Fathers perfect love for his children; and the Being whom you refer to as the Holy Spirit represents the wisdom as spiritual enlightenment of God that man is receiving during this Third Era, when the spirit of man has the ability to comprehend My revelations much better.
    That light from the Holy Spirit, which is God’s wisdom, will reign soon over this Third Era. It will illuminate the understanding of man who is in great need of spirituality and who hungers for love and thirsts for the truth.

  26. Scientists "Jesus Rose From The Dead! " Astounding Proof!


  27. In this cosmic cycle there are 10 earthly manifestations of Vishnu. The 8th one was Krishna. Some say the 9th one was Jesus himself, but because he came in the West people may have not connected the dots… some say the 9th one is Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj. The 10th one will be Kalki Avatar. So when they say they are coming back it may well mean that another manifestation of the same divine aspect is coming back. But because they are one with it they refer to it as "I". So poor Yogeesh is talking a load of baloney. And he doesn't realize it. Some are avatars of Vishnu, some are avatars of Shiva. Avatars of one of the aspects of the trinity. But to be an avatar of God the Father (Jesus) you go even above the trinity. You become an avatar of The One. When Jesus talks, God talks. Jesus has had an active life for 3.5 years. No One in the history of humanity has managed to shake the world from its foundation and bring so much change in 3.5 years as Jesus. Yogeesh has got a thick crust of ignorance that is just waiting to be lifted from him hopefully 🙁

  28. If Jesus Christ, came back now, how many people would believe it was him? There would still be doubting Thomases in the world who wouldn't believe he had returned. The Pharisees and the Romans crucified Jesus, why? Because his teachings that God is pure Love, were not compatible with their doctrine, and this threatened their authority, meaningless rules and power. Even if Jesus does return, one day, people would just say he is an alien or something like that. In reality he would be cut open by stupid scientists to just see how he was made.

  29. Thank you for being a nice human we need to 'learn to love we seem to always hate whi ch is why no one believes me but you help me learn about my enlightenment I feel better there kind people you keep me motivated

  30. If you are enlightened I'm sorry for what you had to go through cause my suffering was horrible but what do we do now

  31. Sir You are telling Jesus as master but it's false Jesus is the Lord his ressurection is true he is son of God he has power to lay his life and take it back how can you question that how the enlightened masters like Jesus can resurrect

  32. I look in your eyes and I see calm, sincerity. I was born catholic, at 17 getting away from a fascist, mean father I began to look for truth in a way I could understand. I found my guruji paramahansa Yogananda. I never thus far listen to a holy man that I completely disagree with your concept, idealism. I have heard from great sages and my guru that even when they are liberated if the Father wants them to come back as an emissary or even of there own accord , it is done . Maybe Divine Mother in deep meditation ,answers this for you. Blessings

  33. Why these missionaries are everywhere to tell jesus is coming soon , i have been waiting for 40yrs now and i have told each yr same shit over and over again.

  34. Why waiting for the enlightened one to come back while the saviors of the world are already here ? (Our kids)

  35. Very wrong statement, the enlightened persons has the authority or control to return as they wants in different bodies.

  36. I have perfect explanation to this yogesh buddha has achieved a yogic power which is called nirmankaya were a person has power to make his own body again same as young as thousands year ago and this type of people live in siddhashram or so called Shangrila.When they depart there physical body, there 2 bodies are destroyed 1st is jal tatva which is made up of 70% of water in our body and second is prithvi tatva which is our bones made of but remaining 3 elements are not gone which are agni tatva,vayu tatva,and aakashtatva,which is continuing the journey of life in other dimensions the only difference between dead and enlightened person is one is unaware of happening after death and another one lives his body fully aware that's why it is possible for krishna and jesus to come back think about it also find out about siddh ashram who created that in first place it was created by vishnu himself before his 1st incarnation so he can stay there and manifest again when ever it is needed.Vishnu is also protecter of earth so he dose come again ,also in siddhashram yogis and siddhas can stay before they achieve moksha.Think about this how can a yogis or siddha dissolve his 5 elemental body in 1 lifetime it is not possible so what liberation means is as when you live earthly plan you leave your 2bodies here which are jaltatva and prithvi tatva now you dnt come back as you have only 3 bodies left so either you became demi god and stay in heaven or if you want a moksha you go to siddhashram were there is another process starts how to leave another 3 bodies.Think about it and let me know.

  37. This explanation given by me will be easy to understand by the people who are yogis or on yogic marga may be it will be difficult for someone who is new to spiritual world.

  38. The enlightened master is here to serve the earth and bring the spirit not the flesh into practice. They incarnate not to be enlightened for the self but it is a sacrifice for others. They do not abandon the earth just because they become formless and one with the light. There is still work to be done to prepare for Jesus. They will return.

  39. Krishna, buddha, jesus are god himself… Knower get truth in 3 forms braham, paramatma and bhagavan as per text…. So cant god himself say he will come back…. They are god themself so where is limitness for them

  40. I am not so sure this is accurate. I do not know the extent of your knowledge, Swami and mine is limited, but I must point attention to the fact that in the last century the Divine Mother has incarnated at least twice with overlapping occurrences. Vishnu has incarnated 3 times in our written history and we don't even know yet what aspect of the Divine Jesus was. They say Buddha was Vishnu. Okay I cannot corroborate that but that is what is said somewhere. I don't see it as a difficult thing for those aspects to yet again manifest. I don't agree with you about Jesus being hard to access because I see people who are on their spiritual death's door call out to Jesus and He comes and he comes and transforms them!! Just like I pray to the Divine Mother by chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam, She comes to me from the inside out and transforms me a little bit every time. …and by everytime i mean every single time I chant that Mantra I am in Bliss filled with Amrita for a period of time and that energy gets used to transform my negativities, activate energy centers and also goes out into the world and Blesses people unbenounced to me, and on it's own. I can feel the Infinite Consciousness consoling me. Sometimes it teaches me things. It seems like there are many paths that people have taken to enlightenment over the millennia but the Guru path or as Krsna says in the Gita the Personal path I believe are legit paths. He said it was easier for the human to make progress to worship or follow one of God's manifestations whether it be a Divine Manifestation such as Durga or Siva or Visnu or one of His physical manifestations such as Jesus, Buddha, Krsna, Rama, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Ananda Muyi Ma, Svami Purna, Dyanyogi Ji, Sivabalayogi etc… well you get the point but this is common belief for spiritual seekers on the Guru path.


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