Embrace New Age And Christianity (NEW AGE TO JESUS?) Christianity With Anthony

Embrace New Age And Christianity – React To How Deceived I Was In New Age Belief hi welcome to my sharing on New Age to
Christianity okay I’m reacting to this video as I saw from our fellow
Christians he stopped squad Jessica joy she has devil in you it for four years
on extra protection or meditation on a lucid dreaming and then how I’m gonna
achieve lucid dreaming all these others are okay and it’ll be my opinion as you
have a strong foundation in Christianity and then you have a belief in God I
believe in Jesus I believe in the Holy Spirit I believe in angels that help you
import their protection you pray to them off when you do your prayers often it’s
actually alright because you’re connecting a spiritual cop which is on
your crown to your to help to the heavens to the heaven II and the sea so
I practice panic healing which is pretty new each and so about I’m us I’m also a
belief in God and Jesus and I go to church as well once in a blue moon but I
still go to churches to do like to listen to sermons I go to the nucleus
inches in Singapore by Joseph past Joseph Prince these nice beliefs you
don’t have to you don’t have the world what happened to this lady
is that she has this experience where she actually was possessed by demons and
then she actually was just in the country to school but she was HR
projecting and I so came out body and then this evil spirit came to her body
so this was something it’s very scary and very this is very traumatic for her
again I said how much trauma she had been true because I myself I was also
possessed by demons before and then I overcame it through prayer to constant
like prayer to constant practicing the final meeting of the work and then to
Teddy X in my life I mean I do charity I do good deeds so – actually – like
elevate my suffering and it to actually stop the attacks on coming now they do
not have any mana strong I personally now the main thing
about what is new is when they practice is they do not those people that went
for new is to Christianity the reason is being when they are pretty single is to
drive a strong foundation in Christianity then you see that they have
found Christ but then when you find Christ you find God verify the the Bible
you need to go to spiritualism need to be spiritual if you are if you are just
a Christian you are only in the final Christianity so you must break it better
of the confines of Christianity NF like discover more about spiritualism because
when you practice but when I discovered I mean I’m very
I’ve been I’ve been practicing Christianity for how long when I was in
my teens do now I’m 27 I was 13 by then I’m a practice facility I’m 37 is like
about 1434 years and as you do that your your things that your third-eye things
that your spiritual side things are yours but like pastors consume their
passengers you heal immediately your pastors which can have prophetic visions
but these are what are the key spiritual gifts
you’re purchasing a spiritual gifts so Tony chat new issue – how do you have in
your spiritual gifts so I believe this could be a plane above them and then it
will be okay to embrace new age with Christianity because the spiritual gifts
is too delicious actually they understand what a spiritual gifts are
like like to the Holy Spirit and then these powers this abilities are all from
a Holy Spirit so you do have to worry about then being like a pig you can call
it bacon but the other own natural ability to do so idea for Holy Spirit
anybody has the Holy Spirit in their souls this one I can affirm to that
because you are if you are a human being you have do you have the Holy Spirit in
your souls and then you see 50 the SS Trinity Father Son Holy Spirit if as he
talked about it sorry about coffee but I saw this video one body so so that’s got
the father the son and then as a history so you have all three in your souls
that you have to like acknowledge them you have to use them you have to
practice your future gifts you got to learn how to prophesize either you
prophesied whether you do healing for others whether you prophesy
you have very good gift of gab this is also a spiritual gift when you actually
can expect the world with your gifts like a lot of horror stories where
people I’ve seen a lot of videos like I stopped knew it I give out new is to
follow Christ but I think Jesus Christ is a puzzle okay what can he do he can
resurrect the deal he can achieve heal the sick he can actually predict the
future he can actually he cannot he prophesized he can actually have he can
actually like have remote viewing you know he can have all that easy and then
this can consider that New Age the other size if if I will see if the Christian
actually condensed the new is it’s just like.how the pharisees the sadducees
condemned jesus christ because that’s also it mercy the new I think a new town
Christians will be new Christians and British news 8 news new each like
example in my pranic healing my yesterday in move the Buddha’s and both
the God and all the holy saints and angels but before I start everything so
well whatever you do whatever meditation you do whatever new inspectors you do
remember to invoke the holy garden in those holy spirits and Assoc God most
importantly invoke goddess into the picture and and then in this way you
will be protected from all the ha ordered like all these attacks and all
these so she share her offer horror stories but then one thing I discovered
that she she has interesting she shouldn’t give up the passion for
finding new ish she has a passion for it but this because she was attacked Heavy
D and then she saw the demons in her kitchen and she gave up on it totally
she she’d only give it up she can admit vicinity and embracing each other also
and base both of them so that would be very important one important point is
not just to be booted you know you feel when you pray or fun you recite the
prayer you read the Bible you do acts of good works it is my wife
behind me she’s a movie around a house so you can
do good acts of work you can actually do charitable matters you you actually what
you have is a goodness in your heart that actually is one of the most
important thing in Christianity if you had goodness in your heart you actually
when you when you as you practice Christianity you will be more effective
because you do the right you have right thinking right action my thoughts and
all about this one you to be if you see this right so it is recessed if this is
isn’t it Buddhism but that isn’t Jesus try trying to correct our thoughts and
try to like make sure that we think rightly so there are see in Buddhism
there ain’t no more parts one is the thinking and the other one is your your
your great viewpoint the other one is the mindfulness and any all your actions
like correct actions correct thoughts correct and and there are a few there
are a few of them in the interval path so so actually if and then there are
some Christians who made it deep also they do meditation is it wrong wrong I
don’t is wrong I think meditation is just a practice to
come here my calmness common inner self and I don’t think it is wrong either in
Australia before I taught meditation and there are Christians be precise and
there are Christians as well so they are being children I’ve been taught
meditation to calm themselves so that they became calm so it’s all right new
age to the new age you know if you comfortable meditation is new each new
HPD’s as well it’s often you is believed to do meditation yoga and all the audits
so I would strongly encourage you to also not give up your yoga because it’s
a passionate so it’s my passion to learn about Christianity to learn about the
spiritual gives to actually embrace the spiritual gifts but also also learning
about new ish we can open me up tomorrow scripture gives more more and goes more
viewpoints to the spiritual gifts first for instance when you actually do a
healing in pranic healing is called energy
in inquisitive face hitting you here by a fifth so it’s actually you need both
you need both kinds of you you need to have faith in hue
you also need to achieve understand it’s an energy that used a person so so it
has to work so you get a different viewpoint so when this is our healing of
the Masters the crops everybody his energy remember why there’s this that
says Bible verse about how to just use people it’s a bet this lady right
literally touch the rope the the group of the other clothes of the Jesus Christ
and he said my power has gone out of me so this is energy the power the energy
of of Jesus Christ so it’s all about energy after all so if I told mark
energy then the Christian I talked about this is not energies inside they’re
trying to bother but then I would just let you know it is about energy all
these energies everywhere and anywhere God’s energies everywhere anywhere as
well so I hope I made a very good point to you and then please embrace your
niche inclusivity at the same time and be passionate about life and then you
don’t give up new issue or because they are not or covetousness
if a company says are sittin ism actually towards the dark side that
mangie black magic these are a cup but the New Age like
meditation training and then like your guardian not they are not considered
need but like extra protection all these the reason why you get the trouble is
because you did not have protection or evil protection you did not you did not
have a strong armor you know that this these second Corinthians or first
Corinthians I can recall over then you have the ammo going to breath the
righteousness you have the belt of truth you have the sword which is the word of
God so this is actually you need the armor on your body to actually protect
you from all this so I already have a strong armor i from faith faith and
belief for for God so I’m very strong and then I
do not I’m not worried about future attacks I do not fear anything it is
well nothing that I feel there’s nothing to be fearing about in this war so and
you have yeah do is test it I see there’s nothing like what the Jessica
joy has 5150 medieval to be affirmed you just run away because yeah so can we
just do see all light in your energy which is very strong with your a ruse to
increase energy they can touch you they can’t they can’t move you they can
influence you I think Jessica joy is very much influenced by the demonic
attacks so can I consider that she lost around you not one she got Christianity
– very good she got by her Christian roots but this year some loss loss is a
new each interest and the newest tenant a telephone you each like new is
practices of course I don’t go so Marty there’ll be a part two for this marathon
deep into the into do these practices the pranic healing and then into how can
use it for a Christianity as well so I thank you for watching and I hope that
this reaction to this video has helped you a lot in in my understanding new is
a Christian that is all together into one
thank you very much provide

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