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We’re about to start
my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. I saw him, an angel, he was
enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army
of Lucifer’s children. And that army, what would
be its ultimate aim? We would confront them. Who, you wonder? The grand whore. The grand whore,
you mean Catholic church? We bring this man
before you. Lucifer’s Temple Hi, I’m Andrés Páramo. We’re really close to what is
called the “Luciferian” Temple, Seeds of Light,
led by a guy called Victor Damian Rozo. Hello friends from Latin America,
I’m Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Founder of the Association,
Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light. We came here to
interview him and to do a satanic
initiation ritual. And to also see what
people think about this and what their opinions are
regarding this phenomenon. Until now he hasn’t
revealed himself. Some girls that entered that place
came out with mental illnesses. The way they adore Lucifer by sacrificing innocent animals, killing them in such a cruel way
so they can drink their blood and idolize Lucifer’s image. We’re carrying out
some legal proceedings, not because of the
religion they practice but because they don’t have
the legal requirements to construct their building. They’re going to be fined 64 million (Colombian Pesos)
that he’d have to pay or if he doesn’t they’ll demolish the place. Even the police have visited but they didn’t find
anyone in there. The devil for us is
a negative thing, all the bad things
like, no values. We haven’t done anything here
because we haven’t found anything but we will keep our
doors closed if we do. Yes, I’m his driver. He’ll ask me to go and buy
construction material. Yeah, and do you
live close to him? Our property is next to his. Yeah, and what do you
think about the temple? Nothing, everyone does
their own thing. Even if it’s Satanic? Yes. And if he’s the devil,
he’s just as bad. Yes or no? Yes. He’s evil so we have to
take care of ourselves. Well, what about Damian? What do you think about him?
-He’s very professional. Very professional. Hail Mary, for sure. He just built that temple
about a year ago. And nothing has happened since? No, nothing has happened. No one has visited? No, no. And don’t you find
that a bit weird? A temple where nothing happens? Some people say it’s used
to film horror movies. So they made that space
to film horror movies. About vampires. Victor or Hector? Victor is more of an alias. But my real name is
Hector Londoño Villegas. Victor Damián Rozo
is more of a personality. So, Hector, please tell us
what this space is about? On this side we have a shield,
“Satanas Rae”, with an inverted cross
on the shield, that represents the rebellion,
a worldwide rejection of religion, of Christianity. And why do you
reject Catholicism? Because of their history
and they have done. Because of what they represent,
this huge scam that they’ve embroiled
us in for thousands of years. This is a luciferian shield. It represents good and evil. And what is the evil part? Evil for us does not
exist, understand? What’s important to us is
your character and behavior. If you do good things than
you’re going to have a good life. It all depends on your behavior. We, as followers of lucifer,
do not believe in evil as something that’s imposed. If you do this, you’re bad. That having sex with your
neighbor’s wife is bad. No. We don’t believe it that. To make a pact with the devil is to change your doctrine, change your religion. To make a pact with the devil
is nothing else but to embrace him and
accept him. I wanted to deliver the message and grab the people’s
attention in a certain way. My goal here on Earth is
to gather souls for him. So I had to send a message
since people know him. Something like marketing. Hello friends from Latin America.
I am Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. The representative of
Lucifer here on earth. And, founder of Lucifer’s
Temple, Seeds of Light. The only luciferian
temple in the world. Don’t let yourselves be fooled! Don’t you let them take
your money away. Don’t let them scam you.
If they do, you’re gullible. Don’t be fooled! This is Victor Damian Rozo,
the founder of the Luciferian Temple,
Seeds of Light. Tell me about your history? I come from a very
spiritual family. From witch doctors and sorcerers. My mother was
a renown spiritist. My grandfather too, he healed
and cursed as he wished. I stared studying this
when I was in school. I remember I used to get my
books and a ouija board, and I would go study. I would go to the bathroom and I began playing with
the ouija board there. I explored new things.
And as I got older I started to work as a spiritist.
As a sorcerer. Like what your mom did? Exactly. But, it was a side job because before this,
I used to do random jobs. I use to be a normal person,
working in shoe warehouses, selling clothes.
-All day? All day. But when was the moment where
you decided to work for Lucifer, and nothing else? In a dream, I saw him, he
was an enormous angel, and he told me that he
had big plans for me. He told me, you are
the chosen one. Got it. I chose you to gather
my children. We have to
organize the army of the children of Lucifer. What would this
army’s purpose be? We would confront them. Who, you wonder?
The great whore. The great whore?
The Catholic church? Yes, the Catholic church. I’m here on earth, sent by
my father, Lucifer. I was sent by him,
to gather souls. To gather souls, devoted
followers for Lucifer. For our amazing God,
I am the chosen one. We are just in front of
La Crónica newspaper building, one of the most important and
established newspapers in this region. Oliver Gomez is waiting
for us in there. A journalist that has been following Lucifer’s
son very closely. Among other things he has
reported that the guy hasn’t traveled around the world, but has actually photoshopped
himself into his pictures. So let’s hear what he has to say. I found out about him from a
report that I wrote about a person that has no legs. Why do you do this? Because it’s easier for me to receive
what I need from the devil than from God. And I hope
that Mr. Damian helps me. What tangible things has
Lucifer given to you, what do you have now? Right now, I have some money saved,
a car, and my healthy. He has given me what I dreamed
of, and I have more dreams that I know, are going
to come true. But then he told
me that it was a lie. It was a ploy and he
received money for it. And even that guy ended
up being scammed too. Journalistically speaking, what was the most
serious thing you found? The false advertising. You can’t play with people’s
hopes and dreams. We seen his videos on the internet,
I think he’s deleted them all but we downloaded them and
posted them on our website. We see a powerful, rich man
telling people that they could get all these material things,
as the handicapped man did. The man with no legs who’s
from the south side of the city. But all of that was a lie.
So, lying to people, playing with their dreams is the
worst thing that Damian Rozo, or whatever his name is. Because
he’s destroying these people’s dreams. Hello, friends from Latin America.
This is Victor Damian Rozo, I’m the founder of the Luciferian Temple,
Seeds of Light. Your temple. The benefits are clear and
notorious. You’ll leave your sadness behind. Rebel against the regime and
start worshipping Satan, the true God, Lucifer. Are you tired of looking for God and
not being able to find your answers? If so, contact me, from
anywhere in the world. I’ll show you how to be
a true Luciferian follower and make a pact with Lucifer. My name is Victor Damian
Rozo Villarreal. Do it now! You will be surprised. We are about to start
my initiation ritual into the Luciferian religion. Victor Damian is
anxiously awaiting, but, I think I’m even
more anxious than he is. There are some of his followers.
He’s wearing a red tunic the rest are wearing black tunics and they’re about to dress
me up and convert me. We’ll see what
happens tonight. We gather here to, once again, to venerate the name of
our father Lucifer. We need a lot of discipline
and perseverance. So, in the name of our father
Lucifer, the God we worship, please, let’s “hit a home run”
as the saying goes. King of the earth, king of the planets,
before you, Lucifer, this man, open his eyes. He is here
before you, God of freedom. God of love, God of the universe. Oh, Lucifer. We present
this man before you. Praying for you. I curse the presence of the
false God they thought us to adore. I curse the presence of the
false God that we used to follow. Your vengeance is my vengeance.
Your power is my power. Your light is my light.
Your goodness is my goodness. You taught me the true
meaning of goodness. Your gave me freedom,
you gave me power. Your gave me a
true reason to live. For eternity, for our eternal celestial
father, we stand before you, Lucifer. My soul evokes your presence. Our souls are longing for
the end of times. The day we will finally
be fighting at your side. The day of the final battle,
where we will be victorious. Glory to you, Father Lucifer. Repeat after me: Before you Before you. Powerful God of freedom. Powerful God of freedom. Powerful Lucifer Powerful Lucifer God of the Universe God of the Universe God of freedom God of freedom God of love God of love God of power God of power God of richness God of richness I come before you I come before you We are here We are here In your temple In your temple looking looking for the path for the path that will lead me that will lead me to you. to you. Judge him because I cannot. The satanic ceremony
has come to an end. One of many ceremonies that
taken place here at Satanic Temple, Seeds of Light. How did you perceive
me during the ritual? You were very relaxed, very
calm, curious to see what’s next. What about when I got down
on my knees in the temple What was that for exactly? That’s how you conjure
our father, Lucifer. But it all depends because, he’s
going to know if you really want it. I don’t believe that you really
want to be a Luciferian. That’s what I believe. I think that you
have other beliefs. I don’t know what they
are, but I respect them, but I feel like you’re not really
interested in being a Luciferian. But now it’s a question if
he accepts you or not. The ceremony has come
to an end. It was intense. Now it’s up to Lucifer
to allow me into his reign. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. We’re back in Montenegro Quindío,
the day after the ceremony. I realized I have some
doubts from yesterday because everything went too fast. So, I want to know how
this normally works. How much for you?
-$10.00. -$12.00. -$11.00.
-It’s not $11.00? Okay, $11.00.
-$11.00. May God bless you, my son. That man has fifty for each one of
you. Arrange it with him. Guys, it’s time. Let’s go, hurry up!
You’re taking too long. -Oh, oh, oh! This is my favorite
part about parties. These are the tunics that
the believers used. Today we found them in the swimming
pool, in a very visible place. We also found the cross
thrown over here. The cross that they indoctrinated
me with yesterday was thrown here at the entrance. What’s the purpose of forgiveness,
if they keep cheating the people? If they keep subjugating them? They keep taking people
to those churches so they can see the little
money that they have. So that they can continue
enriching themselves and the people become
poorer and poorer. Don’t you close your eyes
when the sun’s out and say it’s dark because
you see no future. No. Take the risk and
you will be surprised.


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