Elitists Irresponsible Pursuit of Power Has Swiftly Led to a Total Assault on Western Principles

we Americans are currently in a civilization state historian William Strauss and Neil Howell would call the third turning otherwise known as the unraveling the so called left is making it happen along with conservatives enabling it by conserving yesterday's libertarianism and being those nice guys who finished last let's examine the left's attempt and following the communist playbook for revolution Marxist circles this state would be called destabilization the second of a four-part process to subvert a society and seize control the first third and fourth stages are respectively demoralization crisis and normalization the demoralization stage which essentially is the undermining of a target nation's morality or the process of radically changing the populations values this was actually over fulfilled in the mid-1980s already a Soviet defector Yuri bez manof put it at the time this process continues and is manifesting in a widespread antipathy of sexual propriety faith and all that is great and good and in the lust for perversion socialism feminism multiculturalism transgenderism and anti Americanism in general we see it in the tearing down of statues removing of long present Christian symbols leftist propaganda and decadence and schools and entertainment prioritizing of illegal aliens over citizens revising of American history an impugn of whites and in attacks on the Constitution the founding fathers and all things traditional this destabilization of the American mind and moral compass now has begun as it must societal destabilization this is reflected in most obviously the flooding of our nation with unassimilable foreigners via a purposely porous border this served the Cloward Piven goal of overloading the system to cause breakdown necessitating replacement of it with the theory goes a socialist one of course this human flood strained schools hospitals and services and resources in general but it's also used for propaganda purposes with simple efforts to enforce immigration law once pursued by Barack Obama himself used to demonize ice agents and the current administration vile divisive lies such as claiming that detention facilities are nazi-like concentration camps lead to hatred violence protests and terrorist attacks such as last Saturday's assault on a Tacoma Washington ice facility this is part of the greater destabilization represented by physical attacks on threats against and censorship of the left's political opposition this phenomenon now being encouraged by media and facilitated by big tech as left-wing politicians and law enforcement turn a blind eye and why not this all serves to quash the political opposition should this continue in both duration and increased severity we will eventually be brought to the crisis state a relatively short stage in which there is a revolutionary change of power to be clear I don't say those fomenting this our textbook Marxists doctrinaire Marxism as well how do I say this outdated leftists epitomize the moral relativism imbuing our age so in such worship the gods of the shifting goalposts please don't misunderstand they're not better than Marxist oh no they may actually be worse but they have made a lateral move in lunacy today there's sort of a concoction of Charlie Sheen's personal sexual decorum and mal st. dongs ability to destroy anything in his path to utopia it is tempting to call these miscreants fascist a pejorative they use against the right but this term is somehow misunderstood by these mostly Ivy League arrogant leftist politicians fascism originated in Italy with Benito Mussolini being one of its main founders if not the primary one old Benny went this route do note after being expelled from the Socialist Party for advocating involvement in World War one Mussolini defined fascism thus all within the state nothing outside the state nothing against the state and our little leftist certainly embrace that creo yet the Italian leader also said something I can guarantee the leftist Democrat throwing the word fascist around has ever heard of quoting Mussolini himself national unity has no need of the delirium of race so the next time you hear some gender-confused mid-20s deeply in college debt unemployed SOI boy that made it out of his mom's basement marching angrily in some protest screaming out fascist keep in mind authentic fascism expressly had no racial agenda however our leftist do as did the Nazis with their identity politics wilderness and white privilege nonsense so what's the best way to describe their ideology with its direction determined by narcissism ignorance and fragility I would describe it as pure evil yet while their wickedness won't change if something can't go on it won't to paraphrase economist herb Stein leftists are orchestrating anarchy the anarchy is never a permanent state of affairs the destabilization including the flood of illegals and tolerated street violence will eventually be ended quite possibly by the leftists themselves for once they achieve the total control they crave they'll no longer want anyone upsetting the applecart because of course it will be their apple cart and this brings us to the last revolutionary stage normalization it's when those useful idiots promised utopia once so sure they'd be part of the new wonderful world of equality find out like so many old white Democrats being tossed aside these days power without morality always leads to authoritarian dystopia a people that elect corrupt politicians Impostors thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices George Orwell and on that note let's call it a day we feel like to hit that like button subscribe if you have leave a comment down below there's a PayPal link in the description box so please put a dollar in the bucket on the way out the door I want to thank everybody for all your donations they're much needed much appreciated now with all that being said we'll see you next time what's not an overstatement to say the lefts attacks on America's border security suddenly had become an attack on America itself on Friday at a nice facility in Aurora Colorado hundreds of extremists stormed the grounds they pull down an American flag and tried to burn it then they sent a Mexican flag up the flagpole to replace it the display was awful and it was deeply revealing of their motives but what happened on Saturday in Washington State was even worse than that vilem vanspronsen he was linked with the anti fed domestic terror movement attacked a nice facility in Tacoma he was carrying an ar-15 and fire bombs he torched several cars that apparently hoped to burn the facility to the ground he was shot dead before he could kill anyone online members of antifa celebrated their fallen comrade Facebook band Alex Jones as you know because he's hatemonger but Facebook is no problem hosting and Tifa groups including the seattle antifascist action branch event Aoife on facebook that group posted this quote when our good friend and comrade villain vanspronsen took a stand against the fascist detention center in tacoma he became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism today we stand strong in our support for yet another martim martyr in the struggle against fascism may his death serve as a call to protest and direct action he might as a lunatic who showed up with a not with a semi-automatic rifle the kind they want to ban by the way Vince Bronson may have failed but others should imitate him in launching more terror attacks on American soil that's what they're saying Facebook doesn't have a problem with that of course well you think all of us would spark some concern liberals might tell us it's time for a national conversation maybe gun control no and Tifa has the implicit support of the respectable left so far not a single Democratic presidential candidate has condemned Saturday's attack hard to believe that's true we hope were wrong maybe they condemn them during this show but as of right now we believe again hope or wrong that not a single Democrat running for the nomination has condemned a terror attack that took place on our soil yesterday Saturday but why would they condemn it they're on board with it just a few weeks ago the New York Times published an op-ed calling ice agents complicit in quote mass atrocity and then called for ice ages to have their names and home addresses publicized so why should we be surprised when people trying to murder her ice agents Kim Kelly who described herself as the Labour columnist at Teen Vogue pause for a second and just let the absurdity in the labor columnist for Teen Vogue that's how insane this moment as we're living in any way the labor columnist described vanspronsen terror attack as quote righteous sabotage she compared him to partisans fighting against the Nazis and then called for more terror attacks quote has been sponson and the many other heroic comrades before him have made clear there are many ways to fight back against a violent fascist regime perhaps it's time for more of us to put our thinking caps on the decadent rich really are unbelievable and Kim Kelly is of course a member of the decade which so is all of a antifa these are the most privileged people in our society of course this isn't the working class rising up this is the ruling class punching down when Kim Kelly by the way isn't writing about the labor movement for teenage girls she's also a contributor at NPR you couldn't make this up in other words government-funded news outlets are directly spreading the message of people who promote the murder of government officials it's sick this country's laws cannot survive when powerful people endorse violence against those who enforce the laws and a country can't survive what is run people who hate it


  1. The last 200 years in the USA has seen the closest thing to Utopia that humanity has ever experienced.
    The multitude of blessing from God because of a few men's adherence to biblical Truth.
    The Plenty we have had in Food and water and Medicine.
    Our economic wealth. All the Medical benefits as well as Family and Children and just blessing upon blessing.
    cant name them all if i tried.

    The left today Finds all that tradition and especially Christians to be evil oppressors and they are willing to throw away and destroy
    all of it.
    Because in their minds , they have something better.
    They are going to build something much better in its place.
    A utopia built mostly on unleashing all the lusts of sodomy and open sexual perversion and of coarse
    the necessity of abortion in order to prune the unwanted fruits of that.
    thats mostly it.
    that and of coarse Free STUFF for them.

    But ya , they are not thinking things through.
    They will produce hell on earth if they gain control.

    Trump in 2020

  2. YES! The generational parasites think they can take over. Every red, white and blue blooded American MUST stand up to these fascist mobs that call themselves antifacist. The politicians not calling these behaviors out are complicit. They are on board trying to read the mob who will eventually turn on them.

  3. The globalist game of chess for world domination:
    To destroy the soverenty of nationalism around the world.
    The method:
    Employ the belief in diversity as a national strength.
    Insure diversity employs strong non conforming belief systems (Muslims and others from other very unstable countries) to insure the breakdown of the western culture.
    These non conformist will slowly become the majority of that nation breaking down it's soverenty. (Check)
    This breakdown will leave it's people in civil unrest, destroying the country along with potential civil war.
    Now the stage is set for the globalist to come in and save the world.
    (Check mate)
    Game over.

  4. Ok. How do we stop it? We need solutions. I have a few ideas to disrupt the the processes of destruction and its….well…it's been "inspired."
    1) Speak out everywhere you can. Write op eds. Share on social media. Show up at rallies your told you don't belong and ask questions they cannot answer demand truths they want to avoid and BOO loudly the hate and lies the spew. Vote in your local elections. Exercise your religion. Pray openly. Study your faith faithfully. Join with others who share in your faith and others. I firmly believe that eventually everyone comes to Jesus regardless of their religion…do not disparage those who are walking a seperate path to land at the same destination. You will have lost the opportunity to show the similarities….and they are ALL sharing in similarities except for one and those are worshipers of darkness. Even pagans and self proclaimed satanists are being gifted by God and are simply rebels against darkness falling upon them at the hands of evil masquerading as church members. Don't let evil win. Love everyone. ..His only command.
    2) Do not let them disarm you and your neighbors. Become proficient. Learn both sides of the arguments and enlist yourself in groups that will fight to keep power balanced between people and government (Civil Defense Leagues, Gun Owners of America, 10 years ago I would have said the NRA…but with their stance on unconstitutional "Red Flag Laws" they can suck an egg until their leadership changes.) Git Gud. Do not ignore your physical strength.
    3) Your childs educations is of vital importance. ..you are their first teacher…you may also want to position yourself to be their last. Home school. Become a teacher yourself. Get involved in choosing your school board memebers. Become a school board member. Skip that second vehicle and iPhone and prioritize your childs education and emotional health over all other material things. They are worth it.
    4) Become secure in your person and possessions. Go to church and study your Bible and pray. Work toward self sufficiency. Learn to plant and harvest and seed save. Learn to preserve your food. Learn to forage. Learn to hunt and fish and trap. Learn to build fire and filter water. Learn how to source your raw materials for life, warmth, shelter, and peace. Providing for yourself is how you eliminate the threat of being controlled.
    5) Be just and fair and measured in your responses. Through intent listening, thoughtful consideration, and self control we garner respect. Without respect our messaging is doomed to fail. Without fairness and equity how will ever build balance and security? It is far to easy and self indulging to lump ideologys with stereotypes and cast individuals aside. Don't be lazy..be engaged. Its far easier to change minds than you may think. I did it yesterday when I recognized a "troll" was generally fearful and anxiety ridden over things he or she could not articulate. So I pointed out a few things that were giving me hope…like Trumps relationship with Kim and the fact we weren't at war with Iran inspite of a few drones being taken out, the new Criminal Justice reform bill, and the terror attack being controlled before it became destructive. You change hearts and minds when you reach out to the individual with compassion and understanding. And if you're not nice and I find you being rude in a comment…I tell you so. If I see someone representing conservatism and being racist or just mean…I call them out on it. Its not the vision we share. Its a temporary indulgence of frustration; which I completely understand but strive to control.

  5. Demoncraps and Libtards use Antifa just as the Nazis did the SS. They are there to silence anyone who opposes their Nazis ideaology. Demoncraps prove every day that they're disturbed demented delusional dishonest disgusting deranged deceitful diabolical depraved dispictable and demonic.

  6. I so look forward to seeing CR come up in my notifications…you're some of the very best content on YouTube…great job, thank you!

  7. Fuck that thing above the comments. Keep stuff respectful my ass it's called freedom of speech. Its not my fault people are so offended over everything grow some balls or put your big girl panties on an grow up

  8. Letting immigrants into this country that we have been at war with in the past is like kicking the bully's ass for taking your lunch money and then invite him home for dinner! SMH

  9. Kevin Steel: Have all the Republicans leave Spokane and let the liberals wallow in their own filth and want after they have used up all the residuals others have created with their sweat. A poster stated: Generational parasites. The best description so far.

  10. The difference between my grandparents are actually my great great great great grandparents who originally came to this country and owned slaves is the assimilated they learned English got rid of the Dutch got rid of the French got rid of the British slang and learn American English English assimilate all these immigrants now from all over the f**** world when it come here and make America just like their home why would you come here if you want to be at home go the f*** home and fix your home you're coming to my home cuz you said you needed help and didn't have one and now you want to f**** my home so now you can get the f*** out of my home and go be homeless or f**** die in the ocean I don't really give a f*** but you fly your f**** flag Mexican airbag whatever the f*** it maybe you can die you can f**** die you piece of s***

  11. Helter Skelter. What can u do if the people u choose or don’t choose?!?! Are not pushing forward to make earth a better world?! To many people to much confusion. An sick tv propaganda. Kill an control the people to gain victory over them. Art of war.

  12. High time antifa is rounded up n put on a ship with a giant wood chipper and transformed into fish food. Feed the fish, fish lives matter….

  13. "Fascism entirely agrees with Mr. Maynard Keynes, despite the latter's prominent position as a Liberal. In fact, Mr. Keynes' excellent little book, The End of Laissez-Faire (l926) might, so far as it goes, serve as a useful introduction to fascist economics. There is scarcely anything to object to in it and there is much to applaud." – Benito Mussolini

    Mussolini also said "I've been a racist since 1921. I don't know how they can think I am imitating Hitler." lol

    Oh, and Mussolini admitted that fascism was really just "corporatism" as it's the merger of state and corporate power. He was kind of an interesting guy, given the times in which he found himself. Mussolini would have loved Antifa – found them both useful and idiots to be used by him for his own entertainment. What was that other thing he said? "Anarchists are just confused dictators"? Something like that. Antifa, BLM, the socialist "progressives" and the Left in general today are indoctrinated into ignorance to such a degree they don't even recognize themselves.

  14. Stalin would have put all these Deviants in the Gulags, never to be seen again…which is what they have in mind for White Men….

  15. You know, the Soviet Union was known for its enforcement of law & order. These progressives and wanna-be marxists would be crushed in the good ol' USSR.

  16. Man, whoever wrote this has a substantial understanding and perspective, plus deft ability in the turn of a phrase.

  17. Your totally right. They want power irregardless of the consequences. They don't care about the result of destruction of the country. They want everyone to become dependent on the government then they can control the people with their authority. Just like the communist have always done. This attempt will result in a civil war, where the military will be the deciding factor, depending whether or not they decide to attack their own people. But with the AMERICA in such termoil our enemies will take advantage until we fall in line with the globalist agenda and become victims of the AI controlled socioty. Or is other words the MARK OF THE BEAST – 1984 ORWELLIAN SENIREO

  18. The 2016 election has ripped the facade off the Leftist agenda. They are incrementally picking apart our most cherished values – with the support of the MSM’s and our school system’s indoctrination it has become an unstoppable freight train that appears headed for an inevitable conclusion. Our last and ultimate bastion of freedom will be our precious 2nd amendment. Protect it above all else.

  19. The more this goes on the more I believe that Donald Trump had been sent and appointed by God. As soon as he gets into office, the Left becomes dangerously unhinged and demonic. Presidents have been disliked before, but NEVER like this.

    The Democrat Party has becomes so unhinged, they seek nothing but the destruction and removal of the president. They refuse to work. They refuse to cooperate. They don’t care. This isn’t a case of mere TDS or anything like that, this has to be demonic evil lashing out at good. They have sent their legions at this President, and he continues to stand.

  20. Hope ANTIFA got the message, cause I sure did.. You are only allowed to burn down and destroy privately owned business and property and attack pedestrians and privet citizens .. Not Government building, property or its workers.. Otherwise, its against the law and you will not only be arrested, but shot.

    Clown World Law Enforcement. Thanks for upholding the double standard when the law is applied. Especially, when it involves Law Enforcement personally…

  21. We the people are letting POTUS and Team bring down the elites. But, we are ready and willing, when called, to remove the provocateurs when they declare war against the U.S. We are the militia!!!

  22. The democrat party and their enablers in the MSM have become open and vocal enemies of the United States, but they are not at all prepared for a real fight.

  23. Kind message to other subs
    Please check your subscription and notification bell. The leftie censors a at their regular evil. I was unsubscribed from this channel and other great channels by these jack asses.

  24. We didn’t get here overnight. It will take time to root it out. We must stand firm! The church’s silence was purchased with 501(c)(3) tax-free status. And, it has said nothing ever since. If the church was this silent before and during the American Revolution, we would still be speaking the King’s English!! Time to run from the corrupt control mechanism!!

  25. The mentally ill socialist fascist communist anti-American garbage will be EXTERMINATED REAL SOON! 1776/civil war/SHTF is unavoidable now because of the pieces of SHIT!

  26. If America is such a horrible, racist country that wants to do harm to minorities and people of color, why are these mindless talking monkeys so desperate to import millions of immigrants? I thought they cared about these poor people.

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