Elaan-e-Mehdi | Sayedna Gohar Shahi Ki Manchester Mein Khaas Nashist

Announcement of Mehdihood | A Special Speech by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in Manchester Question: Your Holiness, this man is asking about Imam Mehdi Imam Mehdi will be from among the people, won’t he? From among the peoples. There is talk of Imam Mehdi everywhere. There’s one in Palestine who claims to be Imam Mehdi and in Pakistan there are 5-6 claimants who say, ‘I am Imam Mehdi’. I’ve heard that Dr. Sahib [a religious cleric] in London has also claimed to be Imam Mehdi. Man from audience: Your Holiness, the Green Sheikh [a religious cleric] also claims to be Imam Mehdi. Yes, the Green Sheikh also claims to be Imam Mehdi. And then there is also the claimant in Palestine. Now, if Imam Mehdi were to be in Palestine, how would the people in Pakistan know? How would people in Europe know? How would people in Africa know? God will send Imam Mehdi for all nations. Therefore, everyone should find out at once. Do you agree? Audience: yes. Since there will be one Imam Mehdi, he will be for all nations. These Sheikh [clerics] are for their own countries, aren’t they? Audience: yes I, Imam Mehdi, will be for all the cities and nations, won’t he? I, Imam Mehdi, will be for all the cities and nations, won’t he? *I*, Imam Mehdi, I, Imam Mehdi, will be for all the cities and nations, won’t he? *I*, Imam Mehdi, will be for all the cities and nations, won’t he? I, Imam Mehdi, will be for all the cities and nations, won’t he? Man in the audience: [He will be for the] whole world. He will be for the entire world. So then the entire world will have to accept him. How could we accept the claimant in Palestine when we haven’t seen him? We haven’t even seen him, so how could we accept him? [Whereas] every single child will have to accept Imam Mehdi. God will show people the image of Imam Mehdi on the Moon. Audience raising slogans: Tera Shahi Mera Shahi, Gohar Shahi Gohar Shahi His image will be shown in the Moon and the whole world shall see it. Because God has to show Imam Mehdi to the entire world. The claimant in Palestine may be a dedicated, pious worshipper but how would people in Pakistan or Africa know? Man in the audience: [He will be for the] whole world. Imam Mehdi will be for the entire world. Man in the audience: His image will be shown to the entire world. Whoever’s image God shows [on the Moon] will be Imam Mehdi. God can show anyone’s image. [Man in audience]: There are many people claiming to be the Mehdi in Pakistan, Palestine, London and other places [Man in audience]: The final thing is that when Imam Mehdi will come, he will be accepted and known by all mankind. [Man in audience]: His image, his photograph, will be printed in the Moon and once that happens, the whole world will know that he is the Mehdi. It is necessary that Imam Mehdi’s image be shown in the Moon. It is fully verified. Otherwise, no one will accept [Imam Mehdi]. If God were to come to Earth, no one would believe him. If God comes to Earth, no one will accept him. Imam Mehdi’s image will be shown in the Moon and the scientists will investigate it in an attempt to find out how the image became prominent there Some people will then say that the image on the Moon is magic and others will recognise it as the truth Those who recognise it as the truth will [support] Imam Mehdi and those who say it is magic will join the other [side] Those will recognise Imam Mehdi [from the Muslims] who are from Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat Deobandis and Ahmadis won’t accept that He is Imam Mehdi because if they do, they will be nullifying all the worship they performed [under their individual sects Such people will say, ‘No, it is magic.’ This is how [from one group] the Antichrist will emerge and from the other, Imam Mehdi will emerge One group will believe in the Antichrist and the other will believe in Imam Mehdi Man from audience: Will they believe the Antichrist to be Imam Mehdi? who? Man from the audience: Will the followers of the Antichrist believe him to be Imam Me Yes, they will believe in him People who are dedicated worshippers and who have the tiniest amount of Kashf (spiritual sight) begin to think they are better than Imam Mehdi This happens a lot because [people know] that Imam Mehdi is about to come. They think, ‘Perhaps I am Imam Mehdi.’ This happens a lot If someone attains the slightest amount of [ability], the Devil inserts arrogance in him and makes him think that he has become someone great The Devil attacks a person [in this position] through two avenues. Either he inserts arrogance in his heart and makes him think that he is a great spiritual personality – – The person becomes prideful and thinks that he is now a holy personality – Or the Devil will make him subject to an inferiority complex in which he thinks he is a very lowly sinner When someone suffers from an inferiority complex, he thinks, ‘i am not worthy [of completing this task.’ The Devil has two weapons: either the superiority complex or the inferiority complex A man should be in the middle – neither should he suffer from a superiority complex nor an inferiority complex A person that is neutral [in this regard] is successful Where did the clerics of the religion go wrong? They say that 50-100 people offer Salat behind them so they developed a superiority complex, didn’t they? This is where they went wrong They think they are greater than others because they lead the prayers, but in the eyes of the world they have fallen from grace Audience: So true Before, when a cleric would come in front of people, people would stand for them in respect Now you say, ‘Oh look at the Mullah passing by.’ Isn’t that so? Audience: yes that is true They suffer from the superiority complex and that superiority complex doesn’t allow them to go anywhere [where they can obtain guidance] The superiority complex is what stops them from visiting the saints In fact, the superiority complex the clerics suffer from causes them to [claim to be] saints in their own right Man from audience: They begin to think of themselves as saints Yes they think of themselves as saints When they think of themselves as saints and they come across a real saint of God, they oppose him If the one they oppose is really a saint, who has God’s presence in him, then this opposition will lead to their faith being confiscated Once, Ghous Pak was sitting in a gathering. From above, a bird defecated and the droppings landed on his clothes He looked up and the bird was beheaded. It fell to the ground When it fell, Ghous Pak started to weep. People asked, ‘This is a senseless animal, why do you shed tears over it?’ He replied, ‘I am not crying for it. It defecated upon me; therefore, it was beheaded. I cry because people in the Muslim nation will slander and defame the saints due to which they will lose their faith.’ If someone falsely claims to be a saint and you slander him, you wouldn’t lose your faith because he wasn’t a saint But if he really was a saint and you slandered him, what will happen to you? In that case you will lose your faith This is how people’s faiths are confiscated. They don’t investigate anyone – whatever saint came, they would slander him A saint is a friend of God and God declares war on those who trouble his friends When the Antichrist comes, 72 000 Muslim clerics will join hands with him. 72 000 Muslim clerics will be with the Antichrist. They will issue fatwas (religious opinions) against Imam Mehdi (as) What is the reason for this? The heart will pull you towards [those who are like you] The Antichrist will be full of arrogance, false pride, envy and negative energy. The clerics also have negative energy, arrogance, false pride and envy The clerics also have negative energy, arrogance, false pride and envy This is why clerics only accept other clerics as saints of God If it is another cleric, then [the clerics] will accept him as a saint Man in audience: Because they [have the same profession] No, it is because [they are the same] inside. It is the heart that is attracted to another heart [The Antichrist] will also be a cleric, he will have more knowledge – the clerics believe other clerics who have more knowledge than them to be saints So the Antichrist will have more knowledge than them, so they will support the Antichrist Then on the other hand, Imam Mehdi’s public appearance is to take place Those who have divine energy in their hearts will support Imam Mehdi When they have divine energy in their hearts, the divine energy will pull them to [the one who has] divine energy, won’t it? Whereas those who have negative in their hearts will be pulled towards [to the one who has] negative energy This is why we are bringing divine energy into your hearts – so that when Imam Mehdi comes, you can recognise him and support him By the way, tell [our guest] that we have heard that Imam Mehdi has already arrived and his public advent will take place very soon Man in the audience: His Holiness states that Imam Mehdi has arrived and is soon to be declared. Very soon. Guest: When is Imam Mehdi coming? When is exact the date? God has not told [people] the exact date of their deaths nor has he given an exact date for the Day of Judgement Audience member: What year will Imam Mehdi’s advent take place? This is a divine secret When Imam Mehdi comes, everyone will know Man in audience: HDE Gohar Shahi says that the time of death of the Day of Judgement has not been declared by Allah. When Imam Mehdi arrives [this will also be the case] For your satisfaction, ask any other questions you may have Guest: No [I do not have questions] This is perhaps all he knows how to ask [In English] Guest: Because my English is not very good Ok then, let’s all go to our homes. Let’s go


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  5. ।। "लाख तीरथ करो तुम किताबें पढ़ो
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  7. Islam mazak nahi Hai .a. Jokar🤡 itne Jor jor se hansne wala Imam Nahin ho sakta aqeeda ka mazak urana Gandi Baat..😘😘😘.. 🙊🙉🙈 Allah Se Daro🌷jyada hi Hans rahe ho lagta hai Pagdi Bhi Nahin bachega

  8. Assalam mualikum sab say guzerish hai k galiyan mat Dy sawal Karna Hy to sawal kro puchna Hy to pucho manna hai to Mano nhi to mat Mano galiyan say kya Hoga un ko to Kuch nhi hoga .. anyway Mera bi ak sawal hai Facebook messenger par bi sawal kya tha lekin ABI tak koi reply nhi Aya sawal ye hai k agr ghor Shai Sarkar ney agr ye Kaha hai k main Mahndi to is Tarah to kadeyani bi nabowat Ka dawa karta tha to kya wo nabi ho gya nahozbillah ?? Agr main kahon k main driver Hun our gari chalany Ka pata na ho to beshak mun say kahon k main driver Hun lekin jab tak main prof nhi kron GA gari Chala Kar to duniya ko kasy pata chaly GA Han main driver Hun hum koi ghor Shai Sarkar say takeed nhi krty only apni islah Kar rahy Hain to ap reply day mujhy k main is Jaga par aa Kar athak gya Hun k wo imam Mahndi kasy ho Gy imam Mahndi ki Jo nashaniyan hai wo to nazar Nahi aai our agr kahin k ghor Sarkar Achi Achi baatein karty Hain ye daleel hai to ye bi koi daleel Nahi hai is Tarah to Pura Qur'an hi achai hai mutakeen k liye anyway ye our topic hai is par pir kabi baat ho gei merbani farma k wazahat Kar day is ki k ghor Shai imam Mahndi kasy ho gey kiun k sach main jab joth aa jata hai to wo sach Nahi rehta sach sach hi hota hai our sach ye hai k main alra TV say bohat mutasar howa Hun ye baatein har koi Nahi samjh Sakta Jo ap karty hai lekin Jo imam Mahndi wali baat hai us par dout hai Kuch plz rehnamai farmye

  9. Koi inhe galat nahi bole, ye mere ghohar shahi Hain,Mai inse mohabbat ker ta hon,aur jis ke Dil me Allah ka piyar hai wo bhi inse mohabbat kare

  10. Fitna barpa kar k logon ko gumrah krny waly , tu Allah k azaab se nh bachy ga , in Sha Allah , beshak Allah behtr janta ha

  11. Jee Sarkar Gohar Shahi Marhaba Marhaba Ya Gohar Shahi Marhaba.True Very True 💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯

  12. Haq imam mehdi sarkar Gohar shahi haq.. beshak ap hi imam mehdi as hain. Ap ki tasweer mubarak hum nay chand main dekhi hay. Ap haq farma rahay hain

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